ISA Softball Hall of Fame

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  • 1998 Mike Macenko, Brooke Park, OH Second Base (Steele’s Sports MVP-1987, Ritch’s-Superior, 9x ISA All World)

  • 1999 * Charles Wright, Columbus, GA Third Base (Elite ODPA-88, Steele’s, Ritch’s-Superior MVP-1991, MVP-1992, ODPA-93, 10x ISA All-World)

  • 2000 * Jerome Earnest, Panama City, FL Softball Writer (First writer to cover Slow Pitch Softball on the National Level)

  • 2001 * Dirk Androff, Naples, FL First Base (Steele’s Sports, Ritch’s-Superior, 6x ISA All-World)
  • 2001 Doug Roberson, West Palm Beach, FL Outfield (Steele’s Sports ODPA-1987, Superior/Apollo, Ritch’s-Superior MVP-1995, 6x ISA All World)

  • 2002 Dan Schuck, Sioux City, IA Outfield (Steele’s Sports, Bell Corp., Sunbelt, Team Easton, 5x ISA All World)

  • 2003 Bruce Meade, Bradenton, FL Outfield (Elite Coatings, Smythe Sox, Steele’s, Starpath/LeAlCo, 7x ISA All World)

  • 2004 Dave Steffan, Flat Rock, MI Catcher (Ritch’s-Superior MVP-1993, Sunbelt/Easton, 7x All World)

  • 2005 Ricky Huggins, Savannah, GA Pitcher/Infield (Lighthouse MVP-1990-AA, Steele’s Sports, Vernon’s, 7x All World)

  • 2006 Todd Joerling, Defiance, MO Shortstop (Steele’s ODPA-90, Bell Corp., Sunbelt MVP-97, Team Easton (OOPA-99), Dan Smith MVP-02, 10x ISA All World)

  • 2007 Cecil Whitehead, Valdosta, GA Outfield (Smythe Sox, Howard’s MVP-1988, Steele’s, Ritch’s-Kirk’s, Ritch’s-Superior, 6x ISA All World)

  • 2008 Brian Arnold, Auburndale, FL Pitcher (Doc’s, Florida Heat 02-MVP-AA, 02-MVP-A, Suncoast, Aubrey’s, Specialty Tank, 10x ISA All World)

  • 2009 * Craig Elliott, Wadley, AL Pitcher (Steele’s Sports, 1x ISA All World)

  • 2010 Rick Scherr, Denver, NC First Base (Howard’s/Western Steer MVP-1984, Superior/Apollo, 2x ISA All World)

  • 2011 Dal Beggs, Haines City, FL Infield (Dan Smith MVP-2000, Hague/Resmondo, Team Synergy MVP-A-2004, 6x ISA All World)

  • 2012 Brett Helmer, Cicero, NY Second Base (SoJern, Team Easton MVP-1999, Dan Smith/Backman OOPA-02, 4x ISA All World)

  • 2013 Billy Messina, Simi Valley, CA Pitcher (Dan Smith, Chase/Reece, ISA Class-A/AA teams, 4x ISA All World)

  • 2014 Curtis Nave, Sanibel, FL Player (Florida Heat, ISA Class-A/AA teams, 3x ISA All World)
  • 2014 Bobby Davis, Tampa, FL Player (Played all over the country – has won 54 National titles and – 3x ISA All World)

  • 2015 Bill Blake, San Antonio, TX Catcher (Howard’s/Western Steer, Smythe Sox, Steele’s Sports, 4x ISA All World)
  • 2015 Rusty Bumgardner, Kings Mountain, NC Second Base (Converters, Shen Valley, Team TPS, Long Haul, 4x ISA All World)

  • 2016 * Dewayne Nevitt, Brandenburg, KY Infield (Converters, Dan Smith/Easton)
  • 2016 Monty Tucker, Fincastle, VA Catcher (Steele’s, Sunbelt/Worth)

  • 2018 Ernie Montgomery, Knoxville, TN Outfield (Steele’s, Starpath)

ISA Managers/Sponsors/Special/Meritorious

  • 2000 * Jerome Earnest, Panama City, FL Manager/Sponsor and Writer
  • 2000 * Cecil Alford, Stone Mountain, GA Manager/Sponsor – Lighthouse/Alfords Softball

  • 2003 * N.C. Ryals, Gainesville, FL Manager – W.W. Gay

  • 2004 Woody Bell, Tampa, FL Sponsor – Bell Corporation

  • 2006 * Dave Neale Sr., Brook Park, OH Manager – Steele’s Sports Silver Bullets

  • 2008 Roger Tabor, Sanibel, FL Manager – Florida Heat/Nave Plumbing/Joe Black’s

  • 2017 Jolly Holcombe, Oak Ridge, TN Sponsor – Solway Hardware

* Deceased


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