Mike Foley

Started playing with NY Titans in 1963. Long Island was tough to advance to Nationals, because you had Musicaros and then County Sports and only the winner went. The Titans were always second in the NYC/Long Island regionals and only the winner went. Foley batted .700 and used to hit 50 home runs in the 25 game season in Queens where the Titans played. Steve Shurina, Bill Malloy also played with Titans. Musicaros always had Lou Russo and Galloway, but County Sports picked those two up for Nationals. in 1966, they split up NYC and Long Island and both champs went to Nationals. That was the year County won 10 straight in 36 hours only to lose in the Final to Michael’s Lounge in Parma, Ohio. The Titans finished in 5th. Mort Weinberg made the all American team for the Titans. he was 13-21, .619, 3 home runs. Foley hit about the same, but had 8-9 home runs.

in 1967/1968, The Titans became the Hicksville Astros and they had Bill Malloy, Steve Shurina, Joe Konicki, Lou Russo, Oscar Steadman, Rocky Salice. County Sports beat them in the regionals. So Hicksville stayed home. Doc Linnihan would always pickup Shurina and Malloy for Nationals because they both could play OF/IF and Pitch. Foley was just an OF.

in 1969, Hicksville got to go to the Nationals because County Sports won in 1968 and got an automatic berth to nationals. County finished fourth that year (Copper Hearth won). Hicksville finished tied for 5th. After County Sports won the Nationals in 1968, a few of the Astros went over to County Sports notably Salice and Malloy. Steve Shurina, Joe Konicki, who led the 1969 ASA Nationals in hitting (16-20, 800) in 1969 stayed along with Lou Russo, Oscar Steadman, and Mike Foley. A couple of the Astros made the All America team in 1969, obviously Konicki and second basemen Joe Petriello, who batted .450. Foley didn’t appear on the batting chart because he hit home runs his first time up in each game then was intentionally walked. So he didn’t get enough at bats. They said he was like 9 for 9 with 9 home runs.

in 1970 and 1971, Foley played with Hicksville Astros and could not beat County Sports for the NYC/Long Island Regional, so the Astros played USSSA. They finished in the top five in both those years. Back then the USSSA just had a East and and a West World and the two winners would meet the following year in the USSSA World Series. Mike Foley made the USSSA Eastern All World for Hicksville both years and let the tournament in home runs one year and Batting the other, I think. Hicksville finished in the top 4 each year.

After 1971, County Sports and Hicksville Astros merged and also got a big corporate Sponsor from Empire Vending Company of NYC. The team was called the Empire County Astros for a few years, then Empire County Sports and then Pepsico in 1976 and 1977.


County Sports was 9th, 3 of their players were picked for the team.

  • Bill Malloy (17-23, .739, 5 HRs, 8 RBIs)
  • Steve Shurina (17-23, .739, 5 HRs, 11 RBIs)
  • Jim Galloway (16-23, .696, 7 HRs, 15 RBIs)

Mike Foley (17-27, .630, 7 HRs, 16 RBIs) – he batted lead off for them for ever.


  • 1st Team Outfielder, Mike Foley (29-41, .707, 16 HRs, 35 RBIs)


  • 1st Team Utility, Mike Foley (12-22, .545, 1 HR, 9 RBIs) – in York with bad balls and long fences.


  • 1st Team Utility, Mike Foley (11-15, .733, 5 RBIs) – In Cleveland in rain the year Pyramid won

Batting leader was Dave Rumpke of Cambridge Square (14-19, .737), Foley was second .004 points behind.


  • 1st Team Utility, Mike Foley (15-19, .789, 8 HRs, 17 RBIs)

Batting leader was Mike Nye (23-29, .793) Foley was second .004 points behind again.

He was less then 1/10th of a point away from two ASA National Batting crowns. And Steve Barkan says he got ripped off both times as the Official scorer was always 1 hit off with his stats.

Mike Foley went to the Pro League in 1977. He finished in the top-10 in batting as he batted .585 with 24 HRs and 71 RBIs for half a season. The New York Clippers lost their financial backing and a guy that ran a team in Poughkeepsie took over the team and cut every player, including Galloway. Gary Richter, Mike Foley, Larry Chiapetta, Sam Sapienza, Hank Cluess, John Dunn, Steve Shurina all got cut so this guy could bring his Amateur Team to the Pro League (I think it was Pelltown Taxi, a class-A team).

In 1978, the New York guys ended up with the New Jersey Statesmen. Foley was the only guy to make the All Pro team (he batted .563 with 35 HRs and 109 RBIs).

in 1979, The New Jersey team brought most of their Trenton Capitals team to the Pro League. The New York guys either left Pro ball or went to with the Philadelphia A’s or the New England Pilgrims. Gary Richter and Foley stayed with Trenton and Richter made all pro. Foley had a better year, but wasn’t selected. I heard he and Pepitone didn’t see eye to eye. Pepitone was the Trenton Manager.

1980 and after, Foley left softball and then made a short comeback for County Sports in 1981 when they won the USSSA A World Series. But he had put on weight and basically was not the same. He became a personal driver for actor Ed Asner for many years. Another guy who was great, but his career ended earlier than expected. Steve Barkan will tell you how good Mike Foley was. He found one of the old stat sheets for County Sports from 1973. Said Foley won the team batting title a couple of points higher than Galloway. (like .685 to .683). Davide was third in low 600s. Galloway had 103 home runs, with Foley 97, and Davide close behind him at 95. The team only played about 60-70 game schedule then. And Mike Foley had the strongest arm from the OF then anybody that ever played there.

Nobody could tough Galloway, who would field a grounder at first, backhand it to second base and then get the throw back for the DP. Galloway played third base in short left and on 60 foot bases, threw people out taking his time. He would hit 80 home runs in a 35 game season at Jones Beach where the win blew across from Right to left and Galloway’s home runs all went to right center or right field. Until they finally talked him into using an aluminum bat. He used a wood bat up until 1973. Davide hit his wooden bat and Galloway had to use an aluminum one and hit a HR in York over the CF wall at the stadium.


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