Gordie Heagle on Jerome Earnest

In Memory of Jerome Earnest – April 5, 1942 – April 9, 2000

One of the Greatest Softball Reporters of All Time

Jerome was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame on December 2nd, 2000

I am dedicating my own website to Jerome Earnest, my good friend and softball partner, who will be missed by me and the softball world. I met Jerome in 1992 at a tournament in Cleveland, Ohio, and from that day became very good friends. Even though my knowledge of softball was vast, I sure learned a lot about Big Time Softball from one of the best, my friend Jerome.

Jerome and I traveled many highways over the years for this great game of softball. One of my greatest experiences that I had with Jerome that I will always remember, was going to Mr. Richard Howard’s house with Jerome in Denver, North Carolina. We talked about his days in softball and went over with him to see Russell Bradley, the Crusher Rick Scherr and Don Arndt. We also went to see the ball field behind Howard’s furniture store, where the famous Howard’s played their games. It was unbelievable to look out at that ball field and reminisce with all of them about the great players that had played on that ball field for Mr. Howard, as well as other great teams. Howard said the best player he had ever had was the Crusher, and the best team was Elite Coating or the Great Steele’s Team. He said he had seen Rich Superior’s team and thought they were very close to these two teams in performance. Jerome and I had a great day as we had many in our travels.

It didn’t matter to Jerome how far we traveled on weekends, as long as we made it to the Big Time Softball. Without him I feel a sense of loss, but hope with all of your help out there I will try to make this the best page that I can. That’s why I am dedicating all of my efforts in Big Time Softball this season to Jerome Earnest, My Buddy, My Friend. God Bless You Jerome…..


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