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1985 ASA Industrial Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1985 tournament site unknown.

Champion – Grumman Aerospace, Bayshore, New York
Runner Up – Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, Connecticut

Grumman went undefeated (7-0) to win their second Major Industrial National Championship, their first one was in 1967. Grumman took a commanding 10-5 lead into the fourth inning as Bob Beattie and Karl Komyathy each had RBI hits. After Al Carfora hit a monster home run and the legendary Bob Hurd played another run, it was 10-7.  Beattie and Komyathy came through once again with RBI singles to give Grumman a 12-7 lead. This went back and forth until Grumman emerged as the Champion in 19-17 final. Sikorsky’s Al Carfora was selected as tournament MVP.

  • MVP – Al Carfora, Sikorsky Aircraft (8 HR)
  • HR Leaders – Al Carfora, Sikorsky Aircraft  – 8
  • HR Leaders – Robert Heath, West Point Peppermill – 8
  • Batting Leader – Stan Likens, Phillips 66 – .682


  • 1B – Lou Volpe, Grumman Aerospace
  • 2B – Christopher Dunne, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • 3B – Ken Rzwmieniewski, Grumman Aerospace
  • SS – Karl Komyathy, Grumman Aerospace
  • OF – Mark Tremblay, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • OF – Mike Gallo, Grumman Aerospace
  • OF – Bob Beattie, Grumman Aerospace
  • OF – Allan Morazes, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • UTIL – Rex Rietfors, Phillips 66
  • UTIL – Tim Burns, Russell Athletics
  • UTIL – Barry Hudson, Amtrak
  • UTIL – Albert Carfora, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • C – Jim Veteramo, Grumman Aerospace
  • P – Tom Marion, Grumman Aerospace


  • 1B – Thomas Folio, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • 2B – David Bedford, Phillips 66
  • 3B – Thomas Norko, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • SS – Robert Kownack, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • OF – Robert Turner, General Dynamics
  • OF – Victor Berger, General Dynamics
  • OF – Russell Smith, West Point Pepperell
  • OF – Nick Catania, Grumman Aerospace
  • UTIL – Mark Hudman, West Point Pepperell
  • UTIL – Robert Bonner, West Point Pepperell
  • UTIL – Dave Edwards, Bendix No. 1
  • UTIL – Jimmy Hardesty, G.E. Wacos
  • C – Stan Likens, Phillips 66
  • P – Joe Magdon, Sikorsky Aircraft


1. Grumman Aerospace, Bayshore, NY (7-0)
2. Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT (7-2)
3. West Point Pepperell, Fairfax, AL (5-2)
4. General Dynamics, Sterling, MI (5-2)
5t. Amtrak, New Castle, DE (5-2)
5t. G.E. Wacos, Louisville, KY (4-2)
7t. Bendix No. 1, Olathe, KS (5-2)
7t. Phillips 66, Bartlesville, OK (6-2)
9t. Atlas UAW 425, Lorain, OH (5-2)
9t. G.E. Aces, Middletown, OH (4-2)
9t. Russell Athletics, Alexander City, AL (4-2)
9t. Cameron Iron Works, Berwick, LA (3-2)
13t. ? Paper, ? OH (3-2)
13t. ? Services, Fayetteville, GA
13t. ?, Carrollton, GA
13t. ?
17t. Local ? UAW, Columbus, OH (3-2)
17t. ?
17t. Alcoa, Maryville, TN (2-2)
17t. ?
17t. ? Company, Cleveland, TN (2-2)
17t. Minneapolis Post Office, Blaine, MN (2-2)
17t. Rio Grande Foods, McAllen, TX (2-2)
17t. Lincoln Electric, East Lake, OH (1-2)
25t. ? Gas Turbine, Indianapolis, IN (2-2)
25t. CPS Live ?, San Antonio, TX (2-2)
25t. Union Carbide, Ashville, NC (2-2)
25t. Albany Marines, Albany, GA (1-2)
25t. ?, Franklin, OH (1-2)
25t. Mead Johnson, Evansville, IN (1-2)
25t. Ortho Pharmaceutical, ? IN (1-2)

Rest of finishing order not provided.

1985 NSA Men’s A Slow Pitch Super Worlds

1985 tournament site unknown

Champion – Maroadi Transfer, Pittsburgh, PA (76-12)
Runner Up – Louie’s Restaurant, Pikesville, KY

  • MVP – Jim Foxy Nelson, Maroadi Transfer (10-16, .625, 6 HRs)
  • Batting Leader – Steve Zugec, Maroadi Transfer (14-18) – 778
  • HR Leader – Jim Foxy Nelson, Maroadi Transfer – 6

1985 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1985 held at Kimberly, Wisconsin on August 9-18.

Champion – Pay’N Pak, Seattle, Washington
Runner Up – ADM, Decatur, Illinois

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Marty Kernaghan, Albert Brake & Clutch
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Jimmy Moore, Pay’N Pak
  • Kevin Herlihy Newcomer of the Year – N/A
  • Leading Hitter – Bo Hall, Freeway Exxon – .600
  • Most RBI – Marty Kernagen, Alberta Brake & Clutch – 10


P – Brent Stevenson, ADM (6-1, 0.45 ERA, 62 K, 10 BB)
P – Jimmy Moore, Pay ‘N Pak (6-0, 0.67 ERA, 64 K, 2 BB)
P – Jeff Boyce, Alberta Brake & Clutch (5-1, 1.58 ERA, 59 K, 13 BB)
C – Brad Burrup, Salt Lake City .357
C – Robin Voss, Alberta Brake & Clutch .186
IF – Marty Kernaghan, Alberta Brake & Clutch .381
IF – Denny Place, ADM .320
IF – Dan Nessler, Happy Chef .500
IF – Bruce Marshall, Alberta Brake & Clutch .421
IF – Rich Hill, Roadrunners .412
OF – Brian Rothrock, ADM .429
OF – Jim Carrithers, Pay ‘N Pak .389
OF – Bill Boyer, Pay ‘N Pak .333
OF – Bill Menke, Happy Chef .471
DH – Dave Jackson, ADM .353


P – Chris Nicholas, Home Savings (5-2, 1.79 ERA, 72 K, 16 BB)
P – Mike Piechnik, The Farm Tavern (2-0, 0.00 ERA, 57 K, 3 BB)
P – Steve Schultz, Sioux City (3-2, 0.72 ERA, 48 K, 7 BB)
C – Greg Van Gaver, Pay ‘N Pak .077
C – Dan Binkley, ADM .000
IF – Chuck Prescott, Sunners .389
IF – Chad Corcoran, Pay ‘N Pak .250
IF – Gerry Dickey, Rempel Construction .462
IF – Barry House, Alberta Brake & Clutch .261
IF – Dave Johnson, The Farm Tavern .375
OF – Ron Jackson, Walnut Products .385
OF – Steve Phillips, ADM .381
OF – James Noffke, ADM .259
OF – Dave Mulry, All-Car .375
DH – Jeff Seip, Sunners .263


1. Pay ‘N Pak, Seattle, WA
2. ADM, Decatur, IL
3. Alberta Brake & Clutch, Calgary AB
4. Home Savings, Aurora, IL
5t. Sunners, Allentown, PA
5t. Penn Corp, Sioux City, IA
7t. Larry Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT
7t. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI
9t. Rempel Construction, Saskatoon, SK
9t. Planggers Furniture, Benton Harbor, MI
9t. Vigortone, Cedar Rapids, IA
9t. All-Car, Green Bay, WI
13t. Happy Chef, Mankato, MN
13t. Page Brake, Salt Lake City, UT
13t. Merchants, Camrose AB
13t. Chameleons, Lancaster, CA
17t. Firebirds, Tulsa, OK
17t. Texas A’s, Houston, TX
17t. Walnut Products, St. Joseph, MO
17t. Suns, Pueblo, CO
17t. Merchants ESS, Ashland, OH
17t. King Farms, Owen Sound, ON
17t. Beer Nuts, Bloomington, IL
17t. Roadrunners, Albuquerque, NM
25t. Harold’s Supermarket, Lexington, MO
25t. Phillies, Fresno, CA
25t. Emery Masonry, Orlando, FL
25t. Pepsi Cola, Nampa, ID
25t. Tommy’s Angels, Oshkosh, WI
25t. All American Bar, St. Paul, MN
25t. Turpin Pontiac, Ottawa, ON
25t. Lite All-Stars, San Bernardino, CA
33t. Fastballers, Piqua, OH
33t. American Legion Post 93, Kenova, WV
33t. South Park Dukes, Seattle, WA
33t. Kings, Denham Springs, LA
33t. Poe Timber, Tuscaloosa, AL
33t. Ring’s, Dubuque, IA
33t. Freeway Exxon, Wilcox, AZ
33t. Convoy Trucks, Phoenix, AZ
33t. The Sting, Shelbyville, IN
33t. Steven’s Trucking, Oklahoma City, OK
33t. Neal Electric, Austin, TX
33t. Annapolis Radiator, Annapolis, MD

1985 USSSA Men’s A Slow Pitch Worlds

1985 held at Carencro, Louisiana.

Champion – Gregg Security, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Runner Up – M.W. Tribble, Cincinnati, Ohio

Gregg Security leading final game over MW Tribble 17-13 after 4 innings when the rains came. Tournament cancelled, Gregg Securuty declared the champ. Greg Security earlier had beaten MW Tribble 24-14 in Winner’s Bracket Final.

  • MVP – Denny Brown, Gregg Security
  • HR Leader – Roger Snatchko, Gregg Security
  • Batting Leader – Leo Osterday, M.W. Tribble – .750
  • Defensive MVP – Greg Birko, Gregg Security

1985 USSSA A All World Team

P – Greg Birko – Gregg Security
C – Andy Vento – Gregg Security
1B – Jeff Weyels – Gregg Security
2B – Tony Salamone – VIP Limousine
3B – Rich Pavone – Gregg Security
3B – Mike Sullivan – VIP Limousine
SS – Larry Shircliff – VIP Limousine
SS – Mickey McMullen – MW Tribble
OF – Roger Snatchko – Gregg Security
OF – Jim Picard – Gregg Security
OF – Leo Osterday – MW Tribble
OF – Jack Collins – MW Tribble
OF – Denver Gabbard – MW Tribble
UTIL – Craig Symons – Computerland
UTIL – Bill Heath – Computerland
UTIL – Bill Dallas – Richmond CA Merchants
MGR – Joe Baney – Gregg Security


1. Gregg Security, Pittsburgh, PA (7-0)
2. M.W. Tribble, Cincinnati, OH
3. VIP Limousine, Cincinnati, OH
4. Computerland, Hayward, CA
5t. Richmond Merchants, Richmond, CA
5t. Stottler Stagg, Cocoa, FL
7t. Pace Electronics/Marlen Floors, Rochester, NY


Allied Discount Tires, Lafayette, LA
Arnold’s, TX
B&M Machines
B&M/Dwight Merchants
Barrett Hamilton
Bayou Sports
Beumont Rangers, Beumont, TX
BF Goodrich, Richmond, VA
Boro’s Inn, OH
Bryan Tours
Bushleman Construction, Cincinnati, OH
Capital Toyota
Capital X-Ray
Car Center
Champagne’s Roofing, Rayne, LA
Class Act, Whittier, CA
Classic Car Sales, Torrance, CA
Coors/Metro Electric
Country Store
Danville Firestone, CA
Dick Joseph’s
Doc’s 85, FL
Doyle Painting Contractors, Eden, NC
Electrical Supply, VA
Fagan Enterprises
Gregg Security
Hacienda Draperies, Alhambra, CA
Haycrest Dairy, Arroya Grande, CA
Herring Gas
Industrial Metal, New Iberia, IN
Insulators of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
Itchy Foot
KB Drywall
Kirby’s/KC Coors, Kansas City, MO
Lansing Glass, Lansing, MI
Leroy’s Frame
Loftis, Greenville, SC
M&M Wines, Laurel, MA
Moulton Furniture, Moulton, AL
North Central BJ’s, Waterloo, IA
Palmer’s Construction
Pierce Timburg, FL
Pleasant Valley, Austin, TX
Pluto Realty, Sarasota, FL
Raiders, TX
Rebs, Los Angeles, CA
Ritch’s Salvage, Harrisburg, NC
Ruth Realty, Seattle, WA
Sebyco Electric
Sherry Lee’s Designs
Shetler Cougars
Shetler Cougars, Lake Charles, LA
Simsburg Raiders
Smythe Sox, Houston, TX
Southside Automotive
Stanley Lumber, Beaverdam, VA
Stohlman’s/Annodale Sports
Strongville Cleaners
The Pantry
University Financial
Varsity Inn

1985 USSSA Men’s A Slow Pitch Worlds

1985 held at Carencro, Louisiana.

Champion – Gregg Security, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Runner Up – M.W. Tribble, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • MVP – Denny Brown, Gregg Security
  • HR Leader – Roger Snatchko, Gregg Security
  • Batting Leader – Leo Osterday, M.W. Tribble – .750
  • Defensive MVP – not listed


P – Greg Birko – Gregg Security
C – Andy Vento – Gregg Security
1B – Jeff Weyels – Gregg Security
2B – Tony Salamone – VIP Limousine
3B – Rich Pavone – Gregg Security
3B – Mike Sullivan – VIP Limousine
SS – Larry Shircliff – VIP Limousine
SS – Mickey McMullen – MW Tribble
OF – Roger Snatchko – Gregg Security
OF – Jim Picard – Gregg Security
OF – Leo Osterday – MW Tribble
OF – Jack Collins – MW Tribble
OF – Denver Gabbard – MW Tribble
UTIL – Craig Symons – Computerland
UTIL – Bill Heath – Computerland
UTIL – Bill Dallas – Richmond CA Merchants
Manager – Joe Baney – Gregg Security


Not Available.

1985 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

1985 held at Concord, California.

Champion – Northside Knights of Columbus, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Hustle/Silver Bullets, Richmond, California

Northside Knights of Columbus had to beat undefeated Hustle/Silver Bullets twice to win the title. They sat and regrouped and went about their business winning 5-0 and then 9-4 behind the outstanding pitching of Brenda Ryan. to get to the finals on the last day, Northside beat Famous Recipe 4-1, Stingers 4-2 and Green Machine 4-0. It was no surprise that Ryan was named the MVP. Two-Time defending champ, Little Caesars was eliminated by Famous Recipe of Cincinnati in the later rounds and finished 7th. Famous Recipe finished up 5th.

  • MVP – Brenda Ryan, Northside Knights of Columbus
  • Batting Leader – Sue Gara, Northside Knights of Columbus – .750
  • HR Leader – Laura Fillipp, Hustle/Steele’s
  • Defensive MVP – N/A


P – Brenda Ryan, Northside K of C
C – Rene Lindberg, Hustle/Silver Bullets
C – Linda Szefler, Stingers
2B – Rhonda Klette, Northside K of C
2B – Yvonne Arnold, Green Machine
2B – Carrie Johnson, Hustle/Silver Bullets
3B – Jane Shaffer, Stingers
IF – Janet Hunecke, Northside K of C
OF – Michelle Newton, Stingers
OF – Missy Merrell, Northside K of C
OF – Sharon McCormick, Northside K of C
OF – Linda Alder, Green Machine
OF – Lydia Yopp, Green Machine
OF – Denice Fogal, Hustle/Silver Bullets
OF – Jaynie Gordon, Hustle/Silver Bullets
OF – Jackie Munn, Hustle/Silver Bullets
Manager – Dick Goedde, Northside K of C


1. Northside Knights of Columbus, Cincinnati, OH
2. Hustle/Silver Bullets, Richmond, CA
3. Green Machine, Richmond, CA
4. Stingers, Royal Oak, MI

1985 ASA Men’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

1985 held in Birmingham, Alabama.

Champion – Thompson Sports Goods, Savannah, Georgia
Runner Up – Rusty Scupper, Belmont, California

Ricky Huggins earned the unique honor of becoming the first player in ASA history to be a member of a national championship team on three different levels of play. Huggins was a member of the Howard’s/Western Steer Super Division champion, as well as the Elite Coating Major Division championship before winning this year with Thompson’s Sporting Goods.

  • MVP – Ricky Huggins, Thompson’s (23-33, .696, 8 HR)
  • HR Champion – Tim Clemmons, D.E. Huddleston (13)
  • HR Champion – Ron Bollinger, D.E. Huddleston (13)
  • Batting Champion – Jeff Arnold, Bel Air Cleaners (.760)


  • 1B – Jeff Arnold, Bel Air Cleaners
  • 2B – Ronnie Desmarais, Armed Forces
  • 3B – Ricky Huggins, Thompson Sports
  • SS – Jim Poe, Jim Magill Chevrolet
  • OF – Henry Mays, Thompson Sports
  • OF – Mark Martin, Goldman Brothers
  • OF – Tim Clemmons, D.E. Huddleston
  • OF – Tim Walls, Armed Forces
  • Utility – Gerald Bradley, Thompson Sports
  • Utility – Mark Alioto, Rusty Scupper
  • Utility – Rodney Taylor, Jim Magill Chevrolet
  • Utility – Steven Worthington, Rusty Scupper
  • C – Jeff Poole, Thompson Sports
  • P – Ronnie Andrews, Thompson Sports


  • 1B – Chet Lang, Rusty Scupper
  • 2B – Steve Sims, Thompson Sports
  • 3B – Doug Rhodes, Arensburg Pharmacy
  • SS – Marc Davis, D.E Huddleston
  • OF – Dave Thornton, Kirk’s Glass
  • OF – Ron Bailey, Capitol
  • OF – Steve Grasser, Capitol
  • OF – Greg Miller, Kirk’s Glass
  • Utility – John Picklesmier, D.E. Huddleston
  • Utility – Perry Chapple, Jim Magill Chevrolet
  • Utility – John Worthington, Rusty Scupper
  • Utility – Steve Ballard, Wilkerson Diesel
  • C – John Kobylinski, Goldman Brothers
  • P – Rene Renard, Rusty Scupper


  • 1B – Doug Brown, D E. Huddleston
  • 2B – Glen Keedy, Jim Magill Chevrolet
  • 3B – David Cun-ningham, Kirk’s Glass
  • SS – Calvin Linglebach, Goldman Brothers
  • OF – Stan Owings, Capitol
  • OF – Doug Dyer, Goldman
  • OF – Steve Hurst, Kirk’s Glass
  • OF – Glynn Braddy, Thompson Sports
  • Utility – Jim Worthington, Rusty Scupper
  • Utility – Ron Boling, D.E. Huddleston
  • Utility – Denny Anila, Rusty Scupper
  • C – Ed Jones, Kirk’s Glass
  • P – Rick Anderson, Jim Magill Chevrolet


1. Thompson Sporting Goods, Savannah, GA, (7-0)
2. The Rusty Scupper, Belmont, CA, (8-2)
3. Jim Magill Chevrolet, Birmingham, AL, (5-2)
4. Goldman Brothers Roofing, Orlando, FL, (7-2)
5t. Capitol Industries, Seattle, WA, (4-2)
5t. Arensberg Pharmacy, Newark, OH, (4-2)
7t. DE Huddleston, Chillicothe, OH, (5-2)
7t. Armed Forces, (6-2)
9t. Wilkerson Diesel, Little Rock, AR, (5-2)
9t. Time Out/JoMac Brothers, Yonkers, NY, (3-2)
9t. Kirk’s Auto Glass, Tidewater, VA, (3-2)
9t. VMD, Jacksonville, FL, (3-2)
13t. Bel Air Cleaners, Mobile, AL, (2-2)
13t. Gabe’s/Coffee Cup, St. Paul, MN, (3-2)
13t. Alert Lear, Miami, FL, (3-2)
13t. Saxon Lodge/Tobes Lounge, Crown Point, IN, (3-2)
17t. Georgia Merchants, Bloomingdale, GA, (2-2)
17t. 4 Star Auto, Jackson, MI, (3-2)
17t. Associated Roofing, Redwood City, CA, (3-2)
17t. CVC Softball Club, Citrus Heights, CA, (3-2)
17t. Newell Concrete, Eden Prairie, MN, (1-2)
17t. Logan’s Tap, Providence, RI, (2-2)
17t. Holiday Jacks, Easton, PA, (2-2)
17t. Hall of Fame, York, PA, (1-2)
25t. Long’s Electrics, Birmingham, AL, (1-2)
25t. Pete’s Mobile Car Wash, Lagrangeville, NY, (1-2)
25t. Taos Speedballs, Taos, NM, (1-2)
25t. Nautalis, Greenbrier, AR, (1-2)
25t. Rocky Mountain Cementers, Casper, WY, (1-2)
25t. Chilson Motors/Mason Shoes, Chippewa Falls, WI, (1-2)
25t. Great South Realty, Atlanta, GA, (2-2)
25t. T’s 13, Omaha, NE, (1-2)
33t. Kimo’s, Sikeston, MO, (0-2)
33t. Charles County Concrete/JC’s, Lothian, MD, (0-2)
33t. Grandaddy’s, Ames, IA, (1-2)
33t. OJ’s Lounge, Pontiac, MI, (1-2)
33t. Kace Construction, Alvin, TX, (0-2)
33t. Williard American Legion, Willard, OH, (0-2)
33t. Softball With Class, Detroit, MI, (0-2)
33t. Merrells, Corpus Christi, TX, (1-2)
33t. Western LTD, Henderson, KY, (1-2)
33t. Guerra Cannons, San Antonio, TX, (0-2)
33t. Akron Ti-Bert, Akron, OH, (1-2)
33t. Superior Products, Saltilo, MS, (1-2)
33t. Little Six/Ruud’s Roofing, Apple Valley, MN (1-2)
33t. Craig’s Welding, Mentone, IN, (0-2)
49t. Lighthouse Sporting Goods, Coeur d’Alene, ID, (0-2)
49t. Romeo’s Sports, Birmingham, AL, (0-2)
49t. Mary’s Restaurant, Ashaway, RI, (0-2)
49t. Kipling’s Pub/Park Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, (0-2)

1985 ASA Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1985 at Burlington, North Carolina.

Champion – Blanton’s, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Runner Up – Zimlinghaus Electric, Palm Bay, Florida

  • MVP – Andy Cook, Blanton’s
  • HR Leader – Gary Robertson, Larry Jacobs – 10
  • Batting Leader – Russ Weilbacher, Stone City Canaans (18-21) – .821


  • 1B – Monty Tucker, Zimlinghaus Electric
  • 2B – Walt McThenny, Zimlinghaus Electric
  • 3B – Tom Austin, Blanton’s
  • SS – Doug Streeter, Larry Jacobs
  • OF – Harold Kelley, Zimlinghaus Electric
  • OF – Joe Peterson, Larry Jacobs
  • OF – Russ Weilbacher, Stone City Cannans
  • OF – Gary Robertson, Larry Jacobs
  • UTIL – FA Martin, Blanton’s
  • UTIL – Dennis Lowry, Blanton’s
  • UTIL – Rodney Woods, Starpath
  • UTIL – Fred Winston, Zimlinghaus Electric
  • C – James McLamb, Blanton’s
  • P – Andy Cook, Blanton’s


  • 1B – Max Goldstein, Larry Jacobs
  • 2B – Rick Hasty, Zimlinghaus Electric
  • 3B – Gibby Garibay, Stone City Cannans
  • SS – Bob Mangum, Blanton’s
  • OF – Kurt Brock, Imlay Real Estate
  • OF – Gary Markland, Blanton’s
  • OF – Bubba Bozeman, Ray’s Metal Works
  • OF – Dave Markland, Blanton’s
  • UTIL – Mark Cauley, Barry Pegram’s Burker King
  • UTIL – Scott Jones, Starpath
  • UTIL – Doug Roberson, Zimlinghaus Electric
  • UTIL – Bill Reinle, Starpath
  • C – Larry Zavala, Larry Jacobs
  • P – Charlie Mitchell, Zimlinghaus Electric


Scott Bortner, Champion Line/Jackie B’s (16-20, .800, 5 HR, 18 RBI)


1. Blanton’s, Fayetteville, NC (6-0)
2. Zimlinghaus Electric, Palm Bay, FL (6-2)
3. Larry Jacobs, Modesto, CA (7-2)
4. Starpath, Lexington, KY (6-2)
5t. Barry Pegram’s Burker King, Montgomery, AL (3-2)
5t. Imlay Real Estate, Bordentown, NJ (3-2)
7t. Ray’s Metal Works, Alachua, FL (4-2)
7t. Stone City Canaans, San Antonio, TX (4-2)
9t. Capital Insulation, North Hollywood, CA (3-2)
9t. Championship Line/Jackie B’s, Red Lion, PA (3-2)
9t. Chisholm Sports/Taylor Brothers, Malden, MA (3-2)
9t. Plymart, Atlanta, GA (2-2)
13t. Teal and Norman’s, Starke, FL (3-2)
13t. Fisher Lumber, Seneca, MO (2-2)
13t. Kansas Merchants, Dodge City, MO (2-2)
13t. Parisault Builders, Warwick, RI (2-2)
17t. Bolivar MFA Oil, Bolivar, MO (2-2)
17t. Conover-Moore, Flint, MI (2-2)
17t. Le-Al-Co, Lebanon, TN (2-2)
17t. Newman’s, Tallahassee, FL (2-2)
17t. No. Electric, Charlotte, NC (2-2)
17t. Non-Ferrous Metals, Parma, OH (2-2)
17t. Southwestern, Detoit, MI (2-2)
17t. Marlton Trucking, Portland, OR (1-2)
25t. Escude, Pascagoula, MS (1-2)
25t. Fab Masters, Lexington, NC (1-2)
25t. John Hanson Savings and Loan, Beltsville, MD (1-2)
25t. Empire Club, Warren, OH (0-2)
25t. Manning’s, St. Paul, MN (0-2)
25t. Peacock Alley, Bismarck, ND (0-2)
25t. White Star Cafe, Detroit, MI (0-2)
33t. D.J. Yesterday, Michigan City, IN (0-2)
33t. Durwood Davis/Morgan Boots, Dallas, TX (0-2)
33t. First Mississippi Credit, Pascagoula, MS (0-2)
33t. Holman Transmissions, Columbus, MS (0-2)
33t. Jay’s, Cincinnati, OH (0-2)
33t. Mr. Bill’s Tavern, Brooklyn, OH (0-2)
33t. Nautilus, Burlington, NC (0-2)

*Lansing Auto Glass, Hammond, IN was a no show.

1985 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1985 held at Lansing, Michigan.

Champion – Hi-Ho Brakettes, Stratford, Connecticut (65-3)
Runner Up – Southern California Renegades, Long Beach, California (40-9)

In a tournament where 29 of the 46 games played were shutouts. The Brakettes pitching staff was brilliant in the tournament. Barb Reinalda (2-0, 2 shutouts), Kathy Arendsen (2-0, 2 shutouts) and Lisa Ishikawa (2-0, gave up the only run) allowed only 1 run throughout the tournament. Ishikawa pitched the 4-0 Championship game and needed a little relief help from Kathy Arendsen to beat the Renegades and clinch the title. Pat Dufficy’s hit and a subsequent error accounted for 2 runs in the 5th inning to get the ball rolling for the Brakettets. Susan LeFebvre of the Renegades took the loss. She earlier hurled a 1-0 two hitter against defending champs, Los Angeles Diamond Blazers in the loser’s bracket final and then came back to pitch the final as well, losing 4-0 to the Brakettes. Lefebvre was 4-2 in the tournament and Lori Stoll was 1-0 for the Renegades pitching staff.

Debbie Doom, Orlando Rebels (2-2).

Beckie Duffin, Sitton Transportation (3-2).

  • MVP – Allison Rioux, Hi-Ho Brakettes (led the Brakettes to a 4-0 championship game win)
  • Bertha Tickey Pitching Award – Susan LeFebvre, Southern California Renegades (4-2)
  • Erv Lind Defensive Award – Allyson Rioux, Hi-Ho Brakettes
  • Batting Leader – Barb Drake, Sitton Transportation (8-16) – .500
  • HR Leader – Kandi Burke, Orange County Majestics – 3


P – Susan LeFebvre, Long Beach Renegades
P – Kathy VanWyk, Los Angeles Diamonds
P – Tracy Compton, Los Angeles Diamonds
C – LeaAnn Jarvis, Hi-Ho Brakettes
C – Doreen Denmon, Hi-Ho Brakettes
1B – Yo Arvizu, Long Beach Renegades
2B – Allyson Rioux, Hi-Ho Brakettes
3B – Sheila Cornell Douty, Los Angeles Diamonds
SS – Donna Whitley, Long Beach Renegades
OF – Kim Nutter, Orange County Majestics
OF – Kris Peterson, Hi-Ho Brakettes
OF – Mary Ricks, Long Beach Renegades
OF – Elise King, Long Beach Renegades
DH – Kandi Burke, Orange County Majestics
UTIL – Donna Michael, Budweiser Belles


P – Kathy Arendsen, Hi-Ho Brakettes
P – Barbara Reinalda, Hi-Ho Brakettes
P – Becky Duffin, Sitton Transportation
C – Donna McElrea, Long Beach Renegades
C – Stacy Lim, Atena Coeds
1B – Sue Lewis, Long Beach Renegades
2B – Pam Reinoehl, Los Angeles Diamonds
3B – Danne Leinger, Twin Cities Sports Print
SS – Dot Richardson, Hi-Ho Brakettes
OF – Gina Vecchione, Hi-Ho Brakettes
OF – Nikki Woo, Tucson Playmakers
OF – Lids Studnicki, Sitton Transportation
OF – Barb Drake, Twin Cities Sports Print
DH – Jackie Gaw, Hi-Ho Brakettes
UTIL – Mary Cassidy, Tucson Playmakers
DH – Diane Schumacher, Hi-Ho Brakettes


1. Hi-Ho Brakettes, Stratford, CT (6-0)
2. Southern Cal Renegades, Long Beach, CA (5-2)
3. Los Angeles Diamonds, Los Angeles, CA (6-2)
4. Orange County Majestics, Orange, CA (5-2)
5t. Arizona Scorpions, Phoenix, AZ (2-2)
5t. Orlando Rebels, Orlando, FL (3-2)
7t. Tucson Playmakers, Tucson, AZ (3-2)
7t. Twin Cities Sports Print, Minneapolis, MN (3-2)
9t. Sitton Transportation, Jefferson City, MO (3-2)
9t. Uncle Leo’s, Salt Lake City, UT (2-2)
9t. Budweiser Belles, Parsippany, NJ (2-2)
9t. Hayward Hustle, Hayward, CA (1-2)
13t. Aetna Coeds, Brodgeport, CT (2-2)
13t. Bandits, Philadelphia, PA (1-2)
13t. Oklahoma Sundowners, Stillwater, OK (1-2)
13t. Wyoming Royals, Wyoming, MI (1-2)
17t. Topton VIPs, Topton, PA (0-2)
17t. Lansing Laurels, Lansing, MI (0-2)
17t. Ashland Girls Softball Club, Ashland, OH (0-2)
17t. Mustangs, West Covina, CA (0-2)
17t. Mid-Michigan Renegades, Lansing, MI (0-2)
17t. Comets, Houston, TX (0-2)
17t. Rockets, Springfield, IL (0-2)
17t. Pacers, Ann Arbor, MI (0-2)

L-R, top row- Coach Andy Van Etten, Jackie Gaw, Dot Richardson, Elaine Amundsen, Lisa Ishikawa, Deanne Moore, Chris Dinoto, Gina Vecchione, Allyson Rioux, Manager Ralph Raymond bottom row- Doreen Denmon, Kris Peterson, Diane Schumacher, Kathy Arendsen, Barbara Reinalda, Pat Dufficy, Gretchen Larson, Renee Clarke