1997 Coors Light USA Softball State Championship Results

Event State Date 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1 Louisiana 6/20-6/22 Ameron Wall Street W. Monroe Sports
2 Oregon 6/20-6/22 Outlaws Bronx Bombers Team Eruption
3 New Mexico 6/20-6/22 Rhinos Desperados Sun Devils
4 Virginia 6/20-6/22 Harlow Bros. Lumber Spanky’s Spirit Graphics
5 Massachusetts 6/27-6/29 Beloli/Five Star Tony’s Muckers Clubhouse
6 South Carolina 6/27-6/29 Citizen Bank Bulls Dawgs
7 Wisconsin 6/27-6/29 Newport Hi-Liter Knuckle Heads
8 Indiana 6/28-6/29 Sports Center Captain’s Cabin GoldStar
9 West Virginia 6/28-6/29 Charlestown Moose 948 Westphal Ollies Craig’s Paving 3D Lines
10 New Jersey 7/4-7/6 Bash Everlast Nicky D’s
11 Florida 7/4-7/6 Maximum Softball Russell’s Paint & Body Paradise Christian School
12 Texas 7/12-7/13 Austin Hustlers Rosenberg Indians Austin Angels
13 Wyoming 7/18-7/20 North Bar Star Jenkins Music Coors Light
14 Minnesota 7/18-7/20 Minnehaha Liquors Pro Source Innovative Graphics
15 Kentucky 7/19-7/20 R&R Roofing R.I. Reds/Rodo Hitachi
16 Arizona 7/19-7/20 Liners Deer Valley Texaco USA Plumbing
17 Alabama 8/1-8/3 Sound Effects Satterfields CPP Softball
18 Maine 8/1-8/3 Louis Chevy Biddeford & Saco Maxwells
19 Michigan 8/1-8/3 UFP Universal Dawgs BBL/Lockes’
20 Hawaii 8/8-8/10 Go Nuts Homeboys Robo
21 Maryland 8/9-8/10 Angle Inn Heat B&L Painting Arden Contracting
22 California 8/9-8/10 Smog Stop Young Guns Global Bearing
23 Kansas 8/9-8/10 Long Homes Barley’s Brewhaus Jocks Nitch
24 Colorado 8/15-8/17 Buyers Edge FRS Master Collision
25 New York 8/16-8/17 KO’s Vets Armored Car Investor’s Associates
26 Pennsylvania 8/22-8/24 Enola Sportsman’s Assoc. Pasco Tool Legacy Killians
27 Nebraska 8/23-8/24 Mickey Finns/Godfathers Farmers & Merchants Ron’s Rebels
28 Illinois 8/23-8/24 Wombats Thunder Gypsies
29 Ohio 8/23-8/24 Steve’s Used Tires Airport Toyota Swanton Welding
30 North Carolina 9/5-9/7 H&H Express Carpets by Thad LeeRoy’s Frame

Maximum Softball is a team accustomed to winning tournaments and enjoying the fruits of victory: trophies, titles, free beer and just the mere satisfaction of a job well done.

But nothing had prepared the South Florida athletes for winning the Coors Light USA Softball World Series Oct. 11, when they walked away with a hefty $60,000 winner’s purse.

“It raised some eyebrows, that’s for sure,” said Maximum left-center fielder Kevin Kline of Plantation. “And when the sponsor told players to keep a big piece for themselves, it raised eyebrows even more.”

Maximum sponsor Chip Hoffecker of Pompano Beach has paid expenses for the C-division tournament team since it was formed one year ago.

“He’s been so good to us all year, putting us on planes whenever we had to travel out of state, taking care of everything,” Kline said. “I was just happy _ we were all happy _ to win this one for Chip.”

Hoffecker contributes more than money to the team, however. He also catches and boasts a batting average that hovers near .400.

The lucrative Coors event capped a dream season for Hoffecker’s team, a year that saw Maximum win five national titles in only six weeks.

“It was a helluva year,” said Maximum manager Jim Velez of North Lauderdale. “I’ve been in softball for 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Winning the Coors Light event was no fluke, however.

“We worked all season for that,” said Maximum’s ace pitcher, Tom Herrmann of Boca Raton. “This has been the biggest year of my career, by far.”

Maximum surpassed expectations by compiling a 91-9 record and clinching five national championships.

Along the way, they picked up a team mascot _ a life-sized color cutout of actress Pamela Anderson. After Maximum finished a disappointing second in a tournament in Atlanta, shortstop Randy Vollmer of Weston brought the Anderson cutout to their next big event, the National Softball Association tournament in Kissimmee.

With the cutout standing in the dugout, Maximum won the Kissimmee tournament. Vollmer kept bringing Anderson to every game, and players credit her with helping them win 26 straight games, culminating in the big win in October.

That win at the Coors Light event was the team’s crowning achievement. Played Oct. 10 and 11 at the Lee County Sports Complex in Fort Myers, 29 state champion teams fought for their share of the coveted $100,000 cash purse.

In April, according to Maximum second baseman Ryan Scott of Sunrise, 1,800 teams began competing nationally to represent their states in the national Coors money event. By October, Maximum was World Series-bound after earning the No. 1 spot in Florida, along with $5,000 in Coors state-championship prize money.

Maximum performed flawlessly in the big event, knocking off the creme de la creme from California, New York, Indiana, New Jersey and Massachusetts to advance into the finals, an ESPN-televised rematch with Beloli/5 Star of Massachusetts.

Fans nationally watched Maximum score six runs in the first inning, and five in the seventh and final inning, as South Florida’s dream team posted a decisive 14-8 win over Beloli.

First baseman Bob Love of West Palm Beach was 2 for 3 at the plate, with two RBIs, while both Dave Devane of Miami Springs and Kline went 3 for 4.

Love was named tournament MVP after going 18 for 21 at the plate to rack up an .850 average.


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