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1934 National Softball Association of America Championships

1934 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – Crimson Coach Tobaccos, Toledo, Ohio
Runner Up – Bismarck Brewers, Chicago, Illinois

Sox Wainwright (WP) was 5-0 in the National Tournament. He was also 5-0 in the state tournament. All total, he was 10-0 and 7 of the 10 games he pitched and won were no-hitters.

Al Linde, Shukei Chevrolet (3-1).


1. Crimson Coach Tobaccos, Toledo, OH
2. Bismarck Brewers, Chicago, Illinois

1934 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1934 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – Hart Motors Girls, Chicago, Illinois
Runner Up – Gem City Beverage, Dayton, Ohio

Gem City beverage beat the New Orleans Wiltz Girls 17-8 in the semi finals. They beat the Chrysler Girls of Detroit 20-9 in their first game. The Hart Motor Girls beat the Chicago Bloomer Girls in the other semi-final.

Catherine Fellmeth, Hart Motors (pitched championship game and won 5-1). The team, formerly known as Great Northern Laundry won its second consecutive championship.


1. Hart Motors Girls, Chicago, IL (3-0) (Defending Champ-Great Northern)
2. Gem City Beverage, Dayton, OH (2-1) (Ohio)
3t. Bloomer Girls, Chicago, IL (1-1) (Chicago)
3t. Wilts Girls, New Orleans, LA (1-1) (Louisiana)
5t. Fisher Food Girls, Cleveland, OH (0-1) (Cleveland)
5t. Enright Coal, Rock Isle, IL (0-1) (Illinois)
5t. Janesville Girls, Janesville, WI (0-1) (Wisconsin)
5t. Chrysler Girls, Detroit, MI (0-1) (Detroit)


The tournament was single elimination format.

1934 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1934 held at Chicago, Illinois

Champion – Ke-Nash-A Blue Streaks, Kenosha, Wisconsin (64-10)
Runner Up – Crimson Coach Tobaccos, Toledo, Ohio (81-22)

  • MVP – Norm “Nummy” Derringer, Ke-Nash-A’s (was 1-4, drove in Bucko with a double in the 1st inning)

Bill Pecnick, Ke-Nash-A’s was 2-0, pitched 2-0 two-hit shutout w/ 13 K’s in championship, he also went 1-3 at the plate in the final.

Al Linde, Ke-Nash-A’s  was 2-0, 36 Ks, 22 in one game; also .400 average.

Harry Kraft, Ke-Nash-A’s was 1-0,  He defeated Newport, KY 2-1 in a 19 inning semi final win, striking out 38 batters and allowing only 6 hits.

Sox Wainwright, Crimson Coach Tobaccos a 43 years old veteran pitched a 14 inning game, winning a 2-0 three hit shutout to beat Phoenix Jewels in Semi-finals. Sox was also the pitcher in the  final game losing 2-0 as the Toledo team committed 6 errors. he finished the tournament with a 4-1 record with all his wins being shutouts.

In the other semifinal, Kenosha beat the Cudahy Puritans from Kansas City 1-0.

Mike ‘Duke’ Kalenich, Cudahy Puritans of Kansas City and Paul ‘Windmill’ Watson of Phoenix Funk Jewelry were both 3-1.

In the consolation final JL Gill Boosters, Chicago, IL  defeated Patty Anns, Boone, IA. JL Gills went 4-0, defeating Decatur Staleys, IL; Cincinnati Greyhounds, OH; and Pittsburgh Shamrock, PA before beating the Boone, IA squad 7-2. Fats Heull hurled 4 straight games for the Boosters to lead them to the consolation crown.


1. Ke-Nash-A Blue Streaks, Kenosha, WI (5-0) (Wisconsin)
2. Crimson Coach Tobaccos, Toledo, OH (4-1) (Ohio)
3t. Funk Jewelers, Phoenix, AZ (3-1) (Arizona)
3t. Cudahy Puritans, Kansas City, KS (3-1) (Kansas)
5t. Westport All Stars, Westport, CT (2-1) (Connecticut)
5t. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (2-1) (Defending Runner-up)
5t. Red Top Beers, Newport, KY (2-1) (Kentucky)
5t. National Bank of Commerce, Tulsa, OK (2-1) (Oklahoma)
9t. United Workers Lodge, Grand Forks, ND (1-1) (North Dakota)
9t. Gulf Refining Company, Flint, MI (1-1) (Michigan)
9t. Banker’s Life Insurance, Lincoln, NE (1-1) (Nebraska)
9t. Bear Cats, Hammond, IN (1-1) (Indiana)
13t. Le Mae Laundry, Memphis, TN (1-1) (Tennessee)
13t. Orlando Stars, Orlando, FL (1-1) (Florida)
13t. Hindu Koosh Grotto, Hamilton, ON (1-1) * (Canada)
13t. Cobblestones, Parkersburg, WV (1-1) * (West Virginia)
17t. Joseph Gill Boosters, Chicago, IL (0-1) (Chicago)
17t. Patty Annes, Boone, IA (0-1) (Iowa)
17t. East Liberty Shamrocks, Pittsburgh, PA (0-1) (Pittsburgh)
17t. Liberty Drugs, San Antonio, TX (0-1) (Texas)
17t. St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, LA (0-1) (Louisiana)
17t. Western Electric Company, Atlanta, GA (0-1) (Georgia)
17t. Greyhounds, Cincinnati, OH (0-1) (Cincinnati)
17t. City Firemen, Chillicothe, MO (0-1) (Missouri)
25t. Jersey Bread Company, Paterson, NJ (0-1) (New Jersey)
25t. National Mines, Ishpeming, MI (0-1) (Michigan)
25t. JP Sumerachis, Detroit, MI (0-1) (Detroit)
25t. Seeberg Clothiers, Buffalo, NY (0-1) (Buffalo)
25t. Decatur Staleys, Decatur, IL (0-1) (Illinois)
25t. JL Friedman Boosters, Chicago, IL (0-1) (Defending Champ)
25t. Second Ward Democrats, St. Louis, MO (0-1) (F) (St. Louis)
25t. Herald, Washington DC (0-1) (Washington D.C.) did not show up

* won a game by forfeit


1. Joseph Gill Boosters, Chicago, IL (4-0) (4-1) overall record
2. Patty Annes, Boone, IA (3-1) (3-2)
3. East Liberty Shamrocks, Pittsburgh, PA (2-1) (2-2)*
4. Liberty Drugs, San Antonio, TX (2-1) (2-2)
5. St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, LA (1-1) (1-2)
6. Western Electric Company, Atlanta, GA (1-1) (1-2)
7. Greyhounds, Cincinnati, OH (1-1) (1-2)
8. City Firemen, Chillicothe, MO (1-1) (1-2)*
9. Jersey Bread Company, Paterson, NJ (0-1) (0-2)
10. National Mines, Ishpeming, MI (0-1) (0-2)
11. JP Sumerachis, Detroit, MI (0-1) (0-2)
12. Seeberg Clothiers, Buffalo, NY (0-1) (0-2)
13. Decatur Staleys, Decatur, IL (0-1) (0-2)
14. JL Friedman Boosters, Chicago, IL (0-1) (0-2)
15. Second Ward Democrats, St. Louis, MO (0-1) (0-2) did not show up for consolation bracket
16. Herald, Washington DC (0-1) (0-2) did not show up

* won game by forfeit