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1960 ASA Major Industrial Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals

1960 tournament site unknown

Champion – Pharr Yarn, McAdenville, NC
Runner Up – Parks & Recreation, Detroit, MI

  • MVP – Jack “Pick” Biggerstaff, Pharr Yarn


  • P – Carroll  Beale, Pharr Yarn
  • C – Jack “Pick” Biggerstaff, Pharr Yarn
  • 1B – Bobby Mercer, Louisville Firemen
  • 2B – Toby Bradshaw, Pharr Yarn
  • 3B – Frank Verbanac, Detroit Parks & Rec
  • SS – Nick Gaurascio, Tirabassi Excavating
  • SF – Jerry Keisler, Pharr Yarn
  • LF – Jim Wessel, National Lead
  • CF – Don Doerfler, Continental Can
  • RF – Al Cornett, Louisville Firemen
  • MGR – Leroy Wynn, Pharr Yarn


1. Pharr Yarn, McAdenville, NC (6-0)
2. Parks & Recreation, Detroit, MI (5-2)
3. Bendix, Hamilton. OH (5-2)
4. Continental Can Pittsburgh PA (5-2)
5t. General Electric, Louisville, KY (4-2)
5t. Firemen, Louisville, KY (4-2)
7t. National Lead, Cincinnati, OH (3-2)
7t. Turbo Jets, Cincinnati, OH (3-2)
9t. Bausch & Lombe, Rochester, NY (2-2)
9t. Tirabassi & Sons, Kenosha, WI (2-2)
9t. Grumman Aircraft, Massapequa, NY (2-2)
9t. Mayrose Meats, St. Louis, MO (2-2)
13t. Minneapolis Gas Co., Minneapolis, MN (1-2)
13t. Carling Local No. 162; Cleveland, OH (1-2)
13t. Combustion Eng., Chattanooga, TN (1-2)
13t. Wayne Lee Ingalls, Pascagoula, MS (1-2)
17t. Glerc Jets Stars, Marietta, GA (1-2)
17t. Bryant Electric, Bridgeport, CT (1-2)
17t. Metals & Control. Attleboro, MA (1-2)
17t. Reese Candy Co., Syracuse, NY (0-2)
17t. U.S. Time Corp., Little Rock, AR (0-2)
17t. Saberjets, Mobile, AL (0-2)
17t. Albemerle Craftsmen, Richmond, VA (0-2)
17t. Allied Chemical Co., Toledo, OH (0-2)
25t. Martino Iron & Metal, Brack’ridge, PA (0-2)
25t. Harnischfeger, Milwaukee, WI (0-2)

1960 ASA Men’s Open Slow Pitch Nationals

1960 held at Toledo, Ohio

Champion – Hamilton Tailoring, Cincinnati, OH
Runner Up – Sheffield Bronze, Cleveland, OH

After being dropped to the loser’s bracket by losing to Sheffield 12-9, Hamilton Tailors had to win five straight games and did so with the pitching of Sam Minniti, defense of Third Baseman, Don Sawyer (who made diving grabs to rob Sheffield of at least 4 hits). Sheffield defeated Buckhorn Cafe of Toledo in the winners bracket final 16-7. Hamilton Tailors came back to eliminate Buckhorn 16-5 in the semi-final to set the stage for the championship against Sheffield Bronze. With Sam Minniti on the mound, The Tailors defeated Sheffield twice; 12-4 and then 17-2 to claim the title.

Bernie Roeckers was 4-5 with 2 doubles, 3 runs scored and 3 RBIs in the final game. Sam Minniti surrendered 14 runs in the five straight wins to the title after the loss to Sheffield. Including the 12 runs he gave up to Sheffield in the loss, Minniti gave up just 41 runs in the 10 games. He was 9-1 in the tournament.

  • MVP– Sam Minniti, Hamilton Tailors (9-1, pitched 5-hitter in championship, gave up only 43 runs in 10 games)
  • HR Leader – Denny Braun, Sheffield Bronze – 6
  • Batting Leader – Paul Nutley, Hamilton Tailoring (18-27) – .667


  • P- Sam Minniti, Hamilton Tailors (9-1)
  • C- Ed French, Hamilton Tailors
  • 1B- Jim Desmond, Buckhorn Cafe
  • 2B-Bernie Roeckers, Hamilton Tailors
  • 3B-Don Rardin, Yorkshire Restaurant
  • SS-Paul Tomasovich, Skip Hogans
  • OF- Paul Nutley, Hamilton Tailoring (18-27, .667)
  • OF- Ron Annotico, Sheffield Bronze
  • OF- Denny Braun, Sheffield Bronze (6 HRs)
  • OF- Charlie Conley, Yorkshire Restaurant


1-Hamilton Tailoring, Cincinnati, OH 9-1
2-Sheffield Bronze, Cleveland, OH 5-2
3-Buckhorn Cafe, Toledo, OH 4-2
4-Nassau Merchants, Maspeth, NY 5-2
5-Hogan A.C, Pittsburgh, PA 4-2
6-Textile Workers TWUA, Leaksville, NC 4-2
7-Yorkshire Restaurant, Newport, KY 4-2
8-Gatliff Motors, Newport, KY 4-2
9-Maizie’s Gasiorowski’s, Toledo, OH 2-2
10-Sox Inn, Detroit, MI 2-2
11-Duffy’s Tavern, Louisville, KY 2-2
12-Buddies Sporting Goods, Tallahassee, FL 2-2
13-Sill’s Sport Shop, Miami, FL 2-2
14-St. Louis Park Drug, St. Louis Park, MN 2-2
15-Cantwell Home Improvement, TN 2-2
16-Star Drive-In, New Orleans, LA 1-2
17-Black Bear Beverages, Milwaukee, WI 1-2
18-Schroeder’s Bunny Acres, Hutchinson, KS 1-2
19-Tobin’s, Rochester, NY 1-2
20-Krivian Club, Springdale, PA 1-2
21-Olden A.A., Trenton, NJ 1-2
22-Sunbeam Bread, Springfield, OH 1-2
23-Northern Scrap Iron, Minneapolis, MN 1-2
24-Pagliacci, St. Louis, MO 0-2
25-New-Mo Tavern, Oakland, CA 0-2
26-Schubert Garage, Indianapolis, IN 0-2
27-Richmond Rebels, Richmond, VA 0-2
28-Smithfield Fire Co., Greenville, RI 0-2
29-Edgemere Lodge, Edgemere, MA 0-2
30-Bud and Al’s Service, Waukesha, WI 0-2
31-Wesley UM Curch, Oklahoma City, OK 0-2