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2004 NSA Men’s Super Slow Pitch Worlds

2004 held at Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Champion – Resmondo/Taylor Brothers/K&H Investments, Columbus, Ohio
Runner Up – Dan Smith/Backman/ Menosse/Easton, San Jose, California

  • MVP – Rusty Bumgardner, Resmondo (.842, 9 HR, 15 RBI)
  • Defensive MVP – Don DeDonatis, Jr., Dan Smith/Backman
  • HR Leader – Johnny McCraw, US Vinyl (16-20, .800) – 10
  • HR Leader – Bob Waldyk, US Vinyl (15-25, .600) – 10
  • Batting Leader – Rusty Bumgardner, Resmondo – .842


  • Tim Coco, Bell Corp (12-15, .800, 6 HR)
  • Bob Woldyk, US Vinyl (15-25, .600, 10 HR)
  • Johnny McCraw, US Vinyl (16-20, .800, 10 HR)
  • Brett Helmer, Dan Smith/Backman (11-16, .688, 6 HR)
  • Jeff Hall, Dan Smith/Backman (11-14, .786, 6 HR)
  • Don DeDonatis, JR, Dan Smith/Backman
  • Todd Joerling, Dan Smith/Backman (12-15, .800, 5 HR)
  • Andy Purcell, Resmondo/Taylor Bros (13-20, .650, 7 HR)
  • Howie Krause, Resmondo/Taylor Bros (13-16, .813, 6 HR)
  • Randall Boone, Resmondo/Taylor Bros (14-19, .737, 3 HR)
  • Jeff Wallace, Resmondo/Taylor Bros (18-22, .818, 8 HR)
  • Rusty Bumgardner, Resmondo/Taylor Bros (.842, 9 HR, 15 RBI)


1. Resmondo/Taylor Brothers/K&H Investments, Columbus, OH (4-1)
2. Dan Smith/Backman/Mennose/Easton, San Jose, CA (3-2)
3. US Vinyl/Z-Wear/Meridian/Subway, Lafayette, GA (4-2)
4. Bell Corp/Docs/Easton, Tampa, FL (2-2)
5t. Smith Softball, San Jose, CA (2-2)
5t. Crossfire Softball, Beaverdam, VA (0-3)
7. Blackburn (0-3)

2004 ASA Men’s B Slow Pitch Nationals

2004 ASA B held at Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City, on October 3-5.

Champion – The Scene/Hit & Run, Medford, New York (EAST)
Runner Up – Warpig Softball Club, Seattle, Washington (WEST)

2004 ASA East held at Dothan, Alabama on September 23-26.

Champion – The Scene/Hit & Run, Medford, New York
Runner Up – ChecKing/Worth, New Haven, Connecticut

  • MVP – Justin Muccarelli, The Scene/Hit & Run
  • Batting Champion – Marc Mitchell, ChecKing/Worth
  • HR Champion – Marc Mitchell, ChecKing/Worth


  • Pitcher – Justin Muccarelli, The Scene/Hit & Run
  • Catcher – Craig Arcuri, The Scene/Hit & Run
  • Outfield – Anthony Gallo, Checking/Worth
  • Outfield – Duke Donaldson, Jean Shoppe/Worth
  • Outfield – Gary McIntyre, Checking/Worth
  • Outfield – Tim Riley, Warthen Fuel
  • Utility – Anthony DeFrancesco, The Scene/Hit & Run
  • Utility – Joe Costanzo, Checking/Worth
  • Utility – Ken DeVito, The Scene/Hit & Run
  • Utility – Edgard Sevilla, Checking/Worth
  • Utility – Donald Probst, Warthen Fuel
  • Infield – Sal Ventarola, The Scene/Hit & Run
  • Infield – Marc Mitchell, Checking/Worth
  • Infield – Jack Bowker, The Scene/Hit & Run
  • Infield – Gary Mendello, Checking/Worth
  • Infield – Dan Dorsey, The Scene/Hit & Run


  • Pitcher – Bill Honeycutt, Warthen Fuel
  • Catcher – Michael Dill, Warthen Fuel
  • Outfield – Clarke Farrell, XLT Trucking
  • Outfield – Steve Moloney, XLT Trucking
  • Outfield – Jay Lanza, Checking/Worth
  • Utility – Greg Rush, Warthen Fuel
  • Utility – Ty Porter, Hub City Glass
  • Utility – Keith Berry, XLT Trucking
  • Utility – Travis Wooten, Hub City Glass
  • Utility – Craig Harris, Jean Shoppe/Worth
  • Utility – JD Berkenstiner, Jean Shoppe/Worth
  • Infield – Darrien Gray, Hub City Glass
  • Infield – John Brooks, XLT Trucking
  • Infield – Travis Lane, Jean Shoppe/Worth
  • Infield – Paul Jones, Hub City Glass


1. The Scene/Hit & Run, Medford., NY (7-1)
2. Checking/Worth, New Haven., CT (5-2)
3. Warthen Fuel, Hartley., DE (5-2)
4. Jean Shoppe/Worth, McKenzie., TN (5-2)
5t. Hub City Glass, Elizabethtown., KY (5-2)
5t. XLT Trucking, Chester Springs., PA (3-2)
7t. Bugs Softball, Cookesville., TN (3-2)
7t. M&N Gills Auto, Manchester., NH (4-2)
9t. PCA Wireless, Greenwood., IN (1-2)
9t. Throop Softball, Worden., IL (2-2)
9t. Stepan Softball, Mosinee., WI (2-2)
9t. Bond Dodgers, Annville., KY (3-2)
13t. B&C Softball, Edmonton., KY (2-2)
13t. Twohig III, Parma., OH (2-2)
13t. Cooper Sports/Community Cab, Hamilton., OH (2-2)
13t. PYC/5 Star, Cleves., OH (1-2)
17t. HSB/Hill Topper Pub/Miken, Pittsburgh., PA (1-2)
17t. Diamond Corner Deli, Norwalk., CT (1-2)
17t. Aus/Miken, Jacksonville., FL (1-2)
17t. Robke/Reds Boys/Tps, Verona., KY (0-2)
17t. Oakley Blacktop/Trophy Sports, Zenia., OH (0-2)
17t. Romeo’s Sports, Fultondale., AL (0-2)
17t. Questar Capital/Forest River, Topeka., IN (0-2)
17t. Giant Glass, West Boxford., MA (0-2)
25t. Fat Daddy’s, Albany., GA (0-2)
25t. Creative Design, Palos Hills., IL (0-2)
25t. Ross Electric/Concepts, Lawrenceburg., IN (0-2)
25t. Labarons Easton, Binghamton., NY (0-2)
25t. C&M, Dothan., AL (0-2)

2004 ASA West held at McAllen, Texas on September 23-26.

Champion – Warpig Softball Club, Seattle, Washington
Runner Up – Texas Twins, San Antonio, Texas

  • Batting Champion – Paul Verver, Texas Twins
  • HR Champion – Damon Helmbold, Texas Twins


  • Pitcher – Erik Zimmerman, Warpig Softball Club
  • Catcher – Chris Welblinger, Lufkin Tornados
  • First Base – Geno Buck,
  • Second Base – Eddie Collazo, Texas Twins
  • Third Base – Joel Muirhead, Warpig Softball Club
  • Shortstop – Paul Verver, Texas Twins
  • Outfield – Dan Clemens, Warpig Softball Club
  • Outfield – Damon Helmbold, Texas Twins
  • Outfield – Dustin Payne, Tharaldson Enterprises
  • Outfield – Lance Dalbey,
  • Utility – Bruce Neitsch, Texas Twins
  • Utility – Mark Cerny, Texas Twins
  • Utility – Rob Borchardt, Texas Twins
  • Utility – Clayton DeJong, Warpig Softball Club
  • Utility – Jay Meyer, Warpig Softball Club


  • Pitcher – Chris Duda,
  • Catcher – Terrell Townsend, Texas Twins
  • First Base – Anthony Cooper, Texas Twins
  • Second Base – Joel White, Warpig Softball Club
  • Third Base – Brad Berry, Lufkin Tornados
  • Shortstop – Tom Bielenberg, Warpig Softball Club
  • Outfield – Ron Brown,
  • Outfield – Mike Swanson, Tharaldson Enterprises
  • Outfield – Jimmy Eby, Lufkin Tornados
  • Outfield – Phillip Valenzuela, Texas Twins
  • Utility – Travis Benway,
  • Utility – John Brown, Texas Twins
  • Utility – Ross Sannes, Tharaldson Enterprises
  • Utility – Jerry Maham, Texas Twins
  • Utility – Javier Rojas, Texas Twins


1. Warpig Softball Club, Seattle., WA (5-0)
2. Texas Twins, San Antonio., TX (5-2)
3. Lufkin Tornados, Lufkin., TX (2-2)
4. Sportsdiamond.Com, Rogers., MN (4-2)
5t. Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo., ND (3-2)
5t. Sandoval Trucking, Brownsville., TX (1-2)
7t. Houses Plus/Miken, Shakopee., MN (2-2)
7t. NM Transportation/MN Jazz, Bloomington., MN (1-2)
9t. Capital City Construction, Bismarck., ND (1-2)
9t. S&R Rebels, Fairfield., IA (1-2)
9t. McAllen Diablos, McAllen., TX (1-2)
9t. Naico Seabass, Sapulpa., OK (0-2)
13t. Budweiser Smurfs, Temple., TX (0-2)
13t. Pearson Auto Body/Floyds/Miken, Chaska., MN (0-2)

2004 ASA Open Women’s Slow Pitch Nationals

2004 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Champion: Enough Said/Easton Tallahassee, FL (East)
Runner Up: Armed Forces, San Antonio, TX (West)

SCORES: Enough Said 17-5, 6-10, 18-17, 21-0 – (3 games to 1)
With the series deadlocked at one game apiece, In the pivotal 3rd game, Enough Said/Easton came back to score 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning to defeat the Armed Forces 18-17. Series MVP, Katura Williams went 5-5 with 2 HRs and 3 RBIs and drove in the winning runs in a walk off. Sirene Johnson and Lynnie France each drove in 4 runs in that game. In the series clinching Game 4, Enough Said waltzed their way to the Women’s Open National Championship with a 21-0 Shutout hurled by Bev Reaves. Buffy Arms was 4-4, and Lynnie France was 3-3 with 3 HRs and 9 RBIs. Reaves surrendered only 4 hits. Tammy Baldwin led the Armed Forces with a .667 average (6-9, 6 Runs, 5 RBIs, 2 BBs). Rachel Smith also had a good series for the Armed Forces (8-15, 2 HRs, 9 RBIs). Katura Williams was 3-4 with 2 HRs in the final game and along with the game before that, where she went 5 for 5 with 2 HRs, capping a 2 game performance of 8-9, 4 HRs.

  • MVP – Katura Williams, Enough Said/Easton (11-14, .786, 4 HRs, 6 RBIs, 6 Runs)
  • Batting Leader – Katura Williams, Enough Said/Easton – .786
  • Home Run Leaders – Lynne France, Enough Said/Easton (5-9, .556, 14 RBIs, 5 Runs) – 4
  • Home Run Leaders – Katura Williams, Enough Said/Easton – 4

2004 East held at Shreveport, Louisiana.

Champion: Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, FL
Runner Up: Shooters, Orlando, FL

  • East MVP– not awarded
  • East Batting Leader – ?
  • East HR Leader – ?


  • P-Mary Hoff, Enough Said/Easton
  • C-Robin Berkowitz, Shooters
  • 1B-Shirley Snell, Shooters
  • 2B-Kim Tummins, Traders
  • 3B-Sirene Johnson, Enough Said/Easton
  • SS-Nyreka Smith, Enough Said/Easton
  • OF-Kami Marrott, Shooters
  • OF-Beverly Reaves, Enough Said/Easton
  • OF-Sherri France, Enough Said/Easton
  • OF-Lisa Lines, Shooters
  • UT-Theresa Hunt, Shooters
  • UT-Katura Boykin, Enough Said/Easton
  • UT-Margaret Carroll, Traders
  • UT-Andrea Kukura, Traders
  • UT-Betsy Duncan, Traders


  • P-Barb Broisus, Max Magees
  • C-Paula Harris, Traders
  • 1B-Sondra Landry, Enough Said/Easton
  • 2B-Kim Dean, Shooters
  • 3B-Marisela Gutierrez, Shooters
  • SS-Tina Yeager Smith, Traders
  • OF-Sharon Hazen, Shooters
  • OF-Buffy Arms, Enough Said/Easton
  • OF-Kelly Downer, Traders
  • OF-Beth Saphore, Reamstown AA
  • UT-Michelle Vance, Shooters
  • UT-Stacie Symonds, Enough Said/Easton
  • UT-Tonja Russell, Enough Said/Easton
  • UT-Jenny Borden, Traders
  • UT-Gina Brown, Traders


1. Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, FL 4-0
2. Shooters, Orlando, FL 3-2
3. Traders, Memphis, TN 3-2
4. Max Magees, Boothwyn, PA 3-2
5. The Terminators, Monroe, LA 1-2
5. Reamstown AA, Reamstown, PA 1-2
7. Michelob Ultra, York, PA 1-2
7. Red Lantern, Wayne, PA 0-2
9. Touche, Plaquemine, LA 0-2

2004 West held at San Antonio, Texas.

Champion: Armed Forces, San Antonio, TX
Runner Up: Da Mob, Dallas, TX

  • West MVP- Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces
  • West Batting Leader – Tricia Reinhard, Okaki
  • West Home Run Leaders – Tricia Reinhard, Okaki
  • West Home Run Leaders – Nicole Fiola, Okaki


  • P – Tawlya Sears, Armed Forces
  • C – Teri Slusarek, Da Mob
  • 1B – Rachel Smith, Armed Forces
  • 2B – Michele Sturm, Armed Forces
  • 3B – Allie Walton, Da Mob
  • SS – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces
  • OF – Karrie Warren, Armed Forces
  • OF – Tricia Reinhard, Okaki
  • OF – Jennifer Brown, Da Mob
  • OF – Stacy Robinson, Armed Forces
  • UT – Jaime Thompson, Armed Forces
  • UT – Amy Hawkins, Armed Forces
  • UT – Melinda Webb, Da Mob
  • UT – Angie Spangler, Da Mob
  • UT – America Robelo, Big Azz Girlz


  • P – Vicki Ashcroft, Big Azz Girlz
  • C – Katrina Garcia, Okaki
  • 1B – Nicole Fiola, Okaki
  • 2B – Dina Quanico, Armed Forces
  • 3B – Stephanie Fryar, Okaki
  • SS – Janet Mlyhara, Okaki
  • OF – Renate Cromier, Da Mob
  • OF – Heather Clark, Armed Forces
  • OF – Karla Martinez, Okaki
  • OF – Wendy Chisaw, Big Azz Girlz
  • UT – Aimee McDaniel, Big Azz Girlz
  • UT – Jen Abramson, Big Azz Girlz
  • UT – Michelle Hesser, Big Azz Girlz
  • UT – Christy Whitcomb, Big Azz Girlz
  • UT – Vicki Viola, Da Mob


1. Armed Forces, San Antonio, TX 8-1
2. Da Mob, Dallas, TX 3-2
3. Okaki, Santa Ana, CA 3-2
4. Big Azz Girlz, Torrance, CA 4-2
5t. Carpet Masters Unknown, San Antonio, TX 1-2
5t. McClarnon Properties, Springfield, MO 1-2
7t. Texas Sportz/Red McCombs Toyota, San Antonio, TX 1-2
7t. San Antonio Aces, San Antonio, TX 1-2
9t. Texas Angels, Highland, TX 0-2
9t. That’s Them, San Antonio, TX 0-2
9t. K-OSS, Killeen, TX 0-2
9t. Lugnuts, Columbia, MO 0-2

2004 Old Scout Rankings

  1. Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton, San Jose, CA  (U-1, N-2)                                    53-7
  2. Resmondo/Taylor Bros/K&H Investments, Columbus, OH  (U-3, N-1)                                        43-12
  3. US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear, Lafayette, LA  (U-2, N-3, A-M-1, W-M-2, S-A-1)            74-27
  4. Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Shade/Easton, Fairfield, VA (U-5, A-M-4, N-AA-13, W-M-1, S-A-2) 51-22
  5. Team Synergy/Easton, Orlando, FL (U-5, A-M-3, N-AA-4, I-A-1, U-A-7, A-A-E-1, A-A-1)      55-25
  6. Kluever Snap On/B&J Logging/Mizuno, Sandoval, IL (U-9, A-M-2, N-AA-1, W-M-3)
  7. Aubreys/TPS, Savannah, GA  (U-13, N-AA-2, W-M-5, I-A-4, U-A-2, A-A-E-2, S-A-3)
  8. Mountain Top/Worth, Marysville, WA  (U-A-4, I-A-9, A-A-W-1, A-A-2)
  9. Bell Corp/Docs/Easton, Tampa, FL  (U-7, N-4, A-M-4, I-A-2, U-A-5)
  10. Creative Stucco/TPS, Reynoldsburg, OH (N-AA-5, N-A-3, U-A-1, A-A-E-4)
  11. Alpine Mortgage/Diamond/Easton, Middletown, OH (U-4, N-AA-5, N-A-2, U-A-9, A-A-E-7)
  12. Tacoma Dodge/Easton, Puyallup, WA (U-13, I-A-5, N-A-1, U-A-9)
  13. O&S Cattle/Mathesons/Povs/Mizuno, South St. Paul, MN (U-17, N-AA-3, N-A-9, U-A-3)
  14. GulfCoast/Easton, Sarasota, FL (U-13, W-M-9, I-A-7, U-A-13)
  15. L&L Paint/Alabama Brick/TPS, Prattville, AL (N-AA-7, W-M-4, I-A-3)
  16. Watanabe/New/K&G/Tiny Town/TPS, Cincinnati, OH (A-M-7, N-AA-9, N-A-4, A-A-E-2)
  17. Uniflora/Higgs Properties/Worth, Green Cove, FL (U-9, I-A-9, U-A-13, A-E-5)
  18. Terry’s/TPS, North Wilkesboro, NC (U-A-17, A-A-E-7)
  19. Sunnyvale/America/Worth/T’s 13/Mizuno, Kent, WA (U-7, U-A-13, A-A-W-5, W-M-9)
  20. Pace/TPS Softball Club, Rochester, NY (U-13, U-A-5)
  21. Berardis/Tek Serve/TPS, Lexington, KY (N-AA-12, W-M-7, N-A-7, A-A-E-9)
  22. Northwest Pipe/Bud Light/Easton, Brighton, MI (U-A-7, A-A-E-7)
  23. Long Haul/Miken, Albertville, MN (W-M-9, A-A-W-2)
  24. GatorLine/Dobbs & Fox/NW Climate/TPS, Kent, WA (U-17, U-A-17)
  25. LaserVision/Easton/3N2, Greenfield, MA (I-B-1, U-B-4, N-B-7)

Note: No ASA, ISA or WSL Supers were held and  No Super teams (Resmondo and Smith) were allowed to play ASA Major, WSL Major or ISA-A

2004 ASA Industrial Major Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals

2004 held at San Antonio, Texas on August 22-24.

Champion – Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT
Runner Up – Worthington, Lewis Center, OH

  • MVP – Jeff Toni
  • Batting Champion – Carlton Griffin
  • Batting Champion – Jeff Toni
  • HR Champion – Chip Curtis


  • Pitcher – Mark Tremblay, Sikorsky
  • Catcher – Brady Briggs, Worthington
  • First Base – Chip Curtis, Worthington
  • Second Base – Steve Swazay, Sheppard Senators
  • Third Base – Craig Kulhemeir, TPM/Bestway
  • Shortstop – Jeff Toni, Sikorsky
  • Outfield – Carlton Griffin, TPM/Bestway
  • Outfield – Ned Kelly, TPM/Bestway
  • Outfield – Jeff Bump, Worthington
  • Outfield – Tom Debernado, Sikorsky
  • Utility – Ron Pearce, TPM/Bestway
  • Utility – Mark Mihalick, Sikorsky
  • Utility – Jason Russell, Worthington
  • Utility – Mike Houck, Sheppard Senators
  • Utility – Ed Muzyka, Sikorsky


  • Pitcher – Mark Knight, TPM/Bestway
  • Catcher – Bill Nevis, Sheppard Senators
  • First Base – Jim Davis, Sheppard Senators
  • Second Base – Todd Ringhiser, Worthington
  • Third Base – Donnie Schone, Worthington
  • Shortstop – Jack Schone, Worthington
  • Outfield – Brad Blake, Formosa Bulls
  • Outfield – Scott Holder, Sheppard Senators
  • Outfield – Billy Moler, Worthington
  • Outfield – Toby Starks, TPM/Bestway
  • Utility – Pat Matto, SNET/SBC
  • Utility – Jimmy Phillips, TPM/Bestway
  • Utility – Mark Berritto, Sikorsky
  • Utility – Bob Kownacki, Sikorsky
  • Utility – Israel Valdez, Formosa Bulls


1st Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT (4-0)
2nd Worthington, Lewis Center, OH (4-2)
3rd TPM/Bestway, Conley, GA (2-2)
4th Sheppard Senators, Wichita Falls, TX (4-2)
5th Formosa Bulls, Victoria, TX (2-2)
5th TSYS, Columbus, GA (1-2)
7th AAA Cooper, Dothan, AL (1-2)
7th Kentucky Erectors, London, KY (1-2)
9th SNET/SBC, Stratford, CT (1-2)
9th Westpoint Stevens, Valley, AL (0-2)
9th Honda Power, Marysville, OH (0-2)

2004 ASA Major Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals

2004 held at Sanford, Florida on September 18-20.

Champion – US Vinyl/Z-Wear/Meridian/Subway, Lafayette, Georgia
Runner Up – Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging/Mizuno, Metamora, Illinois


Team Synergy and U.S. Vinyl advanced to Saturday’s winners’ bracket finals of the ASA Men’s Major Slow Pitch National Championship here at the Historic Sanford Memorial Stadium with a pair of wins Friday.

Team Synergy had to come-from-behind in both of its wins. It needed a dramatic two-run, two-out homer in the bottom of the seventh to edge Watanabe/New/K&G; of Cincinnati, OH in its opener, 13-11, then fell behind 14-2 against Benfield/Alesium before exploding for 14 runs on 15 hits in the fourth inning to take the lead and win 25-22.

Benfield/Alesium, which won its first game against defending champion Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging, gave it a gallant effort in its loss to Team Synergy. It trailed by eight runs entering the seventh inning and scored five times to cut the game’s final margin to three.

Outfielder Ken Briggs’ three-run homer in the seventh reduced the game to its final margin and it was one of five homers he smashed in a perfect performance, driving in 12 runs. Benfield, which will play Saturday at 4 p.m., smashed nine homers, one more than Synergy. Catcher Brian Wooten paced the Synergy offense with eight runs batted in on a pair of three-run homers and a two-run single in four at-bats. Chad Durick went 4-for-5, driving in four runs on three singles and a two-run blast in the sixth inning.

While Synergy had to come-from-behind, U.S. Vinyl won both of its games in convincing fashion, run-ruling Westshore/T&R Stucco and Bell Corp/Doc’s in five innings each. In the two games. U.S. Vinyl smashed 18 homers and 42 hits. Catcher R. J. Howerton led the Vinyl offense in the second game hitting three homers in four at-bats to bring across six runs after driving in five runs in the first game.

Bell Corp/Doc’s, which will play the winner of the Watanabe-Kluever’s game at 2 p.m. Saturday, managed only six hits and failed to score in four of the five innings against U.S. Vinyl.

Other losers’ bracket games Saturday are at 10 a.m. (Armed Forces vs. Westshore/T&R Stucco), 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Each team has a 15 homer limit per game with 71 homers hit in the first six games. Vinyl and Benfield lead with 18 each followed by Synergy with 12.

U.S. Vinyl 16, Bell Corp/Doc’s 4

U.S. Vinyl 810 61 — 16 16 2
Bell Corp/Doc’s 040 00 — 4 6 0

Team Synergy 25 Benfield/Alesium 22

Benfield/Alesium 284 0 1 25 — 22 24 1
Team Synergy 002 14 5 4x — 25 29 1

Team Synergy 13 Watanabe/New/K&G 11

In the opening game of the championship, Team Synergy/Easton of Orlando, FL pulled out a 13-11 win a against Watanabe/New/K&G; of Cincinnati, OH on a two out, two-run homer by Rich Gulash in the bottom of the seventh inning. Synergy trailed 11-10 entering the seventh, then tied the game on Johnny Dykes’ RBI single, setting the stage for Gulash’s game-winning roundtripper over the left field fence. Gulash was hitless in two previous at-bats with a walk prior to the seventh inning. Gulash’s homer was one of four hit by the winners. Watanabe smashed five homers with Brian Wegman and Tom Ellis having two each. Dykes was 3-for-4 including a three-run homer in the third inning and had four runs batted in.

Watanabe 200 313 2 – 11 15 1
Team Synergy 214 012 3 — 13 15 0

Benfield/Alesium 16 Kluever’s Snap-On 9

Holding a two-run edge after three innings, 2003 runner-up Benfield/Alesium of Fairfax, VA scored seven times in the fifth inning to spark a 16-9 win over defending champion Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging of Metamora, ILL. All of the runs in the fifth came on homers by Jeff Wallace, Jamey Bare and Justin Valentin. The winners hit nine homers compared to six for the losers. Denny Crine drove in five of Kluever’sSnap-On runs with a three-run homer in the first and a two-run smash in the fifth inning. Alex Lavorico was 3-for-3 for Benfield, driving in three runs on a solo homer in the first and a two-run blast in the third. Wallace drove in four runs with a pair of two-run homers and Kenny Briggs brought home another three runs with a 3-for-4 performance with a two-run homer in the first and a solo blast in the sixth.

Kluever’s Snap-on/B&J; Loggin 501 020 1- 9 14 1
Benfield/Alesium 404 071 x-16 17 2

Bell Corp/Doc’s 16 USA Armed Forces 12

After batting to a 10-10 tie through three innings, Bell Corp/Doc’s of Tampa, FL outscored the USA Armed Forces of Washington, DC 6-2 in the next two innings for a 16-12 win in Friday’s third of six games at Historic Sanford Memorial Stadium. Steven Lynn had a two-run single in the fourth and Scott King’s two-out grand slam was the big blow for Bell Corp in a four-run fifth inning. The Armed Forces went scoreless in the fourth and fifth innings before scoring its final pair of runs in the sixth inning on pinch hitter Randy Wilhide’s two-run single. Rex Schwartz drove in four runs for the Armed Forces with a three-run homer in the first and a triple in the second inning. Bell Corp and the Armed Forces each hit four homers in the game.

USA Armed Forces 811 002 0 – 12 15 1
Bell Corp/Doc’s 811 240 x – 16 14 2

U.S. Vinyl 27 Westshore/T&R Stucco 9

In the first run rule game of the championship U.S. Vinyl of Houston, TX topped Westshore/T&R Stucco of Sarasota, FL, 27-9, hitting 11 homers in the five inning game. Eleven of the runs came in the first inning on nine hits. Vinyl finished the game with 11 homers, while Westshore had three. Three Vinyl players, J. D. Genter, R. J. Howerton and Chris Butler, accounted for 15 of the runs with five RBI apiece. Genter hit three homers and Howerton and Butler had a pair each. Oscar Shipley accounted for five of the Westshore runs with three hits, including a pair of two-run homers.

U.S. Vinyl 115 0 47 — 27 26 1
Westshore/T&R Stucco 2 2 2 03 — 9


It wasn’t the high scoring game some people might have expected. U.S. Vinyl, however, of Houston, TX did what it had to do to advance to the championship round of the ASA Men’s Major Slow Pitch National Championship with a 10-5 win over Team Synergy of Orlando, FL Saturday at Historic Sanford Memorial Stadium. Vinyl, which averaged 21.5 runs in its first two wins, will play in Sunday’s 11 a.m. championship against the loser’s bracket winner after handing Synergy its first loss after scoring 38 runs in winning its first two games before being sent to the loser’s bracket.

The loser’s bracket final is scheduled Sunday morning at 9 with Team Synergy facing Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging. Synergy took an early 1-0 lead before falling behind 4-1. It closed the margin to within one run with three runs in the fifth inning. Vinyl, however, scored three times in the bottom of the fifth inning on a solo homer by Wally Woldyk, an RBI single by Jeff McGavin and an outfield error to increase the deficit to four runs. Synergy cut the margin to three on Nate Johnson’s RBI single in the sixth inning, but Woldyk’s two-run homer with two out in the bottom half of the inning upped the deficit to the game’s final margin. Synergy went down in order in the top of the seventh as Vinyl guaranteed itself of winning no less than $6,000 (second place).

The championship team will receive $10,000 with the third-place finisher getting $4,000 and the fourth-place finisher $2,500.00. Earlier in the tournament, U.S. Vinyl received a $1,000 check from ASA President E.T. Colvin for accumulating the most points (290) in ASA Major qualifiers held throughout the U.S. Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging of Metamora, Ill., trailed Vinyl in the points race (185) also received a check for $1,000 from President Colvin.

Woldyk led the Vinyl offense with three hits in four at-bats and catcher R. J. Howerton added a single and a two-run homer in three trips to the plate. His homer was his sixth of the championship. Vinyl had three homers in the game after hitting 18 in its first two games. Synergy didn’t hit any homers in the contest. Synergy’s Chris Chilton had two singles in four at-bats to drive in three runs. Johnson and Chad Bragg each had RBI singles to account for the other Synergy runs.

Team Synergy 100 031 0 – 5 12 2
U.S. Vinyl 040 132 x — 10 13 1

Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging 22 Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton 10

Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging (3-1) advanced to Sunday morning’s losers’ bracket final by eliminating Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton Saturday, 20-10. Benfield jumped out to a 10- 7 lead before Kluever’sscored five runs in the bottom of the second to take command of the game. After scoring in the first two innings, Benfield was blanked in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth innings. Kluever’s was blanked in the third but tallied six runs in the fourth and twice in the fifth to pull away. Kluever’shad eight hits in the fourth inning.

The loss eliminated Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton, which finished fourth and won $2,500 spliting four games. The win advanced Kluever’sSnap-On /B&J Logging to Sunday’s losers’ bracket final at 9 a.m. against Team Synergy. Kluever’s smacked nine homers while Benfield hit six homers. J.C. Phelps had three solo homers and a single and Denny Crinehad four RBI (4-for-4) with a three-run homer in the second and a solo shot in the fifth for the winners. Kenny Briggs had a pair of homers, driving in three runs as did teammate Jamey Bare with a three-run roundtripper in the first inning. Benfield got 12 of its 14 hits the first two innings.

Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton 550 000 – 10 14 1
Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging 750 622 – 22 28 0

Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton 22 USA Armed Forces 11

Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton increased its record to two wins in three games by eliminating the USA Armed Forces 22-11 io the losers’ bracket Saturday. The loss was the second for the Armed Forces, (1-2), the fourth team eliminated from the original eight-team field. After falling behind 5-3, Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Esaton went ahead by one by scoring three runs in the third inning. B.J. Fulk smashed a solo homer and Alex Lavorico a two-run round tripper to put Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton in the lead. Benfield increased its lead to eight runs by scoring seven times on six hits in the fourth inning. The Armed Forces got a run back in the bottom half of the inning but Benfield/Alesium scored four times in the fifth inning to increase its lead to 11. All of the runs in the fifth inning came on homers by Kenny Briggs, B.J. Fulk and Rafael Robledo. Benfield/Alesium added two more in the sixth before the Armed Forces came back with three runs in the sixth inning on a solo homer by Randy Wilhide and a two-run shot by Tony Patrick. Alex Lavorico went five-for-five for the winners, driving in six runs with three homers and two singles.Each team hit seven homers.

Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton 033 742 3–22 25 2
USA Armed Forces 500 103 2–11 16 5

Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging 4 Bell Corp/Doc’s 1

Wendell Rickard and Denny Crine accounted for all the runs as Kluever’sSnap-On/B&J Logging eliminated Bell Corp/Doc’s of Tampa, FL from the championship in the lowest scoring game of the championship. Rickard had solo homers in the fourth and sixth innings and Crine also had a two-run blast in the fourth to give Kluever’s its second win in a row after an opening game loss. The third team eliminated from the championship, Bell Corp (1-2) managed only seven hits in the game. Jim Thurman’s solo homer in the third inning with one out accounted for Bell Corp’s only run. In the fifth Bell Corp’s first two batters, Mike Linton and Mike Zerbe, singled, but the next three batters were retired in order. Bell Corp left seven base runners on base. With the win, Kluever’s can finish no worse than fourth, which is worth $2,500.00.

Bell Corp/Doc’s 001 000 0 – 1 7 0
Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging 000 301 x – 4 6 2

Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging 22 Watanabe/New/K&G 0

Defending champion Kluever’s Snap-On /B&J Logging of Metamora, Ill. kept its hopes alive of repeating by eliminating Watanabe/New/K&G; of Cincinnati, OH, 22-0 in the first of six games Saturday at Historic Sanford Memorial Stadium. Watanabe was winless in two games. It was the third run-rule game of the championship as Kluever’s hit nine homers and pounded out 20 hits in winning its first game after losing its tourney opener. Outfielder Denny Crine drove in seven runs with three homers and a single in a perfect performance and Wendell Rickard brought across six runs for the winners, hitting a two-run shot and a grand slam. Vern Hensley had two of Watanabe’s four hits with a pair of singles.

Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging 44 110 3 — 22 20 0
Watanabe/New/K&G; 00 00 0 — 0 4 0

USA Armed Forces 23 Westshore Pizza/T&R Stucco 10

With left fielder Dexter Avery hitting four of his team’s 10 homers to account for nine runs, the USA Armed Forces of Washington, D.C. evened its record in two games in eliminating Westshore Pizza/T& R Stucco of Sarasota, FL from the eight-team field. Westshore was winless in two games in becoming the second team eliminated from the double-elimination championship. Westshore pulled to within four runs after five innings before the Armed Forces put the game on ice with a nine-run sixth inning, which was highlighted by Avery’s grand slam homer. It was one of 11 hits the Armed Forces had in the inning. The Armed Forces smashed 11 homers to three for Westshore. Mike Chambless had three hits for Westshore, including a solo homer in the third inning.

Armed Forces 331 349 – 23 27 2
Westshore Pizza/T&R Stucco 102 430 – 10 13 1

Losers’ bracket final

Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging 11 Team Synergy 7

Defending champ Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging advanced to the championship game by eliminating Team Synergy of Orlando, FL Sunday morning in winning its fourth straight game after an opening game 16-9 loss to Benfield Alesium of Fairfax, VA. Kluever’s scored five runs to open the game but Synergy tied the game in the second inning on Dal Beggs’ two-run single up the middle, scoring Damon Marlette and Brian Wooten. J.C. Batista, Wooten and Rich Gulash had the other RBI in the inning. Gulash hit a solo homer with one out to score the first Synergy run. Kluever’s, however, broke the tie in the top of the fourth on Jeff Ott’s second homer of the game. Ott’s first homer was a grand slam in the five-run Kluever’s Snap-On first inning. The first Kluever’s run scored when Dean Schmidt walked with the bases loaded. In the fourth, Synergy tied the game at 6-all on J.C. Batista’s sacrifice fly, then went ahead on Beggs’ RBI second RBI of the game. The lead didn’t last long, however, as Kluever’s went ahead by two runs with three runs in the top of the fifth inning on Shaun Watson’s two-run homer and a solo blast by J.C. Phelps, his sixth of the tournament. Kluever’s added two insurance runs in the seventh on Denny Crine’s two-homer—his seventh of the tournament and fifth for Kluever’s. Synergy had only one homer. Synergy finished third (2-2) and received a check from ASA President E.T. Colvin for $4,000 following the game.

Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging/Polster 500 130 2 –11 14 2
Team Synergy 050 200 0 – 7 11 1


First baseman Bobby (Wally) Woldyk had only one hit in Sunday’s championship game of the ASA Men’s Major Slow Pitch National Championship at Historic Sanford Memorial Stadium. But it was the one U.S. Vinyl of Houston, TX needed for insurance to win its first ASA Major national title, beating defending champion Kluever’s Snap-On/BJ Logging of Metamora, Ill., 13-8, in eight innings. In four previous trips to the plate Woldyk, who was named tourney MVP, was hitless. Before entering the batter’s box in the eighth, he asked his teammates for some advice. “Guys, I am hitless. What should I do?” Woldyk said. They told him to do what he does best and “blow it out of here.” And he did, sending the ball over the left center field (370 feet plus) fence for a one-out grand slam to give his team a seven-run cushion entering the bottom of the eighth inning.

Before Woldyk unloaded for his sixth homer of the championship, three runs scored on RBI singles by Jeff McGavin, Chris Butler and Billy Barrett, giving Vinyl an 9-6 lead. In the bottom of the eighth, Kluever’s Snap-On, which had won four games in a row before losing for a second time, reduced the game to its final margin on Shaun Watson’s two-run homer with Wendell Rickard aboard. Rickard singled to open the inning against winning pitcher Billy Messina.

The next two batters, J.C. Phelps and Denny Crine, grounded out before Jeff Ott doubled to keep Kluever’s hopes alive of repeating as national champion. But Dean Schmidt flied out to left field to end the game, giving Vinyl its first ASA Major Slow Pitch Championship. Besides being the first ASA Major title for the team, it was the initial one for manager Bryant Grant.” We had 11 different guys all playing as one,” said Grant, who praised Vinyl sponsor Steve McCloud.” We certainly appreciated what he did for us this year. I just wish he could have been here to witness this.” Unfortunately, McCloud couldn’t attend because his daughter has some health problems and he needed to be with his family. The game was tied twice (five all and six all) before Vinyl broke the game open in the eighth in the tournament’s first extra inning game. After Vinyl scored a pair in the first on Andre Newhouse’s two-run homer, Kluever’s tallied five in the bottom of the first. Vinyl, however, tied the game at 5-all with three runs in the second inning on RBI singles by Butler and J.D. Genter and a sacrifice fly by Woldyk. But Vinyl broke the tie in the top of third on McGavin’s RBI single, scoring Newhouse who had singled to start the inning. Dean Schmidt of Kluever’s homered to lead off the bottom of the fourth to tie the game at 6-all. Vinyl didn’t score in the fourth and fifth innings. Kluever’s was blanked in the bottom of the fifth, sixth innings and seventh innings. Vinyl got a pinch runner to second base in the seventh inning, but he was picked off to end the inning. In the eighth, outfielder Newhouse doubled to left to start the inning. Catcher R.J. Howerton was intentionally walked and McGavin singled to right, scoring Newhouse. Butler singled to score Howerton before Scott Janak flew out to right field for the first out. Barrett’s RBI single brought home McGavin with the third run of the inning, setting the stage for Woldyk’s grand slam. Newhouse (3-for-4,single, double and homer, two RBI), and McGavin (3-for-4, two singles and a double) led the Vinyl offense. For Kluever’s, Troy Summerfield had a pair of singles and walked in his other at-bat. Watson also had a single to go along with his homer in the eighth inning and Rickard had two singles in four trips to the plate. Each team hit two homers in the championship game. Beside winning its first ASA national title, Vinyl received a $10,000 check from ASA President E.T. Colvin for first place. Second place was worth $6,000 to Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J; Loggging, which received the check also from President Colvin. Kenny Briggs of Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton led the tourney in homers (9) and will receive $500.00 from the ASA. Leading hitter was Alex Lavorico of Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton (.800).

U.S. Vinyl 231 000 07 -13 17 0
Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging 500 100 02 – 8 13 1

  • MVP – Bob Woldyk, US Vinyl
  • HR Champion – Kenny Briggs, Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton – 8
  • Batting Champion – Alex Lavorico, Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton – .800


  • Pitcher – Justin Atwood, Kluever’s/B&J Logging
  • Catcher – RJ Howerton, US Vinyl ((9-14, .643, 6 HRs, 19 RBIs)
  • First Base – Bob Woldyk, US Vinyl (10-18, .556, 6 HRs)
  • Second Base – Denny Crine, Kluever’s/B&J Logging (12-20, .600, 7 HRs, 20 RBIs)
  • Third Base – Dal Beggs, Team Synergy
  • Outfield – Andre Newhouse, US Vinyl
  • Outfield – Kenny Briggs, Benfield/Alesium (12-17, .706, 8 HRs, 18 RBIs)
  • Outfield – Dexter Avery, USA Armed Forces (4 HRs, 9 RBI in one game)
  • Outfield – Rick Valdez, Bell Corp/Doc’s
  • Utility – JC Phelps, Kluever’s/B&J Logging
  • Utility – Alex Lavorico, Benfield/Alesium (12-15, .800, 5 HRs, 9 RBIs)
  • Utility – Wendell Rickard, Kluever’s/B&J Logging (4 HRs, 8 RBIs)
  • Utility – Jeff Wallace, Benfield/Alesium
  • Utility – Brian Wooten, Synergy
  • Utility – Chad Bragg, Synergy


  • Pitcher – Billy Messina, US Vinyl
  • Catcher – Cherylton McRae, USA Armed Forces
  • First Base – Rex Schwartz, USA Armed Forces
  • Second Base – Chris Butler, US Vinyl
  • Third Base – Joel Ramos, Bell Corp/Doc’s
  • Shortstop – Lee Diaz, USA Armed Forces
  • Outfield – Tim Baldwin, USA Armed Forces
  • Outfield – Wayne Habermehl, Kluever’s/B&J Logging
  • Outfield – Travis Matthews, Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton
  • Outfield – Scott Janack, US Vinyl
  • Utility – Chris Chilton, Synergy
  • Utility – Bobby Barrett, US Vinyl
  • Utility – Troy Summerfield, Kluever’s/B&J Logging
  • Utility – Jeff Ott, Kluever’s/B&J Logging
  • Utility – Jim Thurman, Bell Corp/Doc’s
  • Utility – Dean Schmidt, Kluever’s/B&J Logging


1. US Vinyl/Z-Wear/Meridian/Subway, Lafayette, GA (4-0)
2. Kluever’s Snap-On/B&J Logging/Mizuno, Metamora, IL (3-2)
3. Team Synergy/Easton, Orlando, FL (2-2)
4. Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Easton, Columbus, OH (2-2)
5t. Bell Corp/Doc’s/Easton, Tampa, FL (1-2)
5t. USA Armed Forces, Washington, DC (1-2)
7t. Watanabe/New/K&G/TPS, Cincinnati, OH (0-2)
7t. Westshore Pizza/T&R Stucco, Tampa, FL (0-2)

2004 ASA A Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals

2004 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Champion – Team Synergy, Kissimmee, FL (East) 3-1
Runner up – Mountain Top/Worth, Marysville, WA (West) 1-3

  • MVP – Rich Gulash, Team Synergy (13-18, .722, 5 HRs, 11 RBIs, 13 Runs)
  • HR Leader – Dal Beggs, Team Synergy – (15-21, .739, 21 RBIs, 13 Runs) – 8 HRs
  • Batting Leader – Kevin Gillot, Mt Top (16-19, 9 RBIs, 13 Runs) – .842

2004 ASA A East Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals – held at Dothan, Alabama on September 3-6.

Champion – Team Synergy, Kissimmee, FL
Runner Up – Watanabe, West Harrison, IN

  • MVP – Nate Johnson, Team Synergy
  • Batting Champion – Brian Wegman, Watanabe
  • HR Champion – Chris Chilton, Team Synergy


  • P – Johnny Dykes, Team Synergy
  • C – Vern Hensley, Watanabe
  • IF – Rich Gulash, Team Synergy
  • IF – Brian Wegman, Watanabe
  • IF – Dal Beggs, Team Synergy
  • IF – Tom Ellis, Watanabe
  • OF – Chris Chilton, Team Synergy
  • OF – Richard White, Bingo Long/Worth
  • OF – Nate Johnson, Team Synergy
  • OF – Ryan Smith, Creative Stucco
  • UT – Chad Bragg, Team Synergy
  • UT – Brian Goins, Watanabe
  • UT – Chad Durick, Team Synergy
  • UT – Jose Santiago, Team Synergy
  • UT – J.C. Batista, Team Synergy


  • P – Tommy Sherman, Bingo Long/Worth
  • C – Wes Campbell, Bingo Long/Worth
  • IF – Brad Jones, Watanabe
  • IF – Kevin Johnson, Bingo Long/Worth
  • IF – Rob Loneborg, Creative Stucco
  • OF – Brooks Bryan, Bingo Long/Worth
  • OF – John Dutch, Aubrey’s/TPS
  • OF – Kyle Cowart, Aubrey’s/TPS
  • OF – Ryan Robbins, Watanabe
  • UT – Rocky Ford, Bingo Long/Worth
  • UT – Doug Cullen, Uniflora
  • UT – Shawn Snow, Aubrey’s/TPS
  • UT – Chan Perry, Uniflora
  • UT – Tim Linson, Creative Stucco


1st – Team Synergy Kissimmee., FL 5-0
2nd – Watanabe West Harrison., IN 5-2
3rd – Bingo Long/Worth Jackson., MS 4-2
4th – Creative Stucco Columbus., OH 3-2
5th – Aubrey’s/TPS Savannah., GA 3-2
5th – Uniflora Dothan., AL 3-2
7th – Alpine Mortgage Cincinnati., OH 2-2
7th – Terry’s N. Wilkesboro., NC 2-2
9th – Mcnair Sports Cadis., KY 2-2
9th – Barwick/Big Fogg Tallahassee., FL 1-2
9th – Berardis/TPS Mt. Washington., KY 1-2
9th – Berties/Old School Brownsville., KY 1-2
13th – Northwest Pipe Brighton., MI 1-2
13th – Riverside/TPS Mt. Washington., KY 0-2
13th – All Navy Pensacola., FL 0-2
13th – SCB/Denelex Lake Grove., NY 0-2
17th – Astros Dothan., AL 0-2

2004 ASA A West Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals – held at Killeen, Texas on September 3-6.

Champion – Mountain Top/Worth, Marysville, WA
Runner Up – Long Haul/Miken, Caledonia, MN

  • MVP – Greg Hartwick, Mountain Top/Worth
  • Batting Champion – Clay Bazille, All Star Plumbing
  • HR Champion – Larry Cross, Texas Miken


  • P – Brad Augedahl Long Haul/Miken
  • C – Vince Bisbee Mountain Top/Worth
  • 1B – Sean McDonald, Mountain Top/Worth
  • 2B – Eric Klug, Long Haul/Miken
  • 3B – Dale Roe, Mountain Top/Worth
  • SS – Adam Peterson, Long Haul/Miken
  • OF – Todd Williams, All Star Plumbing
  • OF – Steve Graves, Texas Miken
  • OF – Randy King, Long Haul/Miken
  • OF – Ricky Robbins, Mountain Top/Worth
  • UT – Doug Terry, Texas Miken
  • UT – Clay Bazille, All Star Plumbing
  • UT – Nick Sailor, T’s 13
  • UT – Brian Higginbothan, Mountain Top/Worth
  • UT – Chad Augedahl Long Haul/Miken


  • P – Ralph Hodgdon, All Star Plumbing
  • C – Tony Hansen, Long Haul/Miken
  • 1B -Bob Vaneram, Deery Bros/R&M
  • 2B – Trey Palacol, All Star Plumbing
  • 3B – Jeff Lutt, T’s 13
  • SS – Brent Willham, Mountain Top/Worth
  • OF – Bobby Wardan, T’s 13
  • OF – Larry Cross, Texas Miken
  • OF – Mike Tisdale, Texas Miken
  • OF – Bo Tjebben, T’s 13
  • UT – Brad Frost, Deery Bros/R&M
  • UT – Dave Feather, Texas Miken
  • UT – Wade Casey, Mountain Top/Worth
  • UT – Tom Meuhlenkemp, Long Haul/Miken
  • UT – Eric Wiley, All Star Plumbing


1st  – Mountain Top/Worth Marysville., WA 5-0
2nd – Long Haul/Miken Caledonia., MN 3-2
3rd – All Star Plumbing Lawton., OK 3-2
4th – Texas Miken Houston., TX 3-2
5th – T’S 13 Omaha., NE 2-2
5th – Deery Bros/R&M Waterloo., IA 2-2
7th – Abbey Printing/Spurs Buda., TX 1-2
7th – Sherman Roofing/Tcs Colbert., OK 0-2
9th – Legends Mizuno Tulsa., OK 1-2
9th – Laservision Lufkin., TX 0-2
9th – Killeen Stars Killeen., TX 0-2

2004 NSA AA Super Worlds

2004 held at Lexington, KY

Champion – B&J Logging/Snap-on/Mizuno, Sandoval, Illinois
Runner Up – Aubrey’s/TPS, Savannah, Georgia


1. B&J Logging/Snap-on/Mizuno, Sandoval, IL
2. Aubrey’s/TPS, Savannah, GA
3. O&S Cattle/Matheson/Pov’s/Mizuno, South St. Paul, MN
4. Team Synergy by Easton, Orlando, FL
5t. Creative Stucco, Columbus, OH
5t. Alpine/Diamond/Team AH Softball, Cincinnati, OH
7t. L&L Painting/Alabama Brick/TPS, Montgomery, AL
7t. Berties/Old School, Brownsville, KY
9t. Central Paving, Indianaapolis, IN
9t. Watanabe/K&G/New Construction, Cincinnati, OH
9t. McNair Sports, McKenzie, TN
9t. Berardi’s/Tek Serve/TPS, Lexington, KY
13. Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Shade/Easton, Fairfield, VA

2004 NSA Men’s A Slow Pitch Super Worlds

2004 held at Muncie, Indiana.

Champion – Tacoma Dodge/Easton, Puyallup, Washington
Runner Up – Alpine/Diamond/Team AH Softball, Cincinnati, Ohio


1. Tacoma Dodge/Easton, Puyallup, WA (8-1)
2. Alpine/Diamond/Team AH Softball, Cincinnati, OH (3-2)
3. Creative Stucco/TPS, Reynoldsburg, OH (3-2)
4. Watanabe/K&G/New Construction, Cincinnati, OH (3-2)
5t. Team VICC, Pittsfield, IL (2-2)
5t. Easton Central All-Stars, Indianapolis, IN (2-2)
7t. Upper Deck, New Landon, IA (2-2)
7t. Berardi’s/Tek Serve/TPS, Lexington, KY (1-2)
9t. McNair Sports, McKenzie, TN (1-2)
9t. SCB/Giant Steel, Lake Grove, NY (1-2)
9t. O&S Cattle/Matheson/Pov’s/Mizuno, South St. Paul, MN (1-2)
9t. TSC, Camby, IN (1-2)
13t. ECI, Muncie, IN (0-2)
13t. Riverside/TPS, Louisville, KY (0-2)
13t. Lakes Region/Greyhound Park, Taunton, MA (0-2)

2004 Home Run Frequency Leaders

Stats provided by Bill “TAZZ” Tassinari

Rank Player Team PA H BB FRQ
1 Hall, Jeff  Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton 315 122 39 2.262
2 Bumgardner, Rusty  Resmondo/Taylor/K&H 262 80 45 2.713
3 Wallace, Jeff  Resmondo/Taylor/K&H 303 98 34 2.745
4 Helmer, Brett  Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton 311 99 39 2.747
5 Goins, Bryan  Kluever Snap On/B&J Logging/Mizuno 104 36 5 2.750
6 Rickard, Wendell  Kluever Snap On/B&J Logging/Mizuno 88 30 5 2.767
7 Woldyk, Bob  US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear 328 113 6 2.850
8 Garris, Hank  Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton 312 95 38 2.884
9 Cocco, Tim  Bell Corp/Docs/Easton 208 71 2 2.901
10 Boone, Randell  Resmondo/Taylor/K&H 219 65 27 2.954
11 Phelps, JC  Kluever Snap On/B&J Logging/Mizuno 207 69 3 2.957
11 Wegman, Brian  Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Shade/Easton 153 47 14 2.957
13 Briggs, Kenny  Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Shade/Easton 252 79 14 3.013
14 Kortokrax, Randy  Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Shade/Easton 114 36 5 3.028
15 Cowart, Ray  US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear 198 65 1 3.031
16 Brown, Scott  Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton 267 76 32 3.092
17 Glidewell, John  Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton 259 70 40 3.129
18 Gulash, Rich  Team Synergy/Easton 87 25 7 3.200
19 Billups, Barry  Creative Stucco/TPS 102 28 10 3.286
20 Ellis, Tom  Watanabe/New/KG/Tiny Town/TPS 75 21 4 3.381
21 Howerton, RJ  US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear 282 80 9 3.413
22 Lavorico, Alex  Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Shade/Easton 282 77 17 3.442
23 Devine, Jim  Resmondo/Taylor/K&H 260 67 26 3.493
24 Luneborg, Rob  Creative Stucco/TPS 103 24 17 3.583
25 Higgenbotham, Robin  Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton 75 19 6 3.632
26 Baker, Bryson  Resmondo/Taylor/K&H 276 63 39 3.762
27 James, Ronnie  US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear 113 30 0 3.767
28 Ott, Jeff  Kluever Snap On/B&J Logging/Mizuno 167 44 0 3.795
29 Mattox, Tim  Creative Stucco/TPS 129 31 11 3.806
30 Hensley, Vern  Watanabe/New/KG/Tiny Town/TPS 75 19 1 3.895
31 Crine, Denny  Kluever Snap On/B&J Logging/Mizuno 192 49 1 3.898
32 Fulk, BJ  Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Shade/Easton 281 65 26 3.923
33 King, Scott  Bell Corp/Docs/Easton 203 51 2 3.941
34 Beggs, Dal  Team Synergy/Easton 102 24 7 3.958
35 Thurman, Jim  Bell Corp/Docs/Easton 150 36 7 3.972
36 Purcell, Scott  Gulf Coast/Easton 139 33 2 4.152
37 McCraw, John  US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear 241 55 12 4.164
38 Butler, Chris  US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear 287 66 12 4.167
39 Barnes, David  Watanabe/New/KG/Tiny Town/TPS 89 19 8 4.263
40 Hartman, Kelly  US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear 126 29 0 4.345
41 Murray, Brandon  US Vinyl/Meridian/Subway/Z-Wear 150 33 2 4.485
42 Krause, Howie  Resmondo/Taylor/K&H 81 16 9 4.500
43 Joerling, Todd  Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton 301 60 30 4.517
44 Striebel, Scott  Resmondo/Taylor/K&H 258 48 38 4.583
45 O’Hara, Kris  Benfield/Alesium/Reece/Shade/Easton 297 53 51 4.642
46 Habermehl, Wayne  Kluever Snap On/B&J Logging/Mizuno 157 33 3 4.667
47 Dutch, John  Aubreys/TPS 75 16 0 4.688
48 McCullough, Shane  Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton 126 24 13 4.708
49 Linson, Tim  Creative Stucco/TPS 83 15 11 4.800
50 Hutchinson, Ken  Gulf Coast/Easton 88 18 1 4.833