1990 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1990 held at Victoria, British Columbia on August 10-19.

Champion – Seafirst, Bellevue, Washington
Runner Up – Penn Corp, Sioux City, Iowa

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Bill Boyer, Penn Corp
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Jimmy Moore, Seafirst
  • Kevin Herlihy Newcomer of the Year – N/A
  • Leading Hitter – Randy Peck, Carp Valley Pride – .600
  • Most RBI – Mike Parnow, Guanella Bros. – 9


P – Chubb Tangaroa, Guanella Bros. (3-2, 0.21 ERA, 73K, 9 BB)
P – Peter Meredith, Larry Miller Toyota (6-1, 0.35 ERA, 100K, 14 BB)
P – Jimmy Moore, Seafirst (7-1, 0.63 ERA, 82 K, 3 BB)
C – Steve Defazio, Guanella Bros. .350
C – Tim Wahl, Seafirst .167
IF – Marty Kernaghan, Penn Corp .391
IF – Mark Smith, Payless .438
IF – Jamie Gifford, Seafirst .333
IF – Mike Parnow, Guanella Bros. .238
IF – John Green, Payless .429
OF – Bill Boyer, Penn Corp .348
OF – Tom Gray, Larry Miller Toyota .400
OF – Bob Blakley, Harold’s Supermarket .375
OF – Randy Peck, Carp Valley Pride .600
DH – Rick Ruzesky, Rempel Construction .500


P – Paul Magan, Penn Corp (3-0, 0.86 ERA, 49 K, 9 BB)
P – Mike Piechnik, Payless (4-2, 1.02 ERA, 72 K, 7 BB)
P – Glen Jevin, Merchants (5-1, 0.82 ERA, 47 K, 8 BB)
C – Doug Chase, Payless .263
C – Brad Burrup, Larry Miller Toyota .231
IF – Brian Sosnowski, Merchants .360
IF – Lance Pratt, Larry Miller Toyota .265
IF – Bob Court, Payless .353
IF – Marty Albertson, Harold’s Supermarket .318
IF – Scott Summers, Harold’s Supermarket .300
OF – Brian Lehrman, Larry Miller Toyota .231
OF – Darrell Clarkson, Payless .300
OF – Jerry Bauer, Kent Feed .429
OF – Mike Larabee, Seafirst .250
DH – Eric Isenhart, Explorers .467


1. Seafirst, Bellevue, WA
2. Penn Corp, Sioux City, IA
3. Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT
4. Guanella Bros., Rohnert Park, CA
5t. Payless, Victoria, BC
5t. Decatur Pride, Decatur, IL
7t. Merchants, Camrose, AB
7t. Harold’s Supermarket, Lexington, MO
9t. Stewart Taylor-Printing, Duluth, MN
9t. Hearts, Bloomington, IL
9t. Rempel Construction, Saskatoon, SK
9t. Regents, New Westminster, BC
13t. Kent Feed, Waterloo, IA
13t. Hertz, Topeka, KS
13t. Explorers, Midland, MI
13t. Allsteel, Aurora, IL
17t. Ferrell Mobile Homes, Keiso, MO
17t. Faultless-Garber, Ashland, OH
17t. Page Brake, Salt Lake City, UT
17t. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI
17t. United Surgical Steel, Montgomery, AL
17t. Ol’ Mexico/Coors/Gatsby’s, St. Paul, MN
17t. Canadian Tire, Owen Sound, ON
17t. Metro’s, Des Moines, IA
25t. Scott Business Insurors, Sioux City, IA
25t. Chymer’s, Waterloo, ON
25t. Stout Tower Eagles, Lakewood, CA
25t. Carp Valley Pride, Carp, ON
25t. Paddock Pools, Scottsdale, AZ
25t. WTD Industries, Olympia, WA
25t. Schoenherr Investments, Ludington, MI
25t. Softball Club, New Martinsville, WV
33t. T W Perry, Baltimore, MD
33t. Los Lobos, Houston, TX
33t. Lusby’s Rebels, Pine Bluff, AR
33t. Class Walls, Baltimore, MD
33t. Mustangs, Prescott, AZ
33t. Liber’s Tavern, Amsterdam, NY
33t. Wright Oil, San Diego, CA
33t. Belgian Village Inn, Moline, IL
33t. Tampa Bay Merchants, Tampa, FL
33t. Nogales Sonora Amigos
33t. Bombers, Vista, CA
33t. Dukes, Denmark, WI
33t. Sting, Shelbyville, IN
33t. Asham Fastball Club, Winnipeg, MB
33t. Magicians, Vancouver, BC
33t. TNT, Las Cruces, NM


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