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1937 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1937 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – National Screw & Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Runner Up – Rayls Sports Shop Girls, Detroit, Michigan

Bernice Sowa took the loss for the Rayls Girls. The Rayls won their first four games by a 35-1 margin. The Cleveland pitching staff had 4 shutouts and gave up only 1 run total. They outscored their opponents 27-1.

Once again, the offense was led by Mary Skorich, Eloise Joliffe, Dot Underwood and Freida Savona.

National Screw defeated Black Gold of Oklahoma City in the semi final 5-0 as Vera Vining pitched a shutout with 9 K for the Cleveland Girls. Eloise Joliffe’s HR was the big blow for the Cleveland Girls.

The Detroit Rayls beat the Arizona Ramblers of Phoenix 3-1 in their semi final. Miller and Stefani had 2 hits apiece for the winners, while Louise Miller Curtis took the loss for the Ramblers. She also had one of the only 3 hits for the Arizona Girls.

National Screw & Manufacturing Company (Vera Bud Vining 2-0, pitched a no hitter and a 1-hitter)

Rayls Pitchers Margaret Stefani (3-0) and Bernice Sowa (1-1).

Louise Miller Curtis of Phoenix Ramblers (went 3-1 on last day, 1 a no hitter)

Mary Skorich of National Screw & Manufacturing Company went 3-0, pitched 2 no-hitters, and then won the final game 6-1 with 14 K, also went 2 for 2 and would have been named MVP.

  • MVP –  N/A
  • HR Leader – Freda Savona, National Screw & Manufacturing Company – 2
  • Batting Leader – N/A


1. National Screw & Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, OH (5-0) (Defending Champ)
2. Rayls Sports Shop Girls, Detroit, MI (4-1) (Detroit)
3t. Arizona Ramblers, Phoenix, AZ (3-1) (Arizona)
3t. Black Gold Sales, Oklahoma City, OK (2-1) (Oklahoma)
5t. American National Insurance, Galveston, TX (2-1) (Texas)
5t. Capper Girls, Topeka, KS (2-1) (Kansas)
5t. Weaver Walls Bloomer Girls, Cleveland, OH (2-1) (Cleveland)
5t. Dick Fisher’s Sports Store, Buffalo, NY (3-1) (Buffalo)
9t. Vogel Bloomer Girls, Forest Park, IL (1-1) (Illinois)
9t. Eastwood Diner, Syracuse, NY (1-1) (New York)
9t. Stockham Girls, Birmingham, AL (1-1) (Alabama)
9t. Montgomery V-8’s, Chicago, IL (0-1) (Chicago)
9t. Syracuse Bluebirds, Syracuse, NE (1-1) (Nebraska)
9t. Fant & Anderson, Memphis, TN (0-1) (Tennessee)
9t. Peggy’s News Stand, Clearwater, FL (1-1) (Florida)
9t. Falstaff’s Brewers, New Orleans, LA (1-1) (Louisiana)
17t. McBrayer’s Peaches, Rome, GA (0-1) (Georgia)
17t. Kaufman Maids, Reading, PA (0-1) (Pennsylvania)
17t. Butchers Local #4, Great Falls, MT (0-1) (Montana)
17t. Geyer Springs, Little Rock, AR (0-1) (Arkansas)
17t. Vic Brown Rosebuds, Newport, KY (0-1) (Kentucky)
17t. Wreckerettes, Vicksburg, MS (0-1) (Mississippi)
17t. Van Der Voort Hardware, Lansing, MI (0-1) (Michigan)
17t. Raben Auto, Council Bluff, IA (0-1) (Iowa)
17t. Pugh Coal Company, Racine, WI (0-1) (Wisconsin)
17t. Braches Sports Shop, Stockton, CA (0-1) (California)
17t. Langley Cleaner Girls, Toronto, ON (0-1) (Canada-Ontario)
17t. Elks 1110 Club, Valley City, ND (0-1) (North Dakota)
17t. Queen Annes, Hammond, IN (0-1) (Indiana)
17t. Auerbach Deptartment Store, Salt Lake City, UT (0-1) (Utah)

NOTES: * indicates the team won a game by forfeit. The tournament was single elimination format.

1937 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1937 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, Michigan (107-12)
Runner Up – B&B Clothiers, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Eddie Figelski, Briggs Beautyware (Pitched a 1-0, 3-hit shutout in championship with 5 K) – Tony Pieper hit a double and then on a close play at first base by the next batter, he rounded third and kept going while the stunned first basemen held onto the ball in the 4th inning provided all the runs Figelski would need. Frank Tuppin and Carl Hart both pitched for the Clothiers and gave up 6 hits total. The B&B staff had 2 shutouts and gave up 3 runs total. Briggs pitching staff had 5 shutouts and only gave up 1 run in their 6 games (42 total innings). They outscored their opponents 22-1. Chet Tarnicki and Ed Figelski were both 3-0 in the tournament.

Briggs Beautyware beat the Miami, FL Coca-Colas 3-0 in the semi finals behind the 2 hit pitching of Jack Brown. Allen Wallace and Tom Berryhill had 2 hits each, with Berryhill hitting both a triple and a HR to lead the Briggs Beautyware offense. Briggs Beautyware had an easier time in their semi final, beating Bendix Brakes 9-0. They jumped all over Bendix pitchers, Kay Strominski and Harry Kraft as Frank Kolke (2-3) and Mike Smith (2-3) both smashing homers. Chet Tarnecki hurled a 3-hit shutout for Briggs Beautyware as Charlie Tanneggia and Danny Lipinski had 2 hits apiece.

Norb Cyclone Warken, Curlee Clothiers (3-1, pitched a perfect game, a no-hitter and a one-hitter, before finally losing 1-0 on a HR in the 11th inning to Miami. He finished with 66 Ks in the 32 Innings he pitched and gave up only 1 run). His record of 2 consecutive no-hitters on the same day would last a long time.

Bendix Brakes of South Bend, IN Pitching staff of Ron Kronewitter (2-0), Kay Strominski (1-0) and Harry Kraft (1-1); shutout 4 straight opponents on their way to the semi-finals. , Ronnie Kronewitter (won 1-0 and 3-0), Kay Strominski (won 6-0), And Harry Kraft eliminated defending champ Kodak Park and Shifty Gears (3-0) in the quarter-finals. Kraft started the game against Briggs and was knocked out in the first inning, giving up 5 runs. Kay Strominski came in to relieve him, but the damage was already done, Briggs winning 9-0.

Ed Tyranski Tyson, Briggs (11-23) – .478

B&B Pitchers: Jack Brown (2-0), Frank Tuppin (1-1) and Carl Hart (1-0)

  • MVP – N/A
  • Batting Leader – Tony Pieper, Briggs Mfg. (12-21) – .571 – also scored winning run in championship game to give Briggs 1-0 win.
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (6-0) (Detroit)
2. B&B Clothiers, Sapulpa, OK (5-1) (Oklahoma)*
3t. Bendix Brakes, South Bend, IN (4-1) (Indiana)
3t. Coca-Cola, Miami, FL (4-1) (Florida)
5t. Curlee Clothiers, Mayfield, KY (3-1) (Kentucky
5t. Phoenix Jewelry/Tom’s Tavern, Phoenix, AZ (3-1) (Arizona)
5t. Proctor & Gamble, Hamilton, ON (3-1) (Canada-Ontario)
5t. Weaver Walls, Cleveland, OH (3-1) (Cleveland)
9t. Coca-Colas, Grand Forks, ND (2-1) (North Dakota)*
9t. Knoxville All Stars, Knoxville, TN (2-1) (Tennessee)
9t. Texas Oil Products Oilers, Gladewater, TX (2-1) (Texas)*
9t. Mitch Green Helm Chevy, Modesto, CA (2-1) (California)
9t. Auto Specialists, St Joseph, MI (2-1) (Michigan)
9t. Greenbaum Tannery, Milwaukee, WI (2-1) (Milwaukee)
9t. Boone NiteHawks, Boone, IA (2-1) (Iowa)
9t. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (2-1) (Defending Champ)
17t. Felton’s Cafe, Little Rock, AR (1-1) (Arkansas)
17t. Montgomery Ward, Baton Rouge, LA (1-1) (Louisiana)*
17t. Winnies Boots, San Francisco, CA (1-1) (San Francisco)
17t. Kelvinators, Asheville, NC (0-1) (North Carolina)
17t. Elrich Poultry, Washington DC (1-1) (Washington DC)
17t. Utah-Idaho Sugar Co., Spanish Forks, UT (1-1) (Utah)
17t. US Gypsum, Greenville, MS (1-1) (Mississippi)*
17t. Forest Rangers, Missoula, MT (0-1) (Montana)
17t. Phelps Dodge, Elizabeth, NJ (1-1) (New Jersey)*
17t. Armstrong Cork, Lancaster, PA (0-1) (Pennsylvania)
17t. Burnham-Morrill, Portland, ME (1-1) (Maine)
17t. Ke-Nash-A Club, Kenosha, WI (0-1) (Wisconsin)
17t. Columbia System, Cincinnati, OH (1-1) (Cincinnati)
17t. Onized Club, Columbus, OH (1-1) (Ohio)
17t. Caterpillar Diesel, Peoria, IL (1-1) (Illinois)
17t. DuPont AA, Buffalo, NY (1-1) (Buffalo)
33t. Brooks-Slattery, Atlanta, GA (0-1) (Georgia)
33t. Cook-Alpert, Denver, CO (0-1) (Denver)
33t. Allied Printers, Topeka, KS (0-1) (Kansas)
33t. Laabs Motor Cubs, Belen, NM (0-1) (New Mexico)
33t. Trinidad Electrics, Trinidad, CO (0-1) (Colorado)
33t. Lee Brothers Foundry, Anniston, AL (0-1) (Alabama)
33t. Cinder Blocks, Roanoke, VA (0-1) (Virginia)
33t. Mokins, St. Joseph, MO (0-1) (Missouri)
33t. Lincoln Falstaffs, Lincoln, NE (0-1) (Nebraska)
33t. Sewickley American Legion, Pittsburgh, PA (0-1) (Pittsburgh)
33t. Balfour Jewelry Mfg., Attleboro, MA (0-1) (Massachusetts)
33t. Rutland Wildcats, New York City, NY (0-1) (New York)
33t. Nelson Florals, Philadelphia, PA (0-1) (Philadelphia)
33t. Gutta-Percha Tires, Toronto, ON (0-1) (Canada-Ontario)
33t. Jersey Ice Cream, Minneapolis, MN (0-1) (Minnesota)
33t. Trenton Democrat Club, Baltimore, MD (0-1) (Maryland)
33t. Emeralds, New Britain, CT (0-1) (Connecticut)
33t. Daws Drugs, Rochester, NY (0-1) (Rochester)
33t. Hitching Post, Pawtucket, RI (0-1) (Rhode Island)
33t. Liberty Drug, Charleston, WV (0-1) (West Virginia)
33t. Champagne Velvets, Chicago, IL (0-1) (Chicago)
33t. Hamilton Browns, St. Louis, MO (0-1) (F) (St. Louis)
33t. Columbia Mills, Columbia, SC (0-1) (F) (South Carolina)
33t. Rock of Ages, Graniteville, VT (0-1) (F) (Vermont)
33t. Thrifty Drug, Los Angeles, CA (0-1) (F) (Los Angeles)
33t. Parco Oilers, Parco, WY (0-1) (F) (Wyoming)
33t. Sorgatz Hardware, Pocatello, ID (0-1) (F) (Idaho)

* won game by forfeit

NOTES: Empress Bar, Sioux Falls, SD did not show.