United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA)

  • USSSA Class-A Regional World Championships (1970- 1982)
  • Other USSSA World Series Events

USSSA MAJOR Regional World Championships
Note - the USSSA held World Series Championships in 1968 (Milwaukee, WI) and 1969 (Pittsburgh, PA)
in 1970, the format was changed as both the '68 and '69 tournaments had over 50 teams. There would
no World Series held in 1970, as they held the 1970 East and 1970 West World Tournaments. The two
winners would then meet in 1971 for the Modern USSSA World Series. This format would be the way the
USSSA World Series Champion was decided. It stayed this way from 1971 to 1973. In 1973, a Central
World Tournament was held. For the 1974 World Series, the defending Champ along with the first and
second place teams in each Regional World Tournament were invited to an 8-Team World Series. The
East tournament had the third place invited by virtue of having the largest regional world. 
Year	Region				Champion						Runner-Up
					HR and Batting Leaders (if available)
1970	East @ Rochester-NY		Accurate Welding, Milwaukee, WI				Tirabassi Excavating, Kenosha, WI
					MVP- Mario Bonofiglio, Tirabassi
					Tony Guiliano, Iron Dukes (11-12) - .913
	West @ Azusa-AZ			Goettl'e Metals, Mesa, AZ				Big Apple, Phoenix, AZ
					MVP- Larry Harrell, Goettl's Metals
		The 1970 East and 1970 West World Champions met in June of 1971 for the 1971 USSSA World Series in a best of 7 series
1971	East @ Louisville-KY		Accurate Welding, Milwaukee, WI				Ace Movers, Milwaukee, WI	
					MVP- John Wegner, Accurate Welding   (.556, 4 HRs, 13 RBIs)
					Larry Chiapetta, Hicksville Astros  (HR Leader)
					Darrell Greenmeir, Accurate Welding  - .750
	West @ Azusa-AZ			Big Apple, Phoenix, AZ					Berg Ford, Mesa, AZ	
					MVP- Vince Paralta, Big Apple (.471)
					Jack Beavers, Goettl's Metal - .623
		The 1971 East and 1971 West World Champions met in June of 1972 for the 1972 USSSA World Series in a best of 7 series
1972	The 1972 East and West World Champions met in June of 1972 for the 1973 USSSA World Series in a best of 7 series
	East @ Petersburg-VA		Dino's Pizza, Detroit, MI				Rolling Hills, Covington, KY
					MVP- Cal Carmen, Dino's Pizza  (.740, 8 HRs)
					Tom Louria, Snyder's (.654)  - 10 HRs
	West @ Sun City-AZ		Gonzales Mexican Foods, Richmond, CA			Blinky's, Fullerton, CA
					MVP- Larry Sheppard, Gonzales Mexican Food (20-22, .909)
					Leonard Bowen, Bemco (.600)  - 4 HRs
		The 1972 East and 1972 West World Champions met in June of 1973 for the 1973 USSSA World Series in a best of 7 series
1973	East @ Southgate-MI		Croten Dukes, New Castle, PA				Dino's Pizza, Detroit, MI
					MVP- Carl Pia, Croten Dukes (15-20, .750, 2 HRs, 12 RBIs, 6-0 Pitching)
					Dave Thayer, Snyder's (.667, 22 RBIs) - 10 HRs
					Note- Pace Electronics, Rochester, NY was third.
	Central @ Red Bud, IL		Slinger Foundry, Milwaukee, WI				Thurmers Bar, St. Louis, MO
					MVP- Phil Higgins, Slinger Foundry
	West @ Rosemead-CA		Double Tree Inn, Phoenix, AZ				Association, Orange, CA
					MVP- Don Jackson, Double Tree Inn (.435)
					Jerry Gilbreath, CBAC (.633) - 8 HRs
					Jack Beavers, Goettl's Metals (.688)
					NOTE- these two West teams changed sponsors in 1974 when the World Series was held. 
					Double Tree Inn became Chandlers Redi-Mix and the Association became Capitol Insulation.
		The 1973 Defending World Series Champ along with the top 2 teams of each Regional World Tournament, plus the third place
		team in the East, by virtue of having the largest of the 3 worlds were invited to the 1974 8-team World Series. This format,
		sometimes changing a little, was used for the remainder of the 1970s to determine the World Series Champion.
1974	East @ Louisville-KY		Sol Mintz, Washington, PA				Jesse's, Louisville, KY
					MVP- Don Roberts, Sol Mintz (.700)
					Jim Yesenchak, Sol Mintz (HR Leader)
	Central @ Sheboygan-WI		Builder's Hardware, Milwaukee, WI			Percy's, Milwaukee, WI
					MVP- Doug Czaplewski, Builder's Hardware (15-18, .833, 5 RBIs)
					Rick Scherr, Copper Hearth (13-16, .813, 12 RBIs) - 8 HRs
	West @ San Diego-CA		Copperstate Nut & Bolt, Phoenix, AZ			Capitol Insulation, Los Angeles, CA
					MVP- Lloyd Breshers, Copperstate Nut and Bolt
					Jim Heflin, Capitol - 3 HRs
1975	East @ Smithtown-NY		Snyder's, Redford, MI					Mazzola Castle, Rochester, NY
					MVP- Larry Elkins, Snyder's (18-30, .600, 7 HRs, 20 RBIs)
					Jim Mitchell, Snyder's (15-25, .600, 25 RBIs) - 8 HRs
					Londie Parker, Snyder's (23-31, 9 RBIs) - .742
	Central @ Louisville-KY		Copper Hearth, Milwaukee, WI				Transportmen, Milwaukee, WI
					MVP - Chuck Drewicz, Copper Hearth (8 HRs, 7-0 pitching)
					Rick Scherr, Copper Hearth - HR Leader
					Jim Mortl, Transportmen - Batting Leader
	West @ Van Nuys-CA		Capitol Insulation, N. Hollywood, CA			Foothill Dairy, Azusa, CA
					MVP- Charlie Pierce, Capitol (.600, 7 HRs)
					Jack Warner, Foothill Dairy (.833) - 7 HRs
					Dave Coloey, Bakatares - .909
1976	East @ Smithtown-NY		Little Caesars, Detroit, MI				Joe's Army & Navy, Kittanning, PA
					MVP - Detroit Caesars Player?   			(3rd place - Uniroyal, Detroit, MI)
					Sonny Yurcheck, Joe's (23-35, .657)
	Central @ Louisville-KY		Taylor Brothers, Corpus Christie, TX			Transport Oil, Milwaukee, WI
					MVP- Mickey McCarty, Taylor Brothers
					Rick Scherr, Taylor Brothers - HR leader
	West @ Van Nuys-CA		Rodeo Room, Anaheim, CA					Kerr-Copperstete, Phoenix, AZ
					MVP- Kent Cooke, Rodeo Room (.525)
					Elby Bushing, Kerr-Copperstate (.600) - 9 HRs
					Gary Pretasator, Foothill Dairy - .714
1977	East @ Southgate-MI		Mazzola-Castle, Rochester, NY				Kentucky Fried, Union Lake, MI
					MVP- Jerry Laspanara, Mazzola-Castle (.690, 8 HRs)
					Mike Turk, Kentucky Fried (.571) - 10 HRs
					Ray Koenig, Kentucky Fried - .721
	Central @ Tullahoma-TN		Universal AC, Louisville, KY				Savannah Café, Cincinnati, OH
					MVP- Dave Pennick, Universal AC
					John Silmon, Taylor Brothers (22 RBIs) - 5 HRs
	West @ Van Nuys-CA		Capitol Insulation, N. Hollywood, CA			L.K.B. Merchants, Anaheim, CA
					MVP- Mike Cellura, Capitol Insulation (.600, 5 HRs, 13 RBIs)
					Don Everts, LKB - 10 HRs
1978	East @ Kinston-NC		Howard & Carroll, Sherrills Ford, NC			County Sports, Levittown, NY
					MVP- James Boyett, Howard & Carroll (16 HRs)
	Central @ Louisville-KY		CC Brick & Lumber, Corpus Christie, TX			LaRosa's Greater Cinn. Sports, Cincinnati, OH
					MVP- Dick Bartel, CC Brick & Lumber
	West @ Van Nuys-CA		Capitol Insulation, N. Hollywood, CA			May Tool, Paramount, CA
					MVP- Dennis Myers, Capitol Insulation (9 HRs)
					Elby Bushong, Capitol Insulation - 9 HRs
1979	East @ Kinston-NC		Green Machine, Starke, FL				Taylor Beverage, Goldsboro, NC
					MVP - ???
	Central @ Sheboygan-WI		Greater Cinn. Sports, Cincinnati, OH			Downtown Shell, Milwaukee, WI
					MVP- John Coorey, Greater Cincinnati Sports
					John Morrow, Downtown Shell (.667,16 RBIs) - 8 HRs
	West @ Modesto-CA		Ruth Reality, Renton, WA				Capitol Insulation, N. Hollywood, CA
					MVP - ???
1980	East @ Clarkson-NY		Bibbs  Reality, Sandusky, OH				Dave Carroll Sports, Sherrill's Ford, NC
					MVP - ???
	South @ Petersburg-VA		Lenoir Tire, Kinston, NC				Jerry's Caterers, Miami, FL 
					MVP - ???
	Central @ Louisville-KY		Lilly Air Systems, Chicago, IL				Bushleman's Construction, Cincinnati, OH
					MVP- Jim Burke, Lilly Air Systems
	West @ Concord-CA		Capitol Insulation, N. Hollywood, CA			Coors-Advance Real Estate, Yamika, WA
					MVP- Ron Whitleton, Capitol Insulation
		In 1981, the USSSA started to have Class-A World Series and these Regionals were used to determine who was invited to
		Class-A World Series ..... The Major Class was also started in 1981 and instead of having Regional Tournaments, the 
		Major teams competed in various NIT tournaments to earn berths to the USSSA Major World Series much like today.

USSSA Class - B Region-II/III
Year	Region		Champion					Runner-up (if available)
1969	II		Sol Mintz, Washington, PA (78-7)		Hub's, New Kensington, PA	(MVP-Earl Tustin, Sol Mintz)
1970	II		Sol Mintz, Washington, PA			William F DeCarbo, New Castle, PA
1971	II		Sol Mintz, Washington, PA			Carolinas, Roanoke Rapids, NC 	(MVP-George Taylor, Sol Mintz)
1972	II		Sol Mintz, Washington, PA			?
1973	III		Scotty's, Pittsburgh, PA			Finleyville Legion, Finleyville, PA
1974	III		Rosco Cairns-Negrich, Kittanning, PA		Alexander Inn, Saxonburg, PA
1975	III		Negrich Brothers, Kittanning, PA		Chillies, Monongahela, PA 	(MVP-Tom Miller, Negrich)

USSSA Class - B World Series
Year	Region		Champion					Runner-up (if available)	sol mintz 3rd in 1970
1969	-		Hub's, New Kensington, PA			Sol Mintz, Washington, PA 	(no info on MVP)
1970	-		Reichert's Ave. News, Milwaukee, WI		Digregory's, Pittsburgh, PA  	(MVP-Mike Farrington, Reichert's)
1971	-		Sportarama, Hicksville, NY			Sol Mintz, Washington, PA	
1972	-		Sol Mintz, Washington, PA			Edna Hotel, Arnold, PA		(MVP-Gary Smith, Sol Mintz)
1973	-		Sol Mintz, Washington, PA			Edna Hotel, Arnold, PA		(MVP-Gary Smith, Sol Mintz)
1974	-		Queen City Patterns, Miamitown, OH		Rosco Cairns-Negrich, PA 
1975	-		Negrich Brothers, Kittanning, PA		Kynor Const., McKeesport, PA 	(MVP-Bill Sepich, Negrich)
1976	-		Forrest Hills Bowling, Rockford, IL		California Eagles, California, PA
1977	-		Al's Café, Bethel Park, PA			Thurmer's/Southwest, St. Louis, MO
1978	-		Manchester Veneer, Manchester, GA		Nikki's, Detroit, MI
1979	-		Looking Glass, Los Angeles, CA			Citizen Club, Jeannette, PA
1980	-		Austin Capitols, Austin, TX			Lufkin Raiders, Lufkin, TX
	1981-1987 Regional Championships only for Class-B, only winners listed
1981	Eastern		Jerry's Softball, Irwin, PA
	Central		Park Town Hall, Loves Park, IL
	Southern	Gas Town, Summerfield, NC
	Midwest		Houston A.P.E.S., Houston, TX
	Western		Philly Steak Out, Mill Valley, CA
1982	Eastern		Stewart-Glapat, Zanesville, OH
	Central		Gashaus Blasé, Watertown, WI
	Southern	V.M. Nutri, West Palm Beach, FL
	Midwest		Beaumont Rangers, Beaumont, TX
	Western		Far West Collections, Walnut Creek, CA
1983	Eastern		Cobras, Martinsburg, PA
	Central		Brewers, Brownstown, IN
	Southern	Loftis, Greenville, SC
	Midwest		Leroy's Tacos, San Antonio, TX
	Western		Johnny's, Tustin, CA
1984	Eastern		FVT Trucking, Williamstown, NJ
	Central		Power's Softball, Jackson, MI
	Southern	Doyle's Painting, Eden, NC
	Midwest		Wray Roofing, Newton, KS
	Southwest	Pleasant Valley, Austin, TX
	Western		Haycrest Dairy,  Arroya Grande, CA
1985	Eastern		Polito's, Uniontown, PA
	Central		Kelley's RMA, Rockford, IL
	Southern	Konnack Shell, Winston-Salem, NC
	Midwest		Bull-N-Bush, Denver, CO
	Southwest	Jones Finke Ranchers, Rosenburg, TX
	Western		Metro Mobil, Phoenix, AZ
1986	Eastern		Irvine Erectors, Glen Burnie, MD
	Central		Hiller & Hamm, Fox Lake, WI
	Southern	Gaston Textile Repair, Gastonia, NC
	Midwest		Woody's, Colorado Springs, CO
	Southwest	Morgan Construction, Austin, TX
	Western		Shur-Shine, Santa Clara, CA
1987	Eastern		Buckeye Wolverine, Toledo, OH
	Central		Sterling Sports, Warren, MI
	Southern	Perry Roofing, Gainesville, FL
	Midwest		IBA, Lenexa, KS
	Southwest	Maloof Sox, Albuquerque, NM
	Western		Killer Instinct, Costa Mesa, CA
	Starting in 1988, USSSA held the Class-B World Series
1988	-		Trim Fit, Phoenix, AZ				Optimal Health, East Meadow, NY
1989	-		Jimmies, Kalamazoo, MI				Nomads, St. Louis, MO
1990	-		Bill Ellis BBQ, Wilson, NC			Alliance Softball, Los Angeles, CA
1991	-		Pierce Const., Windsor Locks, CT		Big Bull Plumbing, Virginia Beach, VA (MVP-Mark Cangello 11 HRs/ Mark Joseph .830)
1992	-		Bad Attitude, San Diego, CA			Team X, Santa Monica, CA
1993	-		deBeer Kamakazis, San Diego, CA			Liberty Park, Sterling Heights, MI
1994	-		Gulf/deBeer/Gas Heaven, Commack, NY		ABC Flag & Pennants, Tampa, FL
1995	-		Mountain Top/TPS, Northville, MI		CSM Yard Dogs, Orlando, FL
1996	-		Thermco, W Yarmouth, MA				Money Lightening/Steele's, Warren, MI
1997	-		Calvert/B&R Sports, Sterling Hghts, MI		O'Connell Volvo, Oakland, CA
1998	-		Classic Glass, San Jose, CA			G-Men, Phoenix, AL
1999	-		Mountain Top/TPS, Northville, MI		Gorilla Construction, Phoenix, AZ
2000	-		FRS Performance/Easton, Wellington, CO		Metro Glass/Easton, Melvindale, MI
2001	-		PDC Print./Cal's, Sterling Heights, MI		Drai's After Hours, Las Vegas, NV
2002	-		Marnell Corrao/Mizuno, Las Vegas, NV		M.T. Crew/Mizuno, West St. Paul, MN
2003	-		Marnell Corrao/Easton, Las Vegas, NV		Johnny Blaze, Riverside, CA
2004	-		K&C Drywall, Sacramento, CA			KA Softball, Chicago, IL
2005	-		Kirby Investments, Destin, FL			Showcase/Chanticlear Pizza, Brooklyn Center, MN
2006	-		ABS/Team LTP/Easton, Hartley, DE		KA Softball/Worth, Chicago, IL
2007	-		Showcase/J&H/Chanticlear, Plymouth, MN		C-Town/American Funding/Easton, Boise, ID
2008 	-		Team Bud Light/Easton, Canton, MI 		Angle Inn Easton, Glen Burnie, MD
2009 	-		Northwest Combat/Trojans, Seattle, WA 		Blitz/Watanabe/Weller/Minges/Easton, Cincinnati, OH 
2010 	-		AJS/Easton/Supreme/Foulks/Mojo, Ft Myers, FL 	FamousSports.com/Easton, Santa Clarita, CA
2011 	-		Blitz/Weller/Watanabe/Easton, Cincinnati, OH 	1st Step/DCS, Pompano Beach, FL
2012 	-		Down2EarthSports/SBC/Worth, Baxley, GA 		BuziniSports.com/BWW/Worth, Jackson, MS
2013 	-		Chaps/BWW/Worth/Buzini, Jackson, MS 		B&B/Sears/BMW Insulation/Easton, Clayton, NC
2014 	-		Precision/Easton, Chicago, IL 			Xtreme/Miken, Brooklyn Center, MN
2015 	-		OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken, Yorba Linda, CA 	Compound Athletics/Easton, Chicago, IL
2016 	-		GPO Softball, Peachtree City, GA 		Steel Ath/American Athletics/Miken, Corpus Christi, TX
2017 	-		TZ Distributors/Unique Image, Wilmington, DE	One Payment/Dynasty, Liberty City, FL
2018 	-		Crunchtime/Haterz, Arden, NC 			Briggs/H&H/A&D/Dynamite, Statesboro, SC

USSSA Class - C World Series
Year	Region		Champion					Runner-up (if available)
1975	-		Gaze Reality, Brockport, NY			Larusse Distributors, Arnold, PA
1976	-		Asches Tap, Milwaukee, WI			Sunnyside Eggs, Greenville, NC
1977	-		Larry Strother Real Estate, Fayetteville, NC	Hubby's, New Kensington, PA
1978	-		Big Bill Sports, Dearborn Heights, MI		Rudolph Libbe-Hans Hanson, Toledo, OH
	1979-1987 Regional Championships only for Class-C, only winners listed
1979	Eastern		Teamsters 293, Cleveland, OH
	Central		Nelson Properties, Blaine, MN
	Western		American Glass, Sunnyvale, CA
1980	Eastern		Southwyck Sportframe, Toledo, OH
	Southern	Gas Town, Summerfield, NC
	Central		Asches Tap, Milwaukee, WI
	Midwest		Oklahoma City Stars, Oklahoma City, OK
	Western		Chelsea's Pie Shop, Salem, OR
1981	Eastern		C&L Carpets, Dayton, OH
	Southern	Brinkley's Carving, Thomasville, NC
	Central		Next Best Thing, Milwaukee, WI
	Midwest		Lone Star Wild West, San Antonio, TX
	Western		Hacienda Draperies, Walnut, CA
1982	Eastern		Cobras, Martinsburg, PA
	Southern	Home Builders Supply, Wilson, NC
	Central		Avis Enterprises, Union, KY
	Midwest		TOTCO, Oklahoma City, OK
	Western		Michael's, San Gabriel, CA
1983	Eastern		ABC-Collision-Lyell, Rochester, NY
	Southern	Haines City Merchants, Haines City, FL
	Central		State Farm Warriors, Madison, WI
	Midwest		Tideland Smokers, Weathford, TX
	Western		Give A Damn, Santa Clara, CA
1984	Eastern		RKE Ghost Busters, Bellmawr, NJ
	Southern	S.R. Perrott, Daytona Beach, FL
	Central		Budweiser Light, Muskegon, MI
	Midwest		Business Essential, Omaha, NE
	Southwest	Su Casa, Pearland, TX
	Western		Barristers, Santa Rosa, CA
1985	Eastern		Irvine Erectors, Cumberland, MD
	Eastern		Angilo's Pizza, Batavia, OH
	Southern	Warren Hollow Metal, Clinton, NC
	Southern	Elite of Brandon, Brandon, FL
	Central		Nu-Way, Mt. Clemmons, MI
	Midwest		Key Real Estate, Omaha, NE
	Southwest	Houston Hustlers, Houston, TX
	Southwest	Glenn Bros US Exp., Little Rock, AR
	Western		Arata Trucking, San Jose, CA
1986	Eastern		Ocean Pride, Sparks, MD
	Eastern		Zozo's Softball, Pittsburgh, PA
	Southern	Thomas Bait & Tackle, Sanford, NC
	Southern	Carl's Roofing, Tampa, FL
	Central		Schupan Aluminum, Kalamazoo, MI
	Midwest		American Dream, Omaha, NE
	Southwest	Sign's Unlimited, Dumas, TX
	Southwest	Dixie Merchants,  Hammond, LA
	Western		The Hut, Lompoc, CA
1987	Eastern		Dutchland Construction, Berlin, OH
	Eastern		Chubby's Softball, Fulton, NY
	Southern	B&M Produce, Plant City, FL
	Southern	Neuse Sand & Gravel, Kinston, NC
	Central		Mac's Car Wash, Detroit, MI
	Midwest		Transport Express, Dodge City, KS
	Southwest	Miller Homes, Oklahoma City, OK
	Southwest	Triplex, Orange, TX
	Western		Tommy T's, San Leandro, CA
	Starting in 1988, USSSA held the Class-C World Series
1988	-		Bumper Shop, San Fernando Valley, CA		Newcrete, Salt Lake City, UT
1989	-		Emerzian Woodwork, Fresno, CA			Coca-Cola, Newburg, NY
1990	-		Dudley Sports, Phoeniz, AZ			Sneakers, Milwaukee, WI
1991	-		ABI, Miami, FL					Redwood Roofing, Martinez, CA
1992	-		Scott Farms, Lucama, NC				?
1993	-		B&C/Thomas Bait, Aberdeen, NC			City Sporting Goods, Leominster, MA
1994	-		JD's Softball/Kirks, Brighton, MI		Four M Sports Café, Detroit, MI
1995	-		Sierra Power/Easton, Reno, NV			CT Boys, Corona, CA
1996	-		Thunder, Cypress, CA				Beckwith Printing, Las Vegas, NV
1997	-		Swanton Welding/Bud Ice, Toledo, OH		?
1998	-		Chizum Trucking, Porter, IN			Sansones, Las Vegas, NV
1999	-		Metro Glass, Westland, MI			Pacific Transformer, Anaheim Hills, CA
2000	-		Baltimore Galv./Taylor's, Edgewater, MD		RFC/Mizuno, Derby, KS
2001	-		Russell's Paint/Worth, Longwood, FL		Benfield/Easton Cobras, Fairfax, VA
2002	-		Angle Inn/Worth, Baltimore, MD			So Cal Easton, Lomita, CA
2003	-		North End Dogs, Toledo, OH			Bencin Trucking/Boys Softball, Kent, OH
2004	-		Longhorns, Grand Rapids, MI 	(co-champs)	Pole Position, Warren, MI - (co-champs due Hurricane Jeanne)
2005	-		Medicap Pharmacy, Garner, NC			T.A.I., Orange, CA
2006	-		Line Drive/Pole Position, Warren, MI		C-Town/American Funding/DSS, Caldwell, ID
2007	-		Shockers/Paul Davis, Rockford, IL		KA Barille/Scalpers, Mayfield Heights, OH
2008 	-		J&H Wall/Chanticlear Pizza, Hugo, MN 		Pure Romance/Easton, Cincinnati, OH
2009 	-		Caseys Bailbonds/Castle/Worth, Bonney Lake, WA 	Wagner Farms/Torco Supply, Easton PA
2010 	-		RMS, Phoenix, AZ 				WC Blaze/Swegs/Sanchos/Easton, Highland, CA
2011 	-		P&P 333/Suburban/Larry's/CMT, Lansing, MI 	Westshore Pizza, Tampa, FL
2012 	-		Jammedup.com/Manhattan Beer, Hamden, CT 	OI Livingston, Tuscaloosa, AL
2013 	-		Cooper/Yuengling/Easton, Dayton, OH 		Eagle Paint, Alto, GA
2014 	-		Deluxe Bakery, Runnemede, NJ 			ASP Nation/Joco/Reset/Easton, Dallas, TX
2015 	-		TMT/A&A/KV Weld/ASP Nation, Conroe, TX 		Stars/DH Global Logistics, Denver, CO
2016 	-		One Payment/D/Eagle, Coral Gables, FL 		RDD/Easton, Enfield, CT
2017	-		Chosen/The Scene, Plainview, NY 		TRU Sports/Miken/CA Gear, Fairfax, VA
2018 	-		Westpoint Softball, Noblesville, IN 		EST Solutions, Fullerton, CA

USSSA Class - D World Series
Year	Region		Champion					Runner-up (if available)
	1983-1987 Regional Championships only for Class-D, only winners listed
	- Regional Championships only from 1983-1987
1983	Eastern		Sam's Associates, Washington, PA
	Eastern		Pioneer Colonial Glass, Bethpage, NY
	Southern	Hernando Raiders, Brookville, FL
	Central		J.D.H. Transportation, Clarksville, IN
1984	Eastern		Mullins Pub, Pittsburgh, PA
	Southern	Hernando Raiders, Brookville, FL
	Southern	Sheffield Lumber & Pallet, Harmony, NC
	Central		Pomps, Newport, KY
	Midwest		Coldwell Banker, Manhatten, KS
	Southwest	Abilene Cobras, Abilene, TX
	Southwest	Big "C" Services, New Iberia, LA
	Western		Santoni & Co/Bud, Woodland, CA
1985	Eastern		Rocco's Pizza, Glan Burnie, MD
	Eastern		Show Biz Pizza, Lorain, OH
	Southern	State No Fault Insurance, Lake Park, FL
	Southern	Ivey B. Luck, Seagrove, NC
	Central		1st Nat. Bank of Salem, Poplar Bluff, MO
	Midwest		Fort Collins Softball, Fort Collins, CO
	Southwest	Stealers, Baytown, TX
	Southwest	Cloyes Gear, Paris, AR
	Western		Utah Micrographics, Ogden, UT
1986	Eastern		Rogues Harbor Inn, Lansing, NY
	Eastern		Dayton Merchants, Dayton, OH
	Southern	Barney's Family Home, Okeechobee,FL 
	Southern	Vandiver's Auto Sales, Huntersville, NC
	Central		Vegas Ranch, Lake City, MI
	Midwest		McFarland Decorating, Hutchinson, KS
	Southwest	Seminole Sonics, Seminole, OK
	Southwest	Ron Rico's Angels, Alexandria, LA
	Western		Fly Swatters, Phoenix, AZ
1987	Eastern		New Lebanon Auto, Brookville, OH
	Eastern		Kimball Sand, Mendon, MA
	Southern	Florida Mulch, Palm Bay, FL
	Southern	Inland Cove Blues, Bennettsville, SC 
	Central		Rumors Softball, Newport, KY
	Midwest		Johnny's Tavern, Lawrence, KS
	Southwest	Indian Country, Jonesboro, AR
	Southwest	LeRoy's A.C., New Iberia, LA
	Western		Pinnacle, Sepulveda, CA
	Starting in 1988, USSSA held the Class-D World Series
1988	-		F.C Express, Louisville, KY			?
1989	-		Oxygen Service, St. Paul, MN			?
1990	-		Willamette Tool, Eugene, OR			Arizona Honda Repair, Phoenix, AZ
1991	-		Mid-State Softball, Leitchfield, KY		Prime One, Pound, WI
1992	-		Paul's Tavern, South Belmar, NJ			B&B Softball, Clayton, NC
1993	-		Club Tap, Wauwotoa, WI				South Chem, Lucann, NC
1994	-		Bacardi Rum, Miami, FL				OP Plumbing, Carthage, NC
1995	-		Draw/Dudley, Racine, WI				Members Only, Littlefield, TX
1996	-		Ruffnecks, Los Angeles, CA			Southern Cal. Mystique, San Diego, CA
1997	-		A.V. Hawaiian, Lancaster, CA			Electric Press, Syracuse, NY
1998	-		Austin Eagles, Austin, TX			Big Ten, Denver, CO
1999	-		Steve's Sports, Stratford, CT			Ozzie's BMW, Chico, CA
2000	-		McDonald Floor, Torrington, CT			Cope/Best Way Drywall, Santa Rosa, CA
2001	-		Key Corners/B-52's, Osprey, FL			Doug's Tire, Hamlet, NC
2002	-		Bay Mountain Air, Campbell, CA			Trojans, Glen Burnie, MD
2003	-		Tallon Painting, Salem, UT			West Texas Fury, Lubbock, TX
2004	-		TJ'S/Ferra, Rochester, NY			CR Sports Bar/Line Drive, Fridley, MN 
2005	-		Any Time Cash Advance, Spartenburg, SC		MB/Plano Tavern Bulls, Plano, TX
2006	-		Michigan Mush, Warren, MI			First Command/RMBS, Monument, CO
2007	-		T-5-Star, Salem, UT				Blue Water, Fallbrook, CA
2008 	-		PSA, Palatka, FL 				Sports55.com/SunrisePools, Severna Park, MD
2009 	-		Lewis Home Buyer, Kent, OH 			Gorillas, St. Louis, MO
2010 	-		Westshore Pizza, Tampa, FL 			Rochester AC/Rizzo/Easton, Rochester, NY
2011 	-		Abra, Salt Lake City, UT 			NET/New Holland Legion, Lancaster, PA
2012 	-		TAI Sports, Gastonia, NC 			SPN Drywall/CA Gear, Alto, GA
2013 	-		Clegg Steel/Desert Falls/Easton, Orem, UT 	So Cal Special Forces/ECA, San Diego, CA
2014 	-		KBI, Joliet, IL 				Team Gillette/Coach's Corner, Savannah, GA
2015 	-		Southern Mayhem, Covington, GA 			DCL Softball, Ruther Glen, VA
2016 	-		Goonies/Bennett Home's, Orangeville, UT 	Oilers/Allstate/Mojo, Beaumont, TX
2017 	-		The Product/Tree Factory, Socal, CA 		Smashmouth/Dirty Earl & The Boys, Durham, NC
2018 	-		Southern Storm/Rat Busters, Lake Worth, FL 	New Era/Wolfpack, Worcester, MA
	West 		Blackdog Sports, Petaluma, CA 			AKA, Des Moines, WA

USSSA Class - E World Series
Year	Region		Champion					Runner-up
2003	-		* Albicocco Pasta, Clarks Green, PA		(1st) Big Richards, La Mirada, CA	(2nd) Hurricane's, Castle Hayne, NC
2004	-		LaSalle Associates/Ember Inc., Pawtucket, RI	Junkyard Softball, Oakland Park, FL
	Starting in 2005, USSSA Regional Class-E World Series due to just One World Series being too big
2005	East		Red Octapus, St. Leonard, MD			Bemis Outdoor, St. Clair Shores, MI AND 
			 (tie for second)				Houston Knights II, Houston, TX (tied)
	West		Crudos, Cathedral City, CA			Rock Da Spot, Arleta, CA
2006	East		Last Call Softball, Ahoskie, NC			Bergen Dragons, Lyndhurst, NJ
	West		- cancelled
2007	East		RTD Reloaded, Little Falls, NJ			Spikes Trophies, Bensalem, PA
	West		SBS-South Bay Satelite, Folsom, CA		So Cal Sleepers, Redlands, CA
2008 	East 		The Banner, Worcester, MA 			Dynasty Softball, Chicago, IL
	West 		Longshots, Norco, CA 				SSP, Palm Springs, CA
2009 	East 		Toledo Borrachos, Sylvania, OH 			Bestway, Fayetteville, GA
	West 		Somethin' Different, Lake Tapps, WA 		Arsenal, Issaquah, WA
2010 	East 		B&K Softball, Madison, NC 			Dirt Dawgs/Back Alley Pub, Woonsocket, RI
	West 		California Love/Wicked, Sacramento, CA 		Softballs Finest, Thornton, CO
	North 		Blue Crush Softball, Van Buren, MI 		Detroit Drama, Brighton, MI
2011 	East 		Trust Sports/Wicked/Mario, Utica, MI 		13 Stripes Softball Club, Derry, NH
	West 		Team RACC, Santa Clara, CA 			McKenna Racing, Auburn, WA
	North 		Trust Sports Softball, Troy, MI 		Repo Monkey, Warren, MI
2012 	East 		Go Time, Winchester, VA 			Nu-Coat/Meineke, Derry, NH
	West 		Infamous, Las Vegas, NV 			Slap Addicts, Lodi, CA
	North 		Team 7 Mile, Detroit, MI 			Detroit Riot/BearEquip, Sterling Heights, MI
2013 	East 		Miken Mafia, Laurel, DE 			Player's Club, New Albany, IN
	West 		- cancelled
	North 		Mushtube Reloaded/Untouchable, Clinton, MI 	ATW, Topeka, IN
2014 	East 		Southland, Canton, GA 				Ball Game, Winter Haven, FL
	West 		Anarchy, Sacramento, CA AZ 			Rapid/MyLawyersAZ, Phoenix, AZ
	North 		Dirty 30, Brunswick, OH 			TNT Softball Club, Fostoria, OH
2015 	East 		US Tech, Miami, FL 				DO/Ducks, Sterling Heights, MI
	West 		SAGs, Spanish Fork, UT 				Hood Rich Clothing, Phoenix, AZ
	North 		Detroit Hustle/Shattered, St Clair, MI 		Motor City RAKE, Roseville, MI
2016 	East 		Badbeat/River Casino/Bartis, Manchester, NH 	Jade Dragon, Manchester, NH
	West 		Jefferson Softball, Medford, OR 		SNP, Newark, CA
	North 		Michigan Elite, Holt, MI 			Repo Monkey/Detroit Elite, Detroit, MI
2017 	East		A/C Guys, Ocoee, FL				Team Brotherhood, Mobile, AL
	West 		Ontourage, Orem, UT 				Tailgaters/Sportclips/Pestec, Brentwood, CA
	North 		Mighty Ducks, Columbus, IN 			Nasty Strong, Brownsburg, IN
2018 	East		GarciaForklift, Miami, FL 			Team Overrated Grade Rite, Bailey, NC
	West 		Smoke, Chesterfield, MI 			NWO/Dynamic Transportation, Livonia, MI
	North 		Supreme Athletics, Yuba City, CA 		Middlesopen, Cleearfield, UT
* Albiococco Pasta Disqualified; Big Richards, La Mirada, CA awarded 1st and Hurricane's, Castle Hayne, NC awarded 2nd.

USSSA ONE-Pitch Nationals
1992			Worth Astros, Indianapolis, IN			Riverside Paving, Louisville, KY
Note - no more information ever found on this tournament

USSSA Corporate World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1969	-	Delco Moraine, Dayton, OH
1970	-	Mueller Industries, Milwaukee, WI  (MVP - Dick Polgar, Mueller)
1971	-	Delco Moraine, Dayton, OH
1972	-	Louisville Gas & Electric, Louisville, KY
1973	-	Sports Specialties, Burlington, WI
1974	-	Fairmont Supply, Washington, PA
1975	-	Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI
1976	-	Ford Adray, Dearborn, MI
1977	-	Ford E&C, Dearborn, MI (MVP - Doug Gerdes, Ford E&C)
1978	-	Firestone, Akron, OH
1979	-	Delta Airline Bucks, Atlanta, GA
1980	-	Fisher Body, Detroit, MI
1981	-	Massay Cadillac/# 22, Detroit, MI
1982	-	KAD Kodak Division, Rochester, NY
1983	-	Phillip Morris, Richmond, VA
1984	-	Phillip Morris, Richmond, VA
1985	-	AVCO, Nashville, TN
1986	-	Duke Power, Belmont, NC
1987	-	Duke Power, Belmont, NC
1988	-	Ford Adray, Dearborn, MI
1989	-	Ford Adray, Dearborn, MI
1990	-	Classic Leather , Hickory, NC
1991	-	Ford Merchants, Dearborn, MI
1992	-	Peterson AFB/Busch, Colorado Springs, CO
1993	-	Ford Adray, Dearborn, MI
1994	-	P&P Local 388, Lansing, MI
1995	-	P&P Local 388, Lansing, MI
1996	A	P&P Local 388/Dudley, Lansing, MI
	B	Fort Knox Tankers, Fort Knox, KY
1997	A	P&P Local 388/Dudley, Lansing, MI
	B	GM Local 735 Sub., Ypsilanti, MI
1998	A	Consiglio Enterprises, New Haven, CT
	B	Ford Stolenberg's, Dearborn, MI
	C	Todd Pacific Shipyard, Seattle, WA
1999	A	Comm Scope Scramblers, Catawba,  NC
	B	Worthington Industries, Columbus, OH
	C	M&D Mud Bones, Shreveport, LA
2000	A	AK Steel/Triangles, Middletown, OH
	B	Robin's AFB, Centerville, GA
2001	A	The Scramblers, AR
	B	Doetsch Industries, Warren, MI
2002	A	Pipefitters Local 392 Blue, Cincinnati, OH
	B	Norms, Duluth, MN
2003	A	Pipefitters Local 392 Blue, Cincinnati, OH
	B	Mercedes Builders, Monroe, NC
2004	A	Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 333, Lansing, MI
	B	Luther Auto/3M Stillwater, Afton, MN
	C	Bollinger Shipyard, Raceland, LA
2005	A	- cancelled
	B	Local 600 All Stars, Dearborn, MI
2006	A	Sheppard Senators, Sheppard AFB, TX
	B	Bollinger Ship Yard, Racelandla, LA
2007	A	- cancelled
	B	Luther Auto/3M, Afton, MN
2008 	B 	Pipetrades Local 502 KY 
2009 	B 	Andretti Green Racing Indianapolis, IN 
2010 	B 	Kitchen Kompact Jeffersonville, IN 
2011 	B 	Andretti Auto Sport Indianapolis, IN 
2012 	A 	Pipefitters Local 392, Cincinnati, OH
2013 	A 	Plumbers & Pipefitters 333, Lansing, MI
2014 	A 	Ohio Lawmen, Cleveland, OH
2015	A	- cancelled
2016	-	-N/A
2017	-	-N/A
2018 	-	-N/A

USSSA Church World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1973	-	Southeast Christian, Louisville, KY
1974	-	St. Martin Catholic, Louisville, KY
1975	-	Our Mother of Sorrows, Louisville, KY
1976	-	St. Sebastian, Dearborn Heights, MI
1977	-	St. Sebastian, Dearborn Heights, MI
1978	-	St. Andrews, Monteagle, TN
1979	-	South Lindsay Baptist, Oklahoma City, OK
1980	-	West End Baptist, Houston, TX
1981	-	Sacred Heart Catholic, Oklahoma City, OK
1982	-	Rehobeth Presbyterian, Decatur, GA
1983	-	Lee Highway Church, Chattanooga, TN
1984	-	New Covington , Oklahoma City, OK
1985	-	Bethel Baptist, Chesapeake, VA
1986	-	Bethel Baptist, Chesapeake, VA
1987	-	Southern Oaks, Tyler, TX
1988	-	Douglassville Church, Douglasville, GA
1989	-	Jonesboro Methodist, Jonesboro, TN
1990	-	Oakview Presbyterian, Burlington, NC
1991	-	People's Church, Tacoma, WA
1992	-	Lighthouse Baptist, Chattanooga, TN
1993	-	People's Church, Tacoma, WA
1994	-	Lighthouse Baptist, Chattanooga, TN
1995	-	New Com/JSG Graphics, Kent, WA
1996	-	Hillcrest/Grover, Jacksonville, FL
1997	-	Solid Rock #1, Westland, MI
1998	-	Houston 1st Baptist, Houston, TX
1999	-	Revival/Texaco/JSG, Lynnwood, WA
2000	Major 	Summit Baptist, Loganville, GA
2001	Major 	Everlasting Life/CIA, Gadsden, AL
2002	Major 	Champion Forest Baptist, Houston, TX
2003	Major 	Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL
2004	Major 	Global Ministries, Jacksonville, FL
2005	Major 	Olive Baptist/Woodbine Cleaners, Pensacola, FL
2006	Major 	Sons of Thunder, Jacksonville, FL
2007	Major 	Mineral Springs Baptist, Oakboro, NC
2008 	Major 	Foursquare/All Color Screen, Pullyup, WA
2009 	Major 	Crusaders, Tidewater, VA 
	Comp 	Rice Memorial, Greenwood, SC 
	Rec 	USA, Logansville, GA
2010 	Major 	Crusaders, Tidewater, VA
	Comp 	Loganville Street Baptist/USA, Logansville, GA
	Rec 	Ascension, Aberdeen, MD 
2011 	Major 	- cancelled
	Comp 	Winners Way/Easton, Brooklyn Center, MN
	Rec 	Fellowship Baptist #4, Ararat, NC 
2012 	Major 	Team Mastery, Maumelle, AR 
	Comp 	Locust Grove 1st Baptist, Locust Grove, GA
	Rec 	Bethel Baptist, Chesapeake, VA
2013 	Major 	Bethel Baptist, Chesapeake, VA
	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec 	Alliance, Wilmington, DE
2014 	Major 	First Baptist Indian Trail, Indian Trail, NC 
	Comp 	SOS/Batting for Jesus, Hamlet, NC
	Rec 	Antioch, Roxboro, NC 
2015	Major	Pleasant Grove Baptist, Shelby, NC
	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec 	Heart of David/Super Cooper, Goldsboro, NC
2016	-	-N/A
2017	-	-N/A
2018 	-	-N/A

USSSA Law Enforcement World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1985	-	Delaware Lawmen SBC, Dover, DE
1986	-	New York Metro PD, New York, NY
1987	-	Delaware Lawmen, Bridgeville, DE
1988	-	New York Metro PD, New York, NY
1989	-	No Info Available
1990	-	Detroit PD, Detroit, MI
1991	-	Wayne/Oakland PD, Bloomfield, MI
1992	-	Softball Horrors/Phoenix PD, Phoenix, AZ
1993	-	Jacksonville Police , Jacksonville, FL
1994	-	Metro Macomb, Warren, MI
1995	-	Tidewater Lawmen, Virginia Beach, VA
1996	-	Camden County Lawmen, Camden, NJ
1997	-	Central Mass Lawmen, Clinton, MA
1998	A	Detroit Police, Detroit, MI
	B	Bridgeport Police, Bridgeport, CT
1999	A	Cape Cod Lawmen, Falmouth, MA
	B	TIM, Missouri
2000	A	Central Mass Lawmen, Clinton, MA
	B	C.P.P.A., Cleveland, OH
2001	A	Kentucky Lawmen/TPS, Louisville, KY
	B	- Cancelled
2002	A	New Jersey State Police, Wall, NJ
	B	Malden Police Department, Malden, MA
2004	-	- Cancelled
2005		- Not Held, The Law Enforcement formed their own Association World Series

Law Enforcement World Series/ PoliceSoftball.com	
Year	Class-	Champion		Runnerup			MVP
2005	Major	Ohio Lawmen		New York Metro			Brian Key, Ohio (22-27, .814, 7 HRs)
2006	Major	California Quake	Ohio Lawmen			Chris Cooper, Cal Quake (.707, 4 HRs)
	Silver 	Sacramento Probation	?				?
2007	Major	SoCal Alliance 		Buckeye Lawmen			Ryan Coe and Tim Morris, SoCal Alliance
	Silver 	Stanislaus Combo 	?				?
2008	Major	SoCal Alliance 		New York Metro			Ryan Coe, SoCal Alliance
	Silver 	US Border Patrol Elite	?				?
2009	Major	A1 Towing Hard-Cor	Ohio Lawmen			Paul Blandford, Hard-Cor (20-25, .800)	
	Silver 	Burbank & Glendale B&G	?				?
2010 	Major	NYPD Blues 		Ohio Lawmen			Gary Villacres, NYPD Blues
	Gold 	Motor City Blues 	Boys in the Hood/Road Dogs 	Roger Wechter, Motor City
2011 	Major	Great Lakes 		Alliance 			Scott Czopek, Scott Waxwheiler, John Zintak, Great Lakes
	Gold 	Metro Detroit 		Vegas				Matt Guiger, Metro Detroit
	Masters	SoCal Alliance 40	DEA Combo Masters		Lowell Buck, SoCal 40
2012 	Major 	SoCal Alliance/Easton 	HardCor 			Mike Snyder, SoCal Alliance
	Gold 	Greene County Enforcers	Mid Atlantic/Demarini Lawmen 	Brian Mangin, Greene County
	Silver 	Utah Unified 		SoCal Riot 			Greg Neer, Utah Unified
	Masters	California Quake 	40-Cal Alliance			Matt Boykin, Cal Quake
	Women 	SoGal’s Alliance 	LAPD 				Trish Hayes, SoGals
2013 	Major 	SoCal Alliance 		Down2 Earth Lawmen		Mitch Brouilette, SoCal Alliance
	Gold 	Chicago Metro 		OH50				?
	Silver 	Nitro2Go Hitmen 	SoCal Riot			?
	Masters	40-Cal Alliance 	Great Lakes Lawmen		?
	Women 	SoGal’s Alliance 	LAPD				?
2014 	Major 	DEA Combo 		NYPD Blues			Mike McMorrow, DEA Combo
	Gold 	Cali-Force 		Steel City Enforcers		Michael Ricchiuto, Cali-Force
	Silver 	North West Shakedown 	Chino Knuckle Draggers		Jeff Maijala, North West Shakedown
	Masters	West Coast 40's 	Garden State Masters		Keith Habig, West Coast 40s
	Women 	Sin City Betty’s 	SoGal’s Alliance		Tami Habig, Sin City Betty's
2015	Major 	3N2/D2E Lawmen 		SoCal Alliance			Jimmy Black, 3N2/D2E Lawman
	Gold 	Dayton Metro 		Honolulu's Finest		Doug Schwalbach, Dayton
	Silver 	Maryland Young Gunz 	El Dorado Cartel 		John Wagner, Marlyand Young Gunz
	Masters	West Coast 40's		-3 teams tied for 2nd		Bryan Schmidt, West Coast 40s
	Women 	Sin City Betty’s 	SoGal’s Alliance		Jaci Caprisen, Sin City Betty's
2016	Major 	SoCal Alliance 		NYPD Blues			Keith Habig, SoCal Alliance
	Mid- M 	Team Texas 		Thin Blue Line 			Zach Wilfong, Team Texas
	Gold 	San Antonio Law 	Northern Lawmen			Cody Haegelin, San Antonio Law
	Silver 	NorCal Elite 		Northwest Shakedown		?
	Masters	West Coast 40's		?				Tyson Becker, West Coast 40's
	Women 	Sin City Betty’s	?				Trish Speaker, Sin City Betty’s
2017	Major 	
	Mid- M 	
2010 - Policesoftball.com All-Time team
P - Sam Sapienza - NYPD Metro/Lawmen
P - Dave Woolf - Dayton Metro
C - Dennis Leonard - Jacksonville PSC
1B- Scott Affholter - Wayne-Oakland/Michigan Lawmen
2B- Richie Malek - NY Metro
3B- Rick Record - LAPD Blue
SS- Johnny Mack - LASD Red
MI- Donny Meyer - NY Metro
OF- John "Soup" Anderson - Michigan Lawmen
OF- Ron Connor - LASD Red/DEA Combo/Quake
OF- Jerry Harkins - NY Metro
OF- Ron “Benji” Lehner - Minnesota Lawmen
OF- Derwin Longmire - California Quake
DH- Doug Cullen - Jacksonville PSC
UT- Jim Gomez - DEA Combo
Manager- Walt Conry - NY Metro
Coach- Dennis McKee - Wayne-Oakland
Coach- Terry Dugan - Virginia Lawmen
Coach- Robbie Freitas - Jacksonville PSC

USSSA Armed Forces/Military World Series
Year	Class-	Champion
1994 	A 	Lakeside Sports Club, Tuscon, AZ
	B 	Wolfgang, Tuscon, AZ
1995 	A 	Wingnuts, San Angelo, TX
	B 	Kirtland Flyers, Albuquerque, NM
1996 	A 	Lackland Warhawks, Lackland, TX
	B 	Rapid Systems Solutions, Severn, MD
1997 	A 	DM Mustangs, DMAFB, Tuscon, AZ
	B 	Peterson AFB, Peterson AFB, CO
1998 	A 	Sheppard Senators, Sheppard AFB, TX
	B 	Flyers, USAF Academy, CO
1999 	A 	Elgin AFB Buffalo Reef, Elgin AFB, FL
	B 	Augusta Roadkill, Augusta, FL
2000 	A 	Free Agents, Fort Meade, MD
	B 	Naval Station Varsity NRSW, San Diego, CA
2001 	A 	AFA Flyers, Colorado Springs, CO
	B 	McConnell Tornadoes, Wichita, KS
2002 	A 	Lackland Warhawks, Lackland, TX
	B 	Shriever AFB, Colorado Springs, CO
2003 	A 	Peterson AFB, Peterson AFB, CO
	B 	King Aerospace, Tindall AFB, FL
2004 	A 	Peterson AFB, Peterson AFB, CO
	B 	Government Issue, San Diego, CA
2005 	A 	MCAS Miramar, Miramar, CA
	B 	Cannon AFB, Clovis, NM
2006 	A 	Peterson AFB, Peterson AFB, CO
	B 	Team Travis, Travis AFB, CA
2007 	A 	Miramar, San Diego, CA
	B 	Charleston AFB, Charleston, SC
2008 	A 	Hurlbert, Commandos, Okaloosa County, FL
	B 	MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL
2009 	A 	Government Issue/USTC, San Diego, CA
	B 	Salty Dogs MS, Norfolk, VA
2010 	A 	Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA
	B 	Pensacola Crush, Pensacola, FL
2011 	A 	Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA
	B 	Team Bragg, Fort, Bragg, NC
2012 	A 	American Legion/Easton, Lynn Haven, FL
	B 	Air Force Senior Softball, Elgin AFB, Valapairso, FL
2013 	A	- no information available
	B 	- no information available
2014 	A	Semper Athletics/Demarini, Washington DC
	B 	Crush/WDMS, Pensacola, GA
2015 	A	4TheFallen/JTF Hawaii, Tumwater, WA
	B 	JBSA-Lackland Warhawks, San Antonio, TX
	40+	Air Force Alumni, Crestview, FL
2016 	A	Militia/4TheFallen, Jacksonville, FL
	B 	NFA/Vetsports, Jacksonville, FL 
	40+ 	Band of Brothers, Niceville, FL  
2017 	A	Klutch/Bull Dawg Trucking/Semper, San Antonio, TX
	B 	Health/OA Apparel, Lakenheath (UK), Va
	40+	JK Incorporated Military, San Diego, CA
2018 	40+	JK Incorporated Military, San Diego, CA	
	50+	All American 50s, Fayetteville, NC

USSSA Black American World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1991	Comp.	Magic Softball Junkies, Detroit, MI
	Rec.	Ebony Express, Cincinnati, OH
1992	Comp.	Supreme All Stars, Florissant, MO
	Rec.	Powercell Birds, Detroit, MI
1993	Comp.	Survival, Desoto, TX
	Rec.	D & D, Detroit, MI
1994	Comp.	Dallas Survival, Dallas, TX
	Rec.	Cato, Minneapolis, MN
1995	Comp.	Worth/Pace, Rochester, NY
	Rec.	Meadowlawn Sox, Meadowlawn, TX
1996	Comp.	Pace/Scotts/Worth, Rochester, NY
	Rec.	Showtime, Los Angeles, CA
1997	Comp.	Pace/TPS Louisville, Rochester, NY
	Rec.	Blackstar, Charlotte, NC
1998	Comp.	Pace/TPS, Rochester, NY
	Rec.	Prog. Bus. Syst./Outlaws, North Carolina
1999	Comp.	Pace/TPS, Rochester, NY
	Rec.	Sid's, Randallstown, MD
2000	Comp.	Pace/TPS, Rochester, NY
	Rec.	Pony Express/Easton, Detroit, MI
2001	Comp.	Team Focus, Lafayette, LA
	Rec.	Myrick's Team, Petersburg, VA
2002	Comp.	Primetime, Buford, GA
	Rec.	Team Dallas II, Dallas, TX
2003	Major	Pace/TPS, Pittsford, NY
	Comp.	Pirate Family, Rowlett, TX
	Rec.	Powerhouse/TSA, South Carolina
2004	Major	Primetime, Buford, GA
	Comp.	Perry's Satellite, Franklinton, NC
	Rec.	Double Platinum, Baltimore, MD
2005	Major	Pace/TPS Softball Club, Rochester, NY
	Comp.	Graystone Mortgage, Cincinnati, OH
	Rec.	Blazers Softball, Bainbridge, GA
2006	Major	PrimeTime/MOS/RAL/Easton, Newnan, GA
	Comp.	Carter's Elite, Yorktown, VA
	Rec.	R&T Trucking, Lusby, MD
2007	Major	Pace/TPS, Rochester, NY
	Comp.	Team Dallas II, Dallas, TX
	Rec.	Change The Game, Tallahassee, TN
2008 	Major 	McNair Sports, Mount Olive, MS
	Comp 	Creative Walls, Detroit, MI 
	Rec 	Payroll, Bay Springs, MS 
2009 	Comp 	Team Atlanta, Rocky Mount, NC
	Rec 	Black Jack Trucking, Rocky Mount, NC 
2010 	Comp 	Pace/TPS, Rochester, NY
	Rec 	Showtime Reloaded, Atlanta, GA 
2011 	Comp 	Team Specialist/Storm, Tuscaloosa, AL
	Rec 	704 Showtime Elite, Raleigh, NC 
2012 	Comp 	- no information available
	Rec 	- no information available
2013 	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec 	Payroll, Bay Springs, MS 
2014 	Comp 	Hustle Gang, Atlanta, GA 
	Rec 	JBS, Jonesboro, GA
2015 	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec 	SBS, Nashville, TN
2016 	Comp 	Elite Sports, Charlotte, NC
	Rec 	Team Express, Fultondale, AL
2017 	Comp 	Dejesus Pace Miken, Louisville, KY
	Rec 	 - cancelled
2018 	-	?

USSSA Hispanic World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1982	-	San Antonio All-Stars, San Antonio, TX
1983	-	San Antonio All-Stars, San Antonio, TX
1984	-	Guerra Drywall, San Antonio, TX
1985	-	Comancheros, San Antonio, TX
1986	-	Guerra's Cannans, San Antonio, TX
1987	-	Lou's Super Scouts, Eastern, TX
1988	-	RF Leasing, San Gabriel, CA
1989	-	RF Leasing, San Gabriel, CA
1990	Comp.	RF Leasing, San Gabriel, CA
	Rec.	Premium Hay, Yuma, AZ
1991	Comp.	Norwalk Dukes, Norwalk, CA
	Rec.	Don Mackey Cadillac, Tuscon, AZ
1992	Comp.	The Show, San Diego, CA
	Rec.	Amadors Willamette, Independence, OR
1993	Comp.	The Show, San Diego, CA
	Rec.	Rebels, Phoenix, AZ
1994	Comp.	The Show, San Diego, CA
	Rec.	C.T. Boys, Corona, CA
1995	Comp1	Crackerjacks, Gilroy, CA
	Comp2	Gamecocks, Glendale, AZ
	Rec.	Austin Hustlers, Austin, TX
1996	A/B	Texas Twins, Christie, TX
	C	Rasta Boys, Oxnard, CA
	D	Eagle Auto Glass, San Antonio, TX
1997	A/B	Alarcon Dukes, Downey, CA
	C	Austin Angels, Austin , TX
	D	Brewers, El  Paso, TX
1998	A/B	D&K Easton, San Diego, CA
	C	R&R Pumping, Oxnard, CA
	D	Austin Eagles, Austin, TX
1999	A/B	Shamrock Bar, Mesa, AZ
	C	Team Chronzos, Riverside, CA
	D	Duck Boyz & Daddyz, Oxnard, CA
2000	A/B	Texas Demolition, San Antonio, TX
	C	Team Latino, San Antonio, TX
	D	Tigers, Salt Lake City, UT
2001	Comp	Indio's, Grand Prairie, TX
	Rec	Dirty Dozen, Austin, TX	
2002	Comp	High Rollers, Houston, TX
	Rec	Talamo Foods, Gilroy, CA	
2003	Comp	MJ Tejano Club, Austin, TX
	Rec	Team Quete, Oxnard, CA	
2004	Comp	EAS/Pollard's/Easton, Ft. Collins, CO
	Rec	Dos Equis, Austin, TX
2005	Comp	EAS/Pollard's/Easton, Ft. Collins, CO
	Rec	Austin Sun Devils, Austin, TX
2006	Comp	The Browns/GTL, Othello, WA
	Rec	Gomez II Bail Bonds/Los Jefes, Lubbock, TX
2007	Comp	GTL/WCC, Othello, WA
	Rec	So Cal Elite, Orange, CA
2008 	Comp 	Saca, La Leche, NM 
	Rec 	Hitmen, Empire NM 
2009 	Comp 	Rios Sports Bar/Pizzini Sports, Corpus Christi, TX 
	Rec 	Jokers/GKI Travel, Fort Worth, TX 
2010 	Comp 	HKI/Team Mexicanos/STFU, San Antonio, TX 
	Rec 	Kongs-H, Lake Charles LA 
2011 	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec 	Los Chingon All Stars, Roseville, CA
2012 	Comp 	Olmito Heat, Olmito, TX 
	Rec 	- cancelled 
	E 	Gangs Back, Sanger, CA
2013 	Comp 	Steel Softball/Suncoast Sportz, Corpus Christi, TX 
	Rec 	Roll It Up, Houston, TX
	E 	Texas Momentum, Houston, TX
2014 	Comp 	HR/DGK/TMT/TI Sports, Conroe, TX
	Rec 	- cancelled 
	E 	Krank, Houston, TX
2015	Comp 	El Committee/Salsa, Peoria, AZ
	Rec 	Self Made, Casa Grande, AZ 
	E 	- cancelled 
2016 	Comp 	HoodRich/Racks, Phoenix, AZ
	Rec 	ByyYouu/MakinNoize, Glandale, AZ
2017 	Comp 	The Product, San Diego, CA
	Rec 	Hitmen, Long Beach, CA
2018 	-	?

USSSA Native American World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1999	-	Wildbunch, Window Rock, AZ
2000	-	Chinook Winds Warriors, Salem, OR
2001	-	Prairie Island/Sioux, Salem, OR 
2002	-	- cancelled
2003	-	- tournament disbanded

Masters and Seniors
USSSA Men's 35 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1992	-	Nothdurft, Warren, MI
1993	Comp.	Nothdurft, Warren, MI
	Rec.	On Time Delivery, Huber Heights, OH
1994	Comp.	Nothdurft, Warren, MI
	Rec.	Winkel Pontiac-GMC, Reno, NV
1995	Comp.	Mt. Top/Liberty Park, Sterling Heights, MI
	Rec.	Doc Barr Dental Clinic, South Sioux, IA
1996	Major	Tron Piping, Braidwood, IL
	AAA	Brooks & Cushman, Kalamazoo, MI
1997	Major	Tron Piping, Naperville, IL
	AAA	Declaire Insurance, Sardinia, OH
1998	Major	Kevitt/Mayslacks/TPS, Maple Grove, MN
	AAA	C.L.W. Reality, Coral Gables, FL
1999	Major	Kevitt/Mayslacks/TPS, Maple Grove, MN
	AAA	C.L.W. Reality, Coral Gables, FL
2000	Major	Mountain Top/Worth, Northville, MI
	AAA	BBC/Lockies, Sterling Heights, MI
2001 	Comp 	BBC Lockies, Harperwoods, MI 
2002 	Comp 	Warthen Fuel, Baltimore, MD 
2003 	Comp 	Northwest Pipe/Tailgaters, Perrysburg, OH 
2004 	Comp 	- cancelled or no information
2005 	Comp 	- cancelled or no information
2006	Comp	Butch's/RDH/Linedrive, Warren, MI
	Rec	Bully's, Reno, NV
2007	Comp	ABS/Easton 35+, Baltimore, MD
	Rec	Turano Construction, Long Island, NY
2008 	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec E	ABS/Easton, Whitemarsh, MD 
	Rec W	Team Louisiana, Prairieville, LA
2009 	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec E	- cancelled
	Rec W	AZ Titans, Phoenix, AZ 
2010	Comp	RSC 40+, Vallejo, CA
	Rec	Magic/National/ABBA, Plymouth, MA 
2011 	Comp	Team Hara's, Portland, OR 
	Rec	- cancelled
2012 	Comp E 	DSS Bats 40, Glen Allen, VA
	Comp W	RFC/KH, Dodge City, KS 
	Rec E	- cancelled
	Rec W	- cancelled
2013 	Comp E	DSS Bats, Richmond, VA
	Comp W	Powerhouse, Peerland, TX
	Rec E	- cancelled
	Rec W	- cancelled
2014 	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec	- cancelled
2015 	Comp 	- cancelled
	Rec	- cancelled
2016	Comp	JK Inc/Miken, Socal, CA
	Rec	- cancelled
2017	-	-N/A
2018 	-	-N/A

USSSA Men's 40 and over (Called the Masters Worlds from 1981-1989)
Year	Class	Champions
1981	-	Daytona Employment, Daytona Beach, FL
1982	-	Conkans & Pulmanary (Skip Hogans), Pittsburgh, PA
1983	-	B & D Spouting, Warren, MI
1984	-	J. Hanson Savings & Loan, Rockville, MD
1985	-	Master Craft, Ft. Pierce, FL
1986	-	J. Hanson Savings & Loan, Rockville, MD - (MVP - Don Clatterbaugh, 33-35, .942)
1987	-	Hanson/Long Fence, Beltsville, MD
1988	-	Bushelman Construction, Cincinnati, OH
1989	Comp-1	Dinkers Suncoast, Clearwater, FL
	Comp-2	J. Matthews, Lemon, NC
	Rec-1	Twin Hills, Jacksonville, FL
	Rec-2	West Georgia Masters, Carrolton, GA
1990	Comp.	Ma Grundy's Lounge, Miami, FL
	Rec.	Scientific Data Mgmt., Mt. Clemons, MI
1991	Comp.	Florida Mulch, Melbourne, FL
	Rec.	Top Notch Travel, Allen Park, MI
1992	Comp.	Capitol X-Ray Classics, Manassas, VA
	Rec.	Doc's 92, Brandon, FL
1993	Comp.	Florida Mulch, Melbourne, FL
	Rec.	Handleland/Pepsi, Milwaukee, WI
1994	Comp.	Florida Mulch/Easton, Melbourne, FL
	Rec.	Liberty Construction, Fraser, MI
1995	Comp.	Maroadi Transfer/TPS, Pittsburgh, PA
	Rec.	Miami Blitz, Miami, FL
1996	Major	RAM/Fairfield/Dudley, Vacaville, LA
	AAA	United Masters, Pampano Beach, FL
1997	Major	M.W. Tribble, Cincinnati, OH
	AAA	BBC/Lockies, Sterling Heights, MI
1998	Major	Kevitt/Mayslacks/TPS, Maple Grove, MN
	AAA	Radcliffe Funding, Commack, NY
1999	Major	Union Saving/MW Tribble, Cincinnati, OH
	AAA	Triangle Masters, Raleigh, NC
2000	Major	Kevitt/J&H/Easton, Plymouth, MN
	AAA	Declaire Insurance, Sardinia, OH
2001	Major	Doc's, Tampa, FL
	AAA	BBC/Lockies, Harper Woods, MI
2002	Major	Ken's Beverage, Naperville, IL
	AAA	- cancelled
2003	Upper	Cal's Pizza/Neuman Data, Detroit, MI
	Lower	GD Tubbs/Metro Glass, Sterling Heights, MN
2004	Comp	Great Lakes Telecom/Cal's, Detroit, MI
	Rec	- cancelled		
2005	Comp	Cal's/Butch's, Detroit, MI
	Rec	- cancelled		
2006	Comp	Taylor/N.A.Sports, Berlin, MD
	Rec	Coors Light, Lafayette, LA
2007	Comp	- cancelled
	Rec	ABS/Easton 40+, Baltimore, MD
2008	Comp E	- cancelled
	Comp W	- cancelled
	Rec E	Magic/National/ABBA, Plymouth, MA
	Rec W	Fred's 40 Somethings, Manchester, CT
2009	Comp	Fencebrokers, Pelham, AL
	Rec	Side Outs/Still, Cary, IN
2010	Comp	RCS 40, Vellejo, CA
	Rec	Steve's Sports, Stratford, CT
2011	Comp	Touch of Gray, Edmond, OK
	Rec	DSS Bats, Richmond, VA
2012	Comp	- cancelled or no information
	Rec	- cancelled or no information
2013	Comp	RFC/KH/MWH, Wichita, KS
	Rec	- cancelled
2014 	Comp 	Traditions, Costa Mesa, CA
	Rec	Mad Franchise, Joppa, MD
2015	Comp	Fencebrokers Inc/Team Worth, Bryant, AR
	Rec	Country Paintworks, Southbury, CT
2016	Comp	Fencebrokers Inc/Team Worth, Bryant, AR
	Rec	Diablos, Socal, CA
2017	Comp	Fencebrokers Inc/Team Worth, Bryant, AR
	Rec	- cancelled
2018 	-	-N/A

USSSA Men's 45 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1996	Major	ECN Mortgage, Melbourne, FL
1997	Major	Sawtre Texas Legends, Garland, TX
1998	Major	Union Saving/MW Tribble, Cincinnati, OH
1999	Major	- Due to rain, 4 teams declared champions - Faith Electric, Cartersville, GA;
		Maroadi Transfer, Pittsburgh, PA; Kevitt/Mayslacks, Maple Grove, MN; and Pepsi Cola, KY 
2000	Major	BBC/Lockies, Sterling Heights, MI
2001	Major	BBC/Lockies, Harper Woods, MI
2002	Major	Wartrom/Landstar/Butch's/Team Salsa, Casco, MI
2003	Major	Dodge City Budweiser, Dodge City, KS
2004	Major	Vector Security, Harrisburg, PA
2005	Major	Butch's Bulldogs, Warren, MI
2006	Major	Dodge City Budweiser, Dodge City, KS
2007	Major	Butch's/Line Drive/Oregon, Warren, MI
2008	Major	Touch of Gray/Mercedez Benz, Edmond, OK
2009	Major	- cancelled
2010	Major	Metro Construction, Hillsboro, OR
2011	-	- cancelled
2012	-	- cancelled
Note - No information on 45 & Over Softball since 2010

USSSA Men's 50 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1992	Major	Miami Masters, Miami, FL
1993	Major	Hooters Legends, Fort Myers, FL
1994	Major	Florida Legends, Miami, Fl
1995	Major	Thomas Engineering, Manassas, VA
1996	Major	Florida Orange Crush, Winterhaven, FL
	AAA	McCloud Salvage, La Cresenta, CA
1997	Major	Sawtre Texas Legends, Garland, TX
	AAA	California Rebels, Woodland, CA
1998	Major	Sawtre Texas Legends, Garland, TX
	AAA	Park Tavern-Masters, St. Louis Park, MN
1999	Major	Dan Smith Plastering, San Jose, CA
	AAA	Liberty Construction, Warren, MI
2000	Major	Florida Crush Brevard, N. Ft. Myers, FL
	AAA	Korba Insurance, Little Canada, MN
2001	Comp	Florida Crush/Demarini, Boca Raton, FL
	Rec	Player's Club, West Palm Beach, FL	
2002	Comp	Florida Crush/Demarini, Boca Raton, FL
	Rec	W.E. Ruth Realty 50'S, Seattle, WA
2003	Comp	Fergies, Queenstown, MD
	Rec	Grayhounds/Tanel 360, Little Canada, MN
2004	Comp	Thermco, South Yarmouth, MA
	Rec	Al Estes Bail Bonds, Pinellas Park, FL
2005	Comp	Florida Crush, Boca Raton, FL
	Rec	Doc's Grayhounds/Tanel, Little Canada, MN
2006	Comp	Kelly's Sports/Worth, Las Vegas, NV
	Rec	Boise Lightning & Lumber, Eagle, ID
2007	Comp	Butch's Bulldogs/Linedrive Sportz, Warren, MI
	Rec	Windy City, Bloomingdale, IL
2008	Comp	- cancelled
	Rec	Pensacola Merchantsm Pensacola, FL
2009	Comp	Motown Stars, Detroit, MI
	Rec	Irondequoit Alehouse/Rochester 50s, Rochester, NY
2010	Comp	Still Young, Sleepy Hollow, IL
	Rec	Doug & Don's Auto Care, Byron Center, OH
2011	Comp E	Still Young, Sleepy Hollow, IL
	Comp W	Texas Legends, Dallas, TX
	Rec E	Doug and Don's, Toledo, OH
	Rec W	- cancelled
2012	Comp	?
2013	Comp	Old Style/Windy City, Chicago, IL
2014	Comp	Rawlings, Murietta, CA
2015	Comp E	Covello Sanitation, Greenwich, CT
	Comp W	Team Arkansas, Little Rock, AR
2016	Comp	- cancelled
2017	Comp	Escobar Body Shop, DeSoto, TX
2018 	-	-N/A

USSSA Men's 55 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1995	Major	Dixie Gas, Miami, FL
1996	Major	Dixie Gas, Miami, FL
	AAA	Ed's Aluminum, Pensacola, FL
1997	Major	Florida Legends, N. Fort Myers, FL
	AAA	Redwood City Squires, Woodside, CA
1998	Major	Texas Legends, Dallas, TX
	AAA	Scrap Iron, Denver, CO
1999	Major	Sawtre Texas Legends, Garland, TX
	AAA	W.E. Ruth Realty, Seattle, WA
2000	Major	Rekco, Silver Springs, MD
	AAA	California Starzz, Alviso, CA
2001	Comp	Faith Electric, Cartersville, GA
	Rec	Rusty's, Phoenix, AZ
2002	Comp	Sky Trek Old A's, Walnut Creek, CA
	Rec	The Farm, Castro Valley, CA
2003	Comp	Old A's/Miken, Walnut Creek, CA
	Rec	Korba Insurance 55's, Lakeville, MN
2004	Comp	Korba Insurance 55's, Lakeville, MN
	Rec	W.E. Ruth Realty, Seattle, WA
2005	Comp	Korba Insurance 55's, Lakeville, MN
	Rec	KC Avengers, Lake Waukomis, MO
2006	Comp	Golden State Fasteners, California
	Rec	Animals, Manteca, CA
2007	Comp	Randy Smith, Lafayette, LA
	Rec	Korba Softball, Minneapolis, MN
2008	Comp	- cancelled
	Rec	Korba Softball, Minneapolis, MN
2009	Comp	Line Drive/Butch's, Warren, MI
	Rec	Pace, Ontario, NY
2010	Comp	AMR, Cleveland, OH
	Rec	Golden Vipers, Warren, MI	
2011	Comp	Motown Stars, Sterling Heights, MI
	Rec	Dallas Spurs, Dallas, TX
2012	Comp	- cancelled
	Rec	- cancelled
2013	-	- cancelled
2014	-	- cancelled
Note - No information on 55 & Over Senior Softball since 2011

USSSA Men's 60 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1995	Major	Fairway Ford, Placentia, CA
1996	Major	Fairway Ford, Plancentia, CA
	AAA	Together/Reebok, Baton Rouge, LA
1997	Major	California Blue Jays, Antioch, CA
	AAA	Oklahoma Seniors 60, Oklahoma City, OK
1998	Major	Arizona Rattlers, Phoenix, AZ
	AAA	Texas Greyhounds, Dallas, TX
1999	Major	Florida Crush Legends, Fort Myers, FL
	AAA	Texas Greyhounds, Dallas, TX
2000	Major	Men's Warehouse, Penn Valley, CA
	AAA	Emerald City Masters, Seattle, WA
2001	Comp	Legend 60's, Nokomis, FL
	Rec	Arizona Rattlers, Mesa, AZ	
2002	Comp	Florida Legends/Dan's Sports, Nokomis, FL
	Rec	Bandits, Walnut Creek, CA
2003	Comp	Florida Legends/Dan's Sports, Nokomis, FL
	Rec	Rochester Legends, Rochester, NY
2004	Comp	California Bandits, Walnut Creek, CA
	Rec	- cancelled
2005	Comp	Old A's/Miken 55, Walnut Creek, CA
	Rec	California Bald Eagles, Oakdale, CA
2006	Comp	Old A's/Miken, Walnut Creek, CA
	Rec	Yeager's Blues, Bellingham, WA
2007	Comp	Old A's/Miken, Walnut Creek, CA
2008	Comp	- cancelled
2009	Comp	- cancelled
Note - No information on 60 & Over Senior Softball since 2007

USSSA Men's 65  and over
Year	Class	Champions
1996	Major	Fairway Ford Vipers, Lawndale, CA
	AAA	Oklahoma Statesmen, Oklahoma City, OK
1997	Major	Tiodize/D99 65, Westminster, CA
	AAA	- cancelled
1998	Major	Tiodize/D99, Huntington Beach, CA
	AAA	Texas Legends, Dallas, TX
1999	Major	Tiodize/D99, Huntington Beach, CA
	AAA	Southern California Jets, Lawdale, CA
2000	Major	Fairway Ford, Placentia, CA
	AAA	Elk Grove Renegades, Elk Grove, CA
2001	Comp	Fairway Ford, Placentia, CA
	Rec	Minnesota Legends 65's, Minneapolis, MN	
2002	Comp	Fairway Ford, Placentia, CA
	Rec	Coffee Cup, Blaine, MN
2003	Comp	Fairway Ford, Cerritos, CA
	Rec	Scrap Iron 65 Black, Denver, CO
2004	Comp	Pompano Beach Bums, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
	Rec	Oklahoma Seniors, Oklahoma City, OK
2005	Comp	Florida Legends, Nokomis, FL
	Rec	Scrap Iron 65 Black, Denver, CO
2006	Comp	Nor-Cal Bluejays, Redwood City, CA
	Rec-1	Diamond Nuts, San Jose, CA
	Rec-2	Riviera, Seattle, WA
2007	Comp	- cancelled
2008	- cancelled
Note - No information on 65 & Over Senior Softball since 2006

USSSA Men's 70 and over
Year	Champions
2000	Tiodize/D99 70's, Westminster, CA
2001	Tiodize/D99 70's, Westminster, CA
2002	Gold Rush, Carmichael, CA
2003	Texas Spirit, Arlington, TX
2004	- cancelled
2005	Fairway Ford, Placentia, CA
2006	Joe Seppi's, Tacoma, WA
2007	- cancelled
2008	- cancelled
Note - No information on 70 & Over Senior Softball since 2006

USSSA - Winter Nationals (Class-A)
Year		Champion	    					Runner-up
2009 	A 	T&R Stucco						Resmondo, FL
		-no more information available

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