1990 ASA Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1990 held at Maumee, Ohio.

Champion – New Construction, Shelbyville, Tennessee
Runner Up – SETA Corporation, Charlotte, North Carolina

  • MVP – Greg Pyle, New Construction
  • HR Leader – F.A. Martin, SETA Corporation – 12
  • Batting Leader – Nate Quinn, Safety Roofing – .889


P – Greg Pyle, New Construction (17-20, .850, 9 HR)
C – Ralph Van Dorn, Safety Roofing
C – Bill Pollock, Amark-DeBacco
IF – Nate Quinn, Safety Roofing (16-18)
IF – Dave Dale, New Construction
IF – Jim McCann, DJ’s Athletic Club
IF – Ed Phillips, Safety Roofing
IF – Mickey Morrison, Safety Roofing
IF – Ken Spangenberg, Amark-DeBacco
IF – Kelly Stanley, SETA Corporation
OF – Richie Vaughn, Chem-Clean
OF – Tom White, Amark-DeBacco
OF – Dave Markland, SETA Corporation
OF – Steve Sharp, New Construction
UT – FA Martin, SETA Corporation
UT – Horace Jefferson, Coors-Arkins


Bucky Autry, New Construction
Mark Uptegraff, SETA Corp
Baxter Burris, SETA Corp
Tim White, SETA Corp
Scott Rosenberg, Amark/DeBacco
Mike Weagley, Chem-Clean
Bucky Ford, Chem-Clean
Mitch Williams, Coors/Atkins
Tony Conway, Coors/Atkins
Bert Oettmeier, Coors/Atkins
Chic Downing, Coors/Atkins
Hank Dunham, DJ’s
Brad Bettle, DJ’s
Joe Meyer, DJ’s


1. New Construction, Shelbyville, IN (5- 1)
2. SETA Corp., Charlotte, NC (5-2)
3. Amark/DeBacco, Belleville, NJ (4-2)
4. Safety Roofing, Springfield, MO (4-2)
5t. Coors/Atkins, Dodge City, KS (3-2)
5t. Chem-Clean, Lebanon, TN (2-2)
7t. DJ’s, St. Louis, MO (2-2)
7t. Archer TV, Des Moines, IA (2-2)
9t. Dryden Georno, Hampton, VA (1-2)
9t. Coors Extra Gold, Faribault, MN (1-2)
9t. Hahn Industries, Kankakee, IL (1-2)
9t. DJ’s, Springfield, MO (1-2)
13t. Moulton Furniture, Moulton, AL (0-2)
13t. Lemoyne Sleeper, Harrisburg, PA (0-2)
13t. Schriffer Meadows, Newport, KY (0-2)
13t. Napa Auto Parts, Dubuque, IA (0-2)


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