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2001 ISA Men’s B Slow Pitch World Series

2001 tournament site unknown

Champion – Techfire, Orlando, Florida
Runner Up – PDC/Cal’s Pizza-Shelbyville Township, Michigan

  • MVP – Brian Milstead, Techfire
  • HR Leader – Butch Smith, Taylors
  • HR Leader – Ernie Donaldson, Taylors
  • Gold Glove – Derek Figley, PDC/Cal’s Pizza
  • Base Burglar – Norm Bunch, PDC/Cal’s Pizza

ISA B All Tournament Team

  • Butch Smith, Taylors
  • Ernie Doanldson, Taylors
  • William “Kirby” Murphy, National Gold Demarini
  • Lyndsey Boutilier, National Gold/Demarini
  • John Cail, National Gold/Demarini
  • Larry Geldhoe, PDC Cal’s Pizza
  • Matt Ferguson, PDC Cal’s Pizza
  • Eric Brown, PDC Cal’s Pizza
  • Gene Boyce, PDC Cal’s Pizza
  • Mike Milczarski, PDC Cal’s Pizza
  • Brian Wooten, Techfire
  • Kraig Miller, Techfire
  • Charlie Miller, Techfire
  • Eric Cublash, Techfire
  • Rich Gulash, Techfire
  • Larry Blumberg, Techfire


1. Techfire, Orlando, FL (5-0)
2. PDC/Cal’s Pizza, Shelbyville Township, MI (7-2)
3. National Gold/DeMarini, Cranston, MA (3-2)
4. Taylors, Edgewater, MD (4-2)
5t. RossBrook Construction, Raleigh, NC (2-2)
5t. Giant Glass Softball, North Andover, MA (2-2)
7t. Jean Shoppe, MacKenzie, TN (2-2)
7t. TJ Lite, Dunkirk, MD (3-2)
9t. Plumbers & Pipefitters, Lansing, MI (2-2)
9t. The Team, Jacksonville, FL (1-2)
9t. T & R Stucco/Worth, Winter Haven, FL (2-2)
9t. Virgina Trophy/Easton, Virginia Beach, VA (1-2)
13t. McNair Sports/Bugs, Nashville, TN (1-2)
13t. Instant Plumbing, Everett, MA (1-2)
13t. Public Enemy, Pembroke Pines, FL (1-2)
13t. Banks Oil, Austell, GA (1-2)
17t. Newmans, Tallahassee, FL (1-2)
17t. Sav More, Tampa, FL (1-2)
17t. National, Fort Lauderdale, FL (0-2)
17t. RIT Danny’s, St. Pete Beach, FL (0-2)
19. Thermo/Alfries, West Yarmouth, MA (0-2)

1998 ISA AA Men’s Slow Pitch World Series

1998 held at Winter Haven, Florida on August 22-23.

Champion – Chase Mortgage, Wilmington, NC
Runner Up – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/TPS, Cincinnati, OH

  • MVP – Randy Romagna, Chase SS (21-27, 7 HR)
  • HR Champion – Tom White, Wessel (14)
  • Batting Champion – Tom White, Wessel (30-36 .833)
  • Defensive MVP – Dale Sensenig, Wessel OF


  • Randy Romagna, Chase Mortgage
  • Larry White, Chase Mortgage
  • Jason Fleming, Chase Mortgage
  • Jose Santiago, Chase Mortgage
  • Tim Williamson, Chase Mortgage
  • Chris Chilton, Chase Mortgage
  • Tom White, Wessel/Hague
  • Howie Krause, Wessel/Hague
  • Tim Linson, Wessel/Hague
  • Joe Foley, Wessel/Hague
  • Rick Meyer, N.A.S.T.Y. Boys
  • Mike Lane, N.A.S.T.Y. Boys
  • Dennis Turner, N.A.S.T.Y. Boys
  • Vern Hensley, Planet/New
  • Otis Barnes, Planet/New


1. Chase Mortgage, Wilmington, NC, (4-1)
2. Wessel/Hague/SoJern/TPS, Cincinnati, OH (5-2)
3. N.A.S.T.Y. Boys/TPS, St. Louis, MO (3-2)
4. Planet/New/TPS, Lexington, KY (3-2)
5t. Reece/SportsWorld/Chip’s/TPS, Lebanon, TN (2-2)
5t. Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno, Albertville, MN (1-2)
7t. Resmondo/TPS, Lake Wales, FL (1-2)
7t. O&S/TPS, South St. Paul, MN (1-2)
9t. Woerner/Hudson’s/TPS, Elberta, AL (1-2)
9t. Brandon’s Trucking, Wilmington, NC (0-2)
9t. Tiger/ChecKing/AirTransat/TPS, Somers, CT (0-2)
9t. Team Mizuno/DeMarini, Fort Pierce, FL (0-2)


N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 24, Tiger 9, 6 innings
Planet 19, Resmondo 4, 6 innings
Chase 32, Brandon’s 16, 5 innings
Woerner 30, Team Mizuno 19
N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 19, Long Haul 13
Planet 19, O&S 10
Chase 34, Reece 3, 3 innings
Wessel 42, Woerner 27, 5 innings
N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 30, Planet 10, 4 innings
Chase 36, Wessel 19, 6 innings
Chase 38, N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 2, 3 innings


Long Haul 8, Brandon’s 4
O&S 19, Team Mizuno 4, 5 innings
Reece 28, Tiger 20
Resmondo 38, Woerner 28
Long Haul 27, O&S 11, 5 innings
Reece 35, Resmondo 20, 5 innings
Wessel 33, Long Haul 28
Planet 51, Reece 45
Wessel 43, Planet 18, 3 innings
Wessel 37, N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 18, 5 innings


Wessel 39, Chase 38
Chase 33, Wessel 11, 5 innings

1998 ISA Men’s Super Slow Pitch World Series

1998 held on August 7-9 at Gastonia, North Carolina.

Champion – Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Runner Up – Sierra/TPS, Reno, Nevada

  • MVP – Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth (Rose has now earned MVP honors in two national championships. He was named MVP in the USSSA World Series in 1997.
  • Offensive MVP – Albert Davis, Lighthouse/Worth
  • Defensive MVP – Larry Fredieu, Sierra /TPS


  • Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth
  • Al Davis, Lighthouse/Worth
  • Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth
  • Dennis Mendoza, Lighthouse/Worth
  • Robin Higginbotham, Lighthouse/Worth
  • Scott Striebel, Lighthouse/Worth
  • Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS
  • Larry Fredieu, Sierra/TPS
  • Darrell Beeler, Sierra/TPS
  • Paul Drilling, Sierra/TPS
  • Mark Creson, Sierra/TPS
  • Shane Dubose, Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Johnny McCraw, Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Jim Burbrink, Wessel/Hague/SoJern/TPS
  • Randy Vollmer, Wessel/Hague/SoJern/TPS


1. Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, GA (5-1)
2. Sierra/TPS, Reno, NV (5-2)
3. Wessel/Hague/SoJern/TPS, Cincinnati, OH (2-2)
4. Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton, Centerville, GA (2-2)
5t. Steele’s/R&D/Reda, Brook Park, OH (1-2)
5t. Backstop/Easton, Lawrenceburg, IN (1-2)
7t. Team TPS, Louisville, KY (0-2)
7t. O&S/TPS, South St. Paul, MN (0-2)



Wessel 15, Sunbelt 10
Sierra 28, O&S 12, 5 innings
Backstop 14, Team TPS 13, 8 innings
Lighthouse 26, Steele’s 24
Wessel 20, Sierra 19
Lighthouse 14, Backstop 2
Lighthouse 33, Wessel 13, 4 innings


Sunbelt 16, O&S 5
Steele’s 30, Team TPS 10, 4 innings
Sunbelt 30, Backstop 14, 6 innings
Sierra 18, Steele’s 13
Sierra 18, Sunbelt 15
Sierra 15, Wessel 9


Sierra 20, Lighthouse 12
Lighthouse 26, Sierra 24



1. Bob Van Erem, Backstop/Easton 10-11 .909
2. Dal Beggs, Steele’s/R&D 9-11 .818
3. Keith Brockman, Steele’s/R&D 9-11 .818
4. Al Davis, Lighthouse/Worth 17-21 .810
5. Jim Devine, Steele’s/R&D 10-13 .769
6. Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 26-34 .765
7. Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Easton 13-17 .765
8. Shane Dubose, Sunbelt/Easton 12-16 .750
9. Lonnie Fox, Steele’s/R&D 8-11 .727
9. Jim Burbrink, Wessel/Hague/TPS 8-11 .727
11. Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 17-24 .708


1. Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 12
2. Darrell Beeler, Sierra/TPS 11
3. Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth 9
4. Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 7
4. Albert Davis, Lighthouse/Worth 7
4. Larry Fredieu, Sierra/TPS 7
7. Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth 5
7. Randy Kortokrax, Steele’s/R&D 5


1. Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 22
2. Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth 19
2. Darrell Beeler, Sierra/TPS 19
4. Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 15
5. Al Davis, Lighthouse/Worth 14
5. Larry Fredieu, Sierra/TPS 14

1998 Grand Slam Leaders

(Composite statistics for ISA, NSA, ASA and USSSA)


Dennis Mendoza, Lighthouse/Worth .723
Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth .714
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth .699
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS .691
Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth .691
Rod Hughes, Steele’s/R&D .691
Jason Kendrick, Sierra/TPS .683
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith .680
Greg Cannedy, Sierra/TPS .680
Brian Jeffers, Backstop/Easton .674
Mike Shenk, Team TPS .671
Albert Davis, Lighthouse/Worth .671
Robin Higginbotham, Lighthouse/Worth .667


Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 36
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 32
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth 32
Greg Harding, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 28
Tot Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 28
Britt Hightower, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 24
Darrell Beeler, Sierra/TPS 24
Jeff Wallace, Team TPS 22
Jimmy Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 22
Randy Kortokrax, Steele’s/R&D 22
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 21
Larry Fredieu, Sierra/TPS 21
Albert Davis, Lighthouse/Worth 21
Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse/Worth 20
Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth 20
Rod Hughes, Steele’s/R&D 20


Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 79
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 73
Greg Harding, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 65
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 62
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth 62
Jimmy Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 59
Tot Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 59
Britt Hightower, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 54

1998 ISA AA World Series Report

Chase won the ISA Class AA championship Sunday (Aug. 23) at the beautiful, new Diamond Plex park in Winter Haven, Fla., beating favored Wessel/Hague in two out of three meetings. Chuck Caviness’ team now has two ISA titles to its credit in 1998, having won the ISA Winter Nationals back in January in St. Petersburg, Fla. Jeff Hague was seeking his third ISA AA crown in four years, having won in 1995 and 1996. Chase won a winners bracket matchup vs. Wessel/Hague 36-19 as Jose Santiago had four homers and Jason Fleming three. Chase had a 13-run second inning and a 13-run sixth inning. A 2-run homer by Santiago enforced the run rule. Chase had two lopsided wins — 34-3 in three innings over Reece and 38-2 over N.A.S.T.Y. Boys in three innings. Wessel forced an extra game with a 39-38 comeback win over Chase. A 2-runner with one out by Joe Foley won the game as Wessel rallied for nine runs in the bottom of the seventh. Chase then won the deciding game by 33-11 in five innings. Wessel had to play four games on Sunday, eliminating Planet/New/TPS 43-18 in three innings (Wessel scored 24 runs on 11 HRs in the first inning) and N.A.S.T.Y. Boys 37-18 in five innings. Chase’s veteran shortstop Randy Romagna, who sparkled on defense as well as at the plate, was the MVP selection. He went 21-for-27 with seven home runs. Wessel’s Tom White was the home run leader with 14 in 7 games on the 300-foot fences. He sizzled with 30-for-36. Wessel left fielder Dale Sensenig was named for the defensive award. Other leading hitters for Chase included Fleming at 26-31 with 11 homers, Santiago 24-29 with 7 homers, Kenny Carver 23-32 with 8 homers, Paul Brannon 21-30 with 8 homers, Tim Williamson 23-31 with 6 homers, Chris Chilton 22-29 and Larry White 21-26. Mark Weaver had a 5-for-5 game with a triple and three homers for 10 RBI in the final game. White and Brett Helmer had three big games on Sunday for Wessel. Each went 15-for-17 with 8 homers. Helmer wound up with 12 homers, while teammates Howie Krause and Tim Linson each had 11. Krause went 27-for-33, Linson 27-35 and Sensenig 23-for-32. Helmer had a tough Saturday and he was 1-for-3 in the last game, winding up 24-for-37, and seeing his on-base percentage skid to .772. He slipped from third to fifth on the OBA list. The veteran White sports a .792 OBA (Jeff Wallace of Team TPS is the pace-setter at .804) and has moved into the No. 6 slot in home runs with 156. White, Wallace and Helmer were teammates on the SoJern/TPS team out of New Jersey last season. N.A.S.T.Y. and Planet/New finishing third and fourth was quite a surprise. N.A.S.T.Y. moved through the winners bracket with a 24-9 win over Tiger/ChecKing, a 19-13 win over Long Haul and a 30-10, 4-inning win over Planet/New, which had won over Resmondo 19-4 and O&S 19-10. Planet eliminated Reece 51-45 . . . after trailing 38-14 going into the bottom of the third inning. Planet scored 22 runs in the bottom of the third. Long Haul and Reece tied for fifth. Long Haul eliminated Brandon’s 8-4 and Minnesota rival O&S 27-11 in 5 innings before losing to Wessel 33-28 when Wessel broke loose for 12 runs in the bottom of the sixth inning. Reece ousted Tiger 28-20 and Resmondo 35-20 in 5 innings. Chase was a 32-16 winner over Brandon’s in an opening round matchup of North Carolina teams. Several Brandon’s players were with Chase at the start of the season. “I knew we had to put it together sooner or later,” Caviness said at the awards ceremony. Chase and Wessel are now 3-3 vs. each other this season. Eleven of the 12 entries here were ranked in the Supreme Softball Top 25. Wessel was sixth, Reece seventh, Chase 10th, O&S 11th, Long Haul 12th, Brandon’s 14th, Resmondo 16th, Tiger 21st, N.A.S.T.Y. 22nd, Planet 23rd and Woerner tied for 25th. Woerner opened with a 30-19 win over Mizuno/DeMarini, then lost to Wessel 42-27 in 5 innings and Resmondo 38-28. O&S eliminated Mizuno 19-4 in 5 innings. Mizuno is a Florida team that won the state ISA and USSSA Class A titles. Roy Eppley, once one of the top hitters in the major ranks, is a member of the Mizuno/DeMarini team. The all-tournament team included Romagna, White, Chilton, Santiago, Williamson and Fleming of Chase, White, Krause, Linson and Foley of Wessel, plus Dennis Turner, Mike Lane and Rick Meyer of N.A.S.T.Y. Boys and Otis Barnes and Vern Hensley of Planet/New. Barnes went 19-for-23, while Hensley was 16-for-20 with 7 HRs. Meyers batted .656 and Lane and Turner .650 each.

1998 ISA A Report

W.E.T., a home town team, went undefeated to become the surprise winner of the ISA Class A championship Aug. 28-30 in Niceville, Fla.

W.W. Gay of Gainesville, Fla., was a surprise second-place finisher, but was drowned by W.E.T. — 17-2 in the finals of the winners bracket and 29-4 in the championship finale.

Adams/RSH/Worth of Ridgeland, Miss., and Smokes/TPS of Maryland were considered the co-favorites. Adams suffered both of its losses to Gay (30-26 and 32-15). Smokes, winner of the big Pif tournamet in Canada over the July 4th weekend, lost to W.E.T. 25-24 in the third round, then later was eliminated 34-18 to McDonald’s of Georgia and wound up in a tie for ninth place.

Adams was third, while Harrison’s/Worth of Virginia was fourth. Harrison’s was ousted 38-34 by Adams after eliminating Woerner/Hudson’s/TPS of Alabama 22-21. Herrin/TPS of Georgia shared fifth place with Harrison’s, being ousted 20-18 by Adams after kayoing McDonald’s 27-14.

Jonesboro/TPS of Tennessee finished in a tie for ninth after being ousted by Woerner 33-27.

Harrison’s was knocked into the losers bracket by W.E.T. 20-18, after wins over Woerner (32-30) and Herrin (19-16).

W.W. Gay beat Jonesboro 37-32, Mizuno/DeMarini of Florida 25-8 and Lafayette (La.) Fire 44-16.

One of Adams’ wins was 31-11 over Mississippi rival Fast Eddie’s.

Journeyman of Michigan and Pov’s of Minnesota went out early. Lafayette Fire beat Journeyman 12-11, while Pov’s lost to W.E.T. 25-22 in the second round.

Journeyman was eliminated by Mizuno 43-37, while Pov’s was ousted by Jonesboro 36-28. Mizuno was eliminated by Herrin 35-30.

The MVP selection was W.E.T. outfielder Chad Roberts. He went 20-for-24 with nine home runs.

Veteran John Hicks came out of retirement to hit eight homers for W.E.T., five of them in one game — the 20-18 win over Harrison’s.

The Outstanding Defensive Player award went to W.W. Gay outfielder Mike Thomas. Roberts and Hicks were joined on the all-tournament team by teammates Shane Frederick and pitcher Dan Hensley.

W.W. Gay boss N.C. Ryals credited Hensley with “a great job of pitching.” Other all-tournament spots went to Mike Thomas, Ken Clark, John Thomas and Billy Eurice of W.W. Gay, Russ Tatum and Craig Upton of Adams and Chuck Boyle and Charles Prekel of Harrison’s. Eurice tied for most HRs, matching Roberts’ total of nine.

ISA Class A Winter Nationals

Year	Champion	    			Runner-up
	Home Run Leader
	Average Leader
1995	Team Dudley/Mizuno, Fort Pierce, FL	Superior/Southland, Gainesville, GA
	MVP - Mark Martin, Team Dudley (20-24, .833, 7 HRs)
	Tim Williamson, Sup/Southland - 13   (23-31, .742, 30 RBIs)
	Mark Martin, Team Dudley - .833
1996	Allison Const./Dudley, Concord, NC	Steele's Bad Dogs, Lake Wales, FL
	MVP - Todd Bailes, Allison Construction
	Judson Jackson, W.W. Gay - 8	
1997	Robert's/Easton, Orlando, FL		Sierra Power, Reno, NV
	MVP - Russ Urshan, Robert's (25-28, .893, 9 HRs)
	Dale Walters, Sierra Power - 14 
1998	Chase/Worth, Wilmington, NC		Ruby's/Worth, Savannah, GA
	MVP - Ed Hicks, Chase (.727, 6 HRs)
	Chris Calcutt (.840),  Heath Altman & Ed Hicks, Chase - 6
	Keith Roberts, Chase - .870
1999	Chase/Tri-Gems/Easton, Wilmington, NC	Resmondo/Hague/TPS, Columbus, OH
	MVP - Mike Shenk, Chase (14-16, .875, 3 HRs)
	J.C. Phelps, Chase - 8	
2000	Hague/Resmondo/TPS, Columbus, OH	Altimore Concrete/Beck's, Cedar Brook, NJ
	MVP - Dennis Turner, Hague/Resmondo (17-24, .708, 7 HRs)
	Jeff Wallace, Altimare Concrete (26-32, .813,  12 HRs, 28 RBIs)
	John Keigley, Hague (15-16, .938, 1 HR)
2001	W.W.Gay/TPS, Gainesville, FL		Suncoast/Smith Barney, Sarasota, FL
	MVP - Billy Eurice, W.W. Gay (20-25, .800, 12 HRs)
	Jeff Vargo, W.W Gay - 13
	Billy Eurice, W.W. Gay - .800
2002	Team Mizuno, Fort Pierce, FL		Resmondo Sod, Auburndale, FL
	MVP - Wayne Busby, Team Mizuno (14-18, .778)
	Albert Davis, Resmondo Sod & Butch Smith, Florida Heat - 13
	Wayne Busby, Team Mizuno - .778
2003	Doc's/Easton, Sioux City, IA		Resmondo's Sod Boys, Auburndale, FL
	MVP - Chad Durick, Doc's/Easton (21-24, .875, 6 HRs)
	Albert Davis, Resmondo's Sod Boys, Florida Heat - 18
	Wayne Busby, Team Mizuno - .875
2004	Aubrey's/TPS, Savannah, GA 		B&J Logging/Mizuno, Sandoval, IL
	MVP - JD Genter, Aubrey's/TPS
	HR Leaders - JC Phelps, B&J Logging & Kyle Cowart, Aubrey's
2005	Aubrey's/TPS, Savannah, GA 		Team Stucco (Creative/T&R), Illinois/Florida
	MVP - Kevin Martin, Aubrey's
	HR Leader - Jamie Wise, Aubrey's
2006	Specialty Tank, Columbus, OH 		Belcher Concrete/Easton, Kankakee, IL
	MVP - Greg Connell, Specialty Tank/Creative Stucco/Docs/K&G/Worth
	HR Leader - Rich Gulash, Resmondo II
2007	Belcher Concrete/Easton, Kankakee, IL 	Resmondo I, Winter Haven, FL
	MVP - Scott Kirby, Belcher Concrete
	HR Leader - Tim Cocco, Belcher Concrete
2008	Pierce Construction, Creo, NY	 	Stucco Supply, Cincinnati, OH
	MVP - Matt Loughhead, Pierce Construction
	HR Leader - ?
2009	AJS/Easton, Fort Myers, FL	 	Bass Gloves, Fayette, AL
	MVP - Billy Moore, AJS/Easton
	HR Leader - ?
2010	Bass Gloves, Fayette, AL	 	Suncoast/Reebok, Sarasota, FL
	MVP - Oscar Shipley, Bass Gloves
	Jeff Turnbow, Bass Gloves (HR Leader)
2011	N/A
NOTE - Class-A not held since 2010

ISA Corporate/Armed Forces World Series

Year	Class	Champion
1991	AAA	Country Fed Meats, Riverdale, GA
	A	Martin Marietta, Memphis, TN
1992	-	?- no info available
1993	-	?- no info available
1994	-	?- no info available
1995	-	?- no info available
1996	C	C&C Softball, Gallatin, TN
1997	-	?- no info available
1998	-	?- no info available
1999	-	?- no info available
2000	-	Hulbert Field/Schlotzky's, Hulbert Field, FL
2001	-	Eglin AFB/Buffalo Reef, Eglin AFB, FL
2002	-	Elite/Keller Williams, Suwanee, GA
2003	-	N/A
2004	-	N/A
NOTE - not held since 2002

ISA Church World Series

Year	Class	Champion
1984	-	First Nazerene, Nashville, TN
1985-1990	- no info available
1991	AAA	Olive Baptist Church/Roofmasters, Pensacola, FL
	AA	Calvary Crusaders, Brandon, FL
	A	Brandon Calvary, Brandon, FL
1992	AAA	Olive Baptist Church/Roofmasters, Pensacola, FL
1993	AAA	Christians in Action (CIA), Gadsden, AL
1994	AAA	?- no info available
1995	A	Hillcrest Baptist, FL
	B	1st Baptist, FL
	C	Dinsmore Baptist, Jacksonville, FL
	D	Penial Baptist, Palatka, FL
1996	B	Trinity Nazarene, Charlotte, NC
	C	McGill Baptist, Concord, NC
	D	New Life Baptist, Gaston, NC
1997	B	Team FLA, Starke, FL
	C	Tabernacle Baptist, Macon, GA
	D	Pasco Eagles, New Port Richey, FL
1998	C	Mt. Pleasant Baptist, LaGrange, LA
	D	Alderline Community Baptist, Parrish, AL
1999	C	Eastside Baptist, Jasper, AL
	D	Antioch Believers, GA
2000	Comp.	Eastside Baptist, Jasper, AL
	Rec.	Paystar Christian, GA
2001	Comp.	Disciples, Knoxville, TN
	Rec.	Evangel Temple, Jacksonville, FL
2002	Comp.	Evangel Temple, Jacksonville, FL
	Rec.	Corinth Baptist
2003	Comp.	Eastside Baptist, Jasper, AL
	Rec	Eastmont Baptist, Montgomery, AL
2004	Comp.	Phillippi Baptist, Rock Hill, SC 
	Rec	Shilo Mennonites, Shilo, SC
2005	Comp.	Sons of Thunder, Jacksonville, FL
	Rec	Holly Springs Baptist, Franklin, NC
2006	Comp.	Eastside Baptist Church, Jasper, AL
	Rec	N/A
2007	Comp.	Eastside Baptist Church, Jasper, AL
	Rec	First Baptist Church (FBC) Blue, TN
2008	Comp.	Team Maz Bap, TN
	Rec	Churches of Shelbyville, TN
2009	Comp.	Pisgah
	Rec	- no info available
2010	Comp.	- no info available
	Rec	- no info available
2011	Comp.	Team Impact, NC
	Rec	Crossfire-II, NC 
2012	Comp 	Crossfire-I, NC 
	Rec 	Crossfire-II, NC 
2013	Comp.	- no info available
	Rec	- no info available
NOTE - No record of Church Worlds available since 2013

ISA Wooden Bat World Series

Year	Champion	    			Runner-up
2009	Vance Enterprise, Waynesville, NC 	?
2010	Vance Enterprise, Waynesville, NC 	?
2011	Crossfire, Asheville, NC		?
2012	 - disbanded