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1957 ASA Major Industrial Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals

1957 tournament site unknown

Champion – G.E. Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH
Runner Up – Harnischfeger Corporation, Milwaukee, WI


  • P – Ray Hein, Turbine Jets
  • P – Ed Werdermann, Harnischfeger
  • P – Paul Tellman, Continental Can
  • C – Frank Scumaci, Continental Can
  • C – Ed Wiese, Turbine Jets
  • IF – Paul Fowler, General Electric
  • IF – Jim Segorac, Harnischfeger
  • IF – Joe Stien, Turbine Jets
  • IF – Tom Bohyer, Packard Cable
  • IF – Mike Potter, Harnischfeger
  • OF – Gene Flowers, South Bend F.O.P.
  • OF – Pete Kennedy, Turbine Jets
  • OF – Ed Kompf, Continental Can
  • OF – Walt Kunz, Turbine Jets
  • MGR – Joe Nagy, Cincinnati Jets


1. G.E. Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH 5-0
2. Harnischfeger Corporation, Milwaukee, WI 4-2
3. Continental Can, Pittsburgh, PA 4-2
4. Packard Electric Cable, Warren, OH 4-2
5t. Colligan Morticians, Hamilton, OH 3-2
5t. General Electric, Louisville, KY 2-2
7t. Producto Machine, Bridgeport, CT 2-2
7t. Cincinnati Fire Fighters, Cincinnati, OH 2-2
9t. General Shoe, Frankfort, KY 3-2
9t. F.O.P., South Bend, IN 2-2
9t. Diamond Power, Columbus, OH 1-2
9t. Edison Engineers, Toledo, OH 1-2
13t. Brookley Air Force Base, Mobile, AL 1-2
13t. Babcock Dairy, Toledo, OH 1-2
13t. White Plains NY Police, Westchester, NY 1-2
13t. US Army Support Center, St, Louis, MO 0-2
17t. East Ohio Gas Company, Cleveland, OH 0-2
17t. Twist Drill Cubs, Cleveland, OH 0-2
17t. Apex, Sandusky, OH 0-2

1956 ASA Major Industrial Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals

1956 tournament site unknown

Champion – Cincinnati Fire Department, Cincinnati, OH
Runner Up – Combustion Engineers, Chattanooga, TN

  • MVP – Don Connelly (SS), Cincinnati Fire Department
  • HR Leader – Don Connelly, Cincinnati Fire Department – 4 HRs


  • None reported


1. Cincinnati Fire Department, Cincinnati, OH 5-1
2. Combustion Engineers, Chattanooga, TN 4-2
3. Klug Trucking, Hamilton, OH 4-2
4. Continental Can, Pittsburgh, PA 3-2
5. Hilltoppers, Lynchburg, VA 1-2
6. Packard Electric Cable, Warren, OH 1-2
7. Acme Chrome, New Haven, CT 1-2
8. Brookley Supply, Mobile, AL 0-2
8. Amerton Corporation, Robbins, NC 0-2
10. Cleveland Twist Drill Cubs, Cleveland, OH 0-2

1956 ASA Open Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals

1956 held at Cleveland, OH

Champion – Gatliff Auto Sales, Newport, KY
Runner Up – Lang’s Pet Shop, Covington, KY

Gatliff Auto beat West End Merchants from Jefferson County (Louisville Area) Kentucky 5-0 in the winners bracket final behind the shutout pitching of Vern Roberts. Defending champ Lang’s Pet Shop lost it’s first game to Pittsburgh’s Dormont Boosters 5-4 and stormed through the losers bracket winning 6 straight games then eliminating the West End Merchants of Jefferson County-Louisville, KY 9-6 for their seventh straight win and advanced to the finals. Malio Valvano pitched all the games for Langs. They had to defeat Gatliff’s twice to win the title. Gatliff pitcher Vern Roberts made sure that didn’t happen as Gatliff’s dethroned Lang’s 2-1 in
Championship game. Vern Roberts helped his cause getting a hit and scoring a run. Lou Smith had a big Sac Fly for Gatliff’s to score Gene Dittoe and Bill Bieger chipped in with 2 hits. For Langs, Earl Berryman and Bo Stuntbeck both had doubles, with Berryman scoring the only run for Langs. Vern Roberts had 2 shutouts and surrendered only 17 runs in 5 games. Gatliff finished the season with only 3 defeats the entire year … all to Lang’s.

  • MVP – Vern Roberts, Gatliff Auto Sales (5-0 pitching, including 2 shutouts; gave up only 1 run in the two final
  • HR Leader – Lenny Roth, Helf Builders – 5
  • Batting Leader – Earl Berryman, Lang’s Pet Shop (16-26) – .615
  • Manager – Al Brausch, Gatliff Auto Sales


  • P- Vern Roberts, Gatliff’s (5-0)
  • C- Bill Bieger, Gatliff’s
  • 1B- Dick Hufnagel, Dormont Boosters
  • 2B- Don Rardin, Gatliff’s
  • 3B- Ray Whitey Brown, Lang’s (12-30, .400, 3 HRs, 13 RBIs)
  • SS- JD McDonald, McAdenville
  • SF – Donnie Key, West End Merchants
  • OF- Hal Wiggins, Lang’s (17-30, .567)
  • OF- Earl Berryman, Lang’s (16-25, .615)
  • OF- Lenny Roth, Helf Builders (5 HRs)
  • OF- Myron Reinhardt, Gatliff’s

1. Gatliff Auto Sales, Newport, KY 5-0
2. Lang’s Pet Shop, Covington, KY 7-2
3. West End Merchants, Jefferson County, KY 4-2
4. Dormont Boosters, Pittsburgh, PA 4-2
5t. Helf Builders, Cleveland, OH 4-2
5t. Westwood Merchants, Dayton, OH 3-2
7t. McAdenville Reds, McAdenville, NC 3-2
7t. Sheffield Bronze, Cleveland, OH 2-2
9t. Green Seven, Milwaukee, WI 3-2
9t. Jefferson Grill, Rochester, NY 2-2
9t. Spot Tavern, Creighton, PA 2-2
9t. Blue Grass Café, Louisville, KY 1-2
13t. Dave’s Bar, Minneapolis, MN 2-2
13t. Rips All Stars, Detroit, MI 2-2
13t. Roth Drugs, Canton, OH 1-2
13t. West Park Methodist, Columbus, OH 1-2
17t. Maltese Drug, Wantagh, NY 1-2
17t. Cincy Matthews Stoppers, Staten Island, NY 1-2
17t. Dutt’s Drug, Akron, OH 1-2
17t. Elk’s Club, Warren, OH 1-2
17t. Fire and Police, Rossville, GA 0-2
17t. Eureka Bar, Cincinnati, OH 0-2
17t. Heilman Old Style Lagers, Sheboygan, WI 0-2
17t. Exchange Club, Sandusky, OH 0-2
25t. Green Oak Inn, Toledo, OH 0-2
25t. General Shoe Corporation, Frankfort, KY 0-2