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2012 ASA Men’s (10) Modified Pitch Nationals

2012 held at Port Huron, Michigan on August 31-September 2.

Champion – Degroat’s/GVI, Greenville, New York
Runner Up – Secory Flyers, Port Huron, Michigan

  • MVP – Frank Degroat, Degroat’s/GVI
  • Batting Champion – Jordan Galanos, Middleton’s Hurricanes
  • HR Champion – Jordan Galanos, Middleton’s Hurricanes


P – Chris McAuliffe, Secory Flyers
P – Pat McClinton, DeGroat’s/GVI
P – Jason Benoit, The Mug
C – Aaron Carpenter, Secory Flyers
IF – Jordan Galanos, Middleton’s Hurricanes
IF – James McMillan, Secory Flyers
IF – Evan Peterson, Little Creek Lodge
IF – Braden Hunkins, Little Creek Lodge
OF – Chris Holly, Secory Flyers
OF – Jordon Elliott, Team Stats
OF – Nate Craigve, The Mug
OF – Steve Platt, DeGroat’s/GVI
UTIL – Brent Cork, Team Stats
UTIL – Frank DeGroat, DeGroat’s/GVI


P – George Wells, Cheap Charlies
P – Jerry Mclearn, Middleton’s Hurricanes
P – Todd Albrecht, Secory Flyers
P – Art Adams, Little Creek Lodge
C – Jim Greaux, Cheap Charlies
IF – Brandon Richardson, Dempsey/Brandel Softball
IF – Mark Tupek, Dempsey/Brandel Softball
IF – Gary Griffin, Alexander’s Stallions
IF – Brett Ouellette, Jubb Softball
OF – Cory Diaz, Secory Flyers
OF – Sam Flood, Press Box Bulldogs
OF – Garrett Grundman, Middleton’s Hurricanes
OF – Chris Laux, Little Creek Lodge
UTIL – Tony Cruz, Dempsey/Brandel Softball
UTIL – Sterling Mintzer, Alexander’s Stallions
UTIL – Ryan Enright, Middleton’s Hurricanes


1. Degroat’s/Gvi, Greenville, NY (5-0)
2. Secory Flyers, Port Huron, MI (5-2)
3. Little Creek Lodge, Green Bay, WI (5-2)
4. The Mug, Fanklin, NH (4-2)
5t. Middleton’s Hurricanes, Port Huron, MI (5-2)
5t. Team Stats, Saginaw, MI (4-2)
7t. LCBC-Blue, Marietta, PA (3-2)
7t. Jubb Softball, Swanzey, NH (2-2)
9t. Cheap Charlies, Port Huron, MI (2-2)
9t. Dempsey/Brandel Softball, Erie, PA (2-2)
9t. Alexander’s Stallions, Port Huron, MI (3-2)
9t. Press Box Bulldogs, Fond du Lac, WI (2-2)
13t. Rockland Revolution, New York, NY (1-2)
13t. Mountain Energy, Towanda, PA (1-2)
13t. Moxie’s Team, Luxemburg, WI (1-2)
13t. Ft. Apache Dodgers, Bronx, NY (1-2)
17t. Press Box Blue Sox, Fond du Lac, WI (0-2)
17t. Port Huron Koa, Port Huron, MI (0-2)
17t. Bachelor’s II, Karns City, PA (0-2)
17t. Warriors, Oneida, WI (0-2)
17t. Bill Hill Sports Club, Pottsville, PA (0-2)
17t. Buccaneers, Port Huron, MI (0-2)
17t. Marysville Goodyear, Port Huron, MI (0-2)
17t. Baywood Wolves, Saginaw, MI (0-2)

2012 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

2012 held at Ashland, Ohio on July 26-29.

Champion – NY Gremlins, Clifton Park, New York (34-8)
Runner Up – Hill United Chiefs, Machias, New York

The NY Gremlins were knocked into the losers bracket by the Hill United Chiefs in the winners bracket semi-finals.  There, they won four straight games to capture the title, including defeating the Chiefs twice,  7-4 and 9-4 in finals. In the first final, Andrew Kitkpatrick of the Gremlins bested Adam Folkard of the Chiefs. Mathieu was 1-1 with three walks and scored two runs for the Gremlins. Steve Mullaley hit a HR and a double and had three RBIs to lead the Chiefs. Brad Ezekiel also homered for the Chiefs.

In the championship final, Brad Ezekiel (had three hits in the final, including 2 HR) led off the game with a HR for the Chiefs as they took a 3-0 lead after the first inning. The Gremlins exploded for six runs in the second inning. NY’s Blair Ezekiel smashed a grand slam to give the Gremlins a commanding 7-3 lead. Travis Wilson had three singles and drove in four runs for the Gremlins.

Tournament MVP Mathieu Roy of the NY Gremlins was 3-3 in the final game with 3 runs scored. Andrew Kirkpatrick won the winners bracket final over the Chiefs 4-3 and struck out 10. Then in the first final, he struck out 7 in 6 innings, before Bryan Newton came in to finish the game. Newton pitched and won the final game (4 IP, 4K) for the Gremlins with relief help from Jeremy Tracy (3 IP Save). The Gremlins  finished the tournament 7-1.

Brian Newton, Gremlins (4-0, 1 Save, 19 IP, 26 K)

  • MVP – Mathieu Roy, New York Gremlins
  • Batting Leader – Mathieu Roy, NY Gremlins – .636
  • Home Run Leader – Dean Waltier, Bakersfield Silverhawks
  • Herb Dudley Pitching Award – Andrew Kirkpatrick, New York Gremlins


P – Juan Potolocchio, Minnesota Angels
P – Adam Folkard, Hill United Chiefs (4-2, 32 IP, 32 K)
P – Andrew Kirkpatrick, NY Gremlins (3-1, 2 saves, 24 IP, 36 K)
C – Mark Arsenault, Hill United Chiefs
IF – Nick Shailes, Hill United Chiefs
IF – Tom Couch, Minnesota Angels
IF – Jeremy Tracy, NY Gremlins
IF – Justin Gill, Minnesota Angels
OF – Fernando Petric, Minnesota Angels
OF – Mathieu Roy, NY Gremlins (14-22, .636, 1 HR, 5 RBI, 8 Runs, 3 2B, 1 3B, 4 BB, 1 HP, .704 OBP)
OF – Brad Ezekiel, Hill United Chiefs
OF – Rob Giesbrecht, Kegel Black Knights
UTIL – Thomas Enoka, PA Power
UTIL – Mike Armitage, Kegel Black Knights
UTIL – Wayne Laulu, NY Gremlins


P – Sebastian Gervasutti, Kegel Black Knights
P – Jeff Farion, Bakersfield Silverhawks
P – Bryan Newton, NY Gremlins
C – Pat Humphries, Bakersfield Silverhawks
IF – Kyle Magnusson, Circle Tap
IF – Steve Horning, Midland Explorers
IF – Dan Camacho, Si Senor
IF – Peter Zazueta, Si Senor
OF – Jason Shea, Si Senor
OF – Mark Johnson, Hill United Chiefs
OF – Dale Levy, Midland Explorers
OF – Jerome Haretuku, Bakersfield Silverhawks
UTIL – Kris Waverick, Bakersfield Silverhawks
UTIL – Josh Johnson, Circle Tap
UTIL – Karl Golan, PA Power


1. NY Gremlins, Clifton Park, NY (8-1)
2. Hill United Chiefs, Machias, NY (4-2)
3. Minnesota Angels, Minneapolis, MN (3-2)
4. Kegel Black Knights, Fargo, ND (3-2)
5t. PA Power, Harrisburg, PA (3-2)
5t. Midland Explorers, Midland, MI (4-2)
7t. Bakersfield Silverhawks, Bakersfield, CA (3-2)
7t. California A’s, Salinas, CA (2-2)
9t. Si Senor, Tumacacari, AZ (2-2)
9t. Westerville Capitals, Westerville, OH (1-2)
9t. Motor City Shamrocks, Detroit, MI (1-2)
9t. Circle Tap, Denmark., WI (2-2)
13t. Rocky Mountain Rebels, Boulder, CO (0-3)
13t. Ashland Stock Pack, Ashland, OH (0-3)
13t. IWS Wooster, Wooster, OH (0-3)
13t. Ohio Battery, Ashland, OH (0-3)


The tournament was a three game guarantee format.

2012 ASA Girls Gold 18-Under Fast Pitch Nationals

2012 held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at ASA Hall of Fame Stadium Complex on July 23-28, 2012

Champion – AZ Desert Thunder Gold, Tucson, Arizona
Runner Up – Texas Impact Gold, Houston, Texas


1. AZ Desert Thunder Gold, Tucson, AZ (7-1)
2. Texas Impact Gold, Houston, TX (11-2)
3. So Cal Athletics, San Clemente, CA (5-2)
4. Texas Glory Gold Shelton, McKinney, TX (5-2)
5t. Oklahoma Athletics Gold, Oklahoma City, OK (5-2)
5t. Atlanta Vipers Gold Giles, Atlanta, GA (6-2)
7t. Cal Lite, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (4-2)
7t. Oklahoma Force Gold, Edmond, OK (5-2)
9t. KC Peppers Gold, Olathe, KS (4-2)
9t. Illinois Force, Carbondale, IL (3-2)
9t. Texas Eclipse Gold, Magnolia, TX (5-2)
9t. Texas Storm Gold Wymer, Houston, TX (4-2)
13t. NW Sidewinders Rabb, Seattle, WA (4-2)
13t. Louisiana Voodoo, River Ridge, LA (3-2)
13t. Gold Coast Hurricanes, Plantation, FL (4-2)
13t. Houston Power Gold Glowacz, Houston, TX (4-2)
17t. White Sox Academy, Lisle, IL (2-2)
17t. TNT Gold, Quakertown, PA (2-2)
17t. NW Sidewinders Greenup, Snohomish, WA (2-2)
17t. Texas Blaze Gold, Round Rock, TX (3-2)
17t. Texas Bombers Gold, New Braunfels, TX (3-2)
17t. Newtown Rock Gold, Holland, PA (3-2)
17t. All American Sports Academy, Woodland, CA (3-2)
17t. Louisiana Patriots Gold, Baton Rouge, LA (3-2)
25t. Ashburn Shooting Stars, Ashburn, VA (3-2)
25t. Wichita Mustangs Gold, Wichita, KS (2-2)
25t. Oklahoma Diamond Girls, Tulsa, OK (2-2)
25t. Texas Aces Express Gold, Sugar Land, TX (2-2)
25t. Fury Fastpitch, Chattanooga, TN (4-2)
25t. Finesse 18U Gold, Commerce, MI (2-2)
25t. Gold Coast Hurricanes Norman, Davie, FL (2-2)
25t. Absolute Blast, Bellvue, WA (2-2)
33t. VA Glory Gold, Fairfax Station, VA (1-2)
33t. Nebraska Gold, Omaha, NE (1-2)
33t. Oregon Blaze Gold, Beaverton, OR (1-2)
33t. Tampa Mustangs Gold, Tampa, FL (1-2)
33t. Wagner’s/Sports 55, Temple Terrace, FL (1-2)
33t. Strike Zone Ford, Fremont, CA (1-2)
33t. AZ Hotshots Gold, Chandler, AZ (1-2)
33t. TX Sudden Impact Gold, Spring, TX (3-2)
33t. Miami Stingrays Gold, Miami, FL (3-2)
33t. KC Peppers Gold Ingle, Olathe, KS (2-2)
33t. Atlanta Vipers Gold Dean, Atlanta, GA (2-2)
33t. Fresno Force, Fresno, CA (1-2)
33t. American Pastime Gold, Upland, CA (1-2)
33t. Lower South Liberty Gold, Bensalem, PA (1-2)
33t. Gators Gold Flannery, Palm Beach, FL (1-2)
33t. Texas Peppers Gold, Magnolia, TX (1-2)
49t. Sarasota Heat, Sarasota, FL (1-2)
49t. Chaos Gold, Thornton, PA (1-2)
49t. Texas Firecrackers Gold May, Conroe, TX (1-2)
49t. Louisville Lady Sluggers, Louisville, KY (1-2)
49t. Texas Rapid Fire Gold, Flower Mound, TX (0-2)
49t. Central Coast Athletics Gold, Monterey, CA (0-2)
49t. San Diego Power Surge Gold, San Diego, CA (0-2)
49t. Texas Glory Gold Lusk, McKinney, TX (0-2)
49t. Worcester Hawks, Worcester, MA (0-2)
49t. Georgia Knockouts Gold, Norcross, GA (0-2)
49t. Oklahoma Exclusive Gold, Midwest City, OK (0-2)
49t. Florida Storm Gold Shepard, Hampton, FL (0-2)
49t. Villa Park Vipers, Villa Park, CA (0-2)
49t. MN Sting 18U Gold, Oakdale, MN (0-2)
49t. Vancouver Patriots Gold, Vancouver, WA (0-2)
49t. USA Athletics Gold, Long Beach, CA (0-2)
65t. Originals Gold, Liberty, MO (0-2)
65t. Nashville Cruisers Gold, Nashville, TN (0-2)
65t. American Athletics Gold, San Juan Capistrano, CA (0-2)
65t. California Breeze Martinez, Sacramento, CA (0-2)
65t. NW Lady Sharks Gold, Seattle, WA (0-2)
65t. Oregon Silver Bullets Gold, Beaverton, OR (0-2)
65t. Angels Gold, Richmond Hill, GA (0-2)
65t. OC Elite Greg, Riverside, CA (0-2)
65t. New Jersey Breakers Gold Salvatore, Monroe, NJ (0-2)

2012 ASA Women’s Open Slow Pitch Nationals

2012 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Champion: Derby Girls/Combat, Seattle, Washington
Runner Up: U.S. Armed Forces, Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Despite the on-going rain at the ASA Hall of Fame Complex, the 2012 ASA Women’s Open Slow Pitch National championship trophy landed in the hands of the Derby Girls. The Derby Girls defeated Armed Forces 16-3 in the Championship Game to capture the Women’s Open title. Ending the day with a flawless 3-0 record and outscoring its opponents 49-13, the Derby Girls was led by tournament All American and Batting Champion Christian Dowling. The infielder was intentionally walked 10 times with five runs scored, one home run and three RBI. The Derby Girls beat Armed Forces 12-7 in Winner’s Bracket final, then won Championship against the same squad 16-3 behind Kat Sherer’s Pitching. Nicole Lantau and Darcy Johnson had 3 hits each in the game. Christian Dowling was walked 4 times in the game. She ended up 1 for 3 in the 3 games with a HR and 3 RBIs, scored 5 runs and was walked intentionally 10 times. Heather Post chipped in with a single and a triple along with 4 RBIs in the last game. Post concluded the tournament with (5-8, .625) 6 RBIs and 7 Runs Scored.

  • MVP – Kat Sherer, Derby Girls/Combat (5-8, .625, 2 RBI, 3 Runs)
  • Batting Award – Christan Dowling, Derby Girls (1-3, 10 Intentional Walks) – .786 OB%
  • Batting Leader – Candace Dugo, Armed Forces (10-15, 6 RBI, 8 Runs) – .667 (15 AB min)
  • Home Run Leader – Christan Dowling, Derby Girls (1-3, .333, 3 RBI, 10 (1 IBB) – 1 (fewest AB)
  • Home Run Leader – Nicole Lantau, Derby Girls (5-10, .500, RBI, 5 Runs) – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Jennifer Morgan, Whoosh (6-8, .750, 3 RBI, 6 Runs) – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Margo Hamilton, Whoosh (5-7, .714, 6 RBI, 3 Runs) – 1


P – Kat Sherer, Derby Girls Combat (5-8, .625, 2 RBI, 3 Runs, 3-0 Pitching)
IF – Dana Heindon, Whoosh (5-6, .833, 3 RBI, 1 Run)
IF – Jamie Baas, Ideal Hitters/Denison Drywall (7-11, .636, 6 RBI, 6 Runs)
IF – Lindsay Ciullo, US Armed Forces (6-11, .545, 4 RBI, 6 Runs)
IF – Danielle Eakins, Derby Girls Combat (5-10, .500, 5 RBI, 6 Runs)
IF – Tammi Higginbotham, Derby Girls Combat (3-4, .750, 5 Runs, 3 BB)
OF – Candace Dujo, US Armed Forces (10-15, .667, 6 RBI, 8 Runs)
OF – Alyson McWherter, US Armed Forces (7-13, .538, 3 RBI, 4 Runs)
OF – Heather Post, Derby Girls Combat (5-8, .625, 6 RBI, 7 Runs)
OF – Tabitha Hulsey, Derby Girls Combat (4-8 .500, 1 RBI, 5 Runs)
UTIL – Mandy Young, Talapid (6-11, .545, 3 RBI, 5 Runs)
UTIL – Holly Sheriff, Ideal Hitters/Denison Drywall (5-8, .625, 4 RBI, 6 Runs, 4 BB)
UTIL – Kris Hagedorn, Ideal Hitters/Denison Drywall (7-12, .583, 2 RBI, 3 Runs)
UTIL – Christan Dowling, Derby Girls Combat (1-3, .333, HR, 3 RBI, 5 Runs, 10 IBB)
UTIL – Alexis Deverney, US Armed Forces (4-8, .500, 5 RBI, 5 Runs, 5 BB)


1. Derby Girls Combat, Seattle, WA (3-0)
2. U.S. Armed Forces, Fort Sill, OK (2-2)
3. Ideal Hitters/Denison Drywall, Polk City, IA (2-2)
4. Talapid, Foreman, AR (1-2)
5. Whoosh, Choctaw, OK (0-2)