ASA Pitching Height Arc History

From the start of ASA Slow Pitch in 1953 the pitching arc 3 feet from release (pitcher’s hand) to 10 feet. Sound familiar?

In 1975 at the ASA National Convention they voted to go to an unlimited arc. This lasted for two seasons.

  • Mike Nye hit an incredible .769 at nationals in 1976 with an unlimited arc.
  • Umpires would call anything that didn’t land within 6 inches of the back of home plate a ball.
  • Zinn’s Diner fielded a team with 10 small people and a pitcher that could throw a 25 foot arc for strikes. The were beating national powers like York Barbell and Howard’s Furniture.

In 1977 they switched to a 6 foot to 12 foot arc from the ground.

For the 2010 season ASA switched to a 6 foot to 10 foot arc from the ground.

Other changes to field dimensions:

  • In 1982 the bases moved from 60 feet to 65 feet.
  • In 1989 the pitching plate was moved back from 46 feet to 50 feet.
  • In 2010 the bases were moved from 65 feet to 70 feet.

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