1935 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1935 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – Crimson Coach Tobaccos, Toledo, Ohio (81-27)
Runner Up – Kodak Park, Rochester, New York

Dizzy Kirkendall, Crimson Coach (3-0, 26 IP, 33 K, 2 Shutouts – – Pitched 3-1 final with 11 K and gave up only 3 hits).

Frank Lengal and Johnny Lefty Gwardinski of Crimson Coach both had HR in the Championship game which accounted for the three runs. Both had 2 HR total in the tournament.

Gears had his team outscoring their opponents 24-0 up until the final game. The Funk Jewels finished up their year with a 96-3 record. Crimson Coaches beat Roszells 7-2 in the other semi-final as Sox Wainwright fanned 14 batters for the Toledo outfit. Wainwright was 2-0 in the tournament.

Crimson Coach Tobaccos record 1934 and 1935 was 171-38. They went 5-0 and outscored their opponents 20-5.

  • MVP – Harold “Shifty” Gears, Kodak Park (5-1, 73 Ks/42 IP, 5 straight shutouts, before losing 3-1 in final, He shutout the Phoenix Jewels 3-0 in the Semi Finals)
  • Batting Leader – Johnny “Lefty” Gwardinski, Crimson Coach Tobaccos (13-22, 2 HR) – .522
  • HR Leader – George Krembel, Kodak Park (7-19, .368, 9 RBI, 4 Runs) – 4


1. Crimson Coach Tobaccos, Toledo, OH (5-0) (Defending Runner-up)
2. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (5-1) (Rochester)
3t. Funk Jewelers, Phoenix, AZ (3-1) (Arizona)
3t. Roszells, Peoria, IL (3-1) (Illinois)
5t. C.J. Papale Construction, Pittsburgh, PA (2-1) (Pittsburgh)
5t. Ewald Creamery, Minneapolis, MN (3-1) (Minnesota)*
5t. Gifford Traders, Milwaukee, WI (2-1) (Milwaukee)
5t. Bendix Brakes, South Bend, IN (2-1) (Indiana)*
9t. Cinek Coal, Omaha, NE (1-1) (Nebraska)*
9t. Atlas Life Ins., Little Rock, AR (2-1) (Arkansas)*
9t. AAA Loans, Tulsa, OK (1-1) (Oklahoma)
9t. Lansing Olds Sixes, Lansing, MI (1-1) (Michigan)*
9t. Weaver Walls, Cleveland, OH (1-1) (Cleveland)
9t. P.B. Clothiers, Cincinnati, OH (2-1) (Cincinnati)
9t. Ernst All Stars, New Orleans, LA (1-1) (Louisiana)
9t. McCulloughs, Atlanta, GA (1-1) (Georgia)
17t. Boone Dairy, Boone, IA (0-1) (Iowa)
17t. Hamilton Watch, Lancaster, PA (0-1) (Pennsylvania)
17t. Agricultural Aggies, Washington, DC (1-1) (Washington DC)*
17t. Great Falls AC, Great Falls, MT (0-1) (Montana)
17t. Anatoles, Newark, NJ (1-1) (New Jersey)
17t. Club Oakview, Newport, KY (1-1) (Kentucky)
17t. US Engineer Corps, Memphis, TN (0-1) (Tennessee)
17t. Falcon’s, Great Bend, KS (0-1) (Kansas)
17t. Litsinger Motors, Chicago, IL (0-1) (Chicago)
17t. Bowman Dairy, Madison, WI (1-1) (Wisconsin)
17t. Worsted Yarns, New York City, NY (0-1) (New York)
17t. Page Dairy, Toledo, OH (0-1) (Ohio)
17t. Rosedale Grocers, Huntington, WV (0-1) (West Virginia)
17t. Henderson Foods, Detroit, MI (0-1) (Detroit)
17t. Havin Suits, Grand Forks, ND (0-1) (North Dakota)
17t. Cudahy Packers, Denver, CO (0-1) (Denver)
33t. Schwein’s, St. Josephs, MO (0-1) (Missouri)
33t. Ke-Nash-A Club, Kenosha, WI (0-1) (Defending Champ)
33t. Emeralds, New Britain CT (0-1) (F) (Connecticut)
33t. Holly Motors, Tyler TX (0-1) (F) (Texas)
33t. FERA, Charleston, SC (0-1) (F) (South Carolina)
33t. Shosters, Wilmington, DE (0-1) (F) (Delaware)

* -won a game by forfeit


More losses than wins as Wilmington-DE and Charlotte-NC were matched against each other in the first round, neither showed – Double Forfeit. Carolina Aluminum, Baden-Charlotte, NC (North Carolina), Clearwater Stars, Clearwater, FL (Florida), Massachusetts State (no name listed) (Massachusetts), and Houde Welfare Office, Buffalo, NY (Buffalo) did not show up.


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