ASA Men’s Over 45 Fast Pitch Nationals

Year  Champion Runner-Up
1995 So Cal Eagles, El Cajon, CA Southern Illinois Masters, Murphysboro, IL
1996 Colt 45’s, Clearwater, FL Southern California Masters, Angel Oaks, CA
1997 Super Sound Tapes, St. James, MN Colt 45’s, Clearwater, FL
1998 So Cal Eagles, El Cajon, CA Black River Country Bank, Melrose, WI
1999 So Cal Eagles, El Cajon, CA Northwest Falling Star Legends, Everett, WA
2000 Nor-Cal/Savala Painters, Stockton, CA Arizona Old Stars, Tucson, AZ
2001 California Painters, Stockton, CA Planggers/51 Classics, Mishawaka, IN
2002 California Savala Painters, Stockton, CA Planggers Furniture, Mishawaka, IN
2003 Texas Stars, Houston, TX California Savala Painters, Stockton, CA
2004 Savala Painters, Stockton, CA Plangger’s Furniture, Mishawaka, IN
2005 Plangger’s Furniture, Mishawaka, IN R&W Heating, Galt, CA
2006 Plangger’s Furniture, Mishawaka, IN Harold’s Supermarket, Lexington, MO
2007 Cancelled
2008 Harold’s of Lexington, Lexington, MO Texas Stars, Houston, TX
2009 Airtronics, Galt, CA Savala Painters, Stockton, CA
2010 Cal Storm, Glendale, CA Santa Barbara Fastpitch, Santa Barbara, CA
2011 Cancelled

In 2012 the tournament was discontinued.


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