ASA Men’s A 16 Inch Slow Pitch

Year Champion Runner-up MVP
1984 Golden Q, Mishawaka, IN Woodrow Wilson, Whiting, IN N/A
1985 Last Chance, Aberdeen, SD Turtles, Des Plains, IL N/A
1986 Edison Park Inn, Chicago, IL Turtles, Des Plains, IL Kurt Uidal, Turtles
1987 Aces, Chicago, IL Touch of Class, Chicago, IL Mike Brady, Aces
1988 Doctors, Chicago, IL Bridgeport Crush, Chicago, IL N/A
1989 Aces, Chicago, IL Saints, Chicago, IL Team MVP-Aces
1990 Chicago Gamblers, Chicago, IL Bridgeport Crush, Chicago, IL N/A
1991 Stickmen, Chicago, IL Doctors, Chicago, IL N/A
1992 Ice, Cecero, IL Saints, Chicago, IL N/A
1993 Galeswood, Chicago, IL Panthers, Chicago, IL N/A
1994 Rebels, Chicago, IL Gators, Chicago, IL Tom Neputy, Rebels
1995 Jynx, Chicago, IL Scooters, Chicago, IL Mark Munnizzi, Jynx
1996 Trojans, Mt. Prospect, IL Flash, Melrose Park, IL N/A
1997 Splinters, Chicago, IL Crush, Chicago, IL Mitch Grubisic, Crush
1998 Men From Uncle, Blue Island, IL Candelight Shooters, Chicago, IL Mike McKenna, Men from Uncle
1999 Lemonheads, Chicago, IL Traffic, Mt. Prospect, IL N/A
2000 Trojans, Mt. Prospect, IL Storm, Whiting, IN Dave Maize, Trojans
2001 Rebel’s, Chicago, IL Crush, Chicago, IL John Pellegrino, Rebels
2002 Mudville, Cicero, IL Storm, Whiting, IN John Doss, Mudville
2003 Outsiders, Chicago, IL Lobcocks, Chicago, IL Kenny Keselica and Tim Laughlin, Outsiders (Co-MVPs)
2004 Binge, Chicago, IL Lemonheads, Chicago, IL Chuck Wiggington, Binge
2005 Steel Gold, Chicago, IL Lugnuts, Whiting, IN Gary Johns, Steel Gold
2006 Woodpeckers, Melrose Park, IL Roadhouse, Chicago, IL John Eccardt, Woodpeckers
2007 Thunder, Mt. Prospect, IL Wallace, Forest Park, IL Steve Rigney, Thunder
2008 Kings, Rolling Meadows, IL Crush, Chicago, IL Rob Sniegowski, Kings
2009 Traffic, Chicago, IL OBI, Chicago, IL Jerry Ulrich, Traffic
2010 Eastern Lounge, Mt. Prospect, IL Barrage, Mt. Prospect, IL Jack Naranishi, Lounge
2010 Western Budweiser Kongs, Yuma, AZ Busters Revenge, Long Beach, CA Ray McGowan, Budweiser Longs
2011 Eastern Solutions, Chicago, IL Roto Rooter Bombers, Cedar Rapids, IA Antone Thrash, Solutions
2011 Western Cancelled
2012 Smackout, Summit, IL Da Hood, Chicago, IL Rich Aseves, Smackout
2013 Punch, Chicago, IL Rip, Chicago, IL Juner Leonard, Punch
2014 Silver Bullets, Chicago, IL Players, Elmwood Park, IL Joe Peterson, Silver Bullets
2015 Budweiser, Yuma, AZ Remax/Team Kleen, Yuma, AZ Matt Fox, Budweiser
2016 Cancelled

The tournament was discontinued after 2016.


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