1990 Softball USA All-Star Team

Player of the Year Cecil Whitehead, Ritch’s/Kirk’s

Player of the Year Finalists-

Mike Macenko, Steele’s Silver Bullets
Dirk Androff, Steele’s Silver Bullets
Jim Fuller, Superior/Apollo
Todd Joerling, Steele’s Silver Bullets

P — Rick Weiterman, Steele’s Silver Bullets, .683 BA, 7 HRs
P — Paul Drilling, Ritch’s/Kirk’s, .627 BA, 22 HRs
C — Mike Macenko, Steele’s Silver Bullets, .717 BA, 162 HRs
1B — Dirk Androff, Steele’s Silver Bullets, .717 BA, 155 HRs
2B — Carl Rose, Lighthouse/Sunbelt, .711 BA, 187 HRs
3B — Charles Wright, Ritch’s/Kirk’s, .658 BA, 94 HRs
SS — Todd Joerling, Steele’s Silver Bullets, .664 BA, 119 HRs
OF — Cecil Whitehead, Ritch’s/Kirk’s, .708 BA, 90 HRs
OF — Doug Roberson, Superior/Apollo, .696 BA, 95 HRs
OF — Britt Hightower, Ritch’s/Kirk’s, .705 BA, 91 HRs
OF — Scott Virkus, Steele’s Silver Bullets, .684 BA, 98 HRs
DH — Jim Fuller, Superior/Apollo, .767 BA, 123 HRs
UT.– Monty Tucker, Steele’s Silver Bullets, .714 BA, 113 HRs
UT.– Kerry Everett, Bell Corp., .667 BA, 117 HRs
UT.– Dave Johnson, Starpath., .658 BA, 117 HRs

Honorable Mention

Ron Parnell, Superior/Apollo
Greg Whitlock, Ritch’s/Kirk’s
Mark Hierlmeier, Ritch’s/Kirk’s
Ernie Montgomery, Steele’s Silver Bullets
Greg Schulte, Steele’s Silver Bullets
Dennis Graser, Superior/Apollo
Brian Ward, Sunset Technologies
Ted Larson, Sports Hero’s Athletics
Craig Elliott, Stewart’s Lounge
Cliff Carpenter, Bell Corp.


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