2011 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2011 held at Orlando, Florida.

Champion – Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, Florida
Runner Up – Supersonics/TYJA Sports, Warner Robbins, Georgia

Enough Said won another Championship, but not before the Supersonics jolted them with a 19-12 win in the first final. This forced the “if: game. Enough Said won that 15-7. They finished up 4-1.

  • MVP – Stacie Symonds, Enough Said
  • Defensive MVP – Queydreka Shumpert, Supersonics/TYJA
  • Offensive MVP – Stacie Symonds, Enough Said


Tiffany Daniels, Yard Dawgs
Theresa Hunt, Yard Dawgs
Mary Hoff, Enough Said/Easton
Sirene Johnson, Enough Said/Easton
Cara Coughenour, Top Gun
Diana Williams, Enough Said/Easton
Jennifer Holmes, Supersonics/Tyja Sports
Katondra Morgan, Supersonics/Tyja Sports
Alexis Stovall, Supersonics/Tyja Sports
Rosalyn Gallaher, Supersonics/Tyja Sports
Lacey Stovall, Top Gun


1. Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, FL
2. Supersonics/TYJA Sports, Warner Robbins, GA


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