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1950 NSC Women’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1950 held at Phoenix, Arizona.

Champion – Funk Jewelry Gems, Phoenix, Arizona
Runner Up – A-1 Queens, Phoenix, Arizona (110-29)

Carolyn Morris of Funk Jewelry hurled a 1-0 shutout in the final championship game to defeat her former team, A-1 Queens for the NSC title. Morris was awarded the Outstanding Pitcher Award as she went 5-0 in the tournament, including three shutouts and only gave up two runs in the entire tournament. Morris beat her old friend and teammate Charlotte Armstrong of the A-1 Queens, who gave up only the only run of the game in the first inning on a Mildred Dixons single that scored Mearle Keagle from second.

Keagle had started off the game with an infield hit and stole second before scoring. She was the only runner to steal a base of Queens catcher and tournament MVP Lois Williams.

Williams had a brilliant tournament behind the plate and also delivered some big hits from her clean-up spot in the batting order.

Alma Wilson was the batting champ as she started off with a 2 for 3 effort in the first game, including a run scoring single and then later, a grand slam home run.

  • MVP Award – Lois Williams, A-1 Queens (Brilliant defensive play at the Catcher position clutch hits from clean-up spot)
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Carolyn Morris, Funk Gems (5-0, including 1-0 shutout in championship, she had 2 other shutouts as well)
  • Leading Hitter – Alma Wilson, Sooner Queens (3-2 pitching, not much info on batting, Grand Slam, single, 5 RBI)
  • Miss Softball Award – Dodie Nelson, A-1 Queens (Outfielder, played entire tournament with dislocated kneecap and still made all world)


P – Charlotte Armstrong, Phoenix A-1 Queens (4-2)
P – Carolyn Morris, Phoenix Funk Gems (5-0)
P – Annabelle ‘Mugsy’ Walker, Denver Industrial Bank (1-2)
C – Kay Rohrer, Phoenix Funk Gems
C – Lois Williams, Phoenix A-1 Queens
1B – Theda Tee Marshall, Phoenix Funk Gems
2B – Margie Yetman, Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens
3B – Mildred Dixon, Phoenix Funk Gems
SS – Nancy Ito, Denver Industrial Bank
OF – Merle Keagle, Phoenix Funk Gems
OF – Dottie Myers, Phoenix Funk Gems
OF – Dodie Nelson, Phoenix A-1 Queens
UTIL – Alice Jorgensen, Seattle Epicures (2-2)
UTIL – Alma Wilson, Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens (3-2)


1. Funk Jewelry Gems, Phoenix, AZ (5-0)
2. A-1 Queens, Phoenix, AZ (4-2)
3. Lorelei Ladies, Atlanta, GA (4-2) *
4. Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens, Oklahoma City, OK (3-2)
5t. Van Food Mart, West Allis, WI (2-2)
5t. Seattle Epicures, Seattle, WA (2-2)
7t. Texas Bells, Breckenridge, TX (1-2) *
7t. Industrial Bankers, Denver, CO (1-2)
9t. Sunshine Girls, Tucson, AZ (0-2)
9t. Agriculture Assoc. Hybrid Chicks, DeKalb, IL (0-2)
9t. Miller & Miller Freight, Wichita Falls, TX (0-2)
9t. Ringsby Truck Lines, Grand Junction, CO (0-2) (forfeit)

* includes 1 forfeit win

1950 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1950 held at Greeley, Colorado on September 2-11.

Champion – Hoak Packers, Fresno, California
Runner Up – Kings, Hanford, California

This was the final NSC tournament held in Greeley (CO). The ISL was created in December, 1950 by Carrol Forbes and in 1951 the inaugural ISL tournament was held in
Greeley (CO).

At this 1950 NSC tournament, Hoak Packers were unbeaten, winning 5 games, allowing 7 runs while scoring 16 runs. Their first 3 wins were by one run and the lone shutout they recorded was in the 3-0 final over Hanford Kings.

The first woman manager of an NSC world tournament team made her debut in this tournament. Mrs. Ruth Mohr took control of the Marchese team at mid-season and
guided her club to the metro, district, and state championships to qualify for the world tournament. The team lost its final game on Red Denham’s (Crane) no-hitter.

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Red Denham, Gulf Oilers
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – LeRoy Zimmerman, Hoak Packers
  • Leading Hitter – Bill Heard, Kings – .429
  • Most RBI – N/A


P – Bill Buckley, Kings, Hanford
P – Les Haney, Hoak Packers
C – Whitey Becknell, Kings
C – Hal Britton, Hoak Packers
IF – Leonard Francis, Hoak Packers
IF – Herman Hoff, Wells Motors
IF – Rusty Stewart, Gulf Oilers
IF – Bing Bingston, Hoak Packers
OF – Ray Maegher, Hoak Packers
OF – Bill Heard, Kings, Hanford
OF – Vance Adams, Deal Motors
UTIL – Jim Livingston, Grever Truck Lines
UTIL – Ray Curtiss, Wells Motors


1. Hoak Packers, Fresno, CA
2. Kings, Hanford, CA
3. Grever Truck Lines, Tulsa, OK
4. Wells Motors, Greeley, CO
5t. Gulf Oilers, Crane, TX
5t. Deal Motors, El Paso, TX
7t. Eales, Bryan, OH
7t. Brandies, Rock Island, IL
9t. Fisher-Hess Pontiac, Ogden, UT
9t. Snow Jewelers, Clinton, OK
9t. Double Seven, Phoenix, AZ
9t. Hast Lumber, Denver, CO
13t. Juds, Johnstown, CO
13t. Marchese Bros., Milwaukee, WI
13t. Eagles, Cheyenne, WY
13t. Stoutamire Garage, Gainesville, FL
17t. Horton Mfg., Fort Wayne, IN
17t. Motors, Cochituate, MA

1949 NSC Women’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1949 held at Phoenix, Arizona.

Champion – A-1 Queens, Phoenix, Arizona (121-42)
Runner Up – Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Charlotte Armstrong’s 1-hit shutout won the 2nd and deciding game 6-0. Dot Myers had the big blow, a 3-run HR.

A-1 Queens win was so dominant, the numbers are mind boggling. They were 8-0, the runner-up was 7-6. The run differential was 41-3, 13 runs more than the closest team and 10 runs less than the closest team. Their two pitchers, Carolyn Morris and Charlotte Armstrong were both 4-0 with 3 shutouts each. Morris gave up 1 run and Armstrong 2.

The talk of the tournament was the MVP pitcher from Oklahoma City Sooner Queens, Alma Wilson, who pitched every single inning of the tournament for the Sooner girls, 88 consecutive innings and went 7-6 in the event.

Diane Holder won the Miss Softball Award as her team came from Los Angeles with just 9 players, causing her to pitch all 42 innings for the squad.

Alice Jorgensen was 2-2 on the mound for the Seattle Epicures and also won the batting title with a .412 average.

  • MVP Award – Alma Wilson, Sooner Queens (7-6, pitched all 13 games, 88 consecutive innings, had 4 shutouts)
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Carolyn Morris, A-1 Queens (4-0, 28 IP, 3 shutouts)
  • Leading Hitter – Alice Jorgensen, Seattle Epicures (7-17, also 2-2 pitching) – .412
  • Miss Softball Award – Diane Holder, Los Angeles Arden Farms (Pitcher, 1-3 record, team came with 9 players, she hurled all 42 innings)


P – Charlotte Armstrong, Phoenix A-1 Queens (4-0)
P – Lottie Jackson, Jax Brewer Maids (3-2)
P – Carolyn Morris, Phoenix A-1 Queens (4-0)
C – Alice Jorgensen, Seattle Epicures
C – Lois Williams, Phoenix A-1 Queens
1B – Flossie Ballard, Phoenix A-1 Queens
2B – Margie Yetman, Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens
3B – Betty Giertz, Phoenix A-1 Queens
SS – Kay Rohrer, Jax Brewer Maids
OF – Jane Skeeter Eden, Erin Brews
OF – Dottie Myers, Phoenix A-1 Queens
OF – Dodie Nelson, Phoenix A-1 Queens
UTIL – Hazel Gill, Jax Brewer Maids
UTIL – Alma Wilson, Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens (7-6)
UTIL – Diane Holder, Los Angeles Arden Farms (1-3)


1. A-1 Queens, Phoenix, AZ (8-0)
2. Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens, Oklahoma City, OK (7-6)
3. Jax Brewery Maids, New Orleans, LA (3-4)
4. Seattle Epicures, Seattle, WA (3-4)
5t. Erin Brews, Cleveland, OH (3-3)
5t. Arden Farms, Los Angeles, CA (1-3)
7t. Superettes, Rock Island, IL (1-3)
7t. Martin Maids, West Allis, WI (0-3)

* winners bracket games were all best of 3 series

1949 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1949 held at Greeley, Colorado on September 3-11.

Champion – Kings, Hanford, California
Runner Up – Roundup Bar, Somerton, Arizona

A 20-inning game was played between Toronto’s Dalton Furs & El Paso’s Deal Motors. Cam Ecclestone (Toronto) set the strikeout mark (30) for a game but lost to Paul Lopez 1-0. Both records (longest game & strikeouts) would stand for 18 years until broken by Vern Mauch of Colorado in 1967.

In an earlier game between Taft (3rd) and runner-up Somerton, the game went 16 innings and ended with a steal of home by Somerton 3rd baseman Herman Frauenfelder
for a 1-0 final.

In a game between Gainesville and Taft, Les Haney (Taft) struck out 15 consecutive batters from the 2nd through 6th innings.

Jess Cornwell of Greeley no-hit the Churubusco team from Indiana.

The tournament director for this NSC event was Carrol Forbes who would break with the NSC in December, 1950 and form another organization, the ISL.

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Paul Thomas, Streit’s Bicycle Shop
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Kenny Law, Roundup Bar
  • Leading Hitter – Dave Lott, Anderson Sporting Goods – .519
  • Most RBI – N/A


P – Kenny Law, Roundup Bar (5-2, 57 IP, 35 H, 5 ER, 83 K, 35 BB)
P – Bill Buckley, Kings (2-0, 14 IP, 6 H, 0 ER, 18 K, 0 BB)
C – Wes Priest, Shamrocks (2-1, 31 IP, 10 H, 1 ER, 46 K, 3 BB)
C – Charles Morris, Shamrocks .190
IF – Whitey Becknell, Kings .000
IF – Jack Reid, Roundup Bar .310
IF – Jerry Cahoon, Roundup Bar .222
IF – Fred Viera, Kings .214
OF – Don Allen, Bluebonnet Laundry .455
OF – Dom Farruzzi, Kings .462
OF – Dave Lott, Roundup Bar .519
UTIL – Lou Ferrero, Kings .467
UTIL – Bud Manchester, Streit’s Bicycle Shop .200 (5 RBI)
UTIL – Jim Livingston, Tulsa .333


1. Kings, Hanford, CA
2. Roundup Bar, Somerton, AZ
3. Shamrocks, Taft, CA
4. Grever Truck Lines, Tulsa, OK
5t. Streit’s Bicycle Shop, Gainesville, FL
5t. Rudy & Headland, Salt Lake City, UT
7t. Bluebonnet Laundry, Lubbock, TX
7t. Deal Motors, El Paso, TX
9t. Wells Motors, Greeley, CO
9t. Oilers, Madill, OK
9t. Fred Ward All-Stars, Denver, CO
9t. All-Stars, Stamford, TX
13t. Dalton Furs, Toronto, ON
13t. Leitch Hardware, Churubusco, IN
13t. Gulf Oilers, Crane, TX
13t. American Legion, Windsor, CO
17t. Western Floors, Cheyenne, WY

1948 NSC Women’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1948 held at Phoenix, Arizona.

Champion – Jax Brewer Maids, New Orleans, Louisiana
Runner Up – A-1 Queens, Phoenix, Arizona

Queens beat Jax 2-1 in the winners bracket final to put them in the losers bracket. Then the Jax eliminated Phoenix Holsum Maids 6-1 on the pitching of Nina Korgan.

Once in the finals, Lottie Jackson took it over from there as she beat the best Phoenix had to offer. The first final was a 5-1 win over Carolyn Morris. Olympia Savona drove in 2 runs with a double and later scored. In the final championship, Jackson bested Charlotte Armstrong in a 2-1 9 inning game. Freda Savona scored Nina Korgan with a triple in the top of 9th and then scored on an error.

Phoenix made it interesting in the bottom of the 9th when Nonie Thomas drove in a run to make it 2-1, but Lottie Jackson had enough left to finish out the championship game win. Jackson was voted the Outstanding Pitcher award as she was 3-1 in the 4 games she pitched for a total of 30 innings, had 28 Ks, gave up 11 hits and only 4 runs. She also hurled a no hitter.

Her teammate Nina Korgan was 3-0 with a shutout. Jackson was equally devastating at the plate as she was 8-21 (.391 average), with 5 of her hits being extra base hits (2 doubles, a triple and 2 Home Runs).

Freda Savona led the Jax offense going 9-22 (.409) with 2 triples.

For the A-1 Queens, Charlotte Armstrong and Carolyn Morris were both 2-1. Armstrong hurled a no-hitter and had 20 Ks in 24 IP. Morris had 24 Ks in 21 IP and tossed a shutout.

In the Consolation Bracket, the Downtown Sooner Queens went 3-0 behind the pitching of Alma Wilson to reach the final to face the Holsum Maids and pitcher Marge Lang. The game was called in the 3rd inning due to incoming bad weather so the Finals could be completed.  The score was tied 0-0. So the Sooner Queens and the Holsum Maids were consolation bracket co-champs.

  • MVP Award – Dodie Nelson, A-1 Queens (12-21, .571)
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Lottie Jackson, Jax Maids (3-1, including both final games, 30 IP, 28 K, no hitter; 8-21, .381, 2 HR at bat)
  • Leading Hitter – Alma Wilson, Sooner Queens (9-12) – .750
  • Miss Softball Award – Lois Williams, A-1 Queens (Catcher, caught every inning of the A-1 Queens 6 games)


P – Charlotte Armstrong, Phoenix A-1 Queens (2-1)
P – Lottie Jackson, Jax Brewer Maids (3-1)
P – Nina Korgan, Jax Brewer Maids (3-0)
C – Lois Williams, Phoenix A-1 Queens
C – Olympia Savona, Jax Brewer Maids
1B – Flossie Ballard, Holsum Bakery Maids
2B – Hazel Gill, Jax Brewer Maids
3B – Ricki Caito, Phoenix A-1 Queens
SS – Freda Savona, Jax Brewer Maids
OF – Sis King, Holsum Bakery Maids
OF – Dottie Myers, Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens
OF – Dodie Nelson, Phoenix A-1 Queens
OF – Alma Wilson, Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens (4-2 Pitching)
UTIL – Kay Rohrer, Phoenix A-1 Queens


P – Marge Lang, Holsum Bakery Maids (3-2)
P – Marge Wood, Erin Brews (3-3)
P – Jerry Fiorello, Takoma Decorators (3-3)
P – Corolyn Morris, Phoenix A-1 Queens (2-1)
P – Bertha Dunn, Lorelei Ladies (3-2)
1B – Mary Pembo, Jax Brewer Maids
2B – Louise Curtis, Holsum Bakery Maids
3B – Meinecke, Jax Brewer Maids
3B – Chris Christopher, Takoma Decorators
SS – Naomi Henderson, Chevy Sooner Queens
CF – Irma Black, Takoma Decorators


1. Jax Brewer Maids, New Orleans, LA (6-1)
2. Phoenix A-1 Queens, Phoenix, AZ (4-2)
3. Phoenix Holsum Bakery Maids, Phoenix, AZ (4-2) (4-2-1 overall)
4. Lorelei Ladies, Atlanta, GA (3-2)
5t. Takoma Decorators, Washington DC (3-2) (3-3 overall)
5t. Erin Brews, Cleveland, OH (3-2) (3-3 overall)
7t. Teagues Used Cars, Fort Worth, TX (1-2)
7t. Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens, Oklahoma City, OK (2-2) * (5-2-1 overall)
9t. Stamford Nutmeg’s, Stamford, CT 0-2 (0-3 overall)
9t. Seattle Skylarks, Seattle, WA (1-2) *
9t. Knight Insurance Company, Roxboro, NC (1-2) *
9t. Sal’s, West Allis, WI (1-2)
13t. Burbank Merchants, Burbank, CA (0-2)
13t. Del’s Sports, Syracuse, NY (0-2) forfeited second game
13t. Kansas City All Stars, Kansas City, MO (0-2) forfeited both games

* includes 1 forfeit win


1. Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens, Oklahoma City, OK (3-0-1) *
1. Holsum Maids, Phoenix, AZ (0-0-1)
3. Takoma Decorators, Washington DC (0-1)
4. Erin Brews, Cleveland, OH (0-1)
5. Stamford Nutmeg’s, Stamford, CT (0-1)

* Consolation final halted after 3 innings with score tied at 0-0.

1948 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1948 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Champion – Merchants, Taft, California
Runner Up – Clark Smith Autos, Phoenix, Arizona

Kenny Law struck out 27 batters in a 15-inning game. Wes Priest (Merchants) struck out 19 in a 7-inning game. Les Haney (Merchants) threw a no-hitter against Acme Glass.

Kenny Law and Don Westfall combined to do the same vs Cochituate Motors. In that game, Law went 4 innings & had one baserunner on his own error. Westfall also had a baserunner through an error in the 6th inning. But in the 7th with 2 outs, Westfall intentionally walked the next batter so that 15 year-old Rollie Welchel (relief pitcher) could get a chance to bat. He grounded out.

Wheeler Realty who finished with a 2-2 record had 1-hit losses to both Kenny Law and Wes Priest. Clyde Woods (Anderson Sporting Goods) also threw a 1-hitter against Greeley but lost, 1-0!

Goody Rosen of Levy Auto Parts (ex-Brooklyn Dodger) had 4 hits in one game and two triples in the same game.

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Kenny Law, Clark Smith Autos
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Les Haney, Merchants
  • Leading Hitter – Delmar Wade, Anderson Sporting
  • Most RBI – N/A


IF – Johnny Burkhart, Merchants
IF – Bob Adams, Clark Smith Autos
IF – Delmar Wade, Anderson Sporting Goods
IF – Norb Burkhardt, Acme Glass
OF – Roy Butler, Bluebonnet Laundry
OF – Lefty Bevington, Clark Smith Autos
OF – Goody Rosen, Levy Auto Parts
OF – Herman Hoff, Wheeler Realty
UTIL – Vance Adams, Clark Smith Autos
UTIL – Charles Morris, Merchants
C – Willis James, Bluebonnet Laundry
P – Les Haney, Merchants (2-0)
P – Kenny Law, Clark Smith Autos (5-2, 86K)
P – Pat Peeples, Merchants (2-0)


1. Merchants, Taft, CA
2. Clark Smith Autos, Phoenix, AZ
3. Bluebonnet Laundry, Lubbock, TX
4. Wheeler Realty, Greeley, CO
5t. Levy Auto Parts, Toronto, ON
5t. Anderson Sporting Goods, Oklahoma City, OK
7t. Cochituate Motors, Natick, MA
7t. Acme Glass, Cincinnati, OH
9t. Drugstore Cowboys, Pawhuska, OK
9t. All-Stars, Elmira, NY
9t. Grever Truck Lines, Tulsa, OK
9t. Scott’s Market, Oklahoma City, OK

1947 NSC Women’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1947 held at Phoenix, Arizona.

Champion – Phoenix A-1 Queens, Phoenix, Arizona (105-15)
Runner Up – Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The NSC was created by Larry Walker of Phoenix as an alternative place to play where the rules were a little more relaxed than the ASA was.  Some looked at it as a semi-pro league, and it was at first scorned by the ASA.

ASA teams came to play in the NSC Worlds. The Jax Brewer Maids of New Orleans who won 5 ASA Nationals in 7 years joined the NSC in 1948, after ASA accused them of professionalism.

The A-1 Queens from Phoenix was to the NSC as the Phoenix Ramblers were to the ASA. Both teams were great and engaged in many contests against each other.  They even billed an event in 1948 as the Women’s World Championship series between the 1947 ASA Champ Jax Maids and the 1947 NSC Champ A-1 Queens. They were very evenly matched.

Soon, more ASA teams came over to play like the Erin Brews of Cleveland, OH and the Lorelei Ladies of Atlanta.

As tensions between the ASA and NSC lessoned, even more teams came to play. Erv Lind Florists of Portland, OR and Shamrocks of Salt Lake City, UT played in the NSC Nationals. Even the Canadian Champs, Crowhurst Motors of Vancouver, British Columbia played. Many more played. And when the NSC had their last National Championship in 1954, all the NSC teams were welcomed back to ASA.

Eleanor Anderson collected 3 hits in the final game to lead the Queens. Charlotte Armstrong doubled in the Queens first run to start a big 3 run rally. she finished 2-0 in the tournament and 57-3 on the season. Margie Yetman of the Sooners led her team through the losers bracket to the finals, She was 11-22 (.500) and named MVP. With Armstrong and Morris hurling for the A-1 Queens, they were practically unbeatable. Both were 2-0 and together they allowed only 5 runs in the 4 games. For the Sooner Queens, Pitchers Eleanor ‘Big Red’ Purkey was 3-2 and Gladys Haywood was 2-0. Armstrong finished out the year 57-3.

  • MVP Award – Margie Yetman, Sooner Queens (11-22, .500, played flawless 2B)
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Charlotte Armstrong, A-1 Queens – (2-0, pitched a 6-1, 3-hitter with 11 K to win championship game)
  • Leading Hitter – Margie Yetman, Sooner Queens (11-22) – .500
  • Miss Softball Award – Carolyn Morris, A-1 Queens (Pitcher, 2-0, including 2-hit shutout with 13 K)


P – Charlotte Armstrong, Phoenix A-1 Queens (2-0)
P – Mary Hicks, Dallas Bell Comets (2-2)
P – Carolyn Morris, Phoenix A-1 Queens (2-0)
P – Lois Williams, Phoenix A-1 Queens
C – Jody Gebron, Dallas Bell Comets
1B – Babe Massa, Chicago Rival Dog Food
2B – Margie Yetman, Chevy Sooner Queens
3B – Mildred Dixon, Phoenix Holsum Bakery
SS – Eleanor Anderson, Phoenix A-1 Queens
LF – Dodie Nelson, Santa Monica Ramblers
CF – Merle Keagle, Phoenix A-1 Queens
RF – Jackie Anderson, Chevy Sooner Queens
UTIL – Louise Curtis, Phoenix Holsum Bakery
UTIL – Nonie Hoehn, Santa Monica Ramblers (1-2)


1. Phoenix A-1 Queens, Phoenix, AZ (4-0)
2. Downtown Chevy Sooner Queens, Oklahoma City, OK (5-2)
3. Bell Comets, Dallas, TX (2-2)
4. Holsum Bakery Maids, Phoenix, AZ (3-2)
5t. Santa Monica Ramblers, Santa Monica, CA (1-2)
5t. Lorelei Ladies, Atlanta, GA (1-2)
7t. Rival Dog Food, Chicago, IL (1-2)
7t. Dorst Sweethearts, Toronto, ON (1-2)
9t. Takoma Decorators, Washington DC (0-2)
9t. New Bridger Cafe, Billings, MT (0-2)

The 1947 ASA Champion New Orleans Jax Brewer Maids vs the 1947 NSC Champion Phoenix A-1 Queens Series

Over in the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) National Championships, The Jax Brewer Maids won their third straight National Championship and fifth in the last six years. The Jax were rumored to have “professional” players and were scrutinized a lot by the ASA, so they decided to leave and join the NSC for the 1948 season.

Jax pitcher Nina Korgan was one of the greatest pitchers in softball history. She had one of the most amazing streaks in Softball History. In ASA National Championship play from 1941 through and including the 1947 National, Her team won the Championship 6 of the 7 years. She pitched and won every final championship game victory – (6 final game victories, 4 of them being shutouts, one a no hitter).  In that span between 1941-1947, Korgan racked up a Championship Tournament record of 21-0 with 18 Shutouts, 5 No-Hitters, one being a perfect game. She had two shutout streaks of 7 from 1941-42 and then 8 from 1945-47. She twirled 168 innings in that span, striking out 254 batters and surrendering only 6 runs on 35 hits. Teammate Lottie Jackson was the “other” pitcher and she only went 8-2 in the same period of time with 4 being by shutout, including a no-hitter. The only two games she last were in relief and both by 1-0 scores. Both pitchers always played when they weren’t pitching as both were great hitters as well.  The last three years the Jax played ASA, their total record was 143-20, incredible, especially considering that 11 of the losses were to Men’s teams.

It was only natural that the best ASA team who became part of the NSC set up a season series with the Best NSC team. So, during the 1948 season, a 30-game schedule was set up between the two squads. The games were all close and in the end with Lottie Jackson doing much of the pitching for the Jax (Korgan did her share as well) and Charlotte Armstrong hurling for the Phoenix A-1 Queens along with Carolyn Morris. The teams played 30 games and from newspaper accounts, the final tallies were 16-13-1 in favor of the New Orleans Jax. But from all accounts, both teams were considered the two best teams in the country.

1947 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1947 held at Phoenix, Arizona.

Champion – Farm Fresh Market, Phoenix, Arizona
Runner Up – Palomar Foods, San Diego, California

This was the inaugural softball tournament of the newly created National Softball Congress (NSC), preceding the International Softball League (ISL) and forerunner to the present International Softball Congress (ISC).

Much of the content herein from the NSC, ISL and even the earlier years of the ISC were painstakingly compiled by former ISC Historian, Art Cashion, Ft. Worth (TX).

Mr. Cashion spent countless hours reviewing outdated newspapers (thru his local library) from around the country in order to glean much of the information on this and other ISC tournaments. We are greatly indebted to Art Cashion for the tremendous task he undertook in compiling the early history of our organizations.

Arnold Trujillo (Farm Fresh) no-hit the Oklahoma City team.

One-hitters included future ISC Hall-of-Famer, Paul Lopez (Farm Fresh) and Eddie Feigner.

Eddie Feigner (Seattle) would later go on to world-wide acclaim with the handle, The King and His Court.

Wes Priest (Reno) threw a 1-hitter and lost (1-0) to Milwaukee.

Frank Parente (Seattle) was the only player to hit 2 homeruns.

Ted Oleo (Farm Fresh) was the only player to hit two triples and did it in the same game.

Johnny Taylor (Phalanx) hit the only grand-slam homer of the tournament. Dick Mitchell hit two of only four doubles in the entire tournament. Bob Adams, Phalanx had 4 hits in one game.

Of the 24 extra-base hits in the 16 team tournament, 13 were homers.

The above was edited on Sep 1, 2006 by Bret Baughman, Cedar Rapids Iowa ISC Historian. At this time I will also add full line scores as reported in the Arizona Republic in the time period of the NSC World Tournament.

The Championship game of this tournament went extra innings with Farm Fresh scoring 4 runs in the top of the 8th to claim the NSC World Championship.

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Mickey Aguirre, Palomar Foods, San Diego, CA
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Bob Michaels, Palomar Foods, San Diego, CA
  • Leading Hitter – Bob Adams, Phalanx Fraternity (6-13) – .462
  • Most RBI – Ivan Crawford, Kings – 5
  • Most RBI – Dom Faruzzi, Kings – 5
  • Most RBI – Bud Manchester, Streit Bicycle Shop – 5
  • Most RBI – Tom Sewell, Grever Truck Line – 5


IF – Dick Mitchell, Palomar Foods
IF – Bob Adams, Phalanx Fraternity
IF – John Pinson, Andrews Motors
IF – Mickey Aguirre, Palomar Foods
OF – Bill Bletcher, Harold’s Club
OF – Harold McNeeley, Fire Department
OF – Jim Brawner, Farm Fresh Markets
UTIL – John Pompeo,  White Center Athletic Club
UTIL – Harley Taylor, Mount Dennis Athletic Association
C – Ralph Pelkowski, Royals
C – Hugo Pearson, United Tile


1. Farm Fresh Markets, Phoenix, AZ (5-1)
2. Palomar Foods, San Diego, CA (7-2)
3. Andrews Motors, Rome, GA (3-2)
4. Anderson Sporting Goods, Oklahoma City, OK (3-2)
5t. United Tile, Waco, TX (3-2)
5t. Phalanx Fraternity, Phoenix, AZ (2-2)
7t. Royals, Milwaukee, WI (2-2)
7t. White Center Athletic Club, Seattle, WA (2-2)
9t. Platt-Rogers, Boulder, CO (1-2)
9t. Fire Department, Tulsa, OK (1-2)
9t. Harold’s Club, Reno, NV (1-2)
9t. Mount Dennis Athletic Association, Toronto, ON (1-2)
13t. Bonaldi Bros Post, Rochester, NY (0-2)
13t. New York Hatters, Gainesville, FL (0-2)
13t. Regalos Gaona, Ciudad, MX (0-2)
13t. Merchants, Bell, CA (0-2)