1984 ASA Men’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

1984 held at Wade Stadium in Duluth, Minnesota on September 1-3.

Champion – Bender Plumbing, New Haven, Connecticut
Runner Up – Budweiser, San Francisco, California

  • MVP – Joe Martone, Bender Plumbing
  • HR Leaders – Fred Scott, Bandits – 8
  • HR Leaders – Rick Cameron, Budweiser of San Francisco – 8
  • Batting Leader – Rick Cameron, Budweiser of San Francisco – .733


P – Perry Flowers, Bender Plumbing
C – Joe Martone, Bender Plumbing
1B – Curt Ledbetter, Wilkerson Diesel
2B – Doug Shrovel, Wilkerson Diesel
3B – John Galante, DeBacco Brothers
SS – Steve Worthington, Rusty Scupper
OF – Gary Bellom, Bender Plumbing
OF – Dick Camerson, Budweiser of San Francisco
OF – Fred Scott, Bandits
OF – Greg Woodard, Bertin Agency
UTIL – Alan Kurtz, All Sports
UTIL – Doug Fortune, Bender Plumbing
UTIL – Steve Burks, Wilkerson Diesel
UTIL – Jim Cooney, DeBacco Brothers


P – Rob Downing, Budweiser of San Francisco
C – Ted Bond, Bandits
1B – Keith MacDowell, Bender Plumbing
2B – Rob Brassea, Budweiser of San Francisco
3B – Mike Mawhinney, Bigham
SS – Alan Mahl, Bigham
OF – Pat Agoglia, DeBacco Brothers
OF – Charlie Wimmers, American Legion
OF – Blame McDonald, Bigham
OF – Keith Leinenbach, E&K Electric
UTIL – Bob McDaniel, E&K Electric
UTIL – Charles White, Bandits
UTIL – Don Hamby, Bigham
UTIL – Bobby Breshears, All Sports


1. Bender Plumbing Supplies, New Haven, CT (7-0)
2. Budweiser of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (7-2)
3. Bandits, Anchorage, AK (5-2)
4. E&K Electric, Jasper, IN (4-2)
5t. DeBacco Bros, Belleville, NJ (6-2)
5t. Bigham, Fort Lauderdale, FL (5-2)
7t. American Legion, Dayton, OH (5-2)
7t. Rusty Scupper, Belmont, CA (4-2)
9t. All Sports, Houston, TX (4-2)
9t. Wilkerson Diesel, Little Rock, AR (4-2)
9t. Bertin Agency, Detroit, MI (3-2)
9t. US Armed Forces (2-2)
13t. Gabe’s/Coffee Cup, St. Paul, MN (3-2)
13t. Jerry’s Sport Shop, Grandview, MO (3-2)
13t. Lawson Auto Parts, Altamonte Springs, FL (3-2)
13t. Marion/Legere, Peadbody, MA (3-2)
17t. Car Center, Baltimore, MD (2-2)
17t. Coastal Bank, Hinesville, GA (2-2)
17t. CP Medical/Steele Sports, Columbus, OH (2-2)
17t. Superior Products, Tupelo, MS (2-2)
17t. T’s 13, Omaha, NE (2-2)
17t. Blackhurst Realty, Midland, MI (1-2)
17t. Bobby’s Sport Shop, Jackson, AL (1-2)
17t. Gulf Welding Supply, Kingsville, TX (1-2)
25t. Al’s Cold Cuts, Norristown, PA (2-2)
25t. American Amicable Travelers, Kileen, TX (2-2)
25t. Beardstown Farm & Home, Beardstown, IL (2-2)
25t. Bud Light, Duluth, MN (1-2)
25t. Miller Premium Brand, Stevens Point, WI (1-2)
25t. Newell Concrete, Bloomington, MN (1-2)
25t. Thompson’s Sporting Goods, Savannah, GA (1-2)
25t. Time Out/Jo Mac Brothers, Yonkers, NY (1-2)
33t. Delau Fire Protection, Lansing, MI (1-2)
33t. DJ Yesterdays, Michigan City, IN (1-2)
33t. Fagan Enterprises, Neosho, MO (1-2)
33t. Murphy Bits, Imlay City, MI (1-2)
33t. AIA, Honolulu, HI (0-2)
33t. Flying “A”, Forest Grove, OR (0-2)
33t. Jaballs, Louisville, KY (0-2)
33t. Mace & Zeiler’s, Baltimore, MD (0-2)
33t. Mailhouse, Minneapolis, MN (0-2)
33t. Nite City Owls, Sioux Falls, SD (0-2)
33t. Owatonna Eagles, Owatonna, MN (0-2)
33t. Pabst, Duluth, MN (0-2)
33t. Tangl Merchants, Hammond, LA (0-2)
33t. Ti-Bert Systems, Akron, OH (0-2)
33t. Woods Nursery, San Antonio, TX (0-2)
49t. KTWO Radio, Casper, WY (0-2)
49t. Trophy Shop, Lynchburg, VA (0-2)


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