1962 ASA Major Women’s Slow Pitch Nationals

1962 held at Cincinnati, Ohio.

Champion: Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio (45-1)
Runner Up: Rutenschrorer Florist, Cincinnati, Ohio

After Dana Gardens Pitcher Dot Bailey got Rutenschrorer out with no runs after they loaded the bases in the first inning. The Dana Gardens defense turned the first of their 4 double plays in the game. Norma Eschenbrenner and Alberta Kohls had back to back hits to ignite Dana and get them started as they scored 6 runs in the first inning. Dot Bailey surrendered only 5 runs in her 5 pitching victories, three of them by shutout. On a side note, Dana Gardens defeated Rutenschrorer to win the Cincinnati Metro crown the week prior.

  • MVP – Not awarded – (newspaper accounts all said it would have been Dot Bailey by virtue of her pitching and hitting)
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Dot Bailey, Dana Gardens (5-0 pitching, including shutout in both semi-final 8-0 and final 7-0, she surrendered only 3 runs in 5 games.)
  • Batting Leader – Dot Bailey, Dana Gardens (11-16) – .688
  • Home Run Leader – Donna Moulton, Omaha Royals – 3


P – Dot Bailey, Dana Gardens
C – Lavern Zurick, Dana Gardens
1B – Betty Dvorak, Dairy Cottage
2B – Marlene Menchen, Rutenschroer Florist
3B – Carol Zimprich, Windy Tap
SS – Nancy Oldham, Hickory Grove
SF – Jean Shafer, Dairy Cottage
OF – Betty DeSanto, Ohio Furniture
OF – Phyllis Robinson, Monroe Merchants
OF – Alberta Kohls, Dana Gardens (7-17, .412)


1. Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH (5-0)
2. Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH (4-1)
3t. Covington Dukettes, Covington, KY (2-1)
3t. Dairy Cottage, Covington, KY (2-1)
5t. Omaha Royals, Omaha, NE (2-1)
5t. Ohio Furniture, Cleveland, OH (1-1)
5t. BPW Hoosers, Louisville, KY (1-1)
5t. O’Jay Mills, Gordon, GA (1-1)
9t. Monroe Merchants, Middleton, OH (1-1)
9t. Aughinbaugh Canning Company, Biloxi, MS (0-1)*
9t. South Carolina (0-1)
9t. Windy Tap Girls, Milwaukee, WI (0-1)
9t. Nile Straight, TN (0-1)
9t. Hill Top Bar, Pittsburgh, PA (0-1)
9t. Hillbillies, Clay, WV (0-1)
9t. Hickory Grove, NC (0-1)
17t. Michigan (0-1)
17t. Detroit, MI (0-1)
17t. St. Louis, MO (0-1)
17t. Pinewood Park, FL (0-1)

NOTES: *Won consolation flight. The tournament format is single elimination.


Single Elimination

First Round
Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 7 Pinewood, FL 1
Monroe Merchants, Middleton, OH 8 St. Louis, MO 5
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 5 Detroit, MI 0
Omaha Royals, Omaha, NE 11 Michigan 0

Second Round
Ohio Furniture, Cleveland, OH 2 Hickory Grove, NC 1
BPW Hoosers, Louisville, KY 4 Hillbillies, Clay, WV 2
O’Jay Mills, Gordon, GA 5 Hill Top Bar, Pittsburgh, PA 4
Covington Dukettes, Covington, KY 11 Nile Straight, TN 6
Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 10 Windy Tap, Milwaukee, WI 6
Dairy Cottage, Covington, KY 14 Monroe Merchants, Middleton, OH 1
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 10 South Carolina 2
Omaha Royals, Omaha, NE 11 Aughinbaugh Canning Company, Biloxi, MS 8

Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 5 Ohio Furniture, Cleveland, OH 3
Dairy Cottage, Covington, KY 4 BPW Hoosers, Louisville, KY 2
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 11 O’Jay Mills, Gordon, GA 3
Covington Dukettes, Covington, KY 6 Omaha Royals, Omaha, NE 3

Semi Finals
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 8 Covington Dukettes, Covington, KY 0
Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 3 Dairy Cottage, Covington, KY 2

Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 7 Rutenschorer Florist, Cincinnati, OH 0

CONSOLATION FINAL (only info on consolation flight is the championship result):

Aughinbaugh Canning Company, Biloxi, MS 2 – South Carolina 1

NOTE: this is the only information available on the consolation flight. no results, no scores, just the Championship Game score.


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