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1995 ASA Men’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

1995 held at Lawton, Oklahoma.

Champion – SoJern Travel/Easton, Cedarbrook, New Jersey
Runner Up – Doc’s/TPS, Jacksonville, Florida

  • MVP – Tom Lasko, SoJern Travel/Easton (26-30, .867, 10 HR, 33 RBI)
  • Batting Champion – Jeff Toni, Ray’s Softball (15-17) .882
  • HR Champion – Thom Lord, Chaney Enterprises – 14


P – Vernon Neil, SoJern Travel (23-35, .657)
C – Barry Hickinbottom, Smith & Associates
1B – Dan Buffin, Ambrose Montes/Tom’s
2B – Jeff Kurkowski, Newell Concrete (19-27, .704)
3B – Tom Lasko, SoJern Travel (26-30, .867, 10 HR, 33 RBI)
SS – Tim Barrett, Backstop/Easton (23-29, .793)
OF – Mike Franklin, Martin Electric (25-33, .758)
OF – Joe Penwell, Backstop/Easton
OF – Dave Pertl, Newell Concrete (18-23, .783, 8 HR)
OF – Ron Wenrich, SoJern Travel (29-37, .784, 7 HR, 24 RBI)
EP – Steve Gunter, Doc’s (20-26, .769)
UTIL – Steve Quiroz, Ambrose Montes/Tom’s (16-20, .800)
UTIL – Jerry Reeves, SoJern Travel (16-23, .696)
UTIL – Thom Lord, Chaney’s Enterprises (14 HR, 36 RBI)


Warren Grant, SoJern Travel (5 HR)
Randy Holsopple, SoJern Travel (24-34. .706)
Brad Altimore, SoJern Travel (26-36, .722, 5 HR, 21 RBI)
Marty Lanoux, Doc’s (26-38, .684, 8 HR, 30 RBI)
Larry Heise, Doc’s (19-28, .679)
Bob O’Brien, Doc’s (24-35, .686)
Mike Ritzer, Coffee Cup (22-31, .710)
Marvin Doyle, Backstop/Easton
Todd Weigand, Budweiser
Brian Douget, Budweiser
Bill Coleman, Ambrose Montes/Tom’s
Rick Hudson, Ambrose Montes/Tom’s
Lou Tyler, Chaney’s Enterprises (24-34, .706)
Phil Bradley, Ron Smith
Brent King, Reece


Bob Lattanzi, So Jern (21-29, .724)
Jim Presley, Doc’s (19-28, .679)
Dale Sensenig, So Jern (23-34, .676, 4 HR)
Brad Weyant, So Jern (18-27, .667)
Jerry Williams, Martin Electric (8 HR)
Roy Eppley, Doc’s (6 HR)


1. SoJern Travel/Easton, Cedarbrook, NJ (7-0)
2. Doc’s/TPS, Jacksonville, FL (6-2)
3. Martin Electric/Players Review/TPS, Seymour IN (6-2)
4. Coffee Cup/DeMarini, St. Paul, MN (6-2)
5t. Newell Concrete, Bloomington, MN (6-2)
5t. Chaney Enterprises, Waldorf, MD (6-2)
7t. Ron Smith & Associates, Little Rock, AR (4-2)
7t. Backstop/Easton, Dearborn County, IN (4-2)
9t. Budweiser, College Station, TX (4-2)
9t. Reece/TPS, Springfield, KY (4-2)
9t. Fort Smith Communications, Fort Smith, AR (3-2)
9t. Ambrose/Montes/Tom’s Drinkall, Muskegon, MI(3-2)
13t. AAA Sports/Roberts Park, Indianapolis, IN (4-2)
13t. Four Star/Steele’s, Euclid, OH (4-2)
13t. Jay’s/Middletown/Steele’s, Louisville, KY (4-2)
13t. Harpole’s, Evansville, IN (3-2)
17t. Action Auto Collision/Easton, Cranston, RI (3-2)
17t. Roberts/Steele’s, Orlando, FL(3-2)
17t. Wilmer Construction/Worth, Iowa City, IA (3-2)
17t. Fraley’s, Lexington, KY (2-2)
17t. Matzinger Electric, Bozeman, MT (2-2)
17t. Brothers/Sisters Music, Lawton, OK (2-2)
17t. Miller Lite/Majors, Jasper, IN (2-2)
17t. Red Earth, Lawton, OK (1-2)
25t. T’s 13/TPS, Omaha, NE (2-2)
25t. Mojo Sports, Meeker, OK (2-2)
25t. Tae’s Sports, Dallas, TX (2-2)
25t. Busch/Worth, North Shores, MI (2-2)
25t. Ray’s Softball, Bridgeport, CT (2-2)
25t. Sports Den, Somerset, KY (2-2)
25t. Miller Lite, Jasper, IN (1-2)
25t. Anchorage Merchants, Anchorage, AL (1-2)
33t. Union Club/Worth, Springfield, OH (1-2)
33t. Deery Bros./Easton, Waterloo, IA (1-2)
33t. Chanderville Grain, Chanderville, IL (1-2)
33t. Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg, PA (1-2)
33t. Memorial Park, Flint, MI (1-2)
33t. Stonecold, Oklahoma City, OK (1-2)
33t. Brat Pack, Lewisville, TX (1-2)
33t. Strecker Mechanical, Springfield, IL (1-2)
33t. Guy Electric, Clovis, NM (1-2)
33t. Marcy/Budweiser, Clinton, AL (1-2)
33t. Seltman/Cobb/Bryant, Lake Grove, NY (1-2)
33t. Bender Plumbing, New Haven, CT (1-2)
33t. Quality Waste, Burnsville, MN (1-2)
33t. Midland Drillers, Midland, TX (1-2)
33t. Doc’s Barr/Dental Clinic, Sioux City, IA (1-2)
33t. Silver Bullet/AFLAC, Columbia, MO (1-2)
49t. Sledge Hammer’s/Star, Lawton, OK (0-2)
49t. Nally’s, Carthage, MO (0-2)
49t. Carlisle, Cincinnati, OH (0-2)
49t. Aldo’s/Red Dog, Stevens Point, WI (0-2)
49t. Loza, Moore, OK (0-2)
49t. County Fort & Supply, Union, MO (0-2)
49t. Schultz & Dooley, Springfield, MO (0-2)
49t. BPI/Dudley, Houston, TX (0-2)
49t. Desperado, Missoula, MT, (0-2)
49t. Viessman Trucking, Dawson, MN (0-2)
49t. Wildwood/Amega, Madison, WI (0-2)

Front row, left to right – Warren Grant, Bobby Lantanzzie, Darren Verderose, Brad Altimore.
Second row, left to right – Ronnie Weinrich, Tom Lasko, Randy Holsopple, Jeff Huggins, Scott Rosenberg, Vern Neil.
Third row, left to right – Brad Williams, Dale Sensenig, Jerry Reeves, George Galler.

1995 USSSA Men’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

1995 held at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Champion – Hague/R&D/Ohio Transport/TPS, Columbus, Ohio
Runner Up – Shen Valley/TPS, Bridgewater, Virginia

  • MVP – Doug Berfeldt, Hague (13-18, .722 , 8 HR, 28 RBI)
  • Home Run Leader – Scott Elliott, Shen Valley (15-27, .556, 20 RBI) – 9
  • Batting Leader – Carl Rose, Lighthouse (11-13, 5 HR, 16 RBI) – .846
  • Defensive MVP – Jim Burbrink, Hague/R&D/Ohio Transport/TPS
  • Offensive MVP – Doug Berfeldt, Hague (13-18, .722 , 8 HR, 28 RBI)


  • P – Jim Burbrink – Hague/R&D
  • P – Butch Ovens – Shen Valley
  • C – Steve Dickinson – Hague/R&D
  • EH – Tommy Thompson – Hague/R&D
  • 1B – Dennis Graser – Spectrum/Easton
  • 2B – Kurt Hoff – Hague/R&D
  • 3B – Dewayne Nevitt – Shen Valley
  • SS – Ron Parnell – Ritch’s/Superior
  • SS – Richie Aloitti – Spectrum/Easton
  • SS – Howie Krause – Hague/R&D
  • OF – Phil White – Bell/Sunbelt
  • OF – Jimmy Powers – Shen Valley
  • OF – Todd Martin – Shen Valley
  • OF – Scott Elliott – Shen Valley
  • OF – Doug Berfeldt – Hague/R&D
  • OF – Doug Kissane Steele’s
  • OF – Randy Kortokrax – Steele’s
  • UT – Ted Larsen – Spectrum/Easton
  • MGR – Jeff Hague – Hague/R&D


1. Hague/R&D/Ohio Transport/TPS, Columbus, OH
2. Shen Valley/TPS, Bridgewater, VA
3. Spectrum/Easton, Plymouth, MN
4. Steele’s Hit Men, Brook Park, OH
5t. Bell Corp./Sunbelt, Tampa, FL
5t. Ritch’s/Superior, Windsor Locks, CT
7t. Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, GA
7t. Riverside/RAM/Taylor Brothers/TPS, Louisville, KY
9t. Superior/Southland/TPS, Gainesville, GA
9t. Harrison’s Power Flite, Potomic, MD
9t. D&D Thoroughbreds, Portland, OR
9t. Tri Gem Builders, Cedar Brook, NJ
13t. Herb’s/TPS, San Diego, CA
13t. Pace/Leisure Time/Worth, Rochester, NY
13t. Dan Smith Plastering, San Jose CA
13t. RSH/Deep South/Worth, Jackson, MS

1995 ASA Men’s B Slow Pitch Nationals

1995 held at Cargill Park in Shreveport, Louisiana on September 21-24.

Champion – Red Dog/Smokes/TPS, Ellicott City, Maryland
Runner Up – Flex Gym, Edgewater Park Township, New Jersey

Eight years and four second-place trophies later, the Red Dog/Smokes/TPS team finally got its win.

Sunday night, old-timer Gary Hornberger delivered for his team, stroking home the game-clinching run as the Maryland-based Red Dog team beat Flex Gym of New Jersey, 2341 in five innings at the ASA Men’s Class B National Soft-ball Tournament at Cargill Park.

“I’ve been playing this game for 22 years and I’ve wanted to do it the whole time,” said Hornberger, 38, whose RBI ended the game by the 12-run rule. “I’m the senior man on this team and these guys won it for me. In eight years, we’ve been second four times at nationals. I can’t believe it! This is great!”

Hornberger’s wish almost didn’t come true, thanks to the feisty play of Flex Gym, which defeated third-place Potomac Valley Brick of Maryland to advance to the finals.

Behind Bruce “Moose” Davis’ meaty three-run homer in the sixth inning, Flex Gym beat Red Dog 18-6 in the first game of the double elimination championship.

Anemic in the first game, Red Dog’s bats came alive in the second game, as they piled up nine runs in the first inning.

Ron Wilson’s two-run homer in the second inning and Steven Schimming’s three-run homer in the sixth put the game away for Red Dog.

“I knew this team was deep and could come back,? said Red Dog’s Ray Patti. “We played good as a team and we never gave up. We found our pulse, but we had lost it there for a little while,”

Coming out of the loser’s bracket, Flex Gym played four games in a row through the championship Sunday afternoon.

“I think fatigue was a factor and we lost a major player in the second game because he had to catch a plane back home,” said Craig Yates, a Flex Gym outfielder. “These are two great teams, and on a day like this anybody can beat anybody.”

Red Dog and Flex Gym survived a 100-team field that pitted the top Class B teams in the country against each other over a three-day span.

It was Shreveport’s first time to host such a large tournament.

“This is the fourth national tournament that I’ve had the opportunity to be the tournament director of, and by far, this has been the most exciting and most challenging,” said Shreveport Parks and Recreation director Fred Johnson.


Pitcher – Eric Peterson, Flex Gym
Catcher – Bruce Davis, Flex Gym
First Base – Tommy Kearney, Red Dog/Smokes/TPS
Second Base – Steve Tolson, Red Dog/Smokes/TPS
Third Base – Ron Wilson, Red Dog/Smokes/TPS
Shortstop – Charlie Maxwell, Flex Gym
Outfield – Craig Yates, Flex Gym
Outfield – Brad King, Crest Supper Club
Outfield – Tom Auvil, Red Dog/Smokes/TPS
Outfield – Bob Ross, Flex Gym
Utility – Tommy Urban L&L Painting
Utility – Steve Martin, Potomac Valley Brick
Utility – Joe Smitty, Reggie Cafe
Utility – Kevin Gillot, L&L Painting
Extra Player – Mike Stockinger, Potomac Valley Brick


1. Red Dog/Smokes/TPS, Ellicott City, Maryland
2. Flex Gym, Edgewater Park Township, New Jersey
3. Potomac Valley Brick, Maryland

Other Teams Entered

Hub Victor Sports, OH
Twohig III, OH
Jean Shoppe, TN
Lombardi’s, MA
Sports Cellar/Boosters, ID
Moldmasters, MA
Wm. Mitchell, MS
L&L Painting, AL
Beck’s, WI
Smith’s, MI
Harrison, VA
LA Sox, AR
Thermco, MA
Potomac, MD
Kohl, MO
Flex Gym, NJ
Hit & Run/Mutts, Long Island, NY
Richey’s Auto, WA
Balbo Club, MA
Diamond Dawgs, Thibodaux, LA
National Golf, KY
Aalfs/Just Do It, AR
Sheldon Dental, MO
Reggie’s Cafe, NJ
Miller Lite/Steele, IL
Stacked House, FL
Cypress Construction, Shreveport, LA
Power, TX
Borgman Ford, MI
San Antonio Boomers, San Antonio, TX
Aragon, Albert Lea, MN
JJ Sports, MD
Wobblers, TN
Matador, FL
Big Guns, TX
Bud Ice/Fischer Sports, Owatonna, MN
Liquid Blue, MA
Dove/deBeer, WA
Ideal Mobile, MI
Doc’s/Canton, IL
Andrews Construction, Quad Cities, IA
Richey’s Auto Body, Bellingham, WA
Wilbur Construction, ME
Crest Supper Club, Caledonia, MN

101 teams participated.

1995 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1995 held at Midland, Michigan.

Champion – Decatur Pride, Decatur, Illinois (83-12)
Runner Up – All Car Roadrunners, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • MVP – Avon Meacham, Decatur Pride (6-17,  .353)
  • Batting Leader – Matt Kohnle, All Car Roadrunners (9-20) – .450
  • HR Leader – Mark Sorenson, All Car Roadrunners – 3
  • Herb Dudley Pitching Award – Chub Tangaroa, Decatur Pride (5-0, 29 IP, 49 Ks, No Hitter and a Save. Gave up only 8 hits the entire tournament)

Decatur Pride defeated All-Car 1-0 in winners bracket final as Chubb Tangaroa fired a 1-hitter and struck out 12 players. He bested All-Car’s ace Paul Algar. The Pride’s Jeff Finke drove in the winning run with a 7th inning single. All-Car then defeated Abbott Labs in Losers Bracket final 7-0. In the Championship game, Chubb Tangaroa pitched a gem, winning the title with a 4-0 2-hitter. He struck out 4. It was Tangarora’s 5th straight shutout of the tournament. The Pride outscored their opponents 16-0.  Tangaroa has led the Pride to consecutive Championships. He has been 10-1 the last 2 years, hurling 59 innings, striking out 92 batters, while pitching 7 shutouts, including a No-Hitter and two 1-hitters.  Doug Gillis won the second game for the Pride as he hurled 12 innings of 1-hit shutout ball. He collected 25 K. Chubb Tangaroa came in relief in the 13th inning and struck out the side to save the game.

Paul Algar and Steve Price shared pitching duties for the Roadrunners and went 5-2.


P – Steve Price, All Car Roadrunners
P – Chub Tangaroa, Decatur Pride
P – Mike Piechnik, Farm Tavern
P – Tony Hunoff, Ashland Merchants
C – Todd Twachtman, Decatur Pride
C – Mark Sorenson, All Car Roadrunners
1B – Greg Melchert, Greater Flint Sports Medicine
2B – Steve Lashuay, Midland Metros
3B – Matt Kohnle, All Car Roadrunners
SS – Tom Montgomery, Miller Toyota
OF – Tom Williamson, Greater Flint Sports Medicine
OF – Avon Meacham, Decatur Pride
OF – Steve Schott, Smokers
OF – Barry Doyle, Midland Metros
UTIL – Brad Underwood, Midland Explorers


P – Todd Martin, Ashland Merchants
P – Paul Algar, Decatur Pride
P – Peter Meredith, Miller Toyota
C – Paul Walford, Smokers
1B – Gary Swan, Farm Tavern
2B – Bill Miller, Denmark Dukes
3B – Ross Dey, Decatur Pride
SS – Ray Atkinson, Seafirst Bank
OF – Shawn Rychick, All Car Roadrunners
OF – Ed Poirier, Matarazzo Sea Dogs
OF – Vic Johns, Decatur Pride
OF – Colin Abbott, All Car Roadrunners
DP – Tony Aresco, Matarazzo Sea Dogs
UTIL – Jody Hennigar, Farm Tavern
UTIL – Brett Alvey, Miller Toyota


P – Darin Zack, Midland Explorers
P – Terence Hibbert, All Car Roadrunners
P – Greg Wright, Midland Metros
C – Tim Wahl, Farm Tavern
1B – Jarrod Martin, Smokers
2B – Steve Horning, Midland Explorers
3B – Dino Neptune, Ashland Merchants
SS – David Boys, Smokers
OF – Shane Hunuhunu, Ashland Merchants
OF – Boomer Brush, Smokers
OF – Derek Coleman, Denmark Dukes
OF – John Lopes, Matarazzo Sea Dogs
DP – Allen Dowd, Denmark Dukes
UTIL – Mark Maxin, Seafirst Bank
UTIL – John Becker, All Car Roadrunners


1. Decatur Pride, Decatur, IL (6-0)
2. All Car Roadrunners, Green Bay, WI (5-2)
3. Abbott Labs, Ashland, OH (6-2)
4. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI (5-2)
5t. Midland Explorers. Midland, MI (3-2)
5t. Sports Medicine, Flint, MI (2-2)
7t. Larry Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT (3-2)
7t. Denmark Dukes, Denmark, WI (3-2)
9t. Seafirst Bank, Seattle, WA (2-2)
9t. Boston Sea Dogs, Boston, MA (2-2)
9t. Midland Metros, Midland, MI (2-2)
9t. Tampa Bay Smokers, Tampa Bay, FL (2-2)
13t. Page Brake, Salt Lake City, UT (1-2)
13t. St. Joe Travelers, St. Joseph, MO (1-2)
13t. Heflin Builders, Middletown, NY (1-2)
13t. Bloomington Hearts, Bloomington, IL (1-2)
17t. Strasburg Bonutt’s, Effingham, IL (0-2)
17t. St Louis GMC, St. Louis, MI (0-2)
17t. Jersey Gators, West Milford, NJ (1-2)
17t. Meierhoffer/Ed’s, Savannah, MO (0-2)
17t. Jack & Do’s Pizza, Findlay, OH (0-2)
17t. Clearwater Bombers, Clearwater, FL (0-2)
17t. Dolan & Murphy, Aurora, IL (0-2)
17t. Reading Sunners, Reading, PA (0-2)