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2023 USSSA Women’s Slow Pitch Major Worlds

2023 held at USSSA Space Coast Complex in Melbourne, Florida on October 6-8.

Champion – Team 24/Monsta, Apollo Beach, Florida
Runner Up – Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings, Browns Point, Washington

  • MVP – Tylia Sylestine, Team 24/Monsta
  • Offensive MVP – Ashley Langoni, Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings
  • Defensive MVP – Stacey Moore, Team 24/Monsta
  • HR Champion – Ashley Langoni, Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings


Mequilla Franklin, Smash It/Incognito
Ashley Mack, Smash It/Incognito
Shenique Brass, Smash It/Incognito
Patrika Barlow, Smash It/Incognito
Alyssa Schreiner, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth
Adriana Sanders, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth
Mariah Garcia, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth
Kasey Britt, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth
Sarah Davis, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth
Amber Parrish, Team 24/Monsta
Sara Poteat, Team 24/Monsta
Shelby Engle, Team 24/Monsta
Chelsea Showers, Team 24/Monsta
Meagan Pearson, Team 24/Monsta
Amanda Hollman, Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings
Tara Licuanan, Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings
Ruby Richie, Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings
Dani Wayt, Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings
Shayna Finley, Team 24/Monsta
Jenna Warner, Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings
Jaexenne Balilea, Team 24/Monsta
Nicole Matson, Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings


1. Team 24/Monsta, Apollo Beach, FL (7-1)
2. Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings, Browns Point, WA (4-2)
3. LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth, Pittsburgh, PA (3-2)
4. Smash It/Incognito, Detroit, MI (4-2)
5t. Lady SNI/DeMarini/D1, Orlando, FL (3-2)
5t. Khaos/SNI/Baughford/D1, Harmony, FL (2-2)
7t. Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings, WA (2-2)
7t. NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken, Bakersfield, CA (2-2)
9t. SFK/Smashitsports/Easton/Miken, Rancho Cucomonga, CA (1-2)
9t. LSR, Jasonville, IN (1-2)
9t. DBBrand/Buch Meyers Construction/Jamb, York, PA (1-2)
9t. Lady Klutch/TR/Crown Gloves/Broughton, Little Rock, AR (1-2)
13t. NCN/Dynasty Sisters, Merced, CA (0-2)
13t. Belly’s/Red Athlete, West Harrison, IN (0-2)
13t. KFI 13 Fireworks/Red Athlete/Easton, Glen Allen, VA (0-2)
13t. MAJ/SD Lighting/4Him/NVH, Mesa, AZ (0-2)

2022 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch Worlds

2022 held at Space Coast Complex in Melbourne, Florida on October 1-2.

Champion – Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton, Kent, Washington
Runner Up – ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans, Shoreline, Washington

  • MVP – Amanda Hollman, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
  • Defensive MVP – Kristin Connell, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
  • Defensive MVP – Tara Licuanan, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
  • Offensive MVP – Patsy Erwin, Classic Glass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans


Ashley Langoni, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
Megan Baltzell, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
Megan Higginbotham, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
Jennifer Hickman, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth
Fiana Finau, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
Brooke DeVader, Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger
Jessica Alexander, ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans
Kami Marrott, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
Bernadette Tenuto, Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger
Alyssa Schreiner, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth
Bethany Brown, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
Kylee Studioso, Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger
Jessica Beaver, ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans
Kelley Cash, ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans
Caitlyn Stoner, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth
Joylyn Ramian, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth
Angelia Jones, ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans
Sutton Appling-Kemp, Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger
Jess Tolbert, Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
Andrea Argee, ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans
Justine Morrison, Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger
Eliyah Flores, ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans


1. Smash It/Derby Girls/Laclear/Easton, Kent, WA (5-0)
2. Classic Glass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans, Shoreline, WA (5-2)
3. Lady SNI/D1Apparel/Demarini/Slugger, Orlando, FL (3-2)
4. LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth, Pittsburgh, PA (3-2)
5t. Khaos/SNI/D1 Apparel, Harmony, FL (3-2)
5t. Smashitsports/SFK/Easton/Miken, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (3-2)
7t. Team 24/S&S Landscaping/Proton, Apollo Beach, FL (2-2)
7t. Xtreme/ASP/Athlon/Anarchy, Medina MN (2-2)
9t. Lady Klutch/Broughton/TR/Nitro, Little Rock, AR (1-2)
9t. Lady Nitro Circus/Team 199/DBBrand, York, PA (1-2)
9t. LSR, Jasonville, IN (1-2)
9t. Lady Proton/Dan Smith, Mesa, AZ (1-2)
13t. Smash It Sports/Incognito , Detroit, MI (0-2)
13t. Lady Mojo/Baugh Ford/SFS, Louisa, VA (0-2)
13t. NTL/Gs Sports/Worth/Miken, Bakersfield, CA (0-2)
13t. Sweet Dreams, Leesville, SC (0-2)

Smash It

2021 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2021 held at Melbourne, Florida on October 1-2.

Champion – T24/Proton/Broughton, Apollo Beach, Florida
Runner Up – Lady SNI/Lazy Llama/DeMarini/LS, Orlando, Florida

  • MVP – Stacey Moore, T24/Proton/Broughton
  • Defensive MVP – Ashley Mack, Lady SNI/Lazy Llama/DeMarini/LS
  • Offensive MVP – Shelby Engle, T24/Proton/Broughton
  • Offensive MVP – Dani Wayt, Lady SNI/Lazy Llama/DeMarini/LS


Amber Parrish, T24/Proton/Broughton
Stephanie Call, T24/Proton/Broughton
Megan Baltzell, Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton
Stephanie Hartness, Lady Sni/Lazyllama/Demarini/Ls
Janna Korak, Lady Sni/Lazyllama/Demarini/Ls
Sara Poteat, T24/Proton/Broughton
Fiana Finau, Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton
Bernadette Tenuto, Mpt Rentals/Aob/Juno Athletics
Kylee Studioso, Lady Sni/Lazyllama/Demarini/Ls
Meagan Pearson, T24/Proton/Broughton
Amanda Hollman, Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton
Wendi Reed, T24/Proton/Broughton
Sutton Appling-Kemp, Lady Sni/Lazyllama/Demarini/Ls
Jenna Kreiser, Mpt Rentals/Aob/Juno Athletics
Jaexenne Balilea, T24/Proton/Broughton


1. T24/Proton/Broughton, Apollo Beach, FL (5-1)
2. Lady SNI/Lazy Llama/DeMarini/LS, Orlando, FL (7-2)
3. Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton, WA (3-2)
4. MPT Rentals/AOB/Juno Athletics, NJ (3-2)
5t. Smash It Sports/Traders Reloaded, AR (3-2)
5t. Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans, WA (2-2)
7t. La Famiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot, PAW (2-2)
7t. Low Bobs/SNL, KY (2-2)
9t. Smash It/Backman/PH/Tunie/Masami, AZ (1-2)
9t. Smash It Sports/Backman/Incognito, MI (1-2)
9t. SFK/Slugger Custom Uniforms/Koval, CAS (1-2)
9t. Infamous/Bayarea/Next Level, CO (1-2)
13t. NTL/Gssports/Worth, CAC (0-2)
13t. Lady Mojo, VA (0-2)
13t. Karma, GA (0-2)
13t. Dbbrand/SNC/Team199, PAW (0-2)

2020 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2020 held at Melbourne, Florida.

Champion – Backman/Team 24/Miken/Worth, Apollo Beach, Florida
Runner Up – SIS/DG4L/Easton, Kent, WA

  • MVP – Stephanie Call, Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth
  • Defensive MVP – Stacey Moore, Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth
  • Offensive MVP – Christan Dowling, Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton


Amber Parrish, Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth
Kristen Shifflett, Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton
Jessicah Moudy, Traders Reloaded Klutch
Dara Toman, Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth
Jessica Sanders, Traders Reloaded Klutch
Sara Poteat, Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth
Fiana Finau, Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton
Brooke Connell, Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth
Kami Marrott, Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton
Jessica Ford, Dirty Sports/Trojans/CS/Thunder
Meagan Pearson, Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth
Sierra Rodriguez, Dirty Sports/Trojans/CS/Thunder
Tara Licuanan, Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton
Rhonda Buchenroth, Traders Reloaded Klutch
Wendi Reed, Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth


1. Backman/Team 24/Miken/Worth, Apollo Beach, FL (7-1)
2. Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton, Browns Point, WA (4-2)
3. Traders Reloaded Klutch, Little Rock, AR (3-2)
4. Dirty Sports/Trojans/CS/Thunder, Shoreline, WA (3-2)
5t. Lady SNI/OALabs/Demarini/Louisville, Orlando, FL (3-2)
5t. Lady Mojo Reloaded/ESP, Louisa, VA (3-2)
7t. SFK/ASP/A&S Constructors, Pomona, CA (2-2)
7t. LaFamiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot Frozen, Pittsburgh, PA (2-2)
9t. Anarchy/All Out Brats/Lady MPT, Woodbridge, NJ (1-2)
9t. Greenspace, Olathe, KS (1-2)
9t. TDB/A1Glass/MAL/Easton, Harmony, FL (1-2)
9t. Smash It Sports/FAI/Easton, Moores Hill, IN (1-2)
13t. Infamous/Pure/Saltriot, Denver, CO (1-2)
13t. NTL/Worth/Top Notch Athletics, Bakersfield, CA (1-2)
13t. Low Bobs/Shirts & Logos, Harrodsburg, KY (0-2)
13t. West Coast Lockdown/SNC/DBBrand, Vancouver, WA (0-2)
17t. Made To Order/Spiderz, Chicago, IL (0-2)

2019 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2019 held at Melbourne, Florida.

Champion – Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth, Lorton, Virginia
Runner Up – SIS/Derby Girls/Easton, Kent, WA

  • MVP – Meagan Pearson, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
  • Defensive MVP – Stacey Moore, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
  • Offensive MVP – Christan Dowling, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton


Kristen Shifflett, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton
Megan Baltzell, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton
Sara Poteat, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Stefanie Watt, Dirty Sports/Trojans
Shelby Engle, Lady Mojo/FAI/SNC Sports
Fiana Finau, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton
Stephanie Tofft, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Patrika Barlow, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Valisha Fincher, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Sierra Rodriguez, Dirty Sports/Trojans
Savannah Brown, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton
Wendi Reed, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Carmen Fowler, Lady Mojo/FAI/SNC Sports
Jaexenne Balilea, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Jamie Novus, Lady Mojo/FAI/SNC Sports


1. Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth, Lorton, VA (6-1)
2. SIS/Derby Girls/Easton, Kent, WA (3-2)
3. Lady Mojo/FAI/SNC Sports, Louisa, VA (4-2)
4. Dirty Sports/Trojans, Shoreline, WA (2-2)
5t. Lady SNI/ATWL/Easton, Orlando, FL (3-2)
5t. Low Bobs/Shirts & Logos, Harrodsburg, KY (2-2)
7t. Smash It Sports/FAI/Miken, Harmony, FL (2-2)
7t. BE/OA/Louisville/Demarini, Bryant, AR (2-2)
9t. Made To Order/Spiderz, Chicago, IL (1-2)
9t. NTL/Worth/Top Notch Athletics, Bakersfield, CA (0-2)
9t. SFK/A&S Constructors, Pomona, CA (0-2)
9t. West Coast Lockdown, Portland, OR (0-2)
13. Band Of Sisters Softball (B.O.S.S.), Raeford, NC (0-2)

2018 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2018 held at Melbourne, Florida.

Champion – Smash It Sports/Miken, Lorton, Virginia (42-17)
Runner Up – Khaos/FAI/Klutch/Worth, Harmony, Florida (29-16)

Smash It Sports won the Major World series by defeating Khaos 12-7 in the Championship game. Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton, the pre-tourney favorite went 4-2 to finish 4th. They were eliminated by third place Bounty Hunters of Lithia Springs, GA.

  • MVP – Ashley Mack, Smash It Sports/Miken (15-20, .750, 6 RBI, 12 Runs)
  • Defensive MVP – Stephanie Tofft, Smash It Sports/Miken (16-20, .800, 9 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • Offensive MVP – Fallon Scorpio, Khaos/FAI/Klutch/Worth (13-18, .722, 3 RBI, 4 Runs)
  • Batting Leader – Patrika Barlow, Incognito (14-17, .1 RBI, 13 Runs) – .846
  • HR Leader – Megan Baltzell, Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton (16-23, .696, 13 RBI, 14 Runs) – 3


Shelby Savony, Smash It Sports/Miken
Amanda Ritzler, Bounty Hunters
Megan Baltzell, Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton (16-23, .696)
Kelley Schroeder, Smash It Sports/Miken
Sara Poteat, Bounty Hunters
Corie Burnett, Smash It Sports/Miken
Caitlin Bouschet, Khaos/FAI/Klutch/Worth
Briana Durden, Smash It Sports/Miken
Kristen Lozano, Smash It Sports/Miken
Sarah Orozco, Khaos/FAI/Klutch/Worth
Jen Villarin, Khaos/FAI/Klutch/Worth
Corrie Brooks, Bounty Hunters
Tara Salcedo, Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton (17-23, .739)
Wendi Reed, Smash It Sports/Miken
Kara Oberer, Khaos/FAI/Klutch/Worth


1. Smash It Sports/Miken, Lorton, VA
2. Khaos/FAI/Klutch/Worth, Harmony, FL

2017 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2017 held at Orlando, Florida.

Champion – Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton, Kent, Washington (44-3)
Runner Up – Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, Florida (22-13)

Enough Said decided to make a comeback to USSSA. They gave the powerful Derby Girls all they could handle as they were sent to the loser bracket by the Derby Girls by a 21-6 score. They won two games to get back to the undefeated Derby Girls and actually beat them in the first final 24-4. The Derby Girls came back and won the Major World series soundly with a 30-19 decision. The Derby Girls finished 5-1 and Enough Said was 6-2. Bryant Express finished third.

  • MVP – Laura Harms, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
  • Defensive MVP – Tara Salcedo, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
  • Offensive MVP – Meagan Person, Enough Said/Easton


Sirene Johnson, Enough Said/Easton
Rose Gressley, Smash It Sports
Kristen Shifflett, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
Leigh Campbell, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
Carrie Kaberline, Bryant Express
Justine Rial, Bryant Express
Dara Toman, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
Brooke Devader, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
Christan Dowling, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
Auriel Jenkins, Enough Said/Easton
Delicia Brown, Smash It Sports
Windy Reeves, Enough Said/Easton
Megan Miller, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
Savannah Brown, Bryant Express
Gina Mengwasser, Enough Said/Easton
Manager – Shannon Cooper, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton
Manager – Diana Brummer, Derby Girls/OA/Legacy/Easton


1. Smash It Sports/Miken, Lorton, VA (5-0)
2. Khaos/FAI/Klutch/Worth, Harmony, FL (4-2)
3. Bounty Hunters, Lithia Springs, GA (4-2)
4. Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton, Kent, WA (4-2)
5t. Lady Mojo Reloaded/Pure Sports, Louisa, VA (3-2)
5t. Bryant Express/OA, Bryant, AR (2-2)
7t. OH Heating/Headlines/LF/Miken/Worth, Columbus, OH (2-2)
7t. Incognito/G, Detroit, MI (2-2)
9t. Lady SNI/ATWL, Orlando, FL (1-2)
9t. ETH, Charmichael, CA (1-2)
9t. Easton Boom, Shoreline, WA (1-2)
9t. Low Bobs/Shirts & Logos, Harrodsburg, KY (1-2)
13t. West Coast Lockdown, Portland, OR (0-2)
13t. Lady Code Red/Berserk Athletics, Fayetteville, NC (0-2)
13t. Hitters Inc/Easton, Richmond, VA (0-2)
13t. Demarini Tuff, Marysville, WA (0-2)

2016 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2016 held at Orlando, Florida.

Champion – Derby Girls/ASP/Combat, Kent, Washington (37-3)
Runner Up – Ladies Cuttin’ Up/Easton/Adidas, Sanford, Florida

There is a new sheriff in town as the Enough Said dynasty came to an end as they decided not to field a team. The Derby Girls, led by the powerful Christan Dowling, who many say is the best hitter in Women’s Softball. The Derby Girls went undefeated (5-0) and beat Ladies Cuttin Up in the Championship game by a 14-13 score. Incognito finished in 3rd place.

  • MVP – N/A
  • Defensive MVP – Tara Salcedo, Derby Girls
  • Offensive MVP – Christan Dowling, Derby Girls


Andrea Costa, OH Heating/Associettes/Miken
Ashley Mack, Ladies Cuttin’ Up/Easton/Adidas
Tiffany Turner, Incognito
Stefanie Watt, Derby Girls/ASP/Combat
Cylenia Norris, Ladies Cuttin’ Up/Easton/Adidas
Holly Kennison, Derby Girls/ASP/Combat
Melissa Perez, Derby Girls/ASP/Combat
Megan Miller, Derby Girls/ASP/Combat
Amanda Durand, Derby Girls/ASP/Combat
Myesha Williams, Incognito
Yasmin Warthen, Ladies Cuttin’ Up/Easton/Adidas
Wendi Reed, Ladies Cuttin’ Up/Easton/Adidas


1. Derby Girls/ASP/Combat, Kent, WA
2. Ladies Cuttin’ Up/Easton/Adidas, Sanford, FL

2015 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2015 held at Orlando, Florida.

18 teams entered this event and it turned out to be a good tournament. Enough Said lost it’s second game and then had to win seven straight games to capture the title. They beat Miken SSE twice (18-8 and 19-14) to finish up the tournament with an 8-1 record.

Champion – Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, Florida (18-7)
Runner Up – Miken SSE, Stafford, Texas

  • MVP – Kristen Shiftlett, Enough Said
  • Defensive MVP – Tracy Bougere, Enough Said
  • Offensive MVP – Patricka Barlow, Miken SSE


Sirene Johnson, Enough Said/ Easton
Angelia Jones, Ladies Cuttin’ Up
Robin Pettit, Ladies Cuttin’ Up
Anita McCall, Showtime Conference
Tracie Mack, Ladies Cuttin’ Up
Auriel Jenkins Enough Said/ Easton
Andrea Ramirez Easton/GP02 sports/Hang Rite
Colena Lazar, Ladies Cuttin’ Up
Melissa Chandler, Enough Said/ Easton
Ruby , Enough Said/ Easton
Veronica Mya McRae, Miken SSE
Shannon Galanek, Easton/GP02 Sports/Hang Rite
Kathia Washington, Enough Said/ Easton
Wendi Reed, Miken SSE


1. Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, FL
2. Miken SSE, Stafford, TX

2014 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2014 held at Orlando, Florida.

Women’s World series was cancelled. The Highest Class played in 2014 was Class B. Enough Said did not play USSSA and every other Class A team dropped to Class B and there was nobody to play in the Women’s World Series, so it was cancelled.

USSSA changed the name of their World Series to the Women’s MAJOR World Series in 2015. They still had the regular World Series like they been running since 1969. But they wanted to restrict some players from all playing on the same teams in the Class-A event to make it more evenly matched.

Just for information purposes, here are the results for the Class B World Series.

Champion – Minnesota North Stars, St. Paul, Minnesota
Runner Up – Washington Worth, Olympia, Washington

  • MVP – Patricia Becker, Minnesota North Stars
  • Defensive MVP – Carri Phelps, Washington Worth
  • Offensive MVP – Shannon Higginbotham, MN North Stars


Buffy Arms, Minnesota North Stars
Lisa Lantau, Minnesota North Stars
Cara Coughenour, Minnesota North Stars
Amber Hegland, Minnesota North Stars
Kelli Sorsdahl, Washington Worth
Ashley Ross, Sumuzu
Shannon Galanek, Sumuzu
Julie Pollastro, Washington Worth
Christan Dowling, Derby Girls/Softball.Com/Combat
Kat Sherer, Derby Girls/Softball.Com/Combat
Laurie Paschal, Washington Worth
Meaghan Chandler, Minnesota North Stars
Tara Salcedo, Derby Girls/Softball.Com/Combat
Susan M Stockemer, Washington Worth
Stacie Symonds, Minnesota North Stars


1. Minnesota North Stars, St. Paul, MN
2. Washington Worth, Olympia, WA