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2003 ASA Men’s Super National Championship

2003 held at Sanford, FL

Champion – Hague/Resmondo/Taylor Brothers/Sunbelt, Columbus, OH
Runner Up – Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton, San Jose, CA

This was the final year of the Super until is was reborn in 2013.

  • MVP – Howie Krause, Resmondo/Hague (11-16, .688, 7 HRs, 16 RBIs)
  • HR Leader – Brett Helmer, Dan Smith/Backman (23 RBIs) – 11
  • Batting Leader – Bob Woldyk, US Vinyl (12-13, 4 HRs) – .923


  • P-Andy Purcell, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
  • C-Hank Garris, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
  • 1B-Jeff Wallace, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
  • 2B-Brett Helmer, Dan Smith/Blackman/Menosse (11 HRs, 23 RBIs)
  • 3B-Howie Krause, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt (11-16, .688, 7 HRs, 16 RBIs)
  • SS-Dal Beggs, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
  • MI-Todd Martin, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
  • OF-Scott Striebel, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
  • OF-Rick Baker, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
  • OF-Robin Higginbotham, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
  • UT-Bob Woldyk, U.S. Vinyl/Z Wear/Miken (12-13, .923, 4 HRs)
  • UT-Dennis Rulli, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
  • UT-Todd Joerling, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
  • UT-Randy Kortokrax, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
  • UT-Rusty Bumgardner, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt


  • P-Phil Jobe, Team TPS
  • C-Keith Brockman, R & D/Easton
  • 1B-Tim Linson, Hague/Resmondo/TPS
  • 2B-Rod Hughes, R & D/Easton
  • 3B-David Hood, R & D/Easton
  • SS-Dennis Rulli, JWM/Herb’s/Master Graphics/TPS
  • OF-Mark Creson, Dan Smith/Wessel/Backstop/Worth
  • OF-Derek Oliver, Paramount Builders/TPS
  • OF-DeWayne Frizzell, Dan Smith/Wessel/Backstop/Worth
  • OF-Robin Higginbotham, Team Easton
  • EP-Randy Kortokrax, R & D/Easton
  • UT-Randy Romagna, Paramount Builders/TPS
  • UT-Larry Fredieu, Team Easton
  • UT-PJ Jones, JWM/Herb’s/Master Graphics/TPS
  • UT-Jerold Smith, Paramount Builders/TPS


1. Resmondo/Hague/Taylor Brothers/Sunbelt, Columbus, OH 3-0
2. Dan Smith/Backman/Mennose/Easton, San Jose, CA 4-2
3. US Vinyl/Community Access/Z-Wear/Wooters/Miken, Chattanooga, TN 1-2
4. Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, FL 1-2
5. T&R Stucco/Easton, Polk City, FL 1-2
5. Vernon’s/Higgs Properties/Miken, Jacksonville, FL 0-2

2000 ASA Men’s A National Championship

2000 held at Lancaster, California on August 31 – September 2000

Champion – K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs, North Vernon, IN
Runner Up – Paramount Builders/TPS, Virginia Beach, VA

  • MVP – Ricky Jackson, K&G Sports
  • HR Leader – Bob Bayne, Smokes/ABS/TPS – 15
  • Batting Leader – Kevin Gillot, L&L Painting – .885

ASA A All Tournament First Team

  • P – Ricky Jackson, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • C – Roy Jarman, Paramount Builders
  • 1B – David Dohanos, Maroadi Transfer/Frank-n-Stein/Nike
  • 2B – Ken Ezzell, Smokes/ABS/TPS
  • 3B – Larry Huff, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • SS – Phil Hardy, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • OF – Rick Baker, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • OF – Bob Ban Erem, Deery Brothers/Easton
  • OF – Edwin Colore, Paramount Builders
  • OF – John Thomas, W.W. Gay/TPS
  • UT – Travis Mathews, Paramount Builders
  • UT – Andy Trosper, Worth/Sports Star
  • UT – Kevin Gillot, L&L Painting
  • UT – Gene Burdick, Povs/Walser/TPS
  • UT – David Allen, Paramount Builders

ASA A All Tournament Second Team

  • P – Scotty Matthewson, Deery Brothers/Easton
  • C – Bob Bayne, Smokes/ABS/TPS
  • 1B – Mike Thomas, W.W. Gay/TPS
  • 2B – Bobby Freeland, Worth/Sports Star
  • 3B – John Adams, Paramount Builders
  • SS – Rickey Wiggins, Paramount Builders
  • OF – Ryan Robbins, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • OF – Larry White, Paramount Builders
  • OF – Steve Helewitz, Smokes/ABS/TPS
  • OF – Tony Acosta, W.W. Gay/TPS
  • UT – Jayson Sterling, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • UT – Jim Rogers, Smokes/ABS/TPS
  • UT – Dan Houchin, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • UT – RJ Olsen, Povs/Walser/TPS
  • UT – Kevin Rasmussen, Deery Brothers/Easton

ASA A All Tournament Third Team

  • P – Jim Gruenwald, W.W. Gay/TPS
  • C – Rick Meyers, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • 1B – Steve Gilbert, Smokes/ABS/TPS
  • 2B – Mike Brodzinski, Povs/Walser/TPS
  • 3B – Luis Ruiz, L&L Painting
  • SS – Tim Felderman, Deery Brothers/Easton
  • OF – John Dutch, Paramount Builders
  • OF – Brian Matthewson, Deery Brothers/Easton
  • OF – Steve Schultz, Povs/Walser/TPS
  • OF – Matt Jones, Thomas Oil
  • UT – Shane Frederick, L&L Painting
  • UT – Derrick Reece, Reds/J&J/Fairweather/Worth
  • UT – John Glidewell, Thomas Oil
  • UT – Don Vasler, Deery Brothers/Easton
  • UT – Troy Rawlins, Maroadi Transfer/Frank-n-Stein/Nike


1. K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs, North Vernon, IN 10-1
2. Paramount Builders/TPS, Virginia Beach, VA 5-2
3. Deery Brothers/Easton, Waterloo, IA 4-2
4. Smokes/ABS/TPS, Ellicott City, MD 5-2
5t. POVs/Walser/TPS, Brooklyn Center, MN 3-2
5t. WW Gay/TPS, Gainesville, FL 3-2
7t. Dalton Chiropractic/Viggiani Plumbing, Ocean, NJ 3-2
7t. L&L Painting, Pratville, AL 4-2
9t. Thomas Oil, Benton, AR 3-2
9t. Gateway Press/TPS, Louisville, KY 3-2
9t. Worth/Sports Star, Louisville, KY 4-2
9t. Maroadi Transfer/Frank-n-Stein/Nike, Jeanette, PA 3-2
13t. Red’s/J&J/Fair Weather/Worth, Kent, WA 3-2
13t. Sid Grinker Company/TPS, Milwaukee, WI 2-2
13t. Eagle Group/Buckeye/Al’s, Dover, DE 2-2
13t. Classic Glass, San Jose, Ca 2-2
17t. Mercer Machine/Worth Softball, Indianapolis, IN 1-2
17t. Perkin’s Roofing/TPS, Cincinnati, OH 1-2
17t. Berardi’s/TPS, Lexington, KY 2-2
17t. Phonemasters/TPS, St, Louis, MO 2-2
17t. Kluever’s Snap-On/Demarini, Metamora, IL 1-2
17t. TPS Northwest, Everett, WA 2-2
17t. Creative Stucco/Easton, Columbus, OH 2-2
17t. Team Miken, Caledonia, MN 1-2
25t. Bigelo/Mizuno, Owatonna, MN 0-2
25t. WebWorls, Muskegon, MI 1-2
25t. Las Vegas Funjet/TPS, Milwaukee, WI 0-2
25t. R&M Metals, Gilbertville, IA 0-2
25t. Refco/Yamaha/Mizuno, Burnsville, MN
25t. O&S Cattle Dogs/Demarini, St. Paul, MN 0-2
25t. Wolf Pack, Rowland Heights, CA 0-2
25t. Can Do Metals, St. Anne, IL 0-2
33t. Kevitt/J&H/Easton, Brooklyn Center, MN 0-2
33t. OCP/CCC/Bud/Worth, Owatonna, MN 0-2
33t. Team Softball America, Los Angeles, CA 0-2
33t. Doug’s Sports Pub/Barrell Inn, Stevens Point, WI 0-2

2000 ASA Major Nationals

2000 held at Lawton, OK

  • MVP – Dennis Rulli, Long Haul/TPS
  • HR Leader – Kris O’Hara, Long Haul – 17
  • Batting Leader – Wes Campbell, Long Haul – .868

ASA Major All Americans First Team

  • P – Ted Larson, Long Haul/TPS
  • C – Dennis Pierce, Rooster’s/A+ Mortgage/Astros
  • 1B – Wes Campbell, Long Haul/TPS
  • 2B – Zack Keene, New Construction
  • 3B – Rusty Hoke, Budweiser/Williams
  • SS – Dennis Ruli, Long Haul/TPS
  • OF – Phil Castellano, Gasoline Heaven
  • OF – Sterlin Ibrom, AJA/TPS
  • OF – Cory Kruger, Hooters/B&B/Easton
  • OF – Kris O’Hara, Long Haul/TPS
  • UT – Shawn Coswell, Hooters/B&B/Easton
  • UT – Todd Thomas, RSH/Worth
  • UT – Lennon Leggett, RSH/Worth
  • UT – Jeff Ott, Long Haul/TPS
  • UT – Todd Volkers, Long Haul/TPS

ASA Major All Americans Second Team

  • P – Kirk Stafford, Hooters/B&B/Easton
  • C – Mike Ginn,RSH/Worth
  • 1B – Bobby Behnsch, Strikezone/Worth
  • 2B – Jay Arthur, RSH/Worth
  • 3B – Otis Barnes, Rooster’s/A+ Mortgage/Astros
  • OF – Jason Moore, RPM/TPS
  • OF – Chris Chilton, Rooster’s/A+ Mortgage/Astros
  • OF – Andy Ahkoa, Gasoline Heaven
  • OF – Coleman Smith, Hooters/B&B/Easton
  • OF – Larry Carter, Budweiser/Williams
  • UT – Brett Wilhelm, Hooters/B&B/Easton
  • UT – Rod Hughes, Long Haul/TPS
  • UT – Shawn Hamilton, Hooters/R&B/Easton
  • UT – Bryson Baker, Long Haul/TPS
  • UT – Scott Pick, Hooters/B&B/Easton


1t. Long Haul/TPS, Albertville, MN 9-1
2t. Hooters/B&B/Easton, Kansas City, MO 5-2
3t. RSH/Worth, Richland, MS 4-2
4t. Rooster’s/A+ Mortgage/Astros, Anderson, IN 5-2
5t. AJA/TPS, South Houston, TX 2-2
5t. RPM/TPS, Concord, CA 3-2
7t. Gasoline Heaven, Commack, NY 4-2
7t. StrikeZone/Worth, San Antonio, TX 3-2
9t. Budweiser/Williams, College Station, TX 2-2
9t. Houston Merchants/Dudley, Houston, TX 2-2
9t. New Construction, Shelbyville, IN 2-2
9t. Watanabe Softball/TPS, Cincinnati, OH 1-2
13t. Jackie’s Outlaws, Lawton, OK 0-2
13t. Oklahoma Demarini, Oklahoma City, OK 1-2
13t. US Armed Forces, San Diego, CA 1-2
13t. Wooters Right of Way, Ponca city, OK 1-2
17t. Altus Mangum Outlaws, Altus, OK 0-2
17t. Aubrey’s/TPS, Savannah, GA 0-2
17t. Skipwoth Plumbing/Blue Water, Iowa Park, TX 0-2
17t. Team Snap Winzer Softball, Alameda, CA 0-2
17t. Top Dog Softball, Port Arthur, TX 0-2

1998 ASA Major Nationals Standings

(Sept. 4-6 at Stevens Point, Wis.)


1. Chase/Easton, Wilmington, N.C. 5-0
2. Reece/SportsWorld/Chip’s/TPS, Lebanon, Tenn. 4-2
3. Gasoline Heaven/Worth, Long Island, N.Y. 3-2
4. Planet/New/TPS, Lexington, Ky. 5-2
5. N.A.S.T.Y. Boys/TPS, St. Louis 3-2
5. Central Paving/TPS, Decatur, Ill. 1-2
7. Armed Forces All-Stars 2-2
7. Backstop/Easton, Aurora, Ind. 1-2
9. Watanabe/TPS, Cincinnati 1-2
9. Aldo’s, Stevens Point, Wis. 1-2
9. Pub II, Normal, Ill. 1-2
9. Hitmen, Traverse City, Mich. 0-2
13. Export, LaCrosse, Wis., 0-2
13. Sid Grinker, Milwaukee 0-2


Aldo’s 33, Hitmen 30
Chase 31, N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 10
Watanabe 31, Sid Grinker 30
Armed Forces 37, Backstop 35
Gasoline Heaven 44, Planet 33
Pub II 20, Export 8
Reece 23, Aldo’s 11
Chase 37, Watanabe 21
Central Paving 32, Armed Forces 31
Gasoline Heaven 45, Pub II 16
Chase 36, Reece 35, 9 innings
Gasoline Heaven 43, Central Paving 26
Chase 43, Gasoline Heaven 36


Planet 37, Export 31
N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 30, Sid Grinker 6
Backstop 22, Aldo’s 9
Planet 38, Watanabe 32
Armed Forces 32, Hitmen 31
Planet 25, Backstop 23
N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 35, Pub II 15
Planet 34, Central Paving 22
N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 37, Armed Forces 32
Reece 56, N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 41
Reece 49, Planet 37
Reece 32, Gasoline Heaven 18


Chase 30, Reece 9, 4 innings

MVP: Derek Oliver, Reece, .774 with 12 HRs
HRs: Vern Hensley, Planet/New, 14
Batting: Phil Castellano, Gasoline Heaven, 23-27–.852

All-Tournament: Jose Santiago, Tim Williamson, Chris Chilton of Chase; Derek Oliver, Larry Sauceman, Steve Dickey of Reece; Phil Castellano, Andy Ahkao, Bill Jerich, Moose White of Gasoline Heaven; Vern Hensley, Mike Kinnett of Planet/New; Mike Lane of N.A.S.T.Y. Boys; Hal Koubelka, Wayne Pennington of Armed Forces.

Second Team: Kenny Carver, Jason Fleming of Chase; Ron Wilson, Keith Brady, Mark Webber of Reece; Don Harloss, Dave Noval of Gasoline Heaven; Steve Roeder, Brian Fletcher of Planet/New; Troy Summerfield, John McNair of N.A.S.T.Y. Boys; Monty McCory, Brian Jeffers, Jim Kearns, Bob Van Erem of Backstop.

1998 ASA Super Nationals Standings

1998 on August 13-16 at Sanford, Florida

  • MVP: Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse (Huggins has now been named MVP in 6 national championships. Previously he was named in the ASA Major in 1981 (Elite); ASA Class A in 1985 (Thompson’s); USSSA Class A in 1986 (Ardis); ISA Class A in 1990 (Lighthouse/Sunbelt); and ASA Major in 1992 (Vernon’s).


  • Ricky Huggins – Lighthouse/Worth
  • Carl Rose
  • Dewayne Frizzell
  • Wendell Rickard – Lighthouse/Worth
  • Dennis Mendoza – Lighthouse/Worth
  • Todd Joerling
  • Tot Powers
  • Greg Harding – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Dan Schuck – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Jeff Wallace – Team TPS
  • Doug Kissane – Team TPS
  • Greg Cannedy – Sierra/TPS
  • Darrell Beeler – Sierra/TPS
  • Hank Garris – Sierra/TPS
  • Jason Fleming – Chase Mortgage


1. Lighthouse/Worth 5-0
2. Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton 4-2
3. Team TPS 2-2
4. Sierra/TPS 2-2
5. Chase Mortgage 2-2
5. Steele’s/R&D/Reda 1-2
7. Backstop/Easton 1-2
7. Reece/SportsWorld/TPS 1-2
9. Planet/New/TPS 0-2
9. Xtreme/Hinson/Worth 0-2



Lighthouse 15, Xtreme 7
Chase 30, Planet/New 10, 6 innings
Steele’s 19, Backstop 18
Team TPS 21, Reece 4, 5 innings
Lighthouse 27, Sierra 12, 5 innings
Chase 26, Sunbelt 24
Lighthouse 39, Steele’s 24, 5 innings
Team TPS 20, Chase 4, 6 innings
Lighthouse 29, Team TPS 14, 6 innings


Backstop 10, Planet/New 9
Reece 11, Xtreme 2
Sierra 37, Backstop 35
Sunbelt 26, Reece 6, 4 innings
Sunbelt 38, Steele’s 27
Sierra 27, Chase 12, 6 innings
Sunbelt 25, Sierra 22
Sunbelt 26, Team TPS 25


Lighthouse 37, Sunbelt 10, 5 innings


Greg Cannedy, Sierra 12-14 .857
Jason Fleming, Chase 11-13 .846
Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse 17-21 .810
Dennis Mendoza, Lighthouse 17-22 .773
Jeff Wallace, Team TPS 13-17 .765
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse 18-24 .750
Darrell Beeler, Sierra 15-20 .750
Hank Garris, Sierra 14-19 .737
J.C. Phelps, Team TPS 11-15 .733
Carl Rose, Lighthouse 19-26 .731
Shane Dubose, Sunbelt 19-26 .731
Jason Kendrick, Sierra 13-18 .722


Carl Rose, Lighthouse 12
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse 11
Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse 11
Tot Powers, Sunbelt 11
Greg Harding, Sunbelt 9
Todd Joerling, Sunbelt 9
Wendall Rickard, Lighthouse 8
Darrell Beeler, Sierra 8
Hank Garris, Sierra 8
Scott Elliott, Lighthouse 7
Paul Brannon, Chase 7
Dewayne Nevitt, Team TPS 7
Albert Davis, Lighthouse 6
Mark Weaver, Chase 6
Britt Hightower, Sunbelt 6
Dan Schuck, Sunbelt 6


Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse 24
Darrell Beeler, Sierra 20
Hank Garris, Sierra 20
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse 19
Greg Harding, Sunbelt 19
Todd Joerling, Sunbelt 19
Carl Rose, Lighthouse 18
Wendall Rickard, Lighthouse 16


1998 Grand Slam Leaders

(Composite statistics for ISA, NSA, ASA and USSSA)


Dennis Mendoza, Lighthouse/Worth .723
Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth .714
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth .699
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS .691
Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth .691
Rod Hughes, Steele’s/R&D .691
Jason Kendrick, Sierra/TPS .683
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith .680
Greg Cannedy, Sierra/TPS .680
Brian Jeffers, Backstop/Easton .674
Mike Shenk, Team TPS .671
Albert Davis, Lighthouse/Worth .671
Robin Higginbotham, Lighthouse/Worth .667


Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 36
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 32
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth 32
Greg Harding, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 28
Tot Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 28
Britt Hightower, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 24
Darrell Beeler, Sierra/TPS 24
Jeff Wallace, Team TPS 22
Jimmy Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 22
Randy Kortokrax, Steele’s/R&D 22
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 21
Larry Fredieu, Sierra/TPS 21
Albert Davis, Lighthouse/Worth 21
Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse/Worth 20
Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth 20
Rod Hughes, Steele’s/R&D 20


Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 79
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 73
Greg Harding, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 65
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 62
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth 62
Jimmy Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 59
Tot Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 59
Britt Hightower, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 54

1998 ASA Super Nationals Report

Ricky Huggins ASA Super National MVP at age 46.

Lighthouse/Worth won the first two legs of the Grand Slam by breezing to a surprisingly easy sweep of the ASA Super Nationals August 13-16 at the Sanford Memorial Stadium near Orlando. Lighthouse opened with a 15-7 win over Xtreme/Hinson/Worth, then won four more games . . . all via the run rule. Lighthouse, sparked by the MVP hitting of veteran pitcher Ricky Huggins, was a 29-14 winner over Team TPS in the finals of the winners bracket, then walloped Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton 37-10 in the championship game . . . after Sunbelt sent Team TPS reeling 26-25 with an 8-run rally in the bottom of the seventh that saw a grand slam by Greg Harding and a towering game-winning 2-run blast by Dan Schuck. Sunbelt had to play the last game without Jimmy Powers and Johnny McCraw who cramped up because of the heat. Shane Dubose did the same thing late in the game. Sunbelt held off Sierra/TPS 25-22 in the late game on Saturday night, leaving Sierra to settle for fourth place. Lighthouse exploded for 17 runs on 9 home runs in the first inning of the finale. Dewayne Frizzell and Huggins each had two home runs in the big first inning. The 46-year-old Huggins had a triple and three homers in his last four at-bats in the win over Team TPS Saturday night. He added another HR for a string of 6 in a row, then hit another for a spree of 7 HRs out of 8 swings. Frizzell finished the final game with five home runs. Huggins had four, Carl Rose three as the LH crew totaled 18 on the baseball field with dimensions of 330-385-330. Robbie Ergle went 6-for-6, with a home run in the big first inning. Elliott, Mendoza, Rickard and Rose also homered in the first. Huggins wound up with 11 home runs and a tourney leading 24 RBI while going 17-for-21 — an .810 average. Rose led in homers with 12. Frizzell had 11, Sunbelt’s Tot Powers 11. Rose, Frizzell and Powers had 5-HR games. Team TPS opened up an 8-1 lead going into the bottom of the third vs. Lighthouse. That’s when LH hit for 12 runs on 3 HRs — 3-runners by Frizzell and Scott Elliott and a 2-runner by Wendell Rickard, who opened the inning with a triple off the 385-mark in center. Two of Rickard’s HRs were awesome blasts. Sunbelt’s Todd Joerling hit four home runs over the center field wall, and Robin Higginbotham of Lighthouse had seven triples. Lighthouse closed out the win over Team TPS with nine runs on five home runs in the bottom of the sixth — by Rose, Albert Davis, Dennis Mendoza, Huggins and Rickard. Team TPS had to play without Todd Martin because his grandmother passed away. Lighthouse had a 22-run first inning in a 39-24 win over Steele’s/R&D. The inning saw a whopping 12 home runs — three by Rose, and two each by Frizzell, Davis and Elliott. Rickard had a homer and two singles. Lighthouse had another big inning in an early matchup vs. Sierra — 18 runs on 8 homers in the top of the second. Higginbotham had a pair of 2-runners, Davis a slammer and a 2-runner. Sixteen of the runs came after two outs. Elliott had a single and homer in the inning, Huggins a single and a double off the left field wall, Striebel a single and homer, Rickard a single and homer, Rose a long double off the base of the left center field wall and a homer and Frizzell two walks. Sunbelt was upended 26-24 by Chase in the first game for Sunbelt. Chase built up leads of 16-9 and 21-11 as Mark Weaver and Paul Brannon each walloped three home runs. Weaver had three as Chase opened with a 30-10 romp over Planet/New/TPS. In nip-and-tuck games, Steele’s nipped Backstop/Easton 19-18 in an early matchup and Sierra held off Backstop 37-35 in the losers bracket. The only team to win the Grand Slam was Ritch’s/Superior/TPS in 1992. Last year, there were four different champions — Sunbelt in the ISA, Ritch’s-Superior/Tri-Gems/Beloli in the ASA, Shen Valley/Taylor in the NSA and Lighthouse in the USSSA. Thus, Lighthouse has won three consecutive Grand Slam events — the USSSA last year and the ISA and ASA this year. This was the second ASA Super title for LH. The other came in 1995. Huggins has now earned MVP honors in six championships. The others were the ASA Major in 1981 (with Elite), ASA Class A in 1985 (with Thompson’s), the USSSA Class A in 1986 (Ardis), the ISA Class A in 1990 (Lighthouse/Sunbelt) and the ASA Major in 1992 (Vernon’s). Sierra’s Greg Cannedy was the leading hitter at Sanford. He went 12-for-14 for an .857 average. Plus, he had two walks. Jason Fleming of Chase was next in line at .846 (11-for-13, plus three walks). Huggins was third on the list at .810. Other pace-setters for the red-hot Lighthouse crew included Mendoza at .773, Frizzell at .750, Rose at .731, Robbie Ergle at .714 (he missed the first two games because of his teaching duties) and Rickard at .708. Shane Dubose batted .731, Tot Powers .692 and Dan Schuck .682 for Sunbelt. Todd Joerling, who sparked as usual at short, and pitcher Greg Harding, who snared two rocket shots in the same inning, each had nine HRs for Sunbelt. Rickard had eight homers for Lighthouse. That number was matched by Sierra’s Hank Garris and Darrell Beeler. Larry Fredieu had five for Sierra. Garris now has 184 homers compared to 177 for Fredieu, the leader until Garris hit 12 in the ISA World Series. Jeff Wallace had a big tournament for Team TPS. He went 13-for-17 to hold on to his season on-base percentage lead at .804. He had four homers and three triples, one off the 385 sign to the opposite field in his first at-bat and one off the 385 mark in center field. Robin Higginbotham had seven triples (and four doubles) for Lighthouse. Lighthouse totaled 67 home runs in five games, Sunbelt 62 in six. Team TPS had 33 homers in four games, Sierra 29 in four. Steele’s had 27 in three games. Chase had 21 home runs in its first two games, then only six in the next two, losing 20-4 to Team TPS and 27-12 to Sierra. The all-tournament team included Huggins, Rose, Rickard, Frizzell and Mendoza from Lighthouse, Joerling, Schuck, Harding and Tot Powers from Sunbelt, Wallace and Doug Kissane from Team TPS, Cannedy, Garris and Beeler from Sierra and Fleming from Chase. The second team included Davis, Elliott, Higginbotham and Scott Striebel from Lighthouse, Jeff Hall, Britt Hightower, Shane Dubose and Todd Volkers from Sunbelt, J.C. Phelps and Doug Roberson from Team TPS, Jason Kendrick from Sierra, Larry White from Chase, Rod Hughes and Dal Beggs from Steele’s and Judson Jackson from Backstop. Lighthouse opened with a 15-7 win over Xtreme/Hinson/Worth, but started slow. Xtreme led 7-5, but did not score over the last four innings. Lighthouse sewed it up with a 7-run bottom of the sixth as Frizzell, Davis, Huggins and Rickard homered. Fleming matched Weaver’s 3-HR output in the 30-10 romp for Chase over Planet/New. Chase had a 12-run top of the sixth when Fleming, Weaver and Paul Brannon led off with successive HRs. Bob Fisher, Kenny Carver, Tim Williamson and Jose Santiago also homered for Chase. It was 10-1 after two innings. Steele’s used a 10-run, 6-HR top of the fourth to take a 15-11 lead against Backstop. Lonnie Fox, Rob Schleede, Rod Hughes, Derek Jones, Dennis Pierce and Dal Beggs homered, with the last four coming in a row. It was the second HRs for Pierce and Beggs, and Hughes added a second. Backstop managed only 1-1-2 over the last three innings, leaving a runner on in the bottom of the seventh. Judson Jackson was 4-for-4 with 2 HRs for Backstop. Melvin Mallernee had two 3-runners in the first three innings. Team TPS grabbed an 8-1 lead in the first inning vs. Reece. Wallace and Kissane tripled and Todd Martin, Dewayne Nevitt, J.C. Phelps, Phil Jobe and John Mello homered. Nevitt and Jobe homered again in the third the lead ballooned to 12-3. Final score: 21-4 in 5 innings. Martin went 4-for-4 before having to return home. A home run by Huggins helped Lighthouse to a 6-run fourth for a stunning 27-9 lead over Sierra. After a rain delay, both Lighthouse and Sierra went 1-2-3. Sierra had scored three in the bottom of the fourth. Sunbelt found itself trailing Chase by 10-3 after the first inning. Chase led by 16-9, 21-11 and 26-14 before Sunbelt rallied for 10 runs in the top of the seventh. Brannon matched Weaver’s three HRs. Fisher, Carver, Fleming and Santiago also homered for Chase. Fisher had four hits, including a triple. Weaver totaled seven RBI. Backstop, getting two homers and five RBI from David Burch and a home run from Judson Jackson, eliminated Planet/New 10-9 and Reece ousted Xtreme 11-2 as Howie Krause, Steve Dickey, Steve Ellis and Derek Oliver homered. Krause was an added player from Wessel/Hague/TPS. Three other Wessel players were pickups — Tom White and Brett Helmer with Team TPS and Tim Cocco with Backstop. Sierra’s 37-35 elimination of Backstop saw Garris go 7-for-7 with 3 HRs and 7 RBI. Beeler had 9 RBI. He went 6-for-7 with a triple and 2 homers, one a 3-runner, one a grand slam. Kendrick had six hits, including a triple, and Cannedy and Mike Rodriguez five hits each. Ron Parnell also had a triple. Backstop scored 12 in the fifth to get within 24-25, but Sierra rebounded with 11 in the top of the sixth for a 36-24 command. Bob Van Erem had three homers for nine RBI for Backstop. Judson Jackson had five hits, including two homers, and Burch had four hits, including two homers. Phil White chipped in with two triples and a homer. Sunbelt’s 4-inning 26-6 rout of Reece saw nine runs in the first and eight in the second (for a 17-3 bulge). Thirteen of the 17 runs came after two outs. Sunbelt had only one HR in the first inning — a 3-runner by Todd Volkers, the last man in the lineup. Sunbelt wound up with nine homers. Volkers hit another one. Little Bobby Gilbert had two. Team TPS saw Chase scored four runs on three home runs (by Fisher, Fleming and Brannon) in the first inning, and trailed 4-3 after three innings. But Chase did not score again. Final score: 20-4. Team TPS finally broke it open with nine runs in the top of the sixth. Nevitt had 3-runners in the fifth and sixth. Wallace hit for the cycle. Jobe and Kissane were the only other TPS players to homer. Sunbelt eliminated Steele’s in a 38-27 slugfest. Sunbelt had leads of 19-6 and 27-11. Steele’s broke loose for 11 runs in the top of the sixth to get within 26-28, only to see Sunbelt retaliate with 10 runs on 4 homers in the top of the seventh, including a 3-runners by McCraw and Joerling. This was the 5-HR game for Tot Powers. Sunbelt had 18, with Joerling accounting for three and McCraw, Britt Hightower and Shane Dubose two each. Steele’s had 11, including three by Schleede and two by David Hood. Sierra eliminated Chase 27-12 as Garris and Beeler each had three homers while combining for 13 RBI. One of Garris’ blasts sailed over the 385 sign in right center. Fredieu had two homers as the top three batters in the Sierra lineup accounted for eight of the team’s nine homers. Brannon had two for Chase. Little Dennis Mendoza was 5-for-5, including a home run, in the winners bracket finals win for Lighthouse over Team TPS. Frizzell was 5-for-6 with a homer, Rickard 5-for-6 with a triple and three homers and Huggins had his triple and three homers. A bases-loaded single by Al Davis ended the game via the run rule . . . after intentional walks to Rose and Ergle. Rose had four hits, including a homer, and Scott Elliott had two homers. Frizzell and Elliott had 3-runners in a 12-run third inning as Lighthouse grabbed an 13-8 lead. Team TPS managed only four homers. Sunbelt had 13 homers compared to nine for Sierra in the 25-22 losers bracket semifinal. Joerling and Harding each had three, Volkers two. Schuck’s 3-runner (giving him four hits in the game) and Volkers’ 2-runner gave Sunbelt a 22-20 lead in the top of the sixth. Then Sierra managed only one in each of the sixth and seventh. A hit by Cannedy loaded the bases for Sierra in the bottom of the seventh, but Garris could not connect. He had two HRs. So did Beeler, Fredieu and Everett. Parnell had a slam in the fifth, then saw Hightower run down his long drive in the seventh. Three homers each by Wallace (he was 5-for-5), Nevitt and Kissane and two each by Phelps and Roberson had Team TPS leading by 25-18 going into the bottom of the seventh vs. Sunbelt. After the first batter went out, Jeff Hall homered (he was 4-for-5) and Jimmy Powers, Joerling and Hightower got hits. Tot Powers, who was 4-for-4 with a homer, walked, setting the stage for Harding’s slammer. It was his second homer and fourth hit of the game. After a double by Dubose, Schuck socked his game-winner. He had a 3-runner just the inning before.

1998 ASA Major Report

Chase/Easton of Wilmington, N.C., went 5-0 to win the ASA Major Nationals in Stevens Point, Wis., on Sunday (Sept. 6). Chase was a 30-9 winner in 4 innings over Reece/SportsWorld/Chip’s/TPS of Lebanon, Tenn., in the finals. Chase beat Gasoline Heaven/Worth of Long Island, N.Y., 43-36, in the winners bracket finals, then Gasoline was ousted by Reece 32-18. Backstop/Easton of Aurora, Ind., one of the favorites, managed only a 1-2 record, losing in the first round to Armed Forces All-Stars 37-35, then being eliminated 25-23 by Planet/New/TPS. Derek Oliver of Reece was voted the MVP trophy. He batted .774 with 12 home runs. Vern Hensley of Planet/New was the home run leader with 14. The batting champion was Phil Castellano of Gasoline Heaven. He went 23-for-27 for an .852 average. Planet/New/TPS was fourth. N.A.S.T.Y. Boys/TPS of St. Louis and Central Paving/TPS of Decatur, Ill., tied for fifth. Armed Forces and Backstop tied for seventh. Jose Santiago had an on-base percentage of .840 for Chase. Tim Williamson batted .769, Bob Fisher .762, Chris Chilton .708 and Jason Fleming .704. Santiago now has played on three consecutive ASA Major championship teams. He played on the Bell II/Easton team from Tampa in 1996 and the Long Haul/TPS team from Minnesota in 1997. Brannon had 10 HRs, Santiago and Fisher 8 each. Shortstop Larry Sauceman batted .771 for Reece, while Ron Wilson had 9 homers and Keith Brady and Brian Justice 8 each. Moose White had 9 for Gasoline Heaven. Planet/New was the fourth-place finisher, winning five games in the losers bracket, including 25-23 over one of the co-favorites, Backstop/Easton of Aurora, Ind. Planet lost 44-33 to Gasoline Heaven in the first round, and finally was eliminated 49-37 by Reece. Planet catcher Vern Hensley led the tournament in home runs with 14. The batting champion was Phil Castellano of Armed Forces All-Stars. He was 23-for-27 for an .852 mark. Backstop was upset in the first round — 37-35 by Armed Forces. The AF team then lost 32-31 to Central Paving, and was ousted 37-32 by N.A.S.T.Y. Boys of St. Louis. N.A.S.T.Y. lost in the first round to Chase (31-10), then won three in the losers bracket for a tie for fifth with Central Paving. N.A.S.T.Y. was eliminated by Reece (56-41). Planet ousted Central Paving 34-22. Watanabe/TPS of Cincinnati played three high-scoring games, winning 31-30 over Sid Grinker of Milwaukee before losing 37-21 to Chase and 38-32 to Planet. Armed Forces won one game in the losers bracket by 32-31 to the Hitmen of Traverse City, Mich. In another high-scoring game, the Hitmen lost 33-30 in the opening round to the host team — Aldo’s. The Stevens Point outfit then lost 32-11 to Reece and 22-9 to Backstop. Chase compiled plenty of big on-base numbers. The team mark was .742. Tim Williamson was 21-27 with 3 homers, Mark Weaver 12-15 with 7 homers, Kenny Carver 20-25 with 6 homers, Bob Fisher 16-21 with 8 homers, Paul Brannon 16-22 with 8 homers. Chris Chilton was 18-24 with 4 homers, Jason Fleming 20-for-28 with 3 homers, Kenny Ezzell 21-28 with 3 homers, Larry White 16-23 with 2 homers, pitcher Ed Hicks 14-21 with 2 homers and shortstop Randy Romaga 12-for-20 with 2 homers. Other pace-setters for Reece included shortstop Larry Sauceman with a .771 batting average, Keith Brady and pitcher Mark Webber each at .724 and Brian Justice at .688. Ron Wilson had 9 homers, Brady and Justice 8 each. Gasoline Heaven’s Castellano got the biggest help from Andy Ahkao with a .786 average and pitcher Moose White with a .750 mark.

1998 ASA A National Report

Thomas Bait & Tackle of North Carolina completed an undefeated run through the ASA Class A Nationals over Labor Day weekend at Lawton, Okla., by overcoming a 16-run fourth inning by Dalton Chiropractic of New Jersey to win 28-25. Thomas, with six players from the Jerry’s team that won the Class B crown in 1997, breezed 20-1 over Dalton in the finals of the winners bracket en route to a 7-0 record.

Defending Class A champion Coffee Cup of Minnesota was a third-place finisher this year.

The favorite, Smokes/Harrison’s/TPS of Maryland, finished fourth in the 62-team field. Jim Johnson of Gary’s Auto Body of Michigan was the home run champion with 17 in seven games. The home run limit was six. MVP honors went to Thomas outfielder Scott Grant. His on-base numbers were 34-of-37. He reached base in his last 19 trips to the plate. He had six homers.

The leading hitter was Brad Gidcumb of Jacksonville Grover of Florida with an .885 average. “Scott made some nice plays in the outfield,” pointed out Thomas manager, who serves as the team’s extra hitter. “Our middle was outstanding on defense — Grant Batts at shortstop and Cullen Clark at second base. They turned a lot of double plays. And our pitcher, Bob Carter, played good defense too.”

Thomas had three players on the first team all-tournament — Grant, John Dutch Jr. and Roy Jarman — and two more on the second team — John Adams and Hollis Brice.

Dalton had two on the first team — Tom Laska and Anthony Delarnesis.

Coffee Cup had only one selection — Mike Ritzer on the second team.

Smokes had Steve Gilbert and Dewey Fussell on the first team and Steve Helewicz and Bobby Bayne on the second team.

Thomas topped Smokes 26-21 and Dalton was a 33-18 winner over Coffee Cup in the semifinal round of the winners bracket.

Coffee Cup eliminated L&L Paint of Alabama 17-16, while Smokes ousted Mercer of Indiana 43-23. Coffee Cup then kayoed Smokes 24-22 before dropped by Dalton 12-11.

Mercer eliminated Gary’s 30-15, while L&L ousted SCB/Easton of New York 34-14. L&L had a 7-2 record, Dalton and Coffee Cup were 6-2 and Smokes, Mercer and Gary’s 5-2 and SCB 4-2.

Ashley’s of Delaware and Kentucky Tucker each went 5-2 en route to a tie for ninth with Maroadi of Pittsburgh and Scott of Iowa.

Jacksonville Grover, Galyan’s of Indiana, Universal Dome of Indiana and Allied Tool of Kentucky tied for 13th.

Some highly regarded team finished down the line, including K&G of Indiana, Riverside/Ram and Berardi’s of Kentucky, Paramount of Virginia, Deery Brothers of Iowa and Budweiser/DeMarini of Texas.

One of Paramount’s players was 52-year-old Don Clatterbaugh, a former Major player with such teams as Dave Carroll and Steele’s.

Berardi’s lost 25-16 to DeVault of Missouri and Budweiser/DeMarini lost 27-14 to Easton Sportstar of Kentucky in first-round games. Berard’s then lost 26-21 to Ohio Sealants.

Budweiser/DeMarini went 0-2 too, being ousted 20-18 by TCBY/DeMarini of Arkansas.

Deery was 0-2, losing to the Aragon Minnesota Merchants 32-23 and Barchella of New York (29-17).

Riverside lost 39-28 to SCB and K&G lost 27-26 to Jax Grover in the second round.

Paramount won two games before falling 29-28 to Mercer.

Thomas won 45-31 and 32-11, but had two tough games in the early rounds — 31-30 vs. Gateway Press of Kentucky and 28-25 vs. Allied Tool. Gateway built up a 27-7 lead going into the fifth inning. Thomas broke loose for 15 runs. “Then we were down nine going into the bottom of the seventh,” pointed out Marion. “We got 12 straight men on without an out.” Jay Lamm started things with a single and he ended it with a 2-run double.

Carter went 6-for-6, Grant 5-for-6 with a homer and Roy Jarman 5-for-5 with a homer. Lamm, John Dutch, Doug Flowers and Marion had homers.

Thomas won in the first round by 45-31 over Cooper Sports of Cincinnati. Grant was 7-for-7, while Adams was 6-for-7 with a homer and Dutch 6-for-7. Flowers and Brice Hollis each had two homers and Jarman one. The 28-25 win over Allied Tool saw Adams go 4-for-5 with two homers. Grant had two homers, Dutch and Hollis one each. A 32-11 romp over Scott’s of Iowa saw Grant and Adams each go 5-for-5 and Jarman, Dutch, Batts and Marion each go 4-for-4. Dutch, Flowers, Hollis and Marion homered. Thomas was a 26-21 winner over Smokes. Jarman had three homers, Grant, Lamm, Dutch and Flowers one each. Grant and Lamm each went 5-5, Jarman and Dutch 4-5. Carter, Adams and Hollis also went 4-5. The easy 20-1 win over Dalton in the finals of the winners bracket saw Jarman and Dutch hit homers and Grant and Hollis each go 4-for-4. Lamm and Flowers each had three hits. So did Jarman. Dalton’s only run was a solo home run in the fifth inning. It was a different story vs. Dalton in the finale. The New Jersey team scored 16 runs in the fourth inning for a 22-12 lead.

The North Carolinians came back with six in the fifth and nine in the sixth. Jarman and Dutch homered in the fifth and Grant’s grand slam tied the game in the sixth. The Thomas team went on to score five more after the slammer. Final score: 28-25. Grant was 5-for-5 with 2 homers, Jarman 4-for-5 with 2 homers. Hollis also had a homer. Carter, Dutch and Lamm each notched four hits. Marion made note that clean-up batter Jim Rogers had to miss the tournament. “All the guys pulled together, picking it up a little bit to take up the slack. We played really good team ball. It was real exciting. We had to come from behind in three games. We were not the best team there by far, but we showed a lot of heart.

Our boys never gave up. This was our first year in Class A.” Marion, whose team is based out of the central North Carolina town of Sanford, pointed out the inspiration of Jerry Sheffield, the team’s enthusiastic third base coach. “He was a motivator, slinging his towel around. He keeps everybody going.”

SCB dropped Gary’s into the losers bracket (23-14) before being bumped by Smokes 33-31. Smokes dropped L&L (37-8) and Jax Grover (30-7) into the losers bracket.

Coffee Cup won four — 27-20 over TCBY, 29-17 over Easton Sportstar, 26-13 over Las Vegas Funjet of Wisconsin and 30-17 over Maroadi — before losing to Dalton 33-18.

Dalton earlier won 34-21, 29-20, 31-26 (over B&A of Ohio) and 28-9 (over Mercer).

Ashley’s won four games in the losers bracket before being ousted 25-5 by SCB. Ashley’s was dropped into the losers bracket by Scott of Iowa (25-13).

Scott won 3 before losing to Thomas, then lost its first game in the losers bracket by 36-32 to L&L.

SCB won 4 games in the losers bracket before falling to Mercer (26-6).

Rounding out the first team all-tournament selections were Cliff Egan and Louis Brown of Universal, Mark Mastorovich of Maroadi, Rob Rash and Tom Shield of Grotto’s of Delaware, Gidcumb of Jax Grover and Johnson and Mark Moore of Gary’s. Rounding out the second team were Dean Bowrosen and Karl Komyat of SCB, Bill Gilbert and Ron Rash of Grotto’s, Mike Dill and Joe Spadifino of Ashley’s, Mark Hutchinson and Kevin Gillot of L&L, Greg Ackerbery of Gary’s and Mike Engler of Maroadi.

Jerome Earnest Team of the Decade – 1960’s

1960’s Player of the Decade – Jim Galloway

1960’s Team of Decade – Skip Hogan AC of 1964 with an 69-11 record won the ASA title.

First Team

P- Lou DelMastro
C- Tex Collins
1B- Mike Axelson
2B- HT Waller
3B- Paul Tomasovich
SS- Mike Kovack
OF- Mike Gouin
OF- Hal Wiggins
OF- Luther Ates
OF- Mort Weinberg
EH- Ron Patterson
EH- Steve Loya
Util- Jim Galloway
Util- Bill Cole
Util- Ed Finnegan

Second Team

P- Sam Minniti
C- Chester Dungan
1B- John Stone
2B- Don Rardin
3B- Whitey Brown
SS- George Caloia
OF- Myron Rheinhardt
OF- Jim Puckett
OF- Miller Adams
OF- Bert Smith
EH- Ron Annotico
EH- Dick Polgar
Util- Steve Massong
Util- Tom Taylor
Util- Don Arndt

Honorable Mention (players also receiving votes)

JD McDonald
Bob Auten
Lou Russo
Jim Becker
George Siford
Bob Harrison
Bob Bier
Bill Malloy
Hudson Knock
Bob Malicki
Bob Schugman
George Caloia
Oscar Steadman
Gene Gedeon
Bernie Roeckers
Dan Vlahovic
Jim Wessell
Walt Roeckers
Paul Nutley
Ron Cutter
Harry Phillips
Frank Matoh
Steve Shurina
Jim Mortl
Joe Konicki
Joe Gauci