1957 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1957 held at Clearwater, Florida.

Champion – Clearwater Bombers, Clearwater, Florida
Runner Up – Aurora Sealmaster Bearings, Aurora, Illinois

Harvey Sterkel, Aurora Sealmasters (4-2, 55 IP, 93 K, 2 Shutouts – lost 18 inning 1-0 final and registered 24 K).

Bobby Spell, Clearwater Bombers (2-0, 1 shutouts, no-hitter, 13 IP, 21 K, 0 Runs) – Clearwater did not give up one single run in 6 games.

Percy McCracken (5-0, 36 IP, 34 K, 3 ER) and Gibby Weslowski (2-1, 30 IP, 36 K, 1 ER) were the stars for third place Montreal Steinbergs.

Wade Garrett, Canton YMCA (2-0, 18 IP, 24 Ks, 1 shutout, 0 ER).

Cal Miller, Norristown Blocks (2-1, no hitter).

The game was decided in the 18th inning as Joe Lewis hit a double and then Jerry Curtis’ single to right field scored Lewis with the winning run and the championship. Herb Dudley and Harvey Sterkal had an incredible pitching dual up to that point. Sterkal gave up only 3 hits, but 2 came in the 18th.

  • MVP – Herb Dudley, Clearwater Bombers (4-0, 50 IP, 48 K, 1 Save 4 Shutouts – won 18 inning championship game 1-0, had 12 K)
  • Batting Leader – Al McCoy, Norristown Blocks (6-13, 2 RBI, 2 Runs) – .462)
  • Home Run Leader – All of the following are tied with 1, Knobby Rosa, Dixie Lilly (4-17, .235, 3 RBI, 2 Runs),  Don Dwyer, Sealmasters (6-26, .231, 2 RBI, 3 Runs), Jerry Curtis, Clearwater Bombers (5-25, .200, 3 RBI, 2 Runs), Nolan Whitlock, Clearwater Bombers (3-21, .143, 2 RBI, 1 Run), Thomas, Steinbergs (2-19, .105, 1 RBI, 1 Run), Ollie Johnston, Meenan, Owens, U.S. Navy, Campbell, U.S. Navy, Grantham, News-Leader Parrots, Andrews, Fuel Oilers


P – Herb Dudley, Clearwater Bombers
P – Harvey Sterkel, Sealmasters
P – Percy McCracken, Steinberg’s
C – Leroy Hess, Sealmasters
1B – Bobby Curtis, Dixie Lilly
2B – Frank Williams, Raybestos Cardinals
3B – Jim Duncan, Madden Company
SS – Nolan Whitlock, Clearwater Bombers
OF – Bob Sprentall, Clearwater Bombers
OF – Raymond (Ned) Wickersham, Sealmasters
OF – Buddy Atchison, Steinberg’s
UTIL – Jerry Curtis, Clearwater Bombers

Honorable Mention: P – Gibby Wesolowski, Steinberg’s, P – Wade Garrett, Champion YMCA, P – Hugh Sutherland, Steinberg’s, P – Roy Stephenson, DeJur, P – Cal Miller, Norristown Blocks, 1B – Joe Lewis, Clearwater Bombers, 2B – Don Dwyer, Sealmasters, 2B – Al McCoy, Norristown Blocks, 3B – Gene Usmiller, Clearwater Title, 3B – Knobby Rosa, Dixie Lilly, 3B – Doug Mason, Clearwater Bombers, 3B – Bobby Moore, Champion YMCA, SS – Richard (Ricky) Tomlinson, Steinberg’s, OF – Al Rothenberger, Madden Company, OF – Carl Boles, U.S. Navy.


1. Clearwater Bombers, Clearwater, FL (6-0) (Defending Champ)
2. Aurora Sealmaster Bearings, Aurora, IL (4-2) (West Central)
3. Steinbergs, Montreal, QC (7-2) (East Canada)
4. Dixie Lily, Miami, FL (4-2) (Southern)*
5t. Raybestos Cardinals, Stratford, CT (3-2) (North Atlantic)
5t. Holly Produce, Houston, TX (2-2) (F) (Texas) – (one forfeit loss)
7t. Norristown Blocks, Norristown, PA (2-2) (Central Atlantic)
7t. DeJur Cameramen, Long Island City, NY (2-2) (Mid Atlantic)
9t. Madden Construction, Bossier City, LA (3-2) (Southwestern)
9t. Clearwater Tile, Clearwater, FL (2-2) (Host)
9t. Champion YMCA, Canton, NC (2-2) (South Atlantic)
9t. Walden Heating, Denver, CO (1-2) (Rocky Mountain)
13t. Fuel Oilers, Vancouver, WA (1-2) (Northwestern)
13t. US Navy, Norfolk, VA (1-2) (US Navy)
13t. Fifth Army, Fort Riley, KS (1-2) (US Army)
13t. News-Leader Parrots, Springfield, MO (1-2) (Western)
17t. Belmont Club, St. Paul, MN (0-2) (Northern)
17t. Club 10, Manzanillo, Cuba (0-2) (Cuba)
17t. Dover AFB, Dover, DE (0-2) (US Air Force)
17t. Teamsters, Cleveland, OH (0-2) (East Central)
17t. El Paso Operations, Farmington, NM (0-2) (Cactus)
17t. Redwood City Merchants, Redwood City, CA (0-2) (North Pacific Coast)

* includes a win by forfeit

NOTES: South Pacific Coast Champ – Convair, San Diego, CA did not attend. West Canada Champs – Baysel Wranglers, Calgary, Alberta did not attend. Holly Produce of Houston lost their last game to Miami on a forfeit after it was found they had ineligible players.


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