1996 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1996 held at Kimberly, Wisconsin on August 9-18.

Champion – Smokers, Tampa, Florida
Runner Up – All-Car Roadrunners, Green Bay, Wisconsin

This was the 50th Annual ISC World Tournament.

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Colin Abbott, All-Car Roadrunners
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Todd Martin, Smokers
  • Kevin Herlihy Newcomer of the Year – N/A
  • Leading Hitter – Jody Schnarr, Merchants – .583
  • Most RBI – Colin Abbott, All-Car Roadrunners – 14


P – Todd Martin, Smokers (4-0, 1.30 ERA, 44K)
P – Hayden Smith, Circle Tap (6-2, 1.47 ERA, 66K)
P – Michael White, All-Car Roadrunners (5-2, 1.05 ERA, 51K)
C – Mark Sorenson, All-Car Roadrunners .407
C – Randy Peck, Gators .389
IF – Jason Hanson, Gators .375
IF – Ray Atkinson, All-Car Roadrunners .286
IF – Matt Kohnle, All-Car Roadrunners .357
IF – Brian Martie, The Farm Tavern .348
IF – Terry Wallin, Circle Tap .500
OF – Colin Abbott, All-Car Roadrunners .486
OF – Tod Stevenson, All-Car Roadrunners .281
OF – Jody Schnarr, Merchants .583
OF – Terry Downes, Circle Tap .400


P – Darren Zack, Gators (4-2, 1.02 ERA, 55K)
P – Mike Piechnik, All-Car Roadrunners (4-2, 0.72 ERA, 47K)
P – Tom Bakey, Happy Chef (3-1, 2.00 ERA, 18K)
C – Rob Williams, Dolan & Murphy .313
C – Curtis Martin, Happy Chef .400
IF – Burt Umentum, Circle Tap .316
IF – John Huebner, County Concrete .375
IF – Steve Spalt, Merchants .417
IF – Ryan Thompson, Tiremen .357
IF – Gary Swan, The Farm Tavern .313
OF – Barry Kahler, Smokers .357
OF – Thomas Perenara, Gators .429
OF – Shawn Rychick, All-Car Roadrunners .263
OF – Neil Johns, Tiremen .381
DH – Doug Levy, Explorers DH .429


1. Smokers, Tampa Bay, FL
2. All-Car Roadrunners, Green Bay, WI
3. Gators, Toronto, ON
4. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI
5t. Happy Chef, Mankato, MN
5t. Explorers, Midland, MI
7t. Circle Tap, Denmark, WI
7t. Bryant Heating & Cooling, Topeka, KS
9t. Larry Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT
9t. Qualigraphs, Broken Bow, NE
9t. Twins, Waterloo, ON
9t. Tiremen, Owen Sound, ON
13t. Ravens, Port Coquitlam, BC
13t. Hearts, Bloomington, IL
13t. County Concrete, Marathon, WI
13t. Merchants, Baltimore, MD
17t. Dukes, Denmark, WI
17t. Dolan & Murphy, Aurora, IL
17t. Decatur Pride, Decatur, IL
17t. Mahoney’s Pub, Cedar Rapids, IA
17t. Payless, Victoria, BC
17t. Ochapowace First Nation, Whitewood SK
17t. A.I.S. Ruegsegger Painters, Long Beach, CA
17t. Tiger Club, Aurora, IL
25t. Jack & Do’s Pizza, Findlay, OH
25t. River City Rage, Peoria, IL
25t. Red Dogs, Winnipeg, MB
25t. Colorado Ravens, Englewood, CO
25t. M&M Painters, Tuscaloosa, AL
25t. Abbott Labs/Merchants, Ashland, OH
25t. Chiefs, Sioux Falls, SD
25t. A.W. Millwrights, Milverton, ON
33t. North Americans, Winnebago, NE
33t. Monarchs, Cornerbrook, NF
33t. Meierhoffer/Ed’s, Savannah, MO
33t. Area Softball Association, Grafton, WV
33t. Bandits, Pueblo, CO
33t. Si Senor Amigos, Tumacacori, AZ
33t. Gators, West Milford, NJ
33t. Eagle Products, Mishawaka, IN
33t. Esconcia’s Castilla, Guatamala City GU
33t. Seafirst Bank, Seattle, WA
33t. Metros, Midland, MI
33t. Heflin Builders, Ballston Lake, NY
33t. Junker’s Bar & Grill, North Mankato, MN
33t. Hy-Line Enterprises, Elkhart, IN
33t. Page Brake Warehouse, Salt Lake City, UT
33t. Wheat County Motors, Regina SK


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