1943 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1943 held at Detroit, Michigan.

Champion – Jax Brewery Maids, New Orleans, Louisiana
Runner Up – Arizona Ramblers, Phoenix, Arizona

Jax Maids collected 17 hits in the 7-0 final. All their players are employed by their sponsor and most do clerical work, one is even a chemist for the firm. They were offered contracts ranging from $65 to well over $100 a week to play in the new All-American Girls Baseball League in 1944, but all 15 refused, because they did not want to break up the team.

Nina Korgan pitched a 7-0 one-hitter in final striking out 9, and went 2-4 with 2 RBI. She beat Amy Peralta of Phoenix. Olympia Savona was 2-3 with 2 runs scored. Dottie Pitts drove in 2 runs and Freda Savona was 3-3 with 2 RBI.

Freda Savona was 7-15, 6 Runs, 6 RBI, 3 Doubles and 2 HR, and won the batting title

Lottie Johnson, Jax Brewery Maids went 1-0, pitched a 6-0 no hitter.

Amy Peralta May, Ramblers went 4-2, 2 shutouts.

Olympia Savona went 5-17, .294, 3 runs for Jax Brewery Maids.

Nina Korgan, Jax Brewery Maids went 4-0, 28.2 IP, 54 K, 3 shutouts, 8 hits, 1 run and would have been named MVP.

  • MVP – N/A
  • HR Leader – N/A
  • Batting Leader – Freda Savona, Jax Maids – .467


1. Jax Brewery Maids, New Orleans, LA (5-0) (Defending Champ)
2. Arizona Ramblers, Phoenix, AZ (4-2) (Pacific Coast)
3. Local #50 Bomberettes, Detroit, MI (5-2) (Host)
4. Caterpillar Dieselettes, Peoria, IL (3-2) (West Central)
5t. Western Mutuals, Vancouver, BC (2-2) (West Canada-British Columbia)
5t. American Yarn, Mount Holly, NC (2-2) (South Atlantic)
7t. Erin Brews, Cleveland, OH (2-2) (East Central)
7t. Sunday Morning Class, Toronto, ON (2-2) (Canada)
9t. Douglass Air Cargoettes, Oklahoma City, OK (1-2) (Southwestern)
9t. Westport Girls, Baltimore, MD (0-2) (Central Atlantic)
9t. Moose Jaw Royals, Regina, SK (1-2) (West Canada)
9t. Arians, Linden, NJ (1-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
13t. Denver Dry Goods, Denver, CO (0-2) (Rocky Mountain)
13t. Monowatt Electric Girls, Providence, RI (0-2) (North Atlantic)
13t. Huntsville Arsenal, Huntsville, AL (0-2) (Southern)


Marlin-Chesneys, Topeka, KS (could not attend – Holy Trinity, Topeka, KS was scheduled to go in place, but they backed out as well). Douglass Aircraft Cargoettes, Oklahoma City, OK went in place of Richey Grocerettes, Houston, TX, who could not attend. Northwestern Champ – Victory Girls, Seattle, WA (could not attend). Northern Region did not send a team or did not hold a tournament. Sunday Morning Class, Toronto, ON went in place of Canada Champ – Simcoe Basic Training Stars, Ontario, who could not attend.


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