World Softball Association (WSA)

WSA World Tournament
Year	Champion				Runner-up (if available)
2002	USA Sports, Douglasville, GA		Atlanta Connection, Atlanta, GA (2 HR division)
2003 *	B&E Automotive, Atlanta, GA		Battle Paint, Gainesville, GA 	(2 HR division)
2004 	Collin's & Bull/ESC, Gainesville, GA	C-Town				(2 HR division)
2005 	?
2006 	Easton Yard Dogs, Wendell, NC		Mid South, Middle, GA		(2 HR division)
	Priority One, Spartenburg, SC		BP Softball, Blacksburg, SC 	(1 HR division)
This WSA may not be related to the previous WSA
2007 	So Cal Elite, Orange, CA		LCP, Alhambra, CA		(Class-D)
	TCG/Ball-A-Hollic Club, La Verne, CA 	Kraven Moorhead, Rancho Cucamonga, CA	(Class-E)
WSA 40 & Over World Tournament
Year	Champion
2002	Primetime Softball, Buford, GA
2003	Doc's, Sioux City, NE
2004	Cross Traxx
2005	?
2006	?
WSA Black American World Tournament
Year	Class	Champion
2002	Comp.	Prime Time Softball, Buford, GA (4 HR division)
	Rec.	Raggdoll/Storm, Lithonia, GA (2 HR division)
2003 *	-	H.T Lithonia Lighting (state tournament only, no nationals held)
2004	-	Raggdoll, Lithonia, GA  (state tournament only, no nationals held)
2005	-	?
2006	-	?
* - Many WSA Nationals weren't held in 2003, Commissioner Ernest Spikes was in active military duty.

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