1935 National Softball Association of America Championships

1935 held at St. Louis, Missouri.

Champion – Shukei Chevrolet, Waterloo, Iowa
Runner Up – Hammond Brass, Hammond, Indiana

Al Linde, Waterloo (4-0, won the first final; also beat ASA Champ Crimson Coaches 3-2 in 11 innings with 17 Ks in an earlier game. Hurled 2 other shutouts, one of the shutouts was a 7-0 victory against Boone, who had Hall of Fame pitchers, Ben Crain and Stan Nelson).

Harold Speck, Waterloo (2-0, won the final championship game, plus had a 2-0 shutout earlier).

Johnny Keagle, Hammond (5-2, Pitched 5 games in the last 2 days, 43 IP total and had a streak of 23 consecutive scoreless innings, before losing the 2 final games).

Stan Nelson, Boone (1-0, set a record in a 19 inning victory over South Side Buick of St. Louis, Boone scored 4 runs in the top of the 19th inning, Stan Nelson recorded 37 Strikeouts in the game.
Ben Crain also hurled for Boone, he was 2-1 in the Tournament).

Last year’s pitching hero, Sox Wainwright of Toledo was only 2-2 this year.

1936 saw the joint members officially recognize the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) as the governing body of softball backed by the AAU. Leo Fischer, President – Amateur Softball Association and Phil Rosier, President – National Softball Association oversaw this agreement and the National Softball Association of America was officially dissolved.


1. Shukei Chevy, Waterloo, IA (6-1)
2. Hammond Brass, Hammond, IN (6-3)

Shukei Chevy won a three game series 2-1 over Hammond Brass to win the championship. Shukei Chevy lost the first game 2-0, and then won the next games 8-3 and 4-1.

Bracket 1

1. Schukei Chevy, Waterloo, IA (4-0)
2. Boone Dairy, Booone, IA (3-1)
3. Crimson Coaches, Toledo, OH (2-2)
4. South Side Buick, St. Louis, MO (1-3)
5 .Lancaster Watch, Lancaster, PA (0-4)

Bracket 2

1. Hammond Brass, Hammond, IN (5-1) (Won tie breaker 10-2 over Kroehlers, both 4-1 in bracket play)
2. Kroehlers, Naperville, IL (4-2)
3. Calloways, Milwaukee, WI (3-2)
4. Joliet, IL (3-2)
5. Harvard, IL (1-4)
6. Sterling, IL (0-5)


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