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1982 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1982 held at Kimberly, Wisconsin on August 13-22.

Champion – Kings, Camarillo, California
Runner Up – Dave Frye Plastering, Bakersfield, California

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Paul Magan, Dave Frye Plastering
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Paul Magan, Dave Frye Plastering
  • Leading Hitter – Mike Branz – .500
  • Leading Hitter – Randy Beckstead, Larry Miller Toyota – .500
  • Most RBI – John Peach, Home Savings – 8


P – Paul Magan, Dave Frye Plastering (5-2, 0.00 ERA, 52 K, 11 BB)
P – Mark Smith, Kings (4-0, 0.23 ERA, 49 K, 7 BB)
P – Peter Meredith, The Farm Tavern (4-2, 0.85 ERA, 81 K, 20 BB)
C – Mark Agnew, Home Savings .304
C – Ian Stringer, Texas Kings .417
IF – Bob Robben, Budweiser Kings .429
IF – Tony Wood, Kings .429
IF – Mike Drew, Home Savings .375
IF – Steve Andrew, Home Savings .320
IF – Corky Corcoran, Kings .294
OF – John Peach, Home Savings .429
OF – Larry Nolan, Kings .368
OF – Matt Dijak, Bolters .429
OF – Micket Selmo, The Farm Tavern .278
DH – Mike Branz, Hearts .500


P – Loren Algar, The Farm Tavern (3-0, 0.46 ERA, 51 K, 6 BB)
P – Kevin Henderson, Home Savings (5-1, 1.44 ERA, 58 K, 8 BB)
C – Dan Hvam, The Farm Tavern .114
IF – Ben Garcia, Knights .385
IF – Gary Hunley – Home Savings .333
IF – Ted Hendrickson, Texas Kings .385
IF – Jim Quick, The Farm Tavern .206
OF – Doug Stoddard, Larry Miller Toyota .364
OF – Mickey Brusco, Gray’s Crane .348
OF – Floyd Lavergne, Kings .176


1. Kings, Camarillo, CA
2. Dave Frye Plastering, Bakersfield, CA
3. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI
4. Budweiser Kings, St. Louis, MO
5t. Bolters, Saginaw, MI
5t. Nationals, Newmarket, ON
7t. Home Savings, Aurora, IL
7t. Gray’s Crane, Canby, OR
9t. Westbrook Mfg., Houston, TX
9t. Larry Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT
9t. Johnies, Johnstown, PA
9t. Hearts, Bloomington, IL
13t. Gonderman Coin, Goshen, IN
13t. Kings, Livingston, CA
13t. B&D Supply, Phoenix, AZ
13t. Firebirds, Tulsa, OK
17t. Knights, Pueblo, CO
17t. All-Car, Appleton, WI
17t. Drillers, Mt. Plesant, MI
17t. Collins Radio, Cedar Rapids, IA
17t. Faultless Rubber, Ashland, OH
17t. Cougars, Burlington, ON
17t. FCA, Oklahoma City, OK
17t. T S Motors, Martinsburg, WV
25t. Page Brake, Salt Lake City, UT
25t. Schaefer-Smith-Ank., Phoenix, AZ
25t. Bombers, Oceanside, CA
25t. Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX
25t. Texas Kings, Ft. Worth, TX
25t. Westside Federal, Seattle, WA
25t. Fox Valley Coin, Kimberly, WI
25t. Hubbard Construction, Bishop, CA
33t. Penn Corp, Sioux City, IA
33t. Nighthawks, Long Beach, CA
33t. Musical Bar, Houston, TX
33t. Merchants, St. Paul, MN
33t. Aztec Land, Pueblo, CO
33t. Ramsey Auto Body, Lakewood, CO
33t. Kitty Hawk, Washington, DC
33t. A’s, Decatur, IL
33t. National Motor Club, Dallas, TX

1982 Women’s College World Series (AIAW)

1982 held at at Reaves Park in Norman, Oklahoma on May 20-23.

Champion – Texas A&M Aggies (77-8)
Runner Up – Oklahoma State Cowgirls

The 1982 AIAW Women’s College World Series was held from May 20 through May 25 in Norman, Oklahoma. The final two games were postponed by rain for two days.

Twelve Division I college softball teams met in what was to become the last AIAW softball tournament of that organization’s history. After playing their way through the regular season and regional tournaments (and for Oklahoma State, a conference tournament), the 12 advancing teams met for the AIAW Division I college softball championship.

Days later, Oklahoma State went on to participate also in the NCAA WCWS tournament in Omaha. In 1982, the Division I softball tournaments of both the AIAW and the NCAA were called “Women’s College World Series.” That moniker has been used for the annual topmost-level collegiate women’s softball tournaments since the first one in 1969.

Historian Bill Plummer III wrote, “With their 77-8 season record, Texas A&M could have been a contender in Omaha − maybe even the top seed − against perennial softball powers like UCLA and Fresno State.

The Aggies had been invited to the NCAA’s first national tournament, but chose not to go. A&M coach Bob Brock had high respect for the eleven-year-old AIAW, even as the NCAA began to overshadow it. Out of a sense of loyalty to the AIAW, Brock said, his school chose the 1982 Norman championship over the NCAA’s first in Omaha.

Texas A&M, Utah, Michigan and California were the top four seeds.

Top-seeded Texas A&M lost its opener in an 8-inning perfect game by USIU pitcher Jenny Stallard. But the Aggies battled back through the losers’ bracket to claim the title by defeating Oklahoma State, who was unbeaten in the tournament to that point, twice in the championship final.

In the deciding “if-necessary” game, the Aggies went to bat in the last regulation inning trailing the Cowgirls by one run. A double and an outfield error scored the tying run for A&M, who went on to score twice in the extra inning for the 5-3 victory.

Texas A&M compiled a record of 7-1 in the tournament to become the first Texas A&M women’s varsity team to win a national championship.

  • MVP – N/A
  • Batting Champion – N/A
  • HR Champion – N/A


P – Kim Van Wyk, Cal-State Fullerton
P – Linda Padgett, Central Michigan
C – Kim Fabian, Oklahoma State
1B – Pam Harper, Oklahoma State
2B – Yolanda Arvizu, Utah State
3B – Cathy Heator, Central Michigan
SS – Cindy Lyon, Utah
OF – Pat Stoffel, Western Illinois
OF – Karen Guerrero, Texas A&M
OF – Sue Lewis, Cal-State Fullerton
UTIL – Dot Richardson, UCLA
UTIL – Shari Fisher, California
UTIL – Lori Stoll, Texas A&M


  1. U.S. International 1 Ohio State 0
  2. Rhode Island 2 Oklahoma 0
  3. Central Michigan 7 SW Missouri State 0
  4. Oklahoma State 7 Western Illinois 0
  5. U.S. International 1 Texas A&M 0
  6. Michigan 4 Rhode Island 1
  7. California 5 Central Michigan 0
  8. Oklahoma State 2 Utah 0
  9. Texas A&M 2 SW Missouri State 0 (SW Missouri State eliminated)
  10. Western Illinois 2 Rhode Island 1 (Rhode Island eliminated)
  11. Central Michigan 1 Ohio State 0 (Ohio State eliminated)
  12. Oklahoma 4 Utah 2 (Utah eliminated)
  13. Texas A&M 1 Western Illinois 0 (Western eliminated)
  14. Central Michigan 3 Oklahoma 1 (Oklahoma eliminated)
  15. Michigan 2 U.S. International 1
  16. Oklahoma State 3 California 0
  17. Central Michigan 1 U.S. International 0 (U.S. International eliminated)
  18. Texas A&M 5 California 0 (California eliminated)
  19. Oklahoma State 2 Michigan 1
  20. Texas A&M 2 Central Michigan 0 (Central Michigan eliminated)
  21. Texas A&M 5 Michigan 0 (Michigan eliminated)
  22. Texas A&M 4 Oklahoma State 1
  23. Texas A&M 5 Oklahoma State 3 (Oklahoma State eliminated)


1. Texas A&M Aggies (7-1)
2. Oklahoma State Cowgirls (4-2)
3. Michigan Wolverines (2-2)
4. Central Michigan Chippewas (4-2)
5t. U.S. International Gulls (2-2)
5t. Oklahoma Sooners (1-2)
7t. California Bears (1-2)
7t. Rhode Island Rams (1-2)
9t. Western Illinois Leathernecks (1-2)
9t. Ohio State Buckeyes (0-2)
9t. Utah Runnin Utes (0-2)
9t. SW Missouri State Bears (0-2)

1981 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1981 held at Kimberly, Wisconsin on August 13-22.

Champion – Kings, Camarillo, California
Runner Up – Valley Construction, Midland, Michigan

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Larry Nolan, Kings
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Mark Smith, Kings
  • Leading Hitter – Larry Nolan, Kings – .600
  • Most RBI – Floyd Lavergne, Kings – 6


P – Cal Oxford, Firebirds (7-1, 0.19 ERA, 52 K, 12 BB)
P – Mark Smith, Kings (5-0, 0.22 ERA, 50 K, 19 BB)
P – Peter Finn, Valley Construction (5-2, 0.28 ERA, 126 K, 14 BB)
C – Art Tolfree, Valley Construction .286
C – Make Van Dine, Faultless Rubber .316
IF – Bob Toney, Stars .438
IF – Elston Mitchell, Heart America .462
IF – Chad Corcoran, Kings .333
IF – Mike Bolton, Firebirds .235
IF – Tim Mazza, Chameleons .313
OF – Larry Nolan, Kings .600
OF – Mark Burrup, Larry Miller Toyota .545
OF – Alan Rohrback, Kings .375
OF – Floyd Lavergne, Kings .235
DH – Ted Domingez, Bombers .417


P – Kevin Herlihy, Bolters (5-2, 0.15 ERA, 75 K, 5 BB)
P – Don Olson, All-American Bar (4-2, 0.46 ERA, 23 K, 5 BB)
C – Tom Presley, Firebirds .189
IF – Jack Settle, Bombers .333
IF – Dick Campbell, Bombers .308
IF – Jeff Peck, Valley Construction .214
IF – Herman Augerhole, Firebirds .200
OF – Joe Spaulding, Firebirds .238
OF – Steve Donahue, Midwest Gallery .385
OF – Jerry Triska, Firebirds .225

FINAL STANDINGS (Tulsa Firebirds are mission)

1. Kings, Camarillo, CA
2. Valley Construction, Midland, MI
3. All-American Bar, St. Paul, MN
4. Chameleons, Lancaster, CA
5t. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI
5t. Bolters, Saginaw, MI
7t. Larry Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT
7t. Bombers, Oceanside, CA
9t. Westbrook Mfg., Houston, TX
9t. St. Catherines, ON
9t. All-Car, Green Bay, WI
9t. Aces, Las Vegas, NV
13t. Heart of America, Bloomington, IL
13t. Faultless Rubber, Ashland, OH
13t. Kings, Livingston, CA
13t. Home Savings, Aurora, IL
17t. Happy Chef, Mankato, MN
17t. Midwest Gallery, Cedar Rapids, IA
17t. Randolph AFB, San Antonio, TX
17t. Canadian Nationals, Newmarket, ON
17t. Planggers Furniture, Benton Harbor, MI
17t. Top Brass, Charles Town, WV
17t. Westside Fed., Seattle, WA
17t. South Truck, Phoenix, AZ
25t. Benco’s, Greensburg, PA
25t. Kellands, Yuma, AZ
25t. Stevenson, Lakewood, CO
25t. Kings, Ft. Worth, TX
25t. Plumbers, Salt Lake City, UT
25t. Blue Lady, Pueblo, CO
25t. Rocky Mt. A’s, Denver, CO
25t. Freeport, IL
33t. A’s, Albuquerque, NM
33t. Made-rite, Cedar Rapids, IA
33t. Stars, Oklahoma City, OK
33t. Cardinals, Duncanville, TX
33t. Ruth’s Realty, Seattle, WA
33t. Budweiser Kings, St. Louis, MO
33t. Plymouth Club, Marion, IN
33t. So. Dak. Winn., Sioux City, IA

1981 Women’s College World Series (AIAW)

1981 held at Reaves Park in Norman, Oklahoma on May 21-24.

Champion – Utah State Aggies (34-12)
Runner Up – Cal State Fullerton

Yo Arvizu’s defensive play in the top of the seventh killed a California State-Fullerton rally and gave Utah State a 4-3 win in the finals of the AIAW Division I Women’s College World Series in Norman, Oklahoma on Sunday.

With runners on first and third and no outs, Arvizu fielded a ground ball and tagged a runner going to second. She then tossed the ball to first for the double play. One run was scored on the play.

The Aggies scored what proved to be the winning run in the fourth when Janet Lelsing reached second on a throwing error by Cal-Fullerton third baseman Jan Tierrini and scored on a double by Jackie Weigand.

The Bears rallied for one run in the seventh to make the final margin 4-3.

Cal-Fullerton forced the second game with a 6-1 win over Utah State on Sunday afternoon. The Titans had moved into the finals with a 5-4 win over UCLA on Sunday morning.

  • MVP – N/A
  • Leading Hitter – Sue Lewis, Cal-State Fullerton (14-22, .636, 3 HR)
  • HR Champion – Sue Lewis, Cal-State Fullerton – 3




  1. Oklahoma 1 New Mexico 0
  2. California 3 Illinois State 0
  3. Western Michigan 2 Creighton 0
  4. Cal St-Fullerton 7 New Mexico State 6
  5. Utah State 2 Texas A&M 1
  6. UCLA 3 South Carolina 0
  7. Missouri 3 Rutgers 0
  8. Oklahoma State 5 Michigan State 1
  9. New Mexico 1 Illinois State 0 (Illinois State eliminated)
  10. Creighton 4 New Mexico State 2 (New Mexico State eliminated)
  11. Texas A&M 4 South Carolina 0 (South Carolina eliminated)
  12. Michigan State 6 Rutgers 2 (Rutgers eliminated)
  13. California 4 Oklahoma 1
  14. Cal St-Fullerton 2 Western Michigan 0
  15. Utah State 1 UCLA 0
  16. Missouri 5 Oklahoma State 1
  17. Michigan State 8 Oklahoma 1 (Oklahoma eliminated)
  18. Texas A&M 1 Western Michigan 0 (Western Michigan eliminated)
  19. UCLA 2 Creighton 1 (Creighton eliminated)
  20. Oklahoma State 5 New Mexico 2 (New Mexico eliminated)
  21. Cal St-Fullerton 1 California 0
  22. Utah State 4 Missouri 2
  23. UCLA 5 Oklahoma State 0 (Oklahoma State eliminated)
  24. Texas A&M 3 Michigan State 2 (Michigan State eliminated)
  25. UCLA 2 California 0 (California eliminated)
  26. Texas A&M 1 Missouri 0 (Missouri eliminated)
  27. Utah State 2 Cal St-Fullerton 0
  28. UCLA 1 Texas A&M 0 (Texas A&M eliminated)
  29. Cal St-Fullerton 5 UCLA 4 (UCLA eliminated)
  30. Cal St-Fullerton 6 Utah State 1
  31. Utah State 4 Cal St-Fullerton 3 (Cal State-Fullerton eliminated)


1 Utah State Aggies (5-1)
2 Cal St-Fullerton Titans (5-2)
3 UCLA Bruins (5-2)
4 Texas A&M Aggies (4-2)
5t. California Bears (2-2)
5t. Michigan State Spartans (2-2)
7t. Oklahoma State Cowgirls (2-2)
7t. Missouri Tigers (2-2)
9t. Oklahoma Sooners (1-2)
9t. Western Michigan Broncos (1-2)
9t. New Mexico Aggies (1-2)
9t. Creighton Blue Jays (1-2)
13t. South Carolina Gamecocks (0-2)
13t. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (0-2)
13t. New Mexico State Aggies (0-2)
13t. Illinois State Redbirds (0-2)

1980 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1980 held at Tempe, Arizona on August 15-24.

Champion – Home Savings, Aurora, Illinois
Runner Up – 7th Ave Auto Parts, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Jay Bob Bickford, 7th Ave. Auto Parts
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Jay Bob Bickford, 7th Ave. Auto Parts
  • Leading Hitter – Jim Hunt, Larry Miller Toyota – .600
  • Most RBI – Ken Dey, Larry Miller Toyota – 10


P – Jay Bob Bickford, 7th Ave Auto (4-1, 0.18 ERA, 29 K, 5 BB)
P – Dick Brubaker, Home Savings (3-0, 0.00 ERA, 25 K, 5 BB)
P – Alan Colglazier, Home Savings (3-0, 0.00 ERA, 26 K, 4 BB)
C – Robin Voss, Home Savings .412
C – Dan Banallick, Grimsby .333
IF – Darryl Day, Home Savings .400
IF – Tim Mazza, Bakersfield .474
IF – Ken Dey, SLC LMT .381
IF – Mike Madril, 7th Ave.Auto .240
IF – Joe Nichols, SLC LMT .417
OF – Larry Nolan, Nitehawks .421
OF – Jim Hunt, SLC LMT .600
OF – Gary Stahl, SLC LMT .320
OF – Fred Gonzales, 7th Ave.Auto .286
DH – Don Bean, Houston 45’s .455


P – Peter Landers, Grimsby (4-0, 1.13 ERA, 42 K, 7 BB)
P – Vaughn Alvey, SLC LMT (4-2, 1.16 ERA, 44 K, 18 BB)
C – Jim Marsh, Santa Rosa .294
IF – Terry Muck, Aurora .263
IF – Larry Foxton, Grimsby .292
IF – Scott Simons, LMT .444
IF – John Sawyer, D.F.P. .400
OF – Bill Pfeiffer, Aurora .316
OF – Jeff Pritchard, Aurora .267
OF – Bill Cameron, Johnstown .500

FINAL STANDINGS (Tulsa Firebirds are mission)

1. Home Savings, Aurora, IL
2. 7th Ave Auto Parts, Phoenix, AZ
3. Peach Kings, Grimsby, ON
4. Larry Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT
5t. Happy Chef, Mankato, MN
5t. Guanella Bros., Santa Rosa, CA
7t. Dave Frye Plastering, Bakersfield, CA
7t. Bolters, Saginaw, MI
9t. Westbrook Mfg, Houston, TX
9t. Nitehawks, Long Beach, CA
9t. Southern Truck Raiders, Phoenix, AZ
9t. 45’s, Houston, TX
13t. Grayson Raiders, Idaho Falls, ID
13t. Softball Club, Johnstown, PA
13t. Plumbers Supply, Salt Lake City, UT
13t. Band Box, St. James, MN
17t. Toyota Knights, Reno, NV
17t. Heart of America, Bloomington, IL
17t. Schaefer-Smith-Ankeney Ins., Phoenix, AZ
17t. Westside Federal S&L, Seattle, WA
17t. Valley Mechanical Contracting, Midland, MI
17t. Texas Kings, Fort Worth, TX
17t. Ray’s Fastball Club, Newmarket, ON
17t. Raiders, Rock Island, IL
25t. Red Deer, AB
25t. Blue Lady, Pueblo, CO
25t. Eastside Maid-Rite, Cedar Rapids, IA
25t. Peter’s Bombers, Des Moines, IA
25t. All-Car, Appleton, WI
25t. Broker Inn, Boulder, CO
25t. Jack Schneider Firebirds, Tulsa, OK
25t. Capitol Trailers, Norman, OK
33t. Sanders Boots, El Paso, TX
33t. Oilers, Denver, CO
33t. Hawks, Fort Wayne, IN
33t. Witschey’s, New Martinsville, WV
33t. Gin Mill, Clarks Mills, WI
33t. Kutis Funeral Home, St. Louis, MO
33t. Fil-Americans, Hilo, HI

1980 Women’s College World Series (AIAW)

1980 held at Reaves Park in Norman, Oklahoma on May 22-25.

Champion – Utah State Aggies (35-16)
Runner Up – Indiana Hoosiers

Norman, Oklahoma hosted the WCWS year and it was first time it was played at a location other than Omaha, Nebraska, where it had been held for its first 11 years. Sixteen fastpitch softball teams emerged from regional tournaments to meet in the AIAW national collegiate softball championship. The tournament was also split into three divisions (I, II, and III) with each conducting their own championship.

The Utah State Aggies, behind the pitching of Mary Lou Ramm, won its first national championship, emerging from the losers’ bracket to defeat Indiana with 1–0 and 2–1 wins in the final. Ramm was named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament. Utah State’s only loss had been to Indiana in the fourth round, forcing the Aggies to defeat top-seeded Texas A&M in order to again face the Hoosiers in the final.

  • MVP – Mary Lou Ramm, Utah State
  • Leading Hitter – N/A
  • HR Champion – N/A


Mary Lou Ramm, Utah State
Shari Fisher, California
Pam Reinoehl, California
Kim Bowles, Cal-Poly Pomona
Linda Berndt, Western Michigan
Patti Rendine, Western Michigan
Bonni Kinne, Western Michigan
Dot Richardson, Western Illinois
Pat Stoffel, Western Illinois
Linda Spagnolo, Indiana
Donna Michalek, Indiana
Jan Drummond, Oklahoma State
Lori Stoll, Texas A&M


  • Texas A&M 1, SW Missouri State 0
  • Indiana 5, South Carolina 2
  • Oklahoma State 5, Western Michigan 4
  • Cal St Poly-Pomona 3, New Mexico 1
  • Cal St-Fullerton 5, Creighton 0
  • Western Illinois 1, Oklahoma 0
  • Oregon 7, Massachusetts 3
  • Utah State 4, California 1
  • SW Missouri State 4, South Carolina 0 (South Carolina eliminated)
  • Western Michigan 1, New Mexico 0 (New Mexico eliminated)
  • Creighton 3, Oklahoma 0 (Oklahoma eliminated)
  • California 2, Massachusetts 0 (Massachusetts eliminated)
  • Indiana 1, Texas A&M 0
  • Oklahoma State 1, Cal St Poly-Pomona 0
  • Western Illinois 2, Cal St-Fullerton 0
  • Utah State 5, Oregon 0
  • Cal St Poly-Pomona 3, Creighton 0 (Creighton eliminated)
  • Texas A&M 1, California 0 (California eliminated)
  • Indiana 8, Oklahoma State 0
  • Oregon 2, SW Missouri State 1 (SW Missouri State eliminated)
  • Western Michigan 3, Cal St-Fullerton 2 (Cal-State Fullerton eliminated)
  • Utah State 2, Western Illinois 0
  • Texas A&M 3, Cal St Poly-Pomona 2 (Cal St Poly-Pomona eliminated)
  • Western Michigan 1, Oregon 0 (Oregon eliminated)
  • Texas A&M 2, Western Illinois 0 (Western Illinois eliminated)
  • Western Michigan 1, Oklahoma State 0 (Oklahoma State eliminated)
  • Indiana 3, Utah State 2
  • Texas A&M 1, Western Michigan 0 (Western Michigan eliminated)
  • Utah State 1, Texas A&M 0 (Texas A&M eliminated)
  • Utah State 1, Indiana 0
  • Utah State 2, Indiana 1 (Indiana eliminated)


1. Utah State Aggies (6-1)
2. Indiana Hoosiers (4-2)
3. Texas A&M Aggies (5-2)
4. Western Michigan Broncos (4-2)
5t. Oklahoma State Cowgirls (2-2)
5t. Western Illinois Leathernecks (2-2)
7t. Cal St Poly-Pomona Broncos (2-2)
7t. Oregon Ducks (2-2)
9t. California Bears (1-2)
9t. Creighton Blue Jays (1-2)
9t. SW Missouri State Bears (1-2)
9t. Cal St-Fullerton Titans (1-2)
13t. Oklahoma Sooners (0-2)
13t. South Carolina Gamecocks (0-2)
13t. New Mexico Lobos (0-2)
13t. Massachusetts Minutemen (0-2)

1979 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1979 held at Bakersfield, California on August 17-26.

Champion – Bolters, Saginaw, Michigan
Runner Up – Nitehawks, Bakersfield, California

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Kevin Herlihy, Bolters
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Kevin Herlihy, Bolters
  • Leading Hitter – Mike Weaver, Tarrant Glass – .800
  • Most RBI – Jerry Garcia, Blue Lady Lounge – 7


P – Kevin Herlihy, Bolters (6-1, 0.00 ERA, 96 K, 4 BB)
P – Paul Magan, Ed Smith Welding (3-2, 0.38 ERA, 54 K, 7 BB)
P – Bob Todd, Nitehawks (3-0, 0.23 ERA, 25 K, 7 BB)
C – Steve Turigliatto, Nitehawks .216
C – Marvin Harris, McCoy Homes .308
IF – Mike Weaver, Tarrant Glass .800
IF – Jack Saltich, Phoenix .545
IF – Tim Mazza, Ed Smith Welding .368
IF – Steve Miner, Nitehawks .333
IF – David Bedford, Bolters .400
OF – Bobby Johnson, Ed Smith Welding .474
OF – Hice Stiles, Nitehawks .314
OF – Frank Van Patten, Nitehawks .368
OF – Stosh Padilla, Roadrunners .455


P – Darwin Tolzin, Nitehawks (3-0, 0.52 ERA, 12 K, 5 BB)
P – Chuck D’arcy, Guanella’s (2-1, 0.39 ERA, 21 K, 2 BB)
C – Jim Marsh, Guanella’s .263
IF – Robert Powers, Westbrook Sales .333
IF – Dallas Roundtree, Guanella’s .333
IF – Nick Vanlue, Nitehawks .229
IF – John Nessmith, Ed Smith Welding .217
OF – Ray Allena, Guanella’s .375
OF – Mike McClure, Tarrant Glass .417
OF – Larry Bodashefsky, Motor Carriers .375

FINAL STANDINGS (Tulsa Firebirds are mission)

1. Bolters, Saginaw, MI
2. Nitehawks, Long Beach, CA
3. Ed Smith Welding, Bakersfield, CA
4. Guanella’s, Santa Rosa, CA
5t. King Richard’s Fitness Center, Cedar Rapids, IA
5t. Westbrook Sales, Houston, TX
7t. McCoy Homes, Oklahoma City, OK
7t. Schaefer-Smith Inc., Phoenix, AZ
9t. Motor Carriers, Oshawa, ON
9t. Tarrant Glass, Fort Worth, TX
9t. Grayson’s Raiders, Idaho Falls, ID
9t. Lakewood Ice Barrons, Lakewood, CA
13t. Valley Mechanical Contracting, Midland, MI
13t. Cowboys, Las Vegas, NV
13t. Broker Restaurants, Denver, CO
13t. Turquoise Kings, Kingman, AZ
17t. Roadrunners, Albuquerque, NM
17t. Merchants, Duncan, OK
17t. Blue Lady Lounge, Pueblo, CO
17t. Mettlers Bar, Mankato, MN
17t. Tommy’s Angels, Oshkosh, WI
17t. All-American Bar, St. Paul, MN
17t. La Fiesta Bar, Johnstown, PA
17t. Jack Schneider Firebirds, Tulsa, OK
25t. Ray’s, Newmarket, ON
25t. L&L Softball Team, Atwater, CA
25t. Dunn Oil, Salt Lake City, UT
25t. Raiders, Rock Island, IL
25t. All-Car, Appleton, WI
25t. Dana-Busco, Fort Wayne, IN
25t. Merchants, Camrose, AB
25t. Great Plains Gas, Cedar Rapids, IA
33t. Witschey’s, New Martinsville, WV
33t. Paddock Lounge, Denver, CO
33t. Swift & Shaw, Ogden, UT
33t. Craton’s Sporting Goods, Moline, IL
33t. Woodstock Softball Club, Woodstock, IL

1979 Women’s College World Series (AIAW)

1979 held at Dill Softball Center in Omaha, Nebraska on May 24-27.

Champion – Texas Woman’s Pioneers (71-5)
Runner Up – UCLA Bruins (24-9)

Texas Woman’s University, newly named the Pioneers in February after years as the Tessies, won its first national championship behind the pitching of Kathy Arendsen, emerging from the losers’ bracket to defeat defending champion UCLA with a pair of 1–0 wins in the final. On the final day, Arendsen pitched all 21 innings in three games.

Kathy Arendsen pitched three games yesterday, allowed a total of four hits and led Texas Woman’s University to the championship in the Women’s College World Series. Arendsen shut out UCLA twice by 1-0 scores in the afternoon after eliminating top-seeded Cal Poly of Pomona, 2-0, in the morning. Arendson did not allow an earned run in more than 400 innings at one point this season.

Arendsen also won the 1979 Broderick Award for the nation’s outstanding female college athlete.

Cal-Poly Pomona entered the tournament with a 40-2-2 record and was led by new coach and legendary player Carol Spanks. By the time Spanks was finished coaching she amassed a 577-309-8 record with 11 WCWS appearances and ranked as the 4th winningest coach in NCAA history.

Rutgers sported a perfect 24-0 record entering the WCWS.

The Pioneers won the championship game with an unearned run in the first inning. UCLA third baseman Marcia Pontoni overthrew first base after fielding Sue Redding’s grounder. The Texas Woman’s leadoff batter went to third on the play, kicked the return throw from first baseman Kathy Maurice out of P9ntoni’s glove and scored as the ball rolled away.

  • MVP – N/A
  • Leading Hitter – Sue Reinders, Nebraska-Omaha (6-11, .545)
  • HR Champion – N/A


Batting Leaders

Sue Reinders, Nebraska-Omaha (.545, 6-11, 1 RBI)
Susan Bachman, Western Illinois (.417, 5-12, 2 RBI)
Gail Coleman, Western Illinois (.417, 5-12, 3 RBI)
Jill Larson, Kansas (.400, 4-10)
Melinda Farm, Oregon State (.364, 4-11, 1 RBI)
Denise Smail, Oregon State (.364, 4-11)
Gail Edson, UCLA (.350, 7-20, 1 RBI)
Chris Abrahamson, Western Illinois (.333, 4-12)
Diane Stephenson, Indiana (.313, 5-16, 2 RBI)
Suzie Gaw, Arizona State (.308, 4-13)
Linda King, Cal Poly Pamona (.308, 4-13 1 RBI)
Barb Reinalda, Cal Poly Pamoa (.308, 4-13 2 RBI)
Meg Seng, Indiana (.308, 4-13)
Sue Sherman, UCLA (.308, 4-13)
Julie Woodman, Kansas (.300, 3-10)


Most Hits – Gail Edson, UCLA; Willie Rucker, Texas Woman’s; Val List, Texas Woman’s (7)
Most Doubles – Liz Zemanek, Texas A&M (2)
Most Triples – Pam Brown, Texas Woman’s; Gail Coleman, Western Illinois; Diane Stephenson, Indiana (2)
Most Home Runs – Gail Coleman, Western Illinois; Jackie Crescio, Western Illinois; Bridget Ellis, Rutgers; Kim Metcalf, Northern Colorado; Diane Ninemire, Nebraska-Omaha; Lisa Slate, Texas Woman’s; Linda Spagnola, Indiana (1)
Most RBI: Linda Spagnolo, Indiana (4)
Most Stolen Bases: Julie Hudson, Indiana (3)

Pitching Leaders

Kathy Arendsen, Texas Woman’s (6-1, 5 shutouts, 77 K, 0.00 ERA)
Barb Reinalda, Cal Poly (3-2, 16 K, 0.00 ERA)
Karen Andrews, UCLA (2-1, 13K, 0.00 ERA)
Phylllis Schachterle, Northern Colorado (2-0, 4 K, 0.00 ERA)
Shelley Sinclair, Kansas (1-1, 10K, 0.00 ERA)
Lucy Casarez, Arizona State (1-1, 14 K, 0.32 ERA)
Jan Jeffers, UCLA (2-1, 6 K, 0.33 ERA)
Lou Piel, Northern Colorado (1-2, 21 K, 0.58 ERA)
Denise Smail, Oregon State (2-2, 13 K, 0.75 ERA)
Hallie Cohan, Rutgers (0-2, 13 K, 0.81 ERA)


Cal St Poly-Pomona 6, Nebraska-Omaha 0
Western Illinois 4, Emporia State 0
Arizona State 2, Oregon State 0
Texas Woman’s 4, South Carolina 2
Kansas 2, Arizona 0
UCLA 5, Texas A&M 0
Indiana 8, Chapman 1
Northern Colorado 3, Rutgers 2
Nebraska-Omaha 4, Emporia State 3
Oregon State 1, South Carolina 0
Texas A&M 6, Arizona 2
Rutgers 1, Chapman 0
Cal St Poly-Pomona 1, Western Illinois 0
Texas Woman’s 1, Arizona State 0
UCLA 2, Kansas 0
Northern Colorado 4, Indiana 1
Texas A&M 2, Arizona State 0
Western Illinois 3, Rutgers 2
Indiana 4, Nebraska-Omaha 2
Oregon State 1, Kansas 0
Cal St Poly-Pomona 1, Texas Woman’s 0
UCLA 2, Northern Colorado 0
Texas A&M 4, Western Illinois 2
Indiana 2, Oregon State 1
Northern Colorado 2, Texas A&M 0
Texas Woman’s 2, Indiana 1
UCLA 1, Cal St Poly-Pomona 0
Texas Woman’s 1, Northern Colorado 0
Texas Woman’s 2, Cal St Poly-Pomona 0
Texas Woman’s 1, UCLA 0
Texas Woman’s 1, UCLA 0


1 Texas Woman’s Pioneers (7-1)
2 UCLA Bruins (4-2)
3 Cal-State Poly Pomona Broncos (3-2)
4 Northern Colorado Bears (3-2)
5t.Texas A&M Aggies (3-2)
5t. Indiana Hoosiers (3-2)
7t. Oregon State Beavers (2-2)
7t. Western Illinois Leathernecks (2-2)
9t. Kansas Jayhawks (1-2)
9t. Arizona State Sun Devils (1-2)
9t. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (1-2)
9t. Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks (1-2)
13t. Arizona Wildcats (0-2)
13t. South Carolina Gamecocks (0-2)
13t. Chapman Panthers (0-2)
13t. Emporia State Hornets (0-2)

1978 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1978 held at Kimberly, Wisconsin on August 18-28.

Champion – Atlee Carpet Co., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Runner Up – Schaefer-Smith, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Bob Toney, Atlee Carpet Co.
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Gary Watland, All-American Bar
  • Leading Hitter – Hice Stiles, Stevenson Toyota – .545
  • Leading Hitter – Mark Burrup, Grayson Real Estate – .545
  • Most RBI – Bob Tony, Atlee Carpet Co. – 6


P – Gary Watland, St. Paul (6-1, 0.29 ERA, 60 K, 7 BB)
P – Terry Stapley, Phoenix (5-1, 1.18 ERA, 45 K, 8 BB)
P – Owen Walford, Saginaw (4-2, 0.12 ERA, 97 K, 10 BB)
C – Dan Hvam, Madison .467
C – John Dutton, Phoenix .364
IF – Bob Toney, Oklahoma City .450
IF – Bryan Sosnowski, Regina .435
IF – James Garner, Oklahoma City .375
IF – Tom Handlen, Oshkosh .364
IF – Walt Coughran, Phoenix .292
OF – Hice Stiles, Lakewood CA .545
OF – Bob Johnson, Bakersfield .529
OF – Greg Cashman, St. Paul .467
OF – Tom Hummel, Oshkosh .400



FINAL STANDINGS (Tulsa Firebirds are mission)

1. Atlee Carpet Co., Oklahoma City, OK
2. Schaefer-Smith Inc., Phoenix, AZ
3. Regina, SK
4. All-American Bar, St. Paul, MN
5t. Page Brake, Salt Lake City, UT
5t. Ed Smith Welding, Bakersfield, CA
7t. Bolters, Saginaw, MI
7t. Tommys Angels, Oshkosh, WI
9t. Stevenson Toyota, Lakewood, CO
9t. Mettler’s Bar, Mankato, MN
9t. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI
9t. Jets, Las Vegas, NV
13t. Tarrant Glass, Ft. Worth, TX
13t. Abel & Rule, Modesto, CA
13t. Raiders, Rock Island, IL
13t. Jets, Lakewood, CA
17t. Park & Smyers, Houston, TX
17t. Grayson Real Estate, Idaho Falls, ID
17t. Tri-Arc, Salt Lake City, UT
17t. The Bar, Green Bay, WI
17t. Stifino’s, Pueblo, CO
17t. La Fiesta, Johnstown, PA
17t. AFB, Holloman, NM
17t. Tony’s, Oshawa, ON
25t. Broker Restaurants, Denver, CO
25t. Pyles, Washington, DC
25t. Maidrite, Cedar Rapids, IA
25t. Turqupise Kings, Mesa, AZ
25t. Modern Piping, Cedar Rapids, IA
25t. Ice Barons, Lakewood, CA
25t. National Cable, Logan, WV
25t. Berards, South Burlington, VT
33t. Adam’s Rib Bar, Fort Wayne, IN
33t. Dornberger Stockman, Sioux Falls, SD
33t. Tahlequah, Tulsa, OK
33t. Toyota, Reno, NV

1978 Women’s College World Series (AIAW)

1978 held at Dill Softball Center in Omaha, Nebraska on May 25-28.

Champion – UCLA Bruins (31-3)
Runner Up – Northern Colorado (24-6)

UCLA swept through the Women’s College World Series of Softball undefeated and added the title to the national basketball championship it won earlier this spring.

The Bruins stopped Northern Colorado 3-0 Monday in the title game of the 16-team Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women double-elimination tournament that was plagued by weather throughout its five-day run.

Jan Jeffers stopped the Bears in the trophy game for her third victory in the tourney. UCLA, 5-0 in the meet, got three-hit pitching from Jeffers, who struck out three and walked none. Bruin batters collected six safeties off Brooks Swanson and Lou Piel, who relieved in the third inning.

The champions got all the runs they needed when Gail Edson singled home Jeffers and Sue Enquist in the first inning. UCLA added a run in the fifth when Kathy Maurice singled and Swanson, then playing left field, erred on the pickup attempt to allow Enquist to score from second base.

Piel pitched a three-hitter earlier Monday as Northern Colorado eliminated Minnesota, 3-1. Northern Colorado finished at 5-2 and Minnesota 3-2 in the tournament.

Linda Witt contributed 3-for-3 batting as Piel won her fifth game of the tournament without a loss with the support of Northern Colorado hits.

Witt’s triple drove in two rims in a three run fourth inning and the Bears scored in the fifth when Jan Breckenridge singled home Mary Jackson.

Minnesota loaded the bases with no outs in the seventh inning and a fielder’s choice scored the Gophers’ only run before two fly balls to the infield ended the game. Vicki Swanson was the losing pitcher. The Sunday program ended after one game. Northern Colorado eliminated Texas Woman’s University 7-3 before tourney officials called a halt because of rain and a tornado threat. The funnel cloud did not touch down.

Tournament officials estimated that the total attendance for the event cleared the 10,000 spectator barrier for the first time.

  • Most Outstanding Player – Sue Enquist, UCLA
  • Batting Leader – Sue Enquist, UCLA (8-19) – .421
  • HR Champion – N/A




  1. SW Missouri State 11 Massachusetts 2
  2. UCLA 4 Texas Woman’s 0
  3. Arizona State 10 Portland State 0
  4. Utah State 11 South Carolina 0
  5. Southern Illinois 2 Stephen F. Austin 1
  6. Minnesota 2 Cal St Poly-Pomona 1
  7. Nebraska-Omaha 2 Illinois State 1
  8. Northern Colorado 3 Oregon State 0
  9. Texas Woman’s 1 Massachusetts 0
  10. Portland State 10 South Carolina 7
  11. Cal St Poly-Pomona 2 Stephen F. Austin 1
  12. Oregon State 4 Illinois State 2
  13. UCLA 1 SW Missouri State 0
  14. Utah State 2 Arizona State 0
  15. Minnesota 6 Southern Illinois 2
  16. Northern Colorado 3 Nebraska-Omaha 2
  17. Texas Woman’s 4 Nebraska-Omaha 0
  18. Southern Illinois 4 Portland State 1
  19. Cal St Poly-Pomona 1 Arizona State 0
  20. SW Missouri State 1 Oregon State 0
  21. UCLA 7 Utah State 0
  22. Minnesota 4 Northern Colorado 1
  23. Texas Woman’s 3 Southern Illinois 1
  24. Cal St Poly-Pomona 2 SW Missouri State 1
  25. Texas Woman’s 3 Utah State 0
  26. Northern Colorado 4 Cal St Poly-Pomona 3
  27. Northern Colorado 7 Texas Woman’s 3
  28. UCLA 3 Minnesota 0
  29. Northern Colorado 3 Minnesota 1
  30. UCLA 3 Northern Colorado 0


1. UCLA Bruins (5-0)
2. Northern Colorado Bears (5-2)
3. Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-2)
4. Texas Woman’s Tessies (4-2)
5t. Cal-State Poly-Pomona Broncos (3-2)
5t. Southern Illinois Salukis (2-2)
7t. Utah State Aggies (2-2)
7t. SW Missouri State Bears (2-2)
9t. Arizona State Sun Devils (1-2)
9t. Oregon State Beavers (1-2)
9t. Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks (1-2)
9t. Portland State Vikings (1-2)
13t. South Carolina Gamecocks (0-2)
13t. Illinois State Redbirds (0-2)
13t. Massachusetts Minutemen (0-2)
13t. Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks (0-2)