2014 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2014 held at Orlando, Florida.

Women’s World series was cancelled. The Highest Class played in 2014 was Class B. Enough Said did not play USSSA and every other Class A team dropped to Class B and there was nobody to play in the Women’s World Series, so it was cancelled.

USSSA changed the name of their World Series to the Women’s MAJOR World Series in 2015. They still had the regular World Series like they been running since 1969. But they wanted to restrict some players from all playing on the same teams in the Class-A event to make it more evenly matched.

Just for information purposes, here are the results for the Class B World Series.

Champion – Minnesota North Stars, St. Paul, Minnesota
Runner Up – Washington Worth, Olympia, Washington

  • MVP – Patricia Becker, Minnesota North Stars
  • Defensive MVP – Carri Phelps, Washington Worth
  • Offensive MVP – Shannon Higginbotham, MN North Stars


Buffy Arms, Minnesota North Stars
Lisa Lantau, Minnesota North Stars
Cara Coughenour, Minnesota North Stars
Amber Hegland, Minnesota North Stars
Kelli Sorsdahl, Washington Worth
Ashley Ross, Sumuzu
Shannon Galanek, Sumuzu
Julie Pollastro, Washington Worth
Christan Dowling, Derby Girls/Softball.Com/Combat
Kat Sherer, Derby Girls/Softball.Com/Combat
Laurie Paschal, Washington Worth
Meaghan Chandler, Minnesota North Stars
Tara Salcedo, Derby Girls/Softball.Com/Combat
Susan M Stockemer, Washington Worth
Stacie Symonds, Minnesota North Stars


1. Minnesota North Stars, St. Paul, MN
2. Washington Worth, Olympia, WA


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