2009 ASA Men’s (10) Modified Pitch Nationals

2009 held at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on September 4-7.

Champion –  Alexander’s Stallions, Port Huron, Michigan
Runner Up – Bonnell’s Softball, Erie, Pennsylvania

  • MVP – Ray Randall, Alexander’s Stallions
  • Batting Champion – Justin Haing, TPS
  • HR Champion – Brandon Richardson, Bonnell’s Softball


P – Ray Randall, Alexander’s Stallions
P – Ken Menale, Bonnell’s Softball
P – Mike Seibel, The Box
C – Justin Haing, TPS
OF – Jeff Falk, TPS
OF – Brian Fanion, Alexander’s Stallions
OF – Tom Bonlander, Dillinger’s
OF – Lee Rohan, Bonnell’s Softball
UTIL – Aaron Carpenter, Secory Flyers
UTIL – Troy Bonlander, Dillinger’s
UTIL – James Goodfellow, The Press Box
IF – Luke Loehr, The Box
IF – Charlie Beau, Dillinger’s
IF – Brandon Richardson, Bonnell’s Softball
IF – Kyle Stocker, Alexander’s Stallions


1. Alexander’s Stallions, Port Huron, MI (6-1)
2. Bonnell’s Softball, Erie, PA (8-2)
3. Dillinger’s, Fond du Lac, WI (3-2)
4. The Box, Fond du Lac, WI (3-2)
5t. TPS, Green Bay, WI (4-2)
5t. The Press Box, Fond Du Lac, WI (3-2)
7t. TM Logistics/Schmidt Electric, Delano, MN (3-2)
7t. Secory Flyers, Port Huron, MI (3-2)
9t. Symbas, Green Bay, WI (2-2)
9t. Townline Pub & Grill, Green Bay, WI (1-2)
9t. Gillie’s Pockets Softball, Midland, MI (2-2)
9t. TTI, Eden, WI (1-2)
13t. Cosmos, Cosmos, MN (1-2)
13t. Fleets Gaslight Inn, Oneida, WI (1-2)
13t. River Bend, Green Bay, WI (0-2)
13t. Jets Pizza/O’Connors Auto, Bay City, MI (0-2)
17t. Home State Bank, Atwater, MN (0-2)
17t. Shawno’s, Templeton, MA (0-2)
17t. Frank & Forster, Saginaw, MI (0-2)
17t. Full Quiver & More Rebels, Fort Gratiot, MI (0-2)
17t. Italian Club, Masontown, PA (0-2)


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