2011 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

2011 held at South Bend, Indiana on August 4-7.

Co-Champions – Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers, Broken Bow, Nebraska and Chicago/NY Gremlins, Clifton Park, New York

The championship final between the Travelers and the Gremlins was called off early when heavy rain flooded their field. The Gremlins finished with a 5-1 record while the Travelers ended up at 4-1. The Travelers trounced the Gremlins 11-2 Saturday afternoon.

The Gremlins dropped down to the championship final of the losers bracket where they beat the Explorers 7-5. That sent them into the championship game against the unbeaten Travelers on Sunday morning, this time winning 11-9.

Since that gave both teams a loss apiece, they were to go right back out for a sudden-death final, but the rain took care of that. They were declared co-champions.

  • MVP – Brad Rona, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
  • Batting Leader – Ian Fehrman, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
  • Home Run Leader – Nick Shailes, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
  • Herb Dudley Pitching Award – Andrew Kirkpatrick, Chicago/New York Gremlins


P – Andrew Kirkpatrick, Chicago/New York Gremlins
P – Grant Patterson, Midland Explorers
P – Gerald Muizelaar, Kegel Black Knights
C – Mark Arsenault, Midland Explorers (11-24, .458, 3 HR)
IF – Sergio LaHoz, Chicago/New York Gremlins
IF – Brad Rona, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
IF – Nick Shailes, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
IF – Ian Fehrman, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
OF – Ben Enoka, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
OF – Freddy Terkelsen, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
OF – Jeff Ellsworth, Chicago/New York Gremlins (12-19, .632)
OF – Brad Ezekiel, Chicago/New York Gremlins
UTIL – Steve Mullaley, Chicago/New York Gremlins
UTIL – Steve Horning, Midland Explorers
UTIL – Donny Hale, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers


P – Lucas Matos, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
P – Mike Joseph, Midland Explorers
P – Juan Potolocchio, Minnesota Angels
IF – Rhys Casely, Chicago/New York Gremlins
IF – Dave Lohman, Pennsylvania Power
IF – Trevor Kelly, Stock Pack
IF – Brandon Horn, Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers
C – Elvin Ramos, Minnesota Angels
OF – Dan Loney, Midland Explorers
OF – Fernando Petric, Minnesota Angels
OF – Lewis Weldon, Bar of Appleton Brewers
OF – Dale Levy, Midland Explorers
UTIL – Rowan Lam, Midland Explorers
UTIL – Derrick Zechman, Pennsylvania Power
UTIL – Trevor Urban, Stock Pack


1. Broken Bow/Jarvis Travelers, Broken Bow, NE (4-1)
1. Chicago/New York Gremlins Fastpitch, New York, NY (5-1)
3. Midland Explorers, Midland, MI (5-2)
4. Minnesota Angels, West St. Paul, MN (2-2)
5t. Kegel Black Knights, Fargo, ND (2-2)
5t. Pennsylvania Power, Harrisburg, PA (3-2)
7t. Bar Of Appleton Brewers, Appleton, WI (2-2)
7t. Stock Pack, Ashland., OH (2-2)
9t. Albaugh, Inc, Elkhart., IA (2-2)
9t. Duncan Outlaws, Elkhart., IN (1-3)
9t. Anderson Lawmen, Anderson., IN (0-3)
9t. Dolan & Murphy, Aurora., IL (1-3)
13. Quad City Sox, Davenport., IA (0-3)

NOTES: The tournament was a three game guarantee format.


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