2008 Old Scout All World Team

Catcher: Scott Brown – Dan Smith
Catcher: Jeff Wallace – Resmondo

Additional Hitter: JC Phelps – GTL
Additional Hitter: BJ Fulk – Long Haul

Infielder: Jeff Hall – Resmondo
Infielder: Brett Helmer – Dan Smith
Infielder: Bryson Baker – Dan Smith
Infielder: Dal Beggs – Dan Smith
Infielder: Greg Connell – Resmondo
Infielder: Dennis Rulli – Resmondo
Infielder: Jeff McGavin – Dan Smith
Infielder: Don Dedonatis Jr – Resmondo
Infielder: Todd Martin – Resmondo
Infielder: JD Genter – Dan Smith

Pitcher: Andy Purcell – Resmondo
Pitcher: Scott Nastally – Dan Smith

Outfielder: Brian Rainwater – Resmondo
Outfielder: Rick Baker – Resmondo
Outfielder: Bobby Hughes – Resmondo
Outfielder: Scott Kirby – Dan Smith
Outfielder: Brian Wegman – Dan Smith
Outfielder: Jason Kendrick – Dan Smith

Utility: Denny Crine – Long Haul
Utility: Robert Blackburn – Jean Shoppe
Utility: Jamie Gordon – Jean Shoppe
Utility: Vince Bisbee – Resmondo
Utility: Brian Justice – Dan Smith
Utility: Kevin Filby – GTL

Defensive Player of the Year: Jeff McGavin – Dan Smith

Offensive Player of the Year: JC Phelps – GTL

Sponsor of the Year: Greg Blackburn – Jean Shoppe

Manager of the Year: Scotty O’Neil – Taylor Made

Player of the Year: Don Dedonatis Jr – Resmondo


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