ASA Women’s Slow Pitch Team of Decade – 1990’s

Player of the Decade – Sue Bupp Iyles

  • (10) P – Charlotte Cates (Key Ford Mustangs 1985-P-MVP, 86-P, 87-P, 88-P, 89-P, UPI 91-P, 92-P, 93-P, 94-P)
  • (4) C – Carolyn Ford (Armed Forces 1994-Util, 95-C-MVP, 97-C)
  • (6) 1B – Sherri Nidiffer (Fletch’s 94-1B-A, 97-1B-A, Lakerettes 01-1B, 03-3B-35+, 04-1B-35+, deja vu 06-1b-35+)
  • (6) 1B – Heather Carr (Armed Forces 99-1B-A, 00-1B-A, 01-1B-A, 02-1B-A, 06-1B-MVP-West)
  • (13) 2B – Sue Bupp Iyles (Barbelletes 1976 Util, 79-SS, Pacers 86-SS, 93-Util, Lakerettes 94-2B, 95-Util, 96-2B, 98-2B-MVP, 00-Util, 00-Util-35+, 01-1B-35+, 02-Util-35+)
  • (9) SS – Cheryl Trapnell (AF 88-SS-A, 89-SS-A, 94-Util, 97-SS, 98-Util, 01-SS-MVP-A, 02-SS-A), Yard Dawgs (07-2B-35+)
  • (7) SS – Tiffany Daniels (Gav’s Girls 1988-SS-A, Shooters 94-SS-A, 00-SS-A-MVP, 01-SS-MVP, 02-Util, 03-SS-East, 05-Util-East)
  • (6) 3B – Gina Green (Mustangs 1986-3B, 88-2B, UPI/Fraley’s 90-2B, UPI 92-Util, 93-2B, 94-3B)
  • (12) OF – Jody Trimmer (Crusaders 1984-1B, Pacers 86-Util, 87-OF, 89-Util, 90-Util, 92-OF, Lakerettes 98-OF, 00-OF, Long Island Tides 05-OF-East, Lakerettes 00-OF-35+, 01-OF-35+, 03-OF-35+)
  • (8) OF – Sherri Lynn France (Bally 89-OF-A, 90-OF, 91-OF, Kinder 01-OF, 09, Diamond Queens 02-OF, Enough Said 04-OF-East,
    Long Haul 06-OF-East
  • (7) OF – Diane Hatch (Armed Forces 88-OF-A, 89-OF-A, Shooters 94-OF-A, 01-OF, 02-OF, 03-OF-East, 04-OF-East, 05-OF-East)
  • (4) OF – Sonia Pez (Fletch’s 1997-OF-A, Lakerettes 98-OF, 00-Util-MVP-35+)
  • (6) Util – Sandy Edwards (McLaughlin Oil 1989-util, UPI 92-SS-MVP, 93-SS-MVP, 94-SS)
  • (4) Util – Tracey Beasley (Destin Roofing 1991-MVP-A, 93-MVP-A)
  • (3) Util – Jeanne Hart (Lakerettes 1990-SS, 93-OF, 94-OF)

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