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1959 ASA Industrial Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1959 held at Cleveland, Ohio.

Champion – Jake Sweeney Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – St. Bernard Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Turbine Jets defeated Proctor & Gamble 7-6 in the championship game behind the clutch hitting of Dick Luken, who had two clutch doubles  to lead the Jets to the title. Chuck Knothe, Pete Kennedy and Don Meeker also had two hits each for the Jets. Don Sawyer hit 2 home runs for  the P&G squad.  Luken ended up batting .500 (6-12), with 2 home runs in the tournament. Turbine’s Ray Hein relieved starter Jack Youngbluth in the 4th of the final game and blanked P&G the rest of the way. The Jets finished the season with  24-2 record.

  • MVP – Thomas Rizzo, P&G (3-10, .300, 4 RBIs, 2 Runs)
  • HR Leader – Fred Cieslik, Allen-Bradley – 4 (7-14, .500, 6 RBI, 9 Runs)
  • Batting Leader – Bernie Kennetz, Pittsburgh Firemen – .692 (9-13, 2 RBI, 5 Runs)


  • P – Ray Hein, Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH (1-5, .200, RBI, Run)
  • C – Dick Luken, Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH (6-12, .500, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 4 Runs)
  • 1B – Charles Payne, Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH (7-24, .292, HR, 4 RBI, 6 Runs)
  • 2B – Harold Allen, Medussa Eagles, Wampum, PA (10-26, .385, 2 HR, 12 RBI, 6 Runs)
  • SS – Blair Walker, Wix Corporation, North Carolina (8-24, .333, 5 Runs)
  • 3B – Milton Kress, Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH (3-12, .250, 2 RBI, 2 Runs)
  • SF – Thomas Rizzo, Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH (MVP)
  • LF – Larry Engelbrink, Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH (8-25, .320, 2 HR, 8 RBI, 6 Runs)
  • CF – Leon Terry, Wix Corp. (9-23, .391, HR, 8 RBI, 6 Runs)
  • RF – Walt Kunz, Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH (3-12, RBI, 2 Runs)


Don Meeker, Jake Sweeney Turbine Jets (8-11, 1 RBI, 3 Runs) – .727
Bernie Kennetz, Pittsburgh Firemen (9-13, 2 RBI, 5 Runs) – .692
Howard Hetterich, Hamilton Bendix (9-15, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 6 Runs) – .600
Earl Swartz, Milwaukee Allen-Bradley (7-12, 1 HR, 5 RBI, 6 Runs) – .583
Bill Mauney, Gastonia Wix (11-20, 6 RBI, 5 Runs) – .550
Doyle Huey, Little Rock US Time (7-13, 3 RBI, 6 Runs) – .538
Dewey Browning, Hamilton Bendix (9-18, 1 HR, 5 RBI, 8 Runs) – .500
Fred Cieslik, Allen-Bradley (7-14, 4 HR, 6 RBI, 9 Runs) – .500
Dick Luken, Jake Sweeney Turbine Jets (6-12, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 4 Runs) – .500
O. Sirlouis, Cleveland East Ohio Gas (7-14, 2 RBI, 5 Runs) – .500
Ralph Mitchell, Cleveland East Ohio Gas (6-12, 3 RBI, 3 Runs) – .500
J. Liberatore, Cleveland East Ohio Gas (6-12, 3 RBI, 2 Runs) – .500


Kenny Tilla, Chewton Medusa Eagles (10-25, .400, 3 HR, 5 RBI)
Mario Bonofiglio, Tirabassi (3-8, .375, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 3 Runs)
Hal Wiggins, Proctor & Gamble (6-19, .316, 2 RBI, 5 Runs)
Frank Deluca, Lycoming (0-3, .000, 1 Run)


1. Jake Sweeney Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH (5-0)
2. St. Bernard Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati., OH (5-2)
3. Wix Corporation, Gastonia, NC (6-2)
4. Chewton Eagles-Medusa Cement Co., Wampum, PA (6-2)
5t. Pneumatic Tool, Cleveland, OH (3-2)
5t. Pittsburgh Firemen, Pittsburgh, PA (2-2)
7t. Bendix Corporation, Hamilton, OH (3-2)
7t. Allen-Bradley, Milwaukee, WI (3-2)
9t. U.S. Time Corporation, Little Rock, AR (3-2)
9t. East Ohio Gas Company, Cleveland, OH (2-2)
9t. Westinghouse Atomic Fuel, Cheswick, PA (2-2)
9t. U.A.W. Local #1336, Louisville, KY (2-2)
13t. Tirabassi & Sons, Kenosha, WI (1-2)
13t. Lockheed Jet Stars, Marietta, GA (1-2)
13t. Reese’s, Syracuse-Rochester, NY (1-2)
13t. Police AA, Columbus, OH (1-2)
17t. Local #717, Warren, OH (1-2)
17t. Ohio Fuel Gas, Mich-Lucas City, Toledo, OH (1-2)
17t. Combustion Engineers, Chattanooga, TN (1-2)
17t. Mayrose Meats, St. Louis, MO (1-2)
17t. Meadowbrook National Bank, New York, NY (0-2)
17t. York City Police, York, PA (0-2)
17t. Lycoming, Stratford, CT (0-2)
17t. Parks and Recreation, Detroit, MI (0-2)
25t. U.S. Gypsum, Staten Island, NY (0-2)
25t. Lockheed Saber Jets, Mobile, AL (0-2)

1958 ASA Industrial Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1958 held at Cleveland, Ohio.

Champion – Jake Sweeney Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Cincinnati Fire Fighters, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Turbine Jets never had to play their half of the 7th inning until their fifth and final game against their hometown rivals, The Cincinnati Firefighters. Pitcher Ray Hein hurled the first victory over the Thunderbirds of Mobile, AL in a 6-4 win. Pete Kennedy’s HR was the big blow of the game. Jack Youngbluth pitched a 12-0, 5-hit shutout in their second victory over Tirabassi of Wisconsin. Kennedy hit another HR and Joe Stein also banged one out.

The next game against American Can of Milwaukee, the Jets trailed 8-5 when they exploded for seven runs to take the lead and eventually the win 12-9. Joe Stein was 4-4, including a HR and two doubles. Ray Hein and Joe Flynn also homered for the Jets.  Milt Kress of the Jets hit 2 HR and Walter Kunz hit one as they defeated Pittsburgh Jim’s in the 9-7 semi-final.

In the Firemen’s victory over American Can of Milwaukee in the loser’s bracket final, Dick Luken of the Firefighters blasted 3 straight homers to help eliminate the Milwaukee squad, 8-6. In the 12-5 final victory over city rival, Cincinnati Fire Department, Ray Hein was the winning pitcher and helped himself with a HR. Milt Kress and Bob Kuhlman also hit homers for  the Jets.

A combined Open/Industrial All American team was named, only 3 Industrial players made it – MVP Third Basemen Milt Kress and RF Walt Kunz of the Champion Turbine Jets. Catcher Dick Luken of the Cincinnati Firefighters also made the team.

  • Industrial MVP –  Milt Kress, Turbine Jets
  • Industrial Home Run Leader – Dick Luken, Cincinnati Firefighters – 6
  • Industrial Batting  Leader – Ralph Rengering, Cincinnati Firefighters (17-25) – .680
  • Open MVP – Joe Gauci, East Side Sports (Clutch hits and great defensive plays from short fielder position)
  • Open HR Leader – Ron Annotico, Sheffield Bronze – 6
  • Open Batting Leader – Ron Annotico, Sheffield Bronze (13-21) – .619


  • P – Chuck Jacobs – Sheffield Bronze (Open)
  • C – Dick Lunken – Fire Fighters (Industrial)
  • 1B – Frank Panski – East Side SportsI (Open)
  • 2B – Roy Lombardo – East Side Sports (Open)
  • 3B – Milt Kress – Turbine Jets (Industrial)
  • SS – Walt Wherry – Boone’s Bar (Open)
  • SC – Joe Gauci – East Side Sports (Open)
  • LF – Chuck Comella – Sheffield Bronze (Open)
  • CF – Ron Annotico – Sheffield Bronze (Open)
  • RF – Walter Kunz – Turbine Jets (Industrial)


1. Jake Sweeney Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH (5-0)
2. Cincinnati Fire Fighters, Cincinnati, OH (6-2)
3. Jim’s Sports Shop, Pittsburgh, PA (3-2)
4. American Can, Milwaukee, WI (3-2)
5t. Chewton Eagles-Medusa Cement Co., Wampum, PA (4-2)
5t. East Ohio Gas Company, Cleveland, OH (3-2)
7t. Tirabassi & Sons, Kenosha, WI (3-2)
7t. Combustion Engineers, Chattanooga, TN (2-2)
9t. Lockheed Jet Stars, Marietta, GA (2-2)
9t. General Electric Gremlins, Louisville, KY (2-2)
9t. Local #717, Warren, OH (2-2)
9t. Diamond Power, Lancaster, OH (2-2)
13t. Rogers & Sutton Tool and Die, Rochester, NY (2-2)
13t. Mayrose Meats, St. Louis, MO (1-2)
13t. Lyons Metal, York, PA (1-2)
13t. General Shoe, Frankfort, KY (0-2)
17t. Babcock Dairy, Toledo, OH (0-2)
17t. Brookley AFB Thunderbirds, Mobile, AL (0-2)
17t. Lycoming, Stratford, CT (0-2)
17t. F.O.P., South Bend, IN (0-2)
17t. Dreniks, Cleveland, OH (0-2)
*Sunbeam Bread, Springfield, OH (1-2)

* Declared ineligible and forfeited out of tournament

1957 ASA Industrial Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1957 held at Toledo, Ohio.

Champion – G.E. Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Harnischfeger Corporation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • MVP – Not Awarded
  • HR Leader – Carroll Cosby, General Electric Turbine Jets – 7


  • P – Ray Hein, Turbine Jets
  • P – Ed Werdermann, Harnischfeger
  • P – Paul Tellman, Continental Can
  • C – Frank Scumaci, Continental Can
  • C – Ed Wiese, Turbine Jets
  • IF – Paul Fowler, General Electric
  • IF – Jim Segorac, Harnischfeger
  • IF – Joe Stein, Turbine Jets
  • IF – Tom Bohyer, Packard Cable
  • IF – Mike Potter, Harnischfeger
  • OF – Gene Flowers, South Bend F.O.P.
  • OF – Pete Kennedy, Turbine Jets
  • OF – Ed Kompf, Continental Can
  • OF – Walt Kunz, Turbine Jets
  • MGR – Joe Nagy, Cincinnati Jets


1. G.E. Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH (5-0)
2. Harnischfeger Corporation, Milwaukee, WI (4-2)
3. Continental Can, Pittsburgh, PA (4-2)
4. Packard Electric Cable, Warren, OH (4-2)
5t. Colligan Morticians, Hamilton, OH (3-2)
5t. General Electric, Louisville, KY (2-2)
7t. Producto Machine, Bridgeport, CT (2-2)
7t. Cincinnati Fire Fighters, Cincinnati, OH (2-2)
9t. General Shoe, Frankfort, KY (3-2)
9t. F.O.P., South Bend, IN (2-2)
9t. Diamond Power, Columbus, OH (1-2)
9t. Edison Engineers, Toledo, OH (1-2)
13t. Brookley Air Force Base, Mobile, AL (1-2)
13t. Babcock Dairy, Toledo, OH (1-2)
13t. White Plains NY Police, Westchester, NY (1-2)
13t. US Army Support Center, St, Louis, MO (0-2)
17t. East Ohio Gas Company, Cleveland, OH (0-2)
17t. Twist Drill Cubs, Cleveland, OH (0-2)
17t. Apex, Sandusky, OH (0-2)

1956 ASA Industrial Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1956 held at Cleveland, Ohio.

Champion – Cincinnati Fire Department, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Combustion Engineers, Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • MVP – Don Connelly (SS), Cincinnati Fire Department (3-4, 2 HR, 7 RBI in championship game)
  • HR Leader – Don Connelly, Cincinnati Fire Department – 4


  • None reported


1. Cincinnati Fire Department, Cincinnati, OH (5-1)
2. Combustion Engineers, Chattanooga, TN (4-2)
3. Klug Trucking, Hamilton, OH (4-2)
4. Continental Can, Pittsburgh, PA (3-2)
5t. Hilltoppers, Lynchburg, VA (1-2)
5t. Packard Electric Cable, Warren, OH (1-2)
7t. Acme Chrome, New Haven, CT (1-2)
7t. Brookley Supply, Mobile, AL (0-2)
9t. Amerton Corporation, Robbins, NC (0-2)
9t. Cleveland Twist Drill Cubs, Cleveland, OH (0-2)

2008 ASA Men’s B Slow Pitch Nationals

2008 held at Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Champion – Lighthouse, Orlando, Florida
Runner Up –  Redwood/, Minneapolis, MN


Lighthouse suffered its first loss of the Series on the final day, but came back with a win to take home the Hooters Championship Series Men’s B Crown with a 3-1 record. Lighthouse took the first two games before a neck and neck game three as no team led by more than two runs. They were tied going into the seventh inning, but Redwood outscored Lighthouse, 4-2 to take home a 13-11 victory and keep the series alive. Lance Dalbey (Minneapolis, MN) led the way for Redwood going 4-for-4 with three runs scored.

The win pushed a game four where Lighthouse secured their title with a 12-2 win. Lighthouse’s Jason Branch (Brooksville, Fla.) scored two runs while going 3-for-4 with three RBI. The series MVP was awarded to third baseman Donnie Burkhalter (Clermont, Fla.) who was 6-for-11 with three home runs and seven RBI.

“This really means a lot to us to win,” said Burkhalter. “We worked really hard this year and traveled a long way to get here. It’s a nice way to end a good tournament and also thank our sponsor.”

  • MVP – Donnie Burkhalter, Lighthouse (.545, 3 HR, 7 RBI)


Game 1: Lighthouse 4 Redwood/ 1
Game 2: Lighthouse 14 Redwood/ 3 (5 innings)
Game 3: Redwood/ 13 Lighthouse 11
Game 4: Lighthouse 12 Redwood/ 2 (Championship)

2008 East held at Auburndale, Florida on August 28-September 1.

Champion – Lighthouse, Orlando, FL
Runner Up – SSC Softball, Blacksburg, SC

  • Batting Champion – Paul Scott, Sons of Legion
  • HR Champion – Aaron Guido, SSC Softball


Pitcher – Brandon Jonas, SSC Softball
Catcher – Steve Wilson, Lighthouse
Infield – Andy Urban, Team Logo Express/Bass Gloves
Infield – Aaron Guido, SSC Softball
Infield – Jeff Wilson, SSC Softball
Infield – David Holbrooks, Team Logo Express/Bass Gloves
Outfield – Paul Scott, Sons of Legion
Outfield – Jason Gilfillan, SSC Softball
Outfield – Lee Bowles, Diamond Blade
Outfield – Matt Koppe, Lighthouse
Utility – Kasey Harmon, Lighthouse
Utility – Artie Drew, Gills Automotive
Utility – Jeff Silveira, Magic/National Gold/Cabbyshack
Utility – Rob Roop, B&C/Miken/Thornton/Boobah
Utility – Rick Sills, Lighthouse


Pitcher – Jimmy Carter, Sons of Legion
Catcher – Shan McCraw, SSC Softball
Infield – Butch Smith, Diamond Blade
Infield – Billly Blackwell, Gills Automotive
Infield – Shawn Snow, Team Logo Express/Bass Gloves
Infield – Angelo Petracca, Lighthouse
Outfield – Brian Hudson, SSC Softball
Outfield – Blaine Bolin, SSC Softball
Outfield – Mike Lambert, Diamond Blade
Outfield – Jeremiah Blanton, Team Logo Express/Bass Gloves
Utility – William Murphy, Magic/National Gold/Cabbyshack
Utility – Scott Lester, Sons of Legion
Utility – Don Lloyd, Lighthouse
Utility – Allen Garmany, Lighthouse
Utility – Brian Autury, Team Logo Express/Bass Gloves


1. Lighthouse, Orlando, FL (6-1)
2. SSC Softball, Blacksburg, SC (3-2)
3. Team Logo Express/Bass Gloves, Commerce, GA (4-2)
4. Diamond Blade, Ocean City, MD (4-2)
5t. Sons Of Legion, South Boston, VA (2-2)
5t. Gills Automotive, Manchester, NH (2-2)
7t. Magic/National Gold/Caddyshack, Cumberland, RI (2-2)
7t. B&C/Miken/Thornton/Boombah, Edmonton, KY (1-2)
9t. Stepan Enterprises, Mosinee, WI (1-2)
9t. Spitz/Central/Mizuno, Mt. Washington, KY (0-2)
9t. All Army I, Fort Benning, GA (0-2)
9t. American Pop, Tampa, FL (0-2)
13t. All Army II, Fort Benning, GA (0-2)

2008 West held at San Antonio, Texas on August 28-September 1.

Champion – Redwood/, Lino Lakes, MN
Runner Up – Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo, ND

  • Batting Champion – Jonathan Lenz, Houston Sports
  • HR Champion – Reggie Schulte, Tharaldson Enterprises


Pitcher – Derek Irving, Redwood/
Catcher – Chaun Demars, Tharaldson Enterprises
Infield – Andy Hanson, Redwood/
Infield – Jason Madison, Tharaldson Enterprises
Infield – Mike Berkness, Tharaldson Enterprises
Infield – Alexis Ramirez, WCS/LCV
Outfield – Reggie Shulte, Tharaldson Enterprises
Outfield – Josh Holthaus, Redwood/
Outfield – Steve Schultz, Redwood/
Outfield – Eddie Agullar, WCS/LCV
Utility – Mark Dennis, Texas Miken
Utility – Johnny Bailey, WCS/LCV
Utility – Lance Dahlberg, Redwood/
Utility – Justin Strunk, Redwood/
Utility – Igancio Mata, Jr., Tharaldson Enterprises


Pitcher – Jimmy Heflin, WCS/LCV
Catcher – Scott Kirks, T’s 13/Easton
Infield – Steve Hall, Texas Miken
Infield – Henry Brown, Redwood/
Infield – Shane Leininger, Tharaldson Enterprises
Infield – Randy King, Redwood/
Outfield – Chris Potts, Texas Miken
Outfield – Mike Swanson, Tharaldson Enterprises
Outfield – Jim Schlieman, Tharaldson Enterprises
Outfield – Russell Chandler, Houston Sports
Utility – Kelly Hoekstra, WCS/LCV
Utility – Timo Mataalii, WCS/LCV
Utility – Bobby Worden, T’s 13/Easton
Utility – Ron Brown, Redwood/
Utility – Jonathan Lenz, Houston Sports


1. Redwood/, Lino Lakes, MN (5-0)
2. Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo, ND (3-2)
3. WCS/LCV, San Diego, CA (5-2)
4. Texas Miken, Houston, TX (3-2)
5t. Houston Sports, Houston, TX (3-2)
5t. T’s 13/Easton, Omaha, NE (2-2)
7t. Homes Unlimited/Titan/Miken, Rosemount, MN (2-2)
7t. Da Bomb, Houston, TX (2-2)
9t. Viessman/BBS/Miken, Faribault, MN (0-2)
9t. FNS Trucking, San Antonio, TX (0-2)
9t. Rios/Pizzini, Corpus Christi, TX (0-2)
9t. All Star Plumbing, Lawton, OH (0-2)
13t. FSH, San Antonio, TX (0-2)
13t. Spurs, San Antonio, TX (0-2)

Guy Demaio


Guy P. Demaio a longtime Player Rep for Pennsylvania and avid support of ASA softball has passed away. His obituary is below.

March 17, 1938 – November 24, 2018

Guy Patrick Demaio, 80, of South Cedar Street, New Castle, died Saturday, November 24, 2018 at UPMC Jameson Hospital in New Castle. He was born March 17, 1938 in Wampum, a son of the late Guy Anthony and Violet (Cini) Demaio. He was married to the late Lucille A. (Copple) Demaio who died November 27, 2002. Mr. Demaio was a Reading and English teacher at Mohawk Jr./Sr. High School retiring after 38 years. He coached multiple sports at Mohawk and was not only a teacher and coach, but a mentor to many students throughout his career. For his 50 plus years of dedication to softball Guy was District 9 Commissioner, Central Atlantic Regional Vice President for USA/ASA, was an Olympic Delegate and PAN AM Games Softball Coach, and was enshrined in the Lawrence County Historical Society Sports Hall of Fame, ASA of Pennsylvania Hall of Fame, USA/ASA of America National Hall of Fame and received numerous awards for his service to softball.

He is survived by three daughters, Angi Marie Condas and husband Jeff of New Castle, Patti Ann Kelley and companion Anthony Gentile of New Castle, and Marci Lynn Demaio of Pittsburgh, one brother, Larry DeMaio and wife Mary of Las Vegas, NV, four grandchildren, Julien DeMaio, Matthew Condas, Patrick Kelley, and Kirk Kelley, II, three step-grandchildren, and his companion, Zelda K. Lynch of Anaheim, CA.

He was also preceded in death by his sister Domenica Demaio.

Visitation will be held at the William F. & Roger M. DeCarbo Funeral Home, 926 Cunningham Avenue on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 from 4 PM to 7 PM.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 11:00 AM at St. Vincent de Paul Church. A funeral procession will leave the funeral home at 10:30 AM. Burial will be in the St. Lucy Cemetery.



Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
William F. & Roger M. DeCarbo Funeral Home, Inc.
926 Cunningham Avenue
New Castle, Pennsylvania 16101
Mass of Christian Burial

Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 11:00 AM
St. Vincent de Paul Church
1 Lucymont Dr.
New Castle, PA 16102

When Guy Demaio talked, people stopped and listened.

He made sure of it.

“When Guy was fighting for something or wanted to get his point across, he wasn’t bashful. He spoke loudly and convincingly. Everyone stopped and gave him their attention,” said Craig Cress, the executive director of USA Softball based in Oklahoma City. “Yet he was a true gentleman through and through. I never met a person who didn’t like Guy.

“The USA Softball family is a true family and we are in deep mourning right now over the loss of this great man.”

Demaio died Saturday at the age of 80. His calling hours and funeral will be attended by representatives from several states of USA Softball (formerly the Amateur Softball Association) of which Demaio was a well-known and much-revered member.

Cress said he first met Demaio in the early 1990s at an annual council meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. Demaio was an at-large player representative and one of about 290 national voting members.

“Guy represented the players very well — he definitely had their best interests at heart,” Cress said. “He was hands-on. He went to the ballparks and understood what the players wanted. He was very firm when telling council members what their needs were. He protected the players every step of the way.”

The Mahoningtown resident worked with the ASA for well over a half-century, starting as a Pennsylvania district commissioner in 1961. He went on to become Central Atlantic Regional Vice President for ASA/USA softball and was an Olympic delegate and Pan Am Games softball coach. He was inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame in 2010.

Steve Fee worked with Demaio from the time he was 14 years old and considered him a mentor and one of his best friends. He will deliver a eulogy at Demaio’s funeral tomorrow.

“Guy’s uncle Dominick Short and Dom Verdi ran the 7th Ward League,” Fee said. “I went to the Mahoning School with his youngest daughter, Marci, and she would sometimes invite me home for lunch That’s when I first met Guy’s wife, Lucille. I didn’t see Guy much at first because he was teaching school and coaching at Mohawk, but I started helping out at the ballfield keeping score and after the older guys got out, Guy ran the league and Lucille ran the concession stand.”

In the fall of 1982, Fee began to umpire and later worked hand-in-hand with Demaio as umpire-in-chief of District 9 and the western area while Demaio served as District 9 commissioner.

“Guy had guts,” Fee said. “If he thought something was right, he would fight for it. He spoke well, addressed people well and wrote well. Locally, he was well-respected. Nationally, he was just as well-respected.”

Henry Frengel also worked closely with Demaio in the ASA as Junior Olympic commissioner and as an umpire.

“Guy meant so much to me — he was my teacher, my role model and my friend,” Frengel said. “He was almost like a second father to me since the passing of my dad in November of 2007.

“Guy was special, one of a kind,” he added. “He touched the lives of so many people in so many ways. Everyone who met Guy knew he was genuine — he always had a story to tell or kind words to say about someone that truly came from the heart. He cared about you and your family and would do anything to help you. Guy was able to remember the people in the game and to him people were always most important.

“Softball will never be the same without this old man watching the game and talking about the game.”

From the New Castle News:

2001 ASA Men’s B Slow Pitch Nationals

2001 held at Hall of Stadium Complex in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on October 3-5.

Champion – Mizuno Techfire, Orlando, Florida (EAST)
Runner Up – Texas/AAA, Longview, Texas (WEST)

2001 held at Columbus, Georgia on September 20-23.

Champion – Mizuno Techfire, Orlando, Florida
Runner Up – Clearly Wireless/Mizuno, Richmond, Virginia

  • MVP – Larry Bumberg, Mizuno Techfire
  • Batting Champion – Clint Meeks, North Columbus Athletic Club
  • HR Champion – Ron Fields, Ohio Sealants


P – Mike Tilley, Clearly Wireless/Mizuno
P – Brian Wooten, Mizuno Techfire
P – Dan Dorsey, Hit n Run/Tanel 360/All Star Café
C – Larry Bumberg, Mizuno Techfire
1B – Phil Castellano, Hit n Run/Tanel 360/All Star Café
2B – Dean Schmidt, Mid South
3B – Nick Frizzell, Ohio Sealants
SS – Chris Bocci, Mizuno Techfire
OF – Jeff Toni, Ray’s
OF – Ron Fields, Ohio Sealants
OF – Alex Sorrell, Clearly Wireless/Mizuno
OF – Frank Zaman, Hit n Run/Tanel 360/All Star Café
UTIL – Clint Meeks, North Columbus Athletic Club
UTIL – Glen Burge, Clearly Wireless/Mizuno
UTIL – Steve Stone, Wine Trucking/Mizuno


P – Sonny Burton, Clearly Wireless/Mizuno
P – Steve Croff, Mid South
P – Jason West, North Columbus Athletic Club
C – Joe Horvath, Mid South
1B – Jeff Kovach, Ohio Sealants
2B – Dave Marlette, Tech Fire
3B – Joe Manzella, Hit n Run/Tanel 360/All Star Café
SS – Mike Fayard, Wine Trucking/Mizuno
OF – Brian Milstead, Tech Fire
OF – Ricky Phillips, Hit n Run/Tanel 360/All Star Café
OF – Mark Bowles, Wine Trucking/Mizuno
OF – Tommy Malonoski, Ray’s
UTIL – Stan Bike, Ray’s
UTIL – Kraig Miller, Tech Fire
UTIL – Donn Ostrander, Mid South


P – Roy Williams, Ray’s
P – Robert Gwinn, Clearly Wireless/Mizuno
P – Bobby Fox, Wine Trucking/Mizuno
C – Rick Arcaro, Ohio Sealants
1B – Steve Horley, Ohio Sealants
2B – Duane Tinnell, Wine Trucking/Mizuno
3B – Ron Visage, North Columbus Athletic Club
SS – Brian Lange, Mid South
OF – John Burks, Mid South
OF – Rick Siebert, Ohio Sealants
OF – Rob Whitehouse, Ohio Sealants
OF – Damon Marlette, Mizuno Techfire
UTIL – Bobby Moudy, Mid South
UTIL – Pat Patalano, Mizuno Techfire
UTIL – Paul Gilligan, Hit n Run/Tanel 360/All Star Café


1. Mizuno Techfire, Orlando, FL (7-0)
2. Clearly Wireless/Mizuno, Richmond, VA (9-2)
3. Ohio Sealants, Willoughby, OH (5-2)
4. Hit n run/Tanel 360/All Star Café, Deer Park, NY (5-2)
5t. Fat Daddy’s, Nashville, GA (4-2)
5t. Wine Trucking/Mizuno, West Point, VA (6-2)
7t. Mid South, Buchanan, MI (4-2)
7t. Ray’s, Bridgeport, CT (5-2)
9t. CES/Mizuno, River Falls, WI (3-2)
9t. North Columbus Athletic Club, Columbus, GA (4-2)
9t. TPS/Budweiser, Prairieville, LA (2-2)
9t. Jean Shoppe, MacKenzie, TN (4-0)
13t. Auto Extreme, Kennett Square, PA (3-2)
13t. Giant Glass, West Boxford, MA (2-2)
13t. Pervert-Shooters, Justice, IL (3-2)
13t. Frederick Chevrolet, Harrisburg, PA (3-2)
17t. T.J. Lite, Dunkirk, MD (3-2)
17t. Gators, Pittsburgh, PA (2-2)
17t. Moss Painting, Ft. Wayne, IN (2-2)
17t. McMillian/Ness, Manchester, NH (3-2)
17t. AFS Cars & Trucks, Geneva, AL (2-2)
17t. Winfield/Choice, Phenix City, AL (2-2)
17t. Ram/Mizuno/Business E-Touch, Syracuse, NY (2-2)
17t. Beacon Auto/Worth, Bellmawr, NJ (2-2)
25t. Ball Park Motors, Breadstown, IL (1-2)
25t. Lewis Homes/Kelly Homes, Topeka, IN (1-2)
25t. J&A Construction, Grand Rapids, KY (1-2)
25t. Twohig III Softball, Parma, OH (2-2)
25t. 412 Club/Schwartz Ford, Ft. Wayne, IN (2-2)
25t. Sports Page, Level Green, PA (1-2)
25t. Kokomo Foot & Ankle Care, Kokomo, IN (1-2)
25t. Doug’s Sports Pub, Stevens Point, WI (1-2)
33t. Columbus Fire & Safety, Columbus, GA (0-2)
33t. Corner Tap, Sterling, IL (0-2)
33t. 4-Stools/Miller Lite, Port Edwards, WI (1-2)
33t. Tiny Town Pizza/TPS, Lawrenceburg, IN (0-2)
33t. Big Daddy’s Scoreboard, Portsmouth, NH (0-2)
33t. Stewart Co. Merchants, Lumpkin, GA (1-2)
33t. Dibella’s Pizza, Spring Run, PA (0-2)
33t. Spindle Tech Blitz, Lawrenceburg, IN (0-2)
33t. Abney & Melton, Phenix City, AL (0-2)
33t. Oakley Blacktop/Trophy Sports, Zenia, OH (0-2)
33t. Wombats, Lemont, IL (1-2)
33t. Coors Lite/Moose, Greenwood, IN (0-2)
33t. Randy Smith/Roland’s, Lafayette, LA (0-2)
33t. Chandlerville Grain, Chandlerville, IL (0-2)
33t. B&C/Miken, Edmonton, KY (0-2)
33t. Cooper Sports/Poklman Tire/Worth, Hamilton, OH (0-2)
49t. Strike Zone, Gulf Shores, AL (0-2)
49t. C&C Aluminum, Manchester, TN (0-2)
49t. B&B, Auburn, AL (0-2)

2001 held at Portland, Oregon at Delta Park on September 21-23.

Champion – Texas/AAA, Longview, TX
Runner Up – Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth, Owatonna, MN

Texas/AAA of Longview won the ASA Class B Western National Softball Tournament held September 21-23 in Portland, Oregon. The team went 9-1 in the 41-team event, defeating Bud Light of Owatonna, Minn., in the championship. Texas/AAA also won the Texas ASA State Tournament, the Texas NSA State Tournament, and finished third in the Texas USSSA State Tournament. The team, coached and sponsored by Dan Melton and Jack Greer, qualified to play the Eastern National winner at the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. Texas/AAA team members are Steve Hall, tournament MVP; All-Americans Bud Weathers, Ryan Verde, Chris Griffin, Scotty Stanley, Richard Boring, Randy Crawford, and Brian Mack; Harold Slate, Scottie McDowell, Mike Scoggin, Roger Kirkland, Casey Bowers, Bart Bradley and Trinity Greer.

The tournament had 64 teams entered and paid originally but 16 teams could not make it to Portland due to flights getting cancelled from 9/11. The airspace was barely open at that point and no one was sure if the tournament would even occur. Tournament favorite Team Miken of Caledonia, MN had all sorts of issues getting enough players to the tournament which caused them to dump an early game and could never recover from it finishing in a tie for 13th place.

  • MVP – Steve Hall, Texas/AAA
  • Batting Champion – ??
  • HR Champion – ??


P – Bud Weathers, Texas/AAA
P – Mike Kath, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth
P – Marty Caneff, Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II
C – Jamie Heim, Sambetti’s
1B – Steve Hall, Texas/AAA
2B – Mark Lynse, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth
3B – Dale Deming, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth
SS – Brian Seykora, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth
OF – Jeff Werner, Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II
OF – Mark Cerny, Team MTS
OF – Chris Griffin, Texas/AAA
OF – John Hubley, Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II
UTIL – Ryan Verde, Texas/AAA
UTIL – Randy Pottinger, Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II
UTIL – Matt Kretlow, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth


P – Carl Hotchkiss, Sambetti’s
C – Mike Amy, Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II
1B – Tony Cooper, Team MTS
2B – Paul Strome, Sambetti’s
3B – Chris Hildman, Idlers Carpet
SS – Steve Lynn, Team MTS
OF – Victor Broussard, Team MTS
OF – Rich Boring, Texas/AAA
OF – Justin Foster, Sambetti’s
OF – Darren Idler, Idlers Carpet
UTIL – Tony Bergloff, Sambetti’s
UTIL – John McGee, Sambetti’s
UTIL – Jim Moras, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth
UTIL – Bryan Mitchell, Oswego Drywall
UTIL – Randy Crawford, Texas/AAA


P – Philip Minjares, Team MTS
C – Ruben Trevino, Idlers Carpet
1B – Lance Nelson, Sambetti’s
2B – Dale Munsen, Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II
3B – Don Groth, Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II
SS – Chad Hartsell, Oswego Drywall
OF – Steve Hooper, Fresh Pak
OF – Justan Duden, Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II
OF – Scott Stanley, Texas/AAA
OF – Terry Gaulrapp, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth
UTIL – Andy Nylund, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth
UTIL – Brian Mack, Texas/AAA
UTIL – Shaun Drury, Team Alpha
UTIL – Mark Dennis, Team Alpha
UTIL – Scott Seykora, Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth


1. Texas/AAA, Longview, TX (9-1)
2. Bud Light/Weber’s/Worth, Owatonna, MN (5-2)
3. Papa’s Dakota Rhoades II, Hastings., MN (5-2)
4. Sambetti’s, Des Moines, IA (5-2)
5t. Idlers Carpet, Kennewick, WA (3-2)
5t. Team MTS, Houston, TX (5-2)
7t. Team Alpha, Grants Pass, OR (3-2)
7t. Oswego Drywall, Lake Oswego, OR (4-2)
9t. Rumple Minze, Des Moines, IA (3-2)
9t. Fresh Pak, Spokane., WA (4-2)
9t. Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo., ND (3-2)
9t. Team Seattle, Seattle, WA (2-2)
13t. Murr Plumbing, St. Paul, MN (2-2)
13t. Team Miken, Caledonia, MN (3-2)
13t. Craft Cochran/Winning Edge, Waterloo, IA (3-2)
13t. Lufkin Mavericks, Lufkin, TX (2-2)
17t. Bigelow Enterprises, Cannon Falls, MN (1-2)
17t. Team 35, Portland, OR (2-2)
17t. Albuquerque Merchants, Albuquerque, NM (2-2)
17t. KP Pros, Portland, OR (1-2)
17t. John’s Shoe Repair, Sioux Falls, SD (2-2)
17t. Stoddard/MJ Barleyhoppers, Lewiston, ID (1-2)
17t. LTI/TPS, Delano, MN (2-2)
17t. Barracuda’s/Mac’s, Burlington, IA (2-2)
25t. Floor Concepts, Lincoln, NE (1-2)
25t. Hoehn Trucking, Owatonna, MN (1-2)
25t. Budweiser, Coeur D’Alene, ID (1-2)
25t. Northern Lights/Excalibur, Juneau, AK (1-2)
25t. Pacific Green Landscape, Anchorage, AK (0-2)
25t. Four Seasons, Portland, OR (0-2)
25t. Moseng’s Adjusters, Montivideo, MN (1-2)
25t. Lefty’s Dawgz/B&B Painting, Brainerd, MN (0-2)
33t. Sud’s Hut, Billings, MT (0-2)
33t. GSS/Champions, St. Paul, IA (0-2)
33t. Black Stallion, Cannon Falls, MN (0-2)
33t. Sleeping Giant, Billings, MT (0-2)
33t. Team Whitefish, Kalispell, MT (0-2)
33t. Summerlin Masonry, Bryan, TX (0-2)
33t. Halftime Dirtballers, Great Falls, MT (0-2)

2000 ASA Men’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

2000 held at Lancaster, California.

Champion – K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs, North Vernon, Indiana
Runner Up – Paramount Builders, Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • MVP – Ricky Jackson, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
  • HR Leader – N/A
  • Batting Leader – Kevin Gillott, L&L Painting


P – Ricky Jackson, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
C – Roy Jarmin, Paramount Builders
1B – David Dohanos, Maroadi Transfer/Frankenstein/Nike
2B – Ken Ezell, Smokes/ABS/TPS
3B – Larry Huff, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
SS – Phil Hardy, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
OF – Rick Baker, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
OF – Bob Van Erem, Deery Brothers/Easton
OF – Edwin Colore, Paramount Builders
OF – John Thomas, W.W. Gay/TPS
UTIL – Travis Mathews, Paramount Builders
UTIL – Andy Trosper, Worth/Sports Star
UTIL – Kevin Gillot, L&L Painting
UTIL – Geno Burdick, Pov’s/Walser Chev/TPS
UTIL – David Allen, Paramount Builders


P – Scotty Matthewson, Deery Brothers/Easton
C – Bob Bayne, Smokes/ABS/TPS
1B – Mike Thomas, W.W. Gay/TPS
2B – Bobby Freeland, Worth/Sports Star
3B – John Adams, Paramount Builders
SS – Rickey Wiggins, Paramount Builders
OF – Ryan Robbins, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
OF – Larry White, Paramount Builders
OF – Steve Helewitz, Smokes/ABS/TPS
OF – Tony Acosta, W.W. Gay/TPS
UTIL – Jayson Sterling, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
UTIL – Jim Rogers, Smokes/ABS/TPS
UTIL – Dan Houchin, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
UTIL – R.J. Olson, Pov’s/Walser Chev/TPS
UTIL – Kevin Rasmussen, Deery Brothers/Easton


P – Jim Gruenwald, W.W. Gay/TPS
C – Rick Meyers, K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs
1B – Steve Gilbert, Smokes/ABS/TPS
2B – Mike Brodzinski, Pov’s/Walser Chev/TPS
3B – Luis Ruiz, L&L Painting
SS – Tim Felderman, Deery Brothers/Easton
OF – John Dutch, Paramount Builders
OF – Brian Matthewson, Deery Brothers/Easton
OF – Steve Schultz, Pov’s/Walser Chev/TPS
OF – Matt Jones, Thomas Oil
UTIL – Shane Frederick, L&L Painting
UTIL – Derrick Reece, Reds/J&J/Fairweather/Worth
UTIL – John Glidewell, Thomas Oil
UTIL – Don Vasler, Deery Brothers/Easton
UTIL – Troy Rawlins, Maroadi Transfer/Frankenstein/Nike


1. K&G/TPS/Bike/Webbs, North Vernon, IN (10-1)
2. Paramount Builders, Virginia Beach, VA (5-2)
3. Deery Brothers/Easton, Waterloo, IA (4-2)
4. Smokes/ABS/TPS, Ellicott, MD (5-2)
5t. Pov’s/Walser Chev/TPS, Brooklyn Center, MN (3-2)
5t. W.W. Gay/TPS, Gainesville, FL (3-2)
7t. Dalton Chiropractic/Viggiani Plumbing, Ocean, NJ (3-2)
7t. L&L Painting, Prattville, AL (4-2)
9t. Thomas Oil, Benton, AR (3-2)
9t. Gateway Press/TPS, Louisville, KY (3-2)
9t. Worth/Sports Star, Louisville, KY (4-2)
9t. Maroadi Transfer/Frankensyein/Nike, Jeanette, PA (3-2)
13t. Reds/J&J/Fairweather/Worth, Kent, WA (3-2)
13t. Sid Grinker Company/TPS, Milwaukee, WI (2-2)
13t. Eagle Group/Buckeye/Al’s, Dover, DE (2-2)
13t. Classic Glass, San Jose, CA (2-2)
17t. Mercer Machine/Worth, Indianapolis, IN (1-2)
17t. Perkins Roofing/TPS, Cincinnati, OH (1-2)
17t. Berardi’s/TPS, Lexington, KY (2-2)
17t. Phonemasters/TPS, St. Louis, MO (2-2)
17t. Kluever’s Snap-On/Demarini, Metamora, IL (1-2)
17t. TPS Northwest, Everett, WA (2-2)
17t. Creative Stucco/Easton, Columbus, OH (2-2)
17t. Team Miken, Caledonia, MN (1-2)
25t. Bigelo/Mizuno, Owatonna, MN (0-2)
25t. Webworks, Muskegon, MI (1-2)
25t. Las Vegas Funjet/TPS, Milwaukee, WI (0-2)
25t. R&M Metals, Gilbertville, IA (0-2)
25t. Refco/Yamaha/Mizuno, Burnsville, MN (0-2)
25t. O&S Cattle Dogs/Demarini, St. Paul, MN (0-2)
25t. Wolfpack, Rowland Heights, CA (0-2)
25t. Can Do Metals, St. Anne, IL (0-2)
33t. Kevitt/J&H/Easton, Brooklyn Center, MN (0-2)
33t. OCP/CCC/Bud/Worth, Owatonna, MN (0-2)
33t. Team Softball America, Los Angeles, CA (0-2)
33t. Doug’s Sports Pub/Barrell Inn, Stevens Point, WI (0-2)

1998 Grand Slam Leaders

(Composite statistics for ISA, NSA, ASA and USSSA)


Dennis Mendoza, Lighthouse/Worth .723
Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth .714
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth .699
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS .691
Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth .691
Rod Hughes, Steele’s/R&D .691
Jason Kendrick, Sierra/TPS .683
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith .680
Greg Cannedy, Sierra/TPS .680
Brian Jeffers, Backstop/Easton .674
Mike Shenk, Team TPS .671
Albert Davis, Lighthouse/Worth .671
Robin Higginbotham, Lighthouse/Worth .667


Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 36
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 32
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth 32
Greg Harding, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 28
Tot Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 28
Britt Hightower, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 24
Darrell Beeler, Sierra/TPS 24
Jeff Wallace, Team TPS 22
Jimmy Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 22
Randy Kortokrax, Steele’s/R&D 22
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 21
Larry Fredieu, Sierra/TPS 21
Albert Davis, Lighthouse/Worth 21
Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse/Worth 20
Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/Worth 20
Rod Hughes, Steele’s/R&D 20


Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Worth 79
Hank Garris, Sierra/TPS 73
Greg Harding, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 65
Jeff Hall, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 62
Dewayne Frizzell, Lighthouse/Worth 62
Jimmy Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 59
Tot Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 59
Britt Hightower, Sunbelt/Dan Smith 54

Jerome Earnest Team of the Decade – 1960’s

1960’s Player of the Decade – Jim Galloway

1960’s Team of Decade – Skip Hogan AC of 1964 with an 69-11 record won the ASA title.

First Team

P – Lou DelMastro
C – Tex Collins
1B – Mike Axelson
2B – H.T. Waller
3B – Paul Tomasovich
SS – Mike Kovack
OF – Mike Gouin
OF – Hal Wiggins
OF – Luther Ates
OF – Mort Weinberg
EH – Ron Patterson
EH – Steve Loya
Util – Jim Galloway
Util – Bill Cole
Util – Ed Finnegan

Second Team

P – Sam Minniti
C – Chester Dungan
1B – John Stone
2B – Don Rardin
3B – Whitey Brown
SS – George Caloia
OF – Myron Rheinhardt
OF – Jim Puckett
OF – Miller Adams
OF – Bert Smith
EH – Ron Annotico
EH – Dick Polgar
Util – Steve Massong
Util – Tom Taylor
Util – Don Arndt

Honorable Mention (players also receiving votes)

J.D. McDonald
Bob Auten
Lou Russo
Jim Becker
George Siford
Bob Harrison
Bob Bier
Bill Malloy
Hudson Knock
Bob Malicki
Bob Schugman
George Caloia
Oscar Steadman
Gene Gedeon
Bernie Roeckers
Dan Vlahovic
Jim Wessell
Walt Roeckers
Paul Nutley
Ron Cutter
Harry Phillips
Frank Matoh
Steve Shurina
Jim Mortl
Joe Konicki
Joe Gauci