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This website is dedicated to preserving the history of softball in the United States. The best way to find whatever you are looking for is to use search box in the upper right. Or if you are interested in a particular year, most of the information collected is tagged by year, and you can click on the year links below. All the information you ever wanted to know about softball is in here. This site covers just about everything imaginable about softball.  – Thanks for stopping by – Steve Dimitry

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If you have some data, pictures, or articles that you are willing to share for posting on this website, please contact me at sdimitry@verizon.net.

There are so many people that are responsible for this site and the information found within it. Click Here for a small story about the people that made it all possible. Without them none of this would exist.

Below are some of the resources that get used to pull all of this together.

Softball Magazine Banner

Check out the official Softball Magazine Web Site. This is the BEST and most informative Softball magazine in the country today. They have stories and statistics on many of the nation’s invitational and national tournaments. Click on the link provided to read about this great publication from Gene Smith and Luann Madison. I used to write a monthly article for these nice people and it was called “Softfacts”.


Check out the amazing Web Site of Dale Weiser or “DW” as he is called on the National scene. The SoftballCenter Web Site is the site to go see tournament reports and tons of photos on the Major Softball Circuit. Dale covers just about every single Major or Class-A Tournament in the country. DW is a great guy and writes for various sources. DW also manages The Old Scout website that has a lot of historic softball information.


Check out Mike Macenko’s House of Swing. This man is just the greatest softball player that ever lived and has been inducted in all four Softball Association’s Hall of Fames (ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISA). He is a true living legend in the sport and gives a lot of his time to making the game better. The site is loaded with great information about the past and present. Complete with articles and photos spanning at least four decades.


Check out what a guy named Mark Linnemann had to say about this web site. Mark is a well respected owner and writer of the Cincinnati Softball News Publication as well as the Head Chairmen of the Hudepohl Softball Hall of Fame which encompasses the Greater Cincinnati area including Northern Kentucky. If you’re interested in getting a subscription, contact him at 859-341-7088 or email him at the link provided. Here is the nice Article he wrote on my site. Thank You Mark

After Jerome Earnest passed away, Gordie “The Old Scout” Heagle picked up the torch and ran a website appropriately titled The Old Scout. Gordie posted weekly updates from all of the tournament sites and would frequently hit the biggest tournaments all year long. In the late 80’s Gordie formed a team with Jeff Wallace on it. It worked out pretty good for Jeff.

Gordie worked for many years at Nine Mile nuclear power plant and was a minor league hockey official in the New York area. He was a avid sports fan attending some of the greatest sporting events in the area. Gordie passed away on January 7, 2013.

If you are ever looking for rosters or players and what teams they played on, check out gosoftball.com. Dan Pfeffer has been running this site for about ten years now and collects rosters from all of our big nationals and worlds and puts them into his system.

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  1. Tom Taylor says:

    Hi, Steve. I hope you are doing well. I am back at your great website as I have been literally hundreds. Of times. I have just finished 25 years of service on Chairman Mark Lineman’s Norwood Sorrento’s Greater Cincinnati Softball Hall of Fame committee. Today I am looking for USSSA women’s National Champions as I am inducting Jan Deters of Empress Chili fame into my Hamilton County Sports HOF, of which I am a 12 year president. I have been involved in softball as a player and administrator for over 60 years now. My 3 years on Joe Gatliff Auto Sales of Newport, KY remains the highlight of my softball life. I never would have known I was on 2 national softball teams of honor without your website. Of course, my honors only came because of the players, managers and sponsors with whom I was associated. Keep up your great work. I will always be a fan of yours because you love the game even more than I do.

    Kind regards,

    Tom Taylor of Cincinnati

  2. Steve Dimitry says:

    I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Dan Pfeffer who transferred this information from the old Angelfire site. Words cant express how grateful I am for the hard work he did to help me here.

  3. Dan Pfeffer says:

    Glad to help out. Now we just need to get the whole thing updated and start adding some new stuff!

  4. admin says:

    If anybody reading all this stuff notices something missing, please email me or put a message on the page. Thank you very much.,,

  5. Frank Nowicki says:

    I played in 1979 for the Clevand Competitors and can’t find a team picture.Could you help me out.Thanks

  6. Patrick M Premo says:

    I am doing some research on ASA Fastpitch Men & Women’s Softball Champions. I am trying to trackdown the season games won & lost for both men and women’s champions. I have had more luck with the women thanks to the Brakettes web site. Does anyone know of other sources for season won loss games? Thanks for any assistance. I would be glad to share what I have found to date.
    Patrick Premo


    Just an FYI. I am in touch with Pat and helping him with his Fast pitch stuff. He is a good person and really knows his Fast pitch history.

  8. Jim P says:

    Thank you, Steve, for your fabulous website! I saw the 1968 ASA National Tournament on LI, when County Sports won. Jim Gallaway, Bert Smith, Lou Russo, H T Waller! Fantastic! Your recent entries with such great detail! Awesome!!

  9. Patrick Premo says:

    Dan Pfeffer’s article on “Kittenball and Diamondball Men’s Fastpitch Championships” was chock full of historical facts; I really enjoyed it. I have a quick question: were there any season won-loss records for any of these championship teams? I assume they would have been included if they were available, but I wanted to ask to be sure. Again, great work Dan!

  10. Dan Pfeffer says:

    Steve Dimitry is the guy to ask questions on that. I am just migrating his old site over to this site.

  11. Jean Schliffke says:

    1966 Burlington NC. Listed 1st team all American
    OF – Gene Schliffke, Art’s Aces. It should be Jean Schliffke Can that be corrected.

  12. Dan Pfeffer says:

    It should be corrected now. Thanks!

  13. Matthew Rice says:

    Hi. My uncle, John Korinek, was the owner/manager of Copper Hearth/Milwaukee Schlitz team. He has several items of memorabilia from those days. I have taken some of the mini bats and pennants he had but there is much more. He remembers those days fondly and I think he wishes he could go back. Good to see it is not all forgotten.

  14. Sheila says:

    Do you have info on 18 and under fastpitch softball nationals in Lodi,Ca I think 1987

  15. Dan Pfeffer says:

    You suppose it was held on August 13-16 in Lodi?

  16. Dan Pfeffer says:

    About all I can make sense of is:

    1st California Raiders, Huntington Beach, CA (7-1)
    2nd Gordon Panthers, LaPalma, CA
    3rd Ball Hawks, Sylmar City, CA

  17. Steve Dimitry says:

    Gordon’s Panthers had a young lady named Lisa Fernandez playing with them.

  18. Sandy Mattingly says:

    Do you have the Jiffy Club Roster from 1972 or 1973

  19. Dan Pfeffer says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Is this for slowpitch? Which state? I can try to find something in some newspaper archives.


  20. Anthony Bonadona says:

    Thanks Steve, this is a great website, enjoying the read. I was trying to find info of the 1978 Men’s Open Slow Pitch Regional Tournament held in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I played on Dick Henley from Donaldsonville, La. we placed 3rd; FliteLine Motors, Arkansas placed 1st and Lou Ana Foods, Opelousas, La placed 2nd. I have a few items I will share later.

  21. Dan Pfeffer says:

    Freirson Lumberjacks (Mississippi State Champion) finished 4th.

  22. Steve Dimitry says:

    Frank. It’s real hard to find much on 1979. I apologize.

  23. Carol Spanks says:

    I would like to make once correction to your wonderful work on softball. This is in reference to the Orange Lionettes. The team was started in 1937 (I believe) and was initially sponsored by the Lions Club of the City of Orange…thus, the name. The Lionettes were never the Orange County Lionettes but rather, Orange Lionettes. The City of Orange is in O.C. but that’s the extent of it in so far as the team name. The Lionettes were no longer playing out of Orange with the advent of the 1976 pro league where the new owner moved the team to Santa Ana. The Majestics came along later and were called the Orange County Majestics because they didn’t represent just the City of Orange. If this sounds confusing, my bad, as it really should be simple. Really enjoy your work.. Thank you.

  24. Dan Pfeffer says:

    I will clean that up today. Thanks for letting us know!

  25. Dan Pfeffer says:

    It should be updated now. Thanks for letting me know.

  26. Michele W Crawford says:

    Trying to find any data or photos of ASA Nationals Coed in Warsaw, IN 1998

  27. Robert Kul says:

    I enjoy this great softball history site, I m looking for any information on my father who played fast pitch softball in Sioux City, IA . Walter “Sonny” Kull, 3rd baseman Burnett Motors and Well’s Blue Bunny!! much appreciated.

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