1989 ASA Men’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

1989 held at Midland, Texas.

Champion – Vernon’s, Jacksonville, Florida
Runner Up – Armed Services, Washington, D.C.

  • MVP – George Hill, Armed Forces
  • Batting Champion – Vernon Hensley, Worth/Astros – .813
  • HR Champion – Ken Slenker, Lemoyne Sleeper – 11


P – Mark Reagin, Armed Forces
C – Bob Rudi, Tri-Gem Builders
1B – Leonard Schoenfeld, SSK/Rebs
2B – John Peterson, Coffee Cup
3B – Craig Schraub, Coors
SS – Bill Miller, Viking Coke
OF – Larry Heise, Vernon’s
OF – Jesse Adamez, Coffee Cup
OF – Bob Sullivan, Lemoyne Sleeper
OF – Dennis Reeves, Owatonna Eagles
EP – Richard Mummaw, Vernon’s
UTIL – Terry Johnson, Vernon’s
UTIL – George Schnorr, Vernon’s
UTIL – Roger Underwood, Armed Forces
UTIL – David Heald, Armed Forces


P – Dale Abrahamson, Coffee Cup
C – Guillermo Foster, Armed Forces
1B – Ron Wenrick, Lemoyne Sleeper
2B – Wayne Pennington, Armed Forces
3B – Doug Cullen, Vernon’s
SS – Tom Hechsel, Minneapolis Merchants
OF – Don Mahoney, Memphis Sox
OF – Doug Kissane, Tri-Gem Builders
OF – Dale Haise, Conrad Patterson
OF – Lance Peterson, Minneapolis Merchants
EP – Doug Fischer, Armed Forces
UTIL – Glen Barnard, Ruth Realty
UTIL – Jon Kramer, SSK/Rebs
UTIL – Gary Hartmann, Tri-Gem Builders
UTIL – John Res, Conroy Construction


P – Vernon Neil, Smith Transport
C – Stan Daubert, Lemoyne Sleeper
1B – Steve Shover, Smith Transport
2B – Tim Cox, Viking Coke
3B – Robert McGee, Memphis Sox
SS – Mark Lysne, Owatonna Eagles
OF – Brad Weyant, Smith Transport
OF – John Mutz, Worth/Astros
OF – Jeff Gamble, Smith Transport
OF – Mike Moore, SSK/Rebels
EP – Steve Nauer, Viking Coke
UTIL – Vance Sims, Coors
UTIL – Steve Rodriguez, Coffee Cup
UTIL – Joe Walton, Coffee Cup
UTIL – Jeff Snyder, Lemoyne Sleeper


Ron Ford, Vernon’s (18-23, .783)


1. Vernon’s, Jacksonville, FL (7-1)
2. Armed Forces, Washington, D.C. (9-2)
3. Coffee Cup, St. Paul, MN (4-2)
4. Lemoyne Sleeper, Lemoyne, PA (7-2)
5t. Conrad/Patterson/Worth, Wyoming, MI (4-2)
5t. Owatonna Eagles, Owatonna, MN (4-2)
7t. SSK/Rebs, North Hollywood, CA (6-2)
7t. Smith Transport, Roaring Springs, PA (4-2)
9t. Joe Conroy Construction, Topeka, KS (4-2)
9t. Worth/Astro Sports, Indianapolis, IN (3-2)
9t. Minneapolis Merchants, Minneapolis, MN (3-2)
9t. Viking Coke, Elk River, MN (2-2)
13t. Coors, Midland, TX (3-2)
13t. Tri-Gems Builders, Cedarbrook, NJ (3-2)
13t. Sox, Memphis, TN (3-2)
13t. Ruth Realty, Seattle, WA (3-2)
17t. Harbor Docks, Fort Walton Beach, FL (2-2)
17t. Marino Construction, Peabody, MA (2-2)
17t. Pete’s Mobil Car Wash, Poughkeepsie, NY (2-2)
17t. Roofing Consultants, Richmond, VA (2-2)
17t. Thompson’s Sporting Goods, Savannah, GA (2-2)
17t. Whataburger Sox, Albuquerque, NM (1-2)
17t. Knight/Darnell Painting, Midlothian, VA (1-2)
17t. Mid NE Coors Light, Columbus, NE (1-2)
25t. Richardson Softball Club, Richardson, TX (2-2)
25t. Massey’s, Hammond, LA (1-2)
25t. Texas Iron Works, Anchorage, AK (1-2)
25t. Ron’s Spaghetti House, Woonsocket, RI (1-2)
25t. Hi-Ho/Coors Light, Great Falls, MT (1-2)
25t. Deery Brothers, Cedar Falls, IA (1-2)
25t. Mehringers, Jasper, IN (1-2)
25t. Miller Lite, Bryan, TX (1-2)
33t. Dougherty’s Seafood, Tancrovin, MD (1-2)
33t. Stanley’s, Midland, TX (1-2)
33t. Top Hat Limosines, Bismarck, ND (0-2)
33t. Miller Lite Peppers, Laredo, TX (0-2)
33t. Crader/Huffman, Marble Hill, MO (0-2)
33t. Pry Fastening, Cincinnati, OH (0-2)
33t. Sonny’s/Bud, Casper, WY (0-2)
33t. Hargray Telephone, Savannah, GA (0-2)
33t. D&E Pump, Stanton, TX (0-2)
33t. Brunswick Ford, Brunswick, ME (0-2)
33t. Miller’s Foot & Ankle Care, Kokomo, IN (0-2)
33t. Low Buck Compressor, Midland, TX (0-2)
33t. Miller Premium Brands Stevens Point, WI (0-2)
33t. Lupe’s Day Care, Midland, TX (0-2)
33t. R.C. Cola, Boise, ID (0-2)


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