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ASA Co-Ed Slow Pitch National Champions

Year (Class) Champion – Runner-up
1981 (Open) Milto’s Pizza, Austin, TX – Holland Construction, Lenexa, KS (Invitational National)
1982 (Open) C.E. Zumstein, Englewood, OH – Gibson Skating Rink, Muncie, IN
1983 (Open) Microlights, Coon Rapids, MN – CP Medical, Columbus, GA
1984 (Open) Video Box Office, Coon Rapids, MN – Tom’s Softball Club, Glen Burnie, MD
1985 (Open) Green Oak Cannons, San Antonio, TX – McDonald’s, Kansas City, MO (ruled ineligible)
1986 (Open) Lab Petroleum, San Antonio, TX – N/A
1987 (Open) San Antonio Cannan’s, San Antonio, TX – Lab Petroleum, San Antonio, TX
1988 (Open) South Florida Softball Club, Hollywood, FL – Lil Stinkers, San Marcos, FL
1989 (Open) Braves, Jacksonville, FL – Cable USA, Kearney, NE
1990 (Open) Steffe’s Sports, Celestine, IN – Jim Proctor Roofing, Pembrooke Pines, FL
1991 (Major) South Florida Softball Club, Hollywood, FL – Steffe’s Sports, Celestine, IN
1991 (A) Chick’s Crew, Ardmore, OK – N/A
1992 (Major) Lewis Drywall, Orlando, FL – N/A
1992 (A) Tharaldson’s, Fargo, ND – Minnehaha Liquor, St. Paul, MN
1993 (Major) Hoody’s/TPS, Portland, OR – Jacksonville Stars, Jacksonville, FL
1993 (A) David Fong’s, Bloomington, MN – Army’s-Budweiser, Bismark, ND
1994 (Major) Action Awards/TPS, Atlanta, GA – Tharaldson’s, Fargo, ND
1994 (A) Performance Plus, Golden, CO – War Ducks, Houston, TX
1995 (Major) Jacksonville Stars, Jacksonville, FL – Action Awards/TPS, Atlanta, GA
1995 (A) Heathley’s/TPS, Villa Hills, KY – N/A
1996 (Major) Spaghetti Station, Spokane, WA – Action Awards/TPS, Atlanta, GA
1996 (A) Evansville Blue Crew, Evansville, IN – McDuffy’s, Owensboro, KY
1997 (Major) Herb’s Softball Club, LaHabra, CA – Action Awards/TPS, Atlanta, GA
1997 (A) Busch Road Warriors, Valley Park, MO – Jerry’s of Milton, Milton, FL
1998 (Major) Dan Smith Plastering, Spokane, WA – Johnny’s Saloon, Rochester, MN
1998 (A) Hooters/TPS/CRO, South St. Paul, MN – Bottom Line, Bedford, TX
1999 (Major) Fresh Pak, Spokane, WA – Johnny’s Saloon, Rochester, MN
1999 A War Ducks, Houston, TX – PNC Mortgage, Villa Mills, KY
2000 (Major) A2 Demarini, Phoenix, AZ – Fresh Pak, Spokane, WA
2000 (A) Advance Door, Cleveland, OH – War Ducks, Houston, TX
2001 (Major) CSC/Hardliners, Euless, TX – Wildcats, Cookeville, TN
2001 (A) 4J Boys, Bowie, MD – Minnehaha Liquors/Worth, West St. Paul, MN
2002 (Major) Johnny’s Saloon, Rochester, MN – Pro Rehab/Red Family, Evansville, IN
2002 (A) Advanced Door, Parma, OH – Athletes Foot, Manchester, NH
2003 (Major) NYPD Hardliners, Arlington, TX – Advanced Door, Cleveland, OH
2003 (A) Yard Sharks/DSS Bats, Roseville, CA – Kev-Cor Construction, Roseville, CA
2004 (Major) Cancelled
2004 (A) McNair, Cadiz, KY – Minnehaha Liquors/Coors/Worth, West St. Paul, MN
2004 (B) Hiyamoto, San Francisco, CA – Sooner Trophies & Awards, Norman, OK
2005 (Major) Advanced Door, Cleveland, OH – Johnny’s Saloon, Rochester, MN
2005 (A) Bath & Kitchen, Wilmington, DE – Iowa Softwater, West Des Moines, IA
2005 (B) Beamers/Easton/, Stamford, CT – Bacardi/Bob Footitt Company, Fargo, ND
2006 (Major) Jades, Tacoma, WA – AZ Rapid/Yurmamarocks, Phoenix, AZ
2006 (A) Bennigans, Sanford, FL – Miken/Charlies Inn, Onalaska, WI
2006 (B) AIM, Orangevale, CA – Unknown/Marketplace Lending, Brooklyn Center, MN
2007 (Major) Team Combat Mixed, Kent, WA – BBS/Fjerstad Printing, Rochester, MN
2007 (A) Lloyds Softball/JT Express, Haubstadt, IN – The Outlaws, Waite Park, MN
2007 (B) Conference Cafe, Euless, TX – Dove Construction, Perkins, OK
2008 (Major) Cancelled
2008 (A) Roundtree Bar & Grill, Ypsilanti, MI – Beamers/Easton/Traitors, Stamford, CT
2008 (B) S&R Metals, Waterloo, IA – Workout Vixens/Paradise Pizza, Milford, CT

ASA changed the format for Coed Major, Class A and Class B were combined into the Open Class. Class C and Class D were created.

2009 (Open) Team Steel-UGS, San Antonio, TX – Flooring Gallery, Des Moines, IA
2009 (C) Bestway Softball, Fayetteville, GA – Bath & Kitchen, Wilmington, DE
2009 (D) Cancelled

ASA changed the format for for Coed, The Open Class remained, while Class-C and Class-D split into 4 corners

2010 (Open) Cancelled
2010 (C East) Cancelled
2010 (C South) Cancelled
2010 (C North) Cancelled
2010 (C West) Cancelled
2010 (D East) Cancelled
2010 (D South) Cancelled
2010 (D North) Cancelled
2010 (D West) Wichita Town Pub, Portland, OR The Replacements, Fairbanks, AK
2011 (Open) Cancelled
2011 (C East) Cancelled
2011 (C South) Cancelled
2011 (C North) Cancelled
2011 (C West) Cancelled
2011 (D East) Cancelled
2011 (D South) Cancelled
2011 (D North) Cancelled
2011 (D West) Crazy 88, Moreno Valley, CA – En Fuego, Mission Viejo, CA
2012 (Open) Cancelled
2012 (C East) Cancelled
2012 (C South) Cancelled
2012 (C North) Dawgs, Ankeny, IA – Extreme Accessories, Rolla, MO
2012 (C West) Cancelled
2012 (D East) Cancelled
2012 (D South) Cancelled
2012 (D North) Mavericks, Farmington, MO – Guys-n-Gals, Springfield, MO
2012 (D West) West Combat Ready, Portland, OR – Free Agents, Sparks, NV

ASA went back to The Open Class and a Class C and Class D National

2013 (Open) Cancelled
2013 (C) Slate Towing & Performance, Columbia, MO – Concierge, Columbia, MO
2013 (D) Piranhas, Indianola, IN – Traitor Softball, Shelton, CT
2014 (Open) Cancelled
2014 (C) Cancelled
2014 (D) John’s Tree Service, Des Moines, IA – Domeyers Heros, Marion, IA
2015 (Open) Cancelled
2015 (C) Cancelled
2015 (D) IHT, Lincoln, NE – Kiss Off, Moberly, MO
2016 (Open) Cancelled
2016 (C) Cancelled
2016 (D) CT Ball Breakers, Milford, CT – Guys & Gals, Battlefield, MO
2017 (Open) Cancelled
2017 (C) Cancelled
2017 (D) All State/Hawthorne/Graham, Battlefield, MO – Smiths Downtown, Buchanan, MI
2018 (Open) Cancelled
2018 (C) Cancelled
2018 (D) Sioux Falls NCS, Harrisburg, SD – Eastern Missouri Industries, Benton, MO
2018 (E)┬áJenkinsons, Brick, NJ – Nobody Noe/EVO9X, Fords, NJ
2019 (Open) Cancelled
2019 (C) Cancelled
2019 (D) Aksarben Skers, Lincoln, NE – SOB, California, MO
2019 (E)┬áNobody Noe, Fords, NJ – Yass Girl, Mohawk, NJ