1963 ASA Women’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1963 held at Cincinnati, Ohio.

Champion: Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio (34-1)
Runner Up: Windy Tap, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dana Gardens was the host team, but wasn’t much of a host as they roared through this tournament winning the final 15-1. Dana’s Karen Kuhnhein drove in 6 runs on three hits to lead the Cincinnati squad to its second straight title. In the Semi Final, Windy Tap’s pitcher Dolores Sanz shocked the fans as she shutout the high scoring Rutenschroer Florist team in the Semi-Finals 3-0. This, after Rutenschrorer had just destroyed three straight teams by a combined score of 49-5. Dana Gardens defeated Pasquales from Cincinnati behind the big bat of Karen Kuhnhein as she was 4 for 4 with a double, 2 singles and a homer to back the pitching of Dot Bailey. Dana Gardens won their second straight National Championship and Pitcher Dot Bailey is a combined 9-0 in the last two years including 4 by shutout. Just to show how powerful Women’s Slow Pitch is in the Cincinnati Area, Dana Gardens competes in the “Open” city municipal league along with Dairy Cottage, Covington Dukettes, Pasquales, Rutenschroer Florists and Rocknoll Nursery. All of these teams have participated in the ASA Worlds over the past three years. Dana Gardens has had a 79-2 record over the past two seasons, both defeats administered by the same team; Covington Dukettes.

  • MVP – Not awarded
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Dot Bailey, Dana Gardens (4-0 pitching, including a 15-1 win in the finals. She also twirled a 16-0 shutout earlier in the tournament, gave up only 7 runs in 4 games.)
  • Batting Leader – Karen Kuhnheim, Dana Gardens (went 7-8 in the final two games)
  • HR Leader – ?


  • P – Dot Bailey, Dana Gardens
  • C – Betty Bynum, Pharr Yarn
  • 1B – Janet Kouris, Ohio Furniture
  • 2B – Judy Anderson, Volkwagonettes
  • 3B – Joan Neuser, Windy Tap
  • SS – Gloria Hill, Dana Gardens
  • SF – Karen Kuhnheim, Dana Gardens
  • OF – Norma Eschenbrenner, Dana Gardens (13-23, .576)
  • OF – Marcy Suszek, Windy Tap
  • OF – Alberta Kohls, Dana Gardens (12-25, .480)


1. Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH (4-0)
2. Windy Tap, Milwaukee, WI (3-1)
3t. Pasquales, Cincinnati, OH (3-1)
3t. Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH (2-1)
5t. BPW Hoosers, Louisville, KY (2-1)
5t. Ross Wagonettes, Lakeland, FL (1-1)
5t. Pharr Yarn, McAdenville, NC (1-1)
5t. Hillbillies, Clay, WV (1-1)
9t. Dairy Cottage, Covington, KY (1-1)
9t. Richmond BJ’s, Richmond, VA (1-1)
9t. Omaha Rockets, Omaha, NE (1-1)
9t. Pope’s Inn, Grove City, OH (1-1)
9t. Nebraska Phil-Queens, Council Bluffs, IA (1-1)
9t. St. Stephens, Detroit, MI (0-1)
9t. Rice Potato Chips, Moselle, MS (0-1)
9t. Steele Concrete, Graham, NC (0-1)
17t. Broadrick Drugs, Dalton, GA (0-1)
17t. Ohio Furniture, Cleveland, OH (0-1)
17t. Williamson-Garrison, TN (0-1)
17t. Arsenal All-Stars, Pittsburgh, PA (0-1)
17t. Mapleton Hotel, West Oconomowoc, WI (0-1)
17t. The Point, Minneapolis, MN (0-1)
17t. Ellisville Cardinals, St. Louis, MO (0-1)
17t. Monroe Royals, Monroe, MI (0-1)


Single Elimination
First Round
Nebraska Phil-Queens, Council Bluffs, IA 2 – Monroe Royals, Monroe, MI 1
BPW Hoosers, Louisville, KY 15 – Ellisvills Cardinals, St. Louis, MO 0
Pasquales, Cincinnati, OH 21 – The Point, Minneapolis, MN 5
Pope’s Inn, Grove City, OH 9 – Mapleton Hotel, W. Oconomowoc, WI 4
Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 18 – Arsenal All-Stars, Pittsburgh, PA 2
Omaha Rockets, Omaha, NE 3 – Williamson-Garrison, TN 0
Richmond Blue Jay’s, Richmond, VA 7 – Ohio Furniture, Cleveland, OH 4
Dairy Cottage, Covington, KY 6 – Broadrick Drugs, Dalton, GA 5

Second Round
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 16 – Nebraska Phil-Queens, Council Bluffs, IA 0
BPW Hoosers, Louisville, KY 3 – Steele Concrete, Graham, MC 2
Pasquales, Cincinnati, OH 11 – Rice Potato Chips, Moselle, MS 10
Ross Wagonettes, Lakeland, FL 4 – Pope’s Inn, Grove City, OH 2
Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 20 – St. Stephens, Detroit, MI 3
Hillbillies, Clay, WV 5 – Omaha Rockets, Omaha, NE 4
Windy Tap, Milwaukee, WI 6 – Richmond Blue Jay’s, Richmond, VA 4
Pharr Yarn, McAdenville, NC 10 – Dairy Cottage, Covington, KY 9

Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 3 – BPW Hoosers, Louisville, KY 1
Pasquales, Cincinnati, OH 11 – Ross Wagonettes, Lakeland, FL 5
Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 11 – Hillbillies, Clay, WV 0
Windy Tap, Milwaukee, WI 9 – Pharr Yarn, McAdenville, NC 5

Semi Finals
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 14 – Pasquales, Cincinnati, OH 5
— Karen Kuhmheim’s had 2 singles, a double and a home run for Dana Gardens
Windy Tap, Milwaukee, WI 3 – Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 0
— Dolores Sanz hurled the shutout for Milwaukee

Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 15 – Windy Tap, Milwaukee, WI 1

1963 Consolation Final – (only info on consolation flight is the championship result):

Dairy Cottage, Covington, KY 8 – Ohio Furniture, Cleveland, OH 1

NOTE- this is the only information available on the consolation flight. no results, no scores, just the Championship Game score.


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