1978 ASA Women’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1978 held at Jacksonville, Florida.

Champion: Bob Hoffman’s Dots, Miami, Florida
Runner Up: Getz, Atlanta, Georgia

Behind the dominant defense and pitching of Judy Hedgecock, the Dots went undefeated winning all five games, two of them by shutout. The score in the final game was 7-2. Kristy Boston has a monster tournament for the Dots and was named MVP.

  • MVP – Kristy Boston, Bob Hoffman’s Dots (15-23, .652)
  • Batting Leader – Kristy Boston, Bob Hoffman’s Dots – .652
  • Home Run Leader – N/A


P – Cathy Herrington, Getz
P – Judy Hedgecock, Bob Hoffman’s Dots
C – Chris Keller, Wray Roofing
C – Jeanne Ghostley, Spooks
1B – Mary Kay Sharp, Spooks
2B – Kristy Boston, Bob Hoffman’s Dots
3B – Terry Allen, Getz
SS – Chris Padgett, Bob Hoffman’s Dots
OF – Ernestine Hamel, Bob Hoffman’s Dots
OF – Mary Ann Holmes, Tamps Gremlins
OF – Dru Wise, Nelson’s Painting Saints
OF – Lori Brenner, Wray Roofing
UT – Sharon Gallagher, M&M Debs
UT – Branda Marshall, CC Brick & Lumber


P – Curnie Webster, Stompers
P – Sandra VanLandingham, Tampa Gremlins
C – Linda Ares, Bob Hoffman’s Dots
C – Cheryl Hall, Stompers
1B – Val Nicholson, M&M Debs
2B – Sherri Pickard, Rubi-Otts
3B – Sue Stead, M&M Debs
SS – Dot Stansal, Denny Morgan’s Rebels
OF – Holly Perzel, Broglio’s Rockettes
OF – Elaine Roberson, Gets
OF – Evelyn Hayes, Bob Hoffman’s Dots
OF – Carol Stromberg, Spooks
UT – Darlene Werhnyak, Getz
UT – Jennie Garrison, Getz


1. Bob Hoffman’s Dots, Miami, FL (5-0)
2. Getz, Atlanta, GA

5t. Gremlins, Tampa, FL

17t. Summertime Blues, Conejo, CA

TBD on paper 41 teams

Danny’s Angels – MA
Amr-Co Travel – Copaque, NY
The King and I – Rochester, NY
Roy Wheeler Realty – Charlottesville, VA
Mid-Region Petroleum – Tulsa, OK
Capps Realty – AR
HIC – Dallas, TX
CC Brick and Lumber – Corpus Christi, TX
Bernward Hall – Fond du Lac, WI
Oak Creek Equipment – Franklin, WI
Roadrunners – Columbus, OH
Independence Rockettes – Cleveland, OH
Kentucky Fried Chicken – Franklin, IN
Americs – Minneapolis, MN
Cowley County – KS
Gibson Contractors – Greeley, CO
Forrest Datsun – CA
Bellingham Belles – Bellingham, WA
Coeur d’Alene Auto Parts – Coeur d’Alene, ID
Cardinals – Cincinnati, OH
Barnette Pavers – Lexington, KY
Spartan Sporting Goods – MO
Universal Plastics – Cookeville, TN
Raintree Steak & Pizza – Seattle, WA
Armed Forces – Annville, PA
Mason Majors – Mason, MI
Glenn Sporting Goods – WV
James Gang – Albany, GA
Scott Equipment Co. – Chattanooga, TN


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