1996 ASA Men’s B Slow Pitch Nationals

1996 held at Al Bishop Softball Complex and Lost Mountain Park in Marietta, Georgia on September 26-29.

Champion – Ram Construction, Hagerstown, Maryland
Runner Up – Frank-N-Stein, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • MVP – Ken Kirby, Ram Construction
  • Batting Champion – Eric Guth, Crest Supper Club/Coors Light
  • HR Champion – David Allen, Keith’s Grand Slam


P – Mark Cherry, Keith’s Grand Slam
C – Joe Speaker, Miller Lite/Kajac’s Construction
1B – Steve Silveria, Apple Jacks/Magic
2B – Rick Grove, Ram Construction
3B – Tyler Glenn, Crest Supper Club/Coors Light
SS – Eric Guth, Crest Supper Club/Coors Light
OF – Dave Lessand, New Hampshire Steele Fabricators
OF – Bill Sampolski, Deluxe Bakery
OF – Frank Shumate, Keith’s Grand Slam
OF – Mike Byers, Ram Construction
UTIL – David Allen, Keith’s Grand Slam
UTIL – Ken Kirby, Ram Construction
UTIL – Tim Gralewski, Frank-N-Stein
UTIL – Jeff Waldschmidt, Frank-N-Stein
EP – Lewis Contreras, Tri-County Recycling


P – Chuck Herrold, Apple Jacks/Magic
C – Bob Santos, Players Softball Club
1B – Pete Rice, New Hampshire Steele Fabricators
2B – Tim Sullivan, New Hampshire Steele Fabricators
3B – Keith Adcock, Keith’s Grand Slam
SS – John Brown, Tri-County Recycling
OF – Steve Pineri, Deluxe Bakery
OF – Jeff Silveria, Apple Jacks/Magic
OF – Rocky Willis, Ram Construction
OF – Bob Terria, Apple Jacks/Magic
UTIL – Tom Sommer, Frank-N-Stein
UTIL – Alan Harsh, Ram Construction
UTIL – Chuck Kloes, Frank-N-Stein
UTIL – Tom Parclemtes, Rossetto Builders


P – Mark Tremblay, Keystone
C – Kelly Roberts, Keith’s Grand Slam
1B –  Bob Kowneki, Keystone
2B – Brent Augedahl, Crest Supper Club/Coors Light
3B – Alex Martinez, Tri-County Recycling
SS – Steve Mal, Miller Lite/Kajac’s Construction
OF – Brian Hutto, Keith’s Grand Slam
OF – Matt Schwartz, Miller Lite/Kajac’s Construction
OF – Ken McMullen, Tri-County Recycling
OF – Curt Myers, Ram Construction
UTIL – Jeff Babineau, Keystone
UTIL – Jeff Reynolds, Ram Construction
UTIL – Dave Burhart, Frank-N-Stein
UTIL – Chuck Moniz, Apple Jacks/Magic
EP – Adam Gardner, Keith’s Grand Slam


1. Ram Construction, Hagerstown, MD (8-0)
2. Frank-N-Stein, Pittsburgh, PA (7-2)
3. Keith’s Grand Slam, Rolesville, NC (11-2)
4. Deluxe Bakery, Bellmawr, NJ (7-2)
5t. Miller Lite/Steele Kings, Walworth, WI (7-2)
5t. Keystone, Pittsburgh, PA (5-2)
7t. Crest Supper Club/Coors Light, Caledonia, MN (8-2)
7t. Tri-Roberts Construction/Rem, Baltimore, MD (3-2)
9t. Apple Jacks/Magic, Norto, MA (4-2)
9t. New Hampshire Steele Fabricators, Mancheste., NH (4-2)
9t. Players Softball Club, West Warwick, RI (4-2)
9t. Rossetto Builders, Veron, CT (4-2)
13t. Monaco Ford/Dudley, New Britain, CT (6-2)
13t. TPS, Carlsbad, CA (6-2)
13t. P&D Construction, Naugatuck, CT (5-2)
13t. Latella’s Softball, West Haven, CT (4-2)
17t. Cort Builders, Des Moines, IA (5-2)
17t. Potomac Valley Brick, Wheaton, MD (5-2)
17t. Garofalo’s Hit & Run, Smithtown, NY (4-2)
17t. Select Specialty, Palmyra, VA (3-2)
17t. Smith Disposal, Clarkston, MI (3-2)
17t. Vessel’s Softball, Cecilia, KY (3-2)
17t. Champs On A Mission, Roberts, WI (2-2)
17t. First Merchants/Mullinax, Fairview Park, OH (2-2)
25t. Wintz/K&J/TPS, Little Canada, MN (4-2)
25t. Angle Inn Doghouse, Baltimore, MD (3-2)
25t. Bud Ice/Steele’s, Owatonna, MN (3-2)
25t. C&C Aluminum, Manchester, TN (3-2)
25t. Michelob Golden/Palace Bar, Superior, WI (3-2)
25t. Screwballs, Berwyn, IL (3-2)
25t. Thomas Bait & Tackle, Vass, NC (3-2)
25t. Reggie’s Café/Gleason’s, Erial, NJ (2-2)
33t. Anything Goes, Omaha, NE (3-2)
33t. Blarney Bay Pub, Westland, MI (3-2)
33t. Frog Pond Jaws, Stratford, CT (3-2)
33t. Mountaineer Mining, Lynco, WV (3-2)
33t. Northeast Auto, Bristol, RI (3-2)
33t. Sycamore/Ballyho, Terre Haute, IN (3-2)
33t. Annandale Sports, Falls Church, VA (2-2)
33t. Las Vegas Funjet/TPS, Marquan, WI (2-2)
33t. S-R Farms/Turf Lounge, Newton Square, PA (2-2)
33t. St. Louis Sox, St. Louis, MO (2-2)
33t. Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo, ND (2-2)
33t. 3 Brothers/Corner Pocket, Milford, CT (2-2)
33t. Cusack’s Team Alaska, Anchorage, AK (1-2)
33t. K.R. Plaza, Iowa City, IA (1-2)
33t. Pierce Timber, Hazelhurst, GA (1-2)
33t. Steele’s/Shelter, Lockesburg, AR (1-2)
49t. Baker Insurance, Bismarck, ND (2-2)
49t. Beacon Softball, Reading, PA (2-2)
49t. B. K. Sweeney’s, Hauppauge, NY (2-2)
49t. Champions Sports Bar, Ogunquit, ME (2-2)
49t. Dallas Sports Club/TPS, Garland, TX (2-2)
49t. Flair Cleaners, Dallas, GA (2-2)
49t. Golden Crest/Mad Maggies, Johnston, RI (2-2)
49t. Miller Lite/Kajac’s Construction, Poplar Bluff, MO (2-2)
49t. O.A. Softball, Beaver Creek, OH (2-2)
49t. River Valley, Dardanelle, AR (2-2)
49t. Steve’s Sports Dugout/Demarini, Post Falls, ID (2-2)
49t. Teeter’s Chevrolet, Sheridan, AR (2-2)
49t. Toads Ride-N-Shine, Minot, ND (2-2)
49t. Anchorage Merchants, Anchorage, AK (1-2)
49t. Designer Jean Shop, McKenzie, TN (1-2)
49t. Furlong Motors, Eden Prairie, MN (1-2)
65t. Andrew Construction, Rock Island, IL (1-2)
65t. Barchella’s Fellas, Port Chester, NY (1-2)
65t. Belton Wreckers, Huber Heights, OH (1-2)
65t. Blairs Siding/Dudley, Naples, NY (1-2)
65t. Brock’s/Legion, Champlin, MN (1-2)
65t. Budweiser, North Mankato, MN (1-2)
65t. Charlie Rose/Strike Zone, Belleview, NE (1-2)
65t. Cole Electric/Dudley, Marietta, GA (1-2)
65t. Deyle Rumrz, Layton, UT (1-2)
65t. Demarini/Memphis Tigers, Bartlett, TN (1-2)
65t. Dudley/Renegades/CPC, Louisville, KY (1-2)
65t. Fitzgerald Merchants, Fitzgerald, GA (1-2)
65t. Liquid Blue, Dedham, MA (1-2)
65t. MDCC/Healthsouth/Country Kitchen, Des Moines, IA (1-2)
65t. Schneider Geo, Buchanan, MI (1-2)
65t. Sunset Bar/Sports Cellar, Post Falls, ID (1-2)
65t. Swampbucks Hudson, ME (1-2)
65t. Tom & Al’s Fredericksburg, VA (1-2)
65t. TWA, Jacksonville, FL (1-2)
65t. Twohig III, Softball Parma, OH (1-2)
65t. Valley West Pub, Urbandale, IA (1-2)
65t. Whitey’s Tip Top, Peoria, IL (1-2)
65t. Fanatics Victoria, TX (1-2)
65t. Gateway Press, Louisville, KY (0-2)
65t. Goss/Rusty Hammer, Portsmouth, NH (0-2)
65t. Paint By Brush, Young America, MN (0-2)
65t. Patterson Home Insulation, Clinton, TN (0-2)
65t. Sauder & Sauder, Perkaisie, PA (0-2)
65t. Southeast Mavericks, Corbin, KY (0-2)
65t. The Bullet Columbia, MO (0-2)
65t. Tri-County Recycling, Carrollton, LA (0-2)
65t. Benoit Electric, Richmond, VT (0-2)
97t. Boiler Room Bar, Owensboro, KY (0-2)
97t. Bud Light/Doc’s, Springfield, MO (0-2)
97t. Buster’s/Dudley, Valparaiso, FL (0-2)
97t. Dalton Chiropractic Tom’s River, NJ (0-2)
97t. Four Corners Stanford, CT (0-2)
97t. Hill Country Homes, New Albany, MS (0-2)
97t. Mellow Mushrooms, Atlanta, GA (0-2)
97t. Peaster TV, Claremore, OK (0-2)
97t. Soffee Athletics, Marietta, GA (0-2)
97t. Spikes/Tower, Fairbault, MN (0-2)
97t. Springford AA, Birdsboro, PA (0-2)
97t. Tri-State Roofing, Evansville, IN (0-2)


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