1994 ASA Men’s B Slow Pitch Nationals

1994 held at Altamonte Springs, Florida on September 22-25.

Champion – Superior Softball, Miami, Florida
Runner Up – Smokes, Ellicott City, Maryland

  • MVP – Albert Davis, Superior Softball
  • Batting Champion – Rob Oleath, Superior Softball
  • HR Champion – Albert Davis, Superior Softball


P – Spencer Preston, Superior Softball
C – Jim Ferranto, Columbia One
1B – Joseph Romas, Asches/Steele’s
2B – Pete Petrovic, Asches/Steele’s
3B – Albert Davis, Superior Softball
SS – Frank Davis, Columbia One
OF – Roy Eppley, Superior Softball
OF – J.C. Batista, Superior Softball
OF – Mike Anderson, Keith’s Softball
OF – Pat Hilditch, Smokes
EP – Rob Oleath, Superior Softball
UTIL – Billy Godley, Keith’s Softball
UTIL – Tim Sievert, National Golf
UTIL – Bill Honeycutt, Smokes
UTIL – Michael Koehn, Asches/Steele’s


P – Dave Novak, Smokes
C – Tim Hockman, National Golf
1B – Paul Brandon, Keith’s Softball
2B – Billy Godley, Keith’s Softball
3B – Chris Boutchie, Superior Softball
SS – Chuck Silkey, Asches/Steele’s
OF – Paul Wenzel, Asches/Steele’s
OF – Joe Seaman, Asches/Steele’s
OF – Tom Grudzielanek, Asches/Steele’s
OF – Bill Kissane, Columbia One
EP – Jon DeLaurentis, Columbia One
UTIL – Nate Cole, National Golf
UTIL – Mike McCrory, National Golf
UTIL – Tim Powell, National Golf
UTIL – Duane Sliter, National Golf


1. Superior Softball, Miami, FL (8-0)
2. Smokes, Ellicot City, MD (7-2)
3. Keith’s Softball, Raleigh, NC (7-2)
4. Asches/Steele’s, Milwaukee, WI (6-2)
5t. Columbia One, Hamilton, NJ (6-2)
5t. National Golf, Louisville, KY (5-2)
7t. Sundquist Consulting, Fargo, ND (4-2)
7t. Dadz Bar & Grill, Hamilton, NJ (6-2)
9t. Steven’s Sports, Post Falls, IN (4-2)
9t. L&L Paint, Prattville, AL (5-2)
9t. Garofalo’s Hit & Run, Smithtown, NY (3-2)
9t. Deluxe Bakery, Bear, DE (4-2)
13t. Kamikazes, Orland Park, IL (6-2)
13t. Angle Inn Doghouse, Baltimore, MD (6-2)
13t. New Hampshire Steele Fabricators, Manchester, NH (4-2)
13t. Fitzgerald Merchants, Fitzgerald, GA (6-2)
17t. Trysting Place, Menomonee Falls, WI (4-2)
17t. Hooters/Easton, Dover, DE (3-2)
17t. Lititz American Legion, Rossville, PA (4-2)
17t. Schneider Foods, Buchanan, MI (2-2)
17t. Muscato Corp, Altamonte Springs, FL (4-2)
17t. Budweiser, College Station, TX (4-2)
17t. Crest Supper Club/Coors Light, Caledonia, MN (5-2)
17t. B&O Cleaners, Deland, FL (3-2)
25t. Twohig III, Lakewood, OH (3-2)
25t. Union Town Chiropractic, Uniontown, PA (3-2)
25t. Triple Crown, Fort Collins, CO (3-2)
25t. Las Vegas Funjet/Nike, Milwaukee, WI (2-2)
25t. Ridge Runners, Winter Garden, FL (4-2)
25t. Wallace Marine Zippers, Salem, OR (3-2)
25t. Checking/Dudley, New Haven, CT (4-2)
25t. Grayson Merchants/Dudley, Grayson, KY (3-2)
33t. Certified Slings, Winter Springs, FL (1-2)
33t. M.D.C.C. Health South, Des Moines, IA (2-2)
33t. Fraley’s, Lexington, KY (2-2)
33t. Gary Kings, Anchorage, AK (1-2)
33t. Geneva Liquors, North Mancato, MN (2-2)
33t. Screwballs, Forest Park, IL (2-2)
33t. Cellular Dimension, Apopka, FL (2-2)
33t. North Florida Bandits, Altha, FL (2-2)
33t. Pepco, Madison, OH (2-2)
33t. Ind-Com Electric, Charlotte, NC (3-2)
33t. Aragon/Merchants, Albert Lea, MN (2-2)
33t. Silver Bay/Bud Ice, Silver Bay, MN (1-2)
33t. Austin Spurs, Buda, TX (2-2)
33t. Hardliners, San Diego, CA (1-2)
33t. Jr. Food Mart, Evansville, IN (3-2)
33t. Orlando Hitmen, Orlando, FL (2-2)
49t. Doc’s, Sioux City, IA (1-2)
49t. O.A. Softball, Beaver Creek, OH (2-2)
49t. Beulah Visions, Beulah, NC (1-2)
49t. Miller Lite/Davenport, Davenport, IA (1-2)
49t. Cooperstown Sports Cards, Lewisburg, PA (2-2)
49t. J.J.L. Softball Club, Brandon, FL (2-2)
49t. Orlando Bulldogs, Orlando, FL (2-2)
49t. Fort Smith Construction, Fort Smith, AZ (1-2)
49t. Poweraid, Lynn, IN (1-2)
49t. Reggie’s Café, Blackwood, NJ (2-2)
49t. Advanced Auto, Yorkville, NY (2-2)
49t. Sunshine Mills/Ratliff, Tupelo, MS (1-2)
49t. K.R. Plaza, Iowa City, IA (2-2)
49t. Austin Lighting, Detroit, MI (1-2)
49t. Moldmaster Engineering, Pittsfield, MA (1-2)
49t. Cliff Keen Athletic, Ann Arbor, MI (1-2)
65t. C-Hawks, Palatka, FL (0-2)
65t. Fivestar, Clayton, IN (0-2)
65t. River Valley Merchants, Danville, AR (0-2)
65t. Hooks/Transfer Station, Newport, KY (0-2)
65t. Brewton Merchants, Brewton, AL (0-2)
65t. Hooters, Downer’s Grove, IL (1-2)
65t. Potomac Valley Brick, Rockville, MD (1-2)
65t. Idaho Sporting Goods, Boise, ID (0-2)
65t. Gallo’s Sand Bar, Norwalk, CT (0-2)
65t. American Safe/Lock, Cincinnati, OH (0-2)
65t. College Pub, Milwaukee, WI (0-2)
65t. Olympic All-Sport/TPS, Bellevue, WA (0-2)
65t. Dubois County Bank, Ferdinand, IN (0-2)
65t. Star Pro, Fort Lauderdale, FL (0-2)
65t. John’s Shoe Repair, Sioux Falls, SD (0-2)
65t. Industrial Services, Inver Grove Heights, MN (0-2)
65t. Furlong Motors Northfield, MN (0-2)
65t. Too-Sweet Alabama, AL (0-2)


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