1982 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1982 held at Kimberly, Wisconsin on August 13-22.

Champion – Kings, Camarillo, California
Runner Up – Dave Frye Plastering, Bakersfield, California

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Paul Magan, Dave Frye Plastering
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Paul Magan, Dave Frye Plastering
  • Leading Hitter – Mike Branz – .500
  • Leading Hitter – Randy Beckstead, Larry Miller Toyota – .500
  • Most RBI – John Peach, Home Savings – 8


P – Paul Magan, Dave Frye Plastering (5-2, 0.00 ERA, 52 K, 11 BB)
P – Mark Smith, Kings (4-0, 0.23 ERA, 49 K, 7 BB)
P – Peter Meredith, The Farm Tavern (4-2, 0.85 ERA, 81 K, 20 BB)
C – Mark Agnew, Home Savings .304
C – Ian Stringer, Texas Kings .417
IF – Bob Robben, Budweiser Kings .429
IF – Tony Wood, Kings .429
IF – Mike Drew, Home Savings .375
IF – Steve Andrew, Home Savings .320
IF – Corky Corcoran, Kings .294
OF – John Peach, Home Savings .429
OF – Larry Nolan, Kings .368
OF – Matt Dijak, Bolters .429
OF – Micket Selmo, The Farm Tavern .278
DH – Mike Branz, Hearts .500


P – Loren Algar, The Farm Tavern (3-0, 0.46 ERA, 51 K, 6 BB)
P – Kevin Henderson, Home Savings (5-1, 1.44 ERA, 58 K, 8 BB)
C – Dan Hvam, The Farm Tavern .114
IF – Ben Garcia, Knights .385
IF – Gary Hunley – Home Savings .333
IF – Ted Hendrickson, Texas Kings .385
IF – Jim Quick, The Farm Tavern .206
OF – Doug Stoddard, Larry Miller Toyota .364
OF – Mickey Brusco, Gray’s Crane .348
OF – Floyd Lavergne, Kings .176


1. Kings, Camarillo, CA
2. Dave Frye Plastering, Bakersfield, CA
3. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI
4. Budweiser Kings, St. Louis, MO
5t. Bolters, Saginaw, MI
5t. Nationals, Newmarket, ON
7t. Home Savings, Aurora, IL
7t. Gray’s Crane, Canby, OR
9t. Westbrook Mfg., Houston, TX
9t. Larry Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT
9t. Johnies, Johnstown, PA
9t. Hearts, Bloomington, IL
13t. Gonderman Coin, Goshen, IN
13t. Kings, Livingston, CA
13t. B&D Supply, Phoenix, AZ
13t. Firebirds, Tulsa, OK
17t. Knights, Pueblo, CO
17t. All-Car, Appleton, WI
17t. Drillers, Mt. Plesant, MI
17t. Collins Radio, Cedar Rapids, IA
17t. Faultless Rubber, Ashland, OH
17t. Cougars, Burlington, ON
17t. FCA, Oklahoma City, OK
17t. T S Motors, Martinsburg, WV
25t. Page Brake, Salt Lake City, UT
25t. Schaefer-Smith-Ank., Phoenix, AZ
25t. Bombers, Oceanside, CA
25t. Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX
25t. Texas Kings, Ft. Worth, TX
25t. Westside Federal, Seattle, WA
25t. Fox Valley Coin, Kimberly, WI
25t. Hubbard Construction, Bishop, CA
33t. Penn Corp, Sioux City, IA
33t. Nighthawks, Long Beach, CA
33t. Musical Bar, Houston, TX
33t. Merchants, St. Paul, MN
33t. Aztec Land, Pueblo, CO
33t. Ramsey Auto Body, Lakewood, CO
33t. Kitty Hawk, Washington, DC
33t. A’s, Decatur, IL
33t. National Motor Club, Dallas, TX


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