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2003 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

2003 held at Pekin, Illinois.

Champion – Stratford Brakettes, Stratford, Connecticut (65-5)
Runner Up – Team Smith Inc., Placentia, California

The National Pro Fastpitch League conducted a draft in December after nationals and many players from this year’s championship were drafted. How this effects the top women’s fastpitch national championship is to be determined.

  • MVP – Kelly Kretschman, Stratford Brakettes
  • HR Leader – N/A
  • Batting Leader – Lyndsey Angus, Storm USA – .556
  • Bertha Tickey Pitching Award – Kaci Clark, Stratford Brakettes
  • Erv Lind Defensive Award – Lea Mishlan, Stratford Brakettes


P – Kaci Clark, Stratford Brakettes (2-0, 14 IP, 21 K)
P – Danielle Henderson, Stratford Brakettes (3-0, 2 ER, 2 shutouts, including the one that in the championship game, 4-0)
P – Jodie Cox, Team Smith Inc
C – Mackenzie Vandergeest, Team Smith Inc
1B – Kellie Wilkerson, Stratford Brakettes
2B – Lyndsey Angus, Storm USA (10-18, .556)
3B – Gina Oaks, Team Smith Inc
SS – Lea Mishlan, Stratford Brakettes
OF – Kelly Kretschman, Stratford Brakettes (6-12, HR, 5 RBI – drove in 2 runs in 5-0 championship)
OF – Stephanie Ramos, Team Smith Inc
OF – Kristen Zaleski, Storm USA
OF – Germaine Fairchild, Stratford Brakettes
UTIL – Nicole Bohnenstiehl, St. Louis Saints
UTIL – Oli Keohohou, Team Smith Inc
UTIL – Lindsey Klein, Team Smith Inc


P – Piper Marten, Storm USA
P – Crystal Draper, Team Smith Inc
P – Kirsten Voak, California Schutt Hurricanes
C – Suzy Brazney, California Schutt Hurricanes
1B – Emily Starkey, Bloomington Lady Hearts
2B – Cheryl Bolding, Storm USA
3B – Amiee Lonigro, East Peoria Avanti’s
SS – Natalie Peters, St. Louis Saints
OF – Bridget Fournie, St. Louis Saints
OF – Alicia Smith, Stratford Brakettes
OF – Erin Mobley, California Schutt Hurricanes
OF – Brooke Rutschman, California Schutt Hurricanes
UTIL – Andea Wirkus, St. Louis Saints
UTIL – Shae Wesley, Bloomington Lady Hearts
UTIL – Teri Goldberg, California Schutt Hurricanes


1. Stratford Brakettes, Stratford, CT (5-0)
2. Team Smith Inc., Placentia, CA (4-2)
3. California Schutt Hurricanes, Riverside, CA (4-2)
4. St. Louis Saints, St. Louis, MO (4-2)
5t. Storm USA, Lake Forest, CA (4-2)
5t. Bloomington Lady Hearts, Bloomington, IL (2-2)
7t. East Peoria Avantis, East Peoria, IL (3-2)
7t. St. Louis Heat, St. Louis, MO (3-2)
9t. Allentown Patriots, Allentown, PA (2-2)
9t. Indiana Slammers, Hobart, IN (1-2)
9t. Amherst Lightning, Amherst, NY (1-2)
9t. East Peoria Lady Rage, East Peoria, IL (1-2)
13t. Cigs Sting, Decatur, IL (1-2)
13t. Elite Force, Palos Hills, IL (1-2)
13t. Celina Suns, Celina, OH (1-2)
13t. Carbondale Cougars, Carbondale, IL (1-2)
17t. Springfield Rockettes, Springfield, IL (0-2)
17t. Lisle Powerhouse, Lisle, IL (0-2)
17t. Peoria Outlaws, Peoria, IL (0-2)
17t. Pekin Lettes, Pekin, IL (0-2)

L-R, top row – Kelly Kretschman, Erica Sobel, Alicia Smith, Robyn King, Donna McLean, Kellie Wilkerson, Frankie Spruce, Germaine Fairchild, Danielle Henderson, Coach/Scorer Jeff Ellis, Leigh Ann Ellis, Keri (McCallum) Stratton, Karrie Rider, Manager John Stratton, Kaci Clark, GM Bob Baird, Coach Patti Fernandes. Bottom row – Lea Mishlan, Batgirl Katie, Sara Jewett, Heather Wright, young fan, Jen Smith, Batgirl Sam

2003 ASA Men’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

2003 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Champion – Berardi’s/TPS/TEK Serve, Lexington, Kentucky (East)
Runner Up – Meridian, Houston, Texas (West)

  • MVP – Doug Martin, Berardi’s (16-18, .889, 3 HR)
  • HR Leader – Shawn Harkins, Berardi’s – (16-19, .842) – 8 HR
  • Batting Leader – Fred Ditto, Berardi’s (18-20, 3 HR) – .900

ASA A East National held at Valdosta, Georgia on August 29-September 1

Champion – Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve, Lexington, Kentucky
Runner Up – Central Paving, Columbus, Indiana

  • MVP – Lou Mongelli, Beradi’s/TPS
  • HR Leader – ?
  • Batting Leader – Shawn Harkins, Beradi’s (22-29) .759


P – Randy Johnson, Central Paving
C – Jason Hurt, Central Paving
1B – Lou Mongelli, Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve
2B – Fred Ditto, Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve
3B – Jim Bledsoe, Aubrey’s/TPS
SS – Dusty Bowing, Central Paving
OF – Bobby Hart, Central Paving
OF – Keith Martin, C & M Sporting Goods/TPS
OF – Butch Smith, Taylor’s
OF – Dwayne Frizzell, C & M Sporting Goods/TPS
UT – Shawn Harkins, Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve
UT – Brad Bennett, Central Paving
UT – Kirby Puckett, Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve
UT – Joey Resing, Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve
UT – Ron Owsley, Sports Den


P – Joey Iler, Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve
C – Shane Frederick, C & M Sporting Goods/TPS
1B – Jamie Wise, Aubrey’s/TPS
2B – Shawn Snow, Aubrey’s/TPS
3B – Mike Taylor, Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve
SS – Jamie Nelson, C & M Sporting Goods/TPS
OF – Greg Braur, Taylor’s
OF – Doug Martin, Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve
OF – Jason Gibbs, Central Paving
OF – Craig Batise, Taylor’s
UT – Ernie Donaldson, Taylor’s
UT – Will Watson, C & M Sporting Goods/TPS
UT – Daniel Bays, Sports Den
UT – Stacy Howell, Love’s/Easton/Tanel
UT – Mike Thomas, Aubrey’s/TPS


1. Berardi’s/TPS/Tek Serve Lexington., KY (7-1)
2. Central Paving, Columbus., IN (4-2)
3. Aubrey’s/TPS, Savannah., GA (3-2)
4. C&M Sporting Goods/TPS, Dothan., AL (5-2)
5t. Taylor’s Edgewater, MD (4-2)
5t. Love’s/Easton/Tanel, Riverdale., GA (3-2)
7t. Sports Star/Miken Louisville., KY (4-2)
7t. Sports Den Lexington., KY (3-2)
9t. SCB/Denelex/Giant Lake Grove., NY (2-2)
9t. B & C/Miken Edmonton., KY (1-2)
9t. Sci/Mizuno Tallahassee., FL (1-2)
9t. Team Vicc Jacksonville., IL (1-2)
13t. Barwick’S/Big Fogg Crawfordville., FL (1-2)
13t. T&R Stucco/Easton Polk City., FL (1-2)
13t. NW Pipe/Bud/3N2/Easton Florence., KY (1-2)
13t. Questar Capital Warsaw., IN (0-2)
17t. Vernon’S/Higgs/Miken Jacksonville., FL (0-2)
17t. Rocky’S Moultrie., GA (0-2)
17t. Doc’s/Easton, South Sioux City., NE (0-2)
17t. Reece Mounument/Miken Springfield., KY (0-2)

ASA A East National held at McAllen, Texas on August 29-September 1

Champion – Meridian, Houston, TX
Runner Up – Long Haul/Miken, Caledonia, MN

Meridian beat Long Haul 20-19 in winners bracket final and Long Haul defeated Deery Brothers 28-12 to get another crack at Meridian, they won the first final 33-32 and then Meridian won the ‘if’ game 19-15.

  • MVP – Bud Weathers, Meridian
  • HR Leader – Chad Augedahl, Long Haul/Miken – 9
  • Batting Leader – Chad Augedahl, Long Haul/Miken (18-23) – .783


P – Bud Weathers, Meridian
C – Chad Augedahl, Long Haul/Miken (18-23, .783, 9 HR)
1B – Steve Hall, Meridian
2B – Eric Klug, Long Haul/Miken (18-28, .643, 3 HR)
3B – Ben Reeves, TSC Softball
SS – Adam Peterson, Long Haul/Miken (20-26, .769, 8 HR)
OF – Victor Broussard, Meridian
OF – Tom Muehlenkemp, Long Haul/Miken (13-24, .542, 1 HR)
OF – Chris Weatherford, TSC Softball
OF – Mark Cerny, Meridian
UT – Bob Van Erem, Deery/R&M/Miken
UT – Jeff Zaputil, Deery/R&M/Miken
UT – Tim Felderman, Deery/R&M/Miken
UT – Kenny Seymour, Meridian
UT – Brad Augedahl, Long Haul/Miken (17-27, .630, 1 HR)


P – Greg Azbill, Deery/R&M/Miken
C – Frankie Kubenka, TPS Northwest
1B – Todd Repp, T’s 13/Easton
2B – Dave Feather, Meridian
3B – Mark Augedahl, Long Haul/Miken (11-23, .478, 2 HR)
SS – Steven Lynn, Meridian
OF – Steve Deweber, TSC Softball
OF – Mike Irvine, T’s 13/Easton
OF – Ken McMullen, Meridian
OF – Randy King, Long Haul/Miken
UT – Jeff Vercellino, T’s 13/Easton
UT – Damon Lewis, TSC Softball
UT – Brad Frost, Deery/R&M/Miken
UT – Bobby Worden, T’s 13/Easton
UT – Bill Kugler, Deery/R&M/Miken


1. Meridian Houston, TX (4-1)
2. Long Haul/Miken Caledonia, MN (4-2)
3. Deery/R&M/Miken Waterloo, IA (3-2)
4t. TSC Softball Colbert, OK (2-2)
5t. T’S 13/Easton Omaha, NE (2-2)
5t. TPS NW, Seattle, WA (2-2)
7t. Sandoval’s Trucking Brownsville, TX (1-2)
7t. Texas Twins, San Antonio, TX (1-2)
9t. Diablos, McAllen, TX (0-2)
9t. Team Ripp, McAllen, TX (0-2)

2003 ASA Men’s Super Slow Pitch Nationals

2003 held at Sanford, Florida.

Champion – Hague/Resmondo/Taylor Brothers/Sunbelt, Columbus, Ohio
Runner Up – Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton, San Jose, California

This was the final year of the Super until is was rebooted in 2013.

  • MVP – Howie Krause, Resmondo/Hague
  • HR Leader – Brett Helmer, Dan Smith/Backman – 11
  • Batting Leader – Bob Woldyk, US Vinyl – .923


P – Andy Purcell, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
C – Hank Garris, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
1B – Jeff Wallace, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
2B – Brett Helmer, Dan Smith/Blackman/Menosse (11 HR, 23 RBI)
3B – Howie Krause, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt (11-16, .688, 7 HR, 16 RBI)
SS – Dal Beggs, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
MI – Todd Martin, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
OF – Scott Striebel, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
OF – Rick Baker, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
OF – Robin Higginbotham, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
UTIL – Bob Woldyk, U.S. Vinyl/Z Wear/Miken (12-13, .923, 4 HR)
UTIL – Dennis Rulli, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
UTIL – Todd Joerling, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse
UTIL – Randy Kortokrax, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt
UTIL – Rusty Bumgardner, Hague/Resmondo/Sunbelt


P – Shane DuBose, Dan Smith/Blackman/Menosse/Easton
C – RJ Howerton, US Vinyl/Z-Wear/Miken
1B – Jeff Hall, Dan Smith/Blackman/Menosse/Easton
2B – Joel Ramos, Bell Corporation/Easton
3B – Mike Zerbe, Bell Corporation/Easton
SS – Demond Thomas, Dan Smith/Blackman/Menosse/Easton
MI – Scott Brown, Dan Smith/Blackman/Menosse/Easton
OF – John McGraw, US Vinyl/Z-Wear/Miken
OF – Randall Boone, Dan Smith/Blackman/Menosse/Easton
OF – Bryson Baker, Resmondo/Hagae/Sunbelt/Taylor
UTIL – Billo Harvey, T&R Stucco/Easton
UTIL – Paul Cullen, Vernon’s/Higgs Properties
UTIL – Ronnie James, US Vinyl/Z-Wear/Miken
UTIL – Ray Cowart, US Vinyl/Z-Wear/Miken
UTIL – Mike Chambliss, T&R Stucco/Easton


1. Resmondo/Hague/Taylor Brothers/Sunbelt, Columbus, OH (3-0)
2. Dan Smith/Backman/Mennose/Easton, San Jose, CA (4-2)
3. US Vinyl/Community Access/Z-Wear/Wooters/Miken, Chattanooga, TN (1-2)
4. Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, FL (1-2)
5t. T&R Stucco/Easton, Polk City, FL (1-2)
5t. Vernon’s/Higgs Properties/Miken, Jacksonville, FL (0-2)

2003 ASA Men’s (10) Modified Pitch Nationals

2003 held at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on September 5-7.

Champion –  Dillinger’s, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Runner Up – Cheers II, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

  • MVP – N/A
  • HR Champion – N/A
  • Batting Champion – N/A


P – Todd Albrecht, Dillinger’s
P – William Doane, Otter River Otters
C – Jeff Moon, Dillinger’s
1B – Todd Bonlander, Dillinger’s
2B – Paul Wagner, Dillinger’s
3B – Rusty Kryzanowski, Dillinger’s
SS – Mike Fracassi, Bonnell’s Steel City
OF – Jim Corbett, Dillinger’s
OF – Mark Madigan, Cheer’s II
OF – Paul Whitman, Otter River Otters
OF – Brooks Marzka, Bonnell’s Steel City
UTIL – Tom Bonlander, Dillinger’s
UTIL – Adam Leger, Otter River Otters
UTIL – Jason Freismuth, Cheer’s II
UTIL – Bob Juchno, Jr., Bonnell’s Steel City


1. Dillinger’s, Fond du Lac, WI (7-1)
2. Cheers II, Fond du Lac, WI (4-2)
3. Bonnell’s Steel City, Erie, PA (3-2)
4. Otter River Otters, Baldwinville, MA (4-2)
5t. Hovden Oil, Decorah, IA (2-2)
5t. Wallace Lawn Care, Midland, MI (2-2)
7t. Goode’s Inn, Weyauwega, WI (2-2)
7t. Mountain Bay Bar & Grill, Eland, WI (1-2)
9t. Michigan Indians, Plymouth, MI (0-2)
9t. Fast Pax, Saginaw, MI (0-2)
9t. Home State Bank, Atwater, MN (1-2)
9t. O’Hares/Subway, Bay City, MI (1-2)
13t. PACC, Webster, MA (0-2)
13t. Silver Dollar Swampers, Aniwa, WI (0-2)

2003 ASA Men’s (9) Modified Pitch Nationals

2003 held at Burlington, North Carolina on August 28-September 1.

Champion – L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth, Staten Island, New York
Runner Up – Skyliners/Teel’s, Midland Park, New Jersey

  • MVP – Reginald Barrau, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
  • Batting Champion – Reginald Barrau, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
  • HR Champion – Frank Degroat, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth


P – Gary Thomas, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
P – Steve Platt, Skyliners/Teel’s
P – Steve Mikos, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
C – Frank Degroat, Skyliners/Teel’s
C – Pete Lynch, Harmon Home/Rt. 4
1B – Jeff Hook, Skyliners/Teel’s
2B – Chad Busch, Skyliners/Teel’s
3B – Kevin Cordrey, Shockers
SS – Chad McConnell, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
OF – Reginald Barrau, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
OF – Mo Kandous, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
UTIL – Keith Cordrey, Shockers
UTIL – George McConnell, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
UTIL – Gary Ferraro, L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth
UTIL – Steve Daum, Skyliners/Teel’s


P – Luis Cedeno, Westminster Chiropractic
P – Darren Rea, Skyliners/Teel’s
C – Joe Berube, Westminster Chiropractic
1B – James Fitzpatrick, Westminster Chiropractic
2B – Jimmy Maddox, Budweiser
3B – Mike Hoadley, Westminster Chiropractic
SS – Brian Lankford, Shockers
OF – Chris Gwasda, Texas Liquids
OF – Jamie Jarman, Shockers
OF – Bobby Calderon, Harmon Home/Rt. 4
OF – James Owens, Team Budweiser
UTIL – Jeff Benedict, Bonnell’s Steel City
UTIL – Tony Cruz, Bonnell’s Steel City
UTIL – Brooks Marzka, Bonnell’s Steel City
UTIL – David Dill, Budweiser


1. L&P/Franco/Rolaids/Worth, Staten Island, NY (6-0)
2. Skyliners/Teel’s, Midland Park, NJ (9-2)
3. Shockers, Mardela, MD (4-2)
4. Westminster Chiropractic, Westminster, MA (6-2)
5t. Bonnell’s Steel City, Erie, PA (3-2)
5t. Texas Liquids, Middletown, NJ (3-2)
7t. Harmon Home/Rt. 4, Staten Island, NY (4-2)
7t. Budweiser, Greensboro, MD (3-2)
9t. Team Budweiser, Detroit, MI (4-2)
9t. Lakeway Sports, Morristown, TN (3-2)
9t. Legends, Fairhaven, MA (2-2)
9t. Netspoke/Tighe Club, Concord, NH (2-2)
13t. Trump Softball, Albany, NY (3-2)
13t. Dayton Flyers, Newton, MA (2-2)
13t. Dominican Allstars, Miami, FL (2-2)
13t. Speedboys, Durham, NC (2-2)
17t. BSC, Oxford, PA (2-2)
17t. Secory Flyers, Port Huron, MI (2-2)
17t. Shaw Chiropractic, Port Huron, MI (2-2)
17t. Tremont Towing, Miami, FL (2-2)
17t. Baywood Softball Club, Saginaw, MI (1-2)
17t. Matarazzo Sea Dogs, Stoneham, MA (1-2)
17t. Cobras, Memphis, TN (1-2)
17t. Warriors, Chapel Hill, NC (1-2)
25t. ADCO/Tool Shed, Staten Island, NY (1-2)
25t. Gartner, Bayshore, NY (1-2)
25t. Long Island Storm, Long Island, NY (1-2)
25t. Munch Landscaping, West Islip, NY (1-2)
25t. Amer/Natural Healing, Keene, NH (0-2)
25t. Boichot Concrete, Lansing, MI (0-2)
25t. Fort Apache Dodgers, Bronx, NY (0-2)
25t. Rick’s Auto Body, Midland, MI (0-2)
33t. Ac’s Cards & Games, Revere, MA (0-2)
33t. Freebirds, Atlanta, GA (0-2)
33t. Heimey’s Place, New Germany, MN (0-2)
33t. K.C. Allstars, Atlanta, GA (0-2)
33t. Starter & Generator, Morristown, TN (0-2)
33t. Talbert’s Food Mart, Chapel Hill, NC (0-2)

2003 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

2003 held at Midland, Michigan on July 10-13.

Champion – The Farm Tavern, Madison, Wisconsin
Runner Up – Circle Tap, Denmark, Wisconsin (48-13)

Farm Tavern went undefeated (5-0) and beat Circle Tap (5-2) in final behind the pitching of Todd Martin (3-0), who won his 3rd game of the tournament. Jason Hanson hit a home run for the Farm Tavern. Hanson put Farm out ahead on a lead-off homer in the first inning and Farm expanded its margin to 4-0 on RBI singles by Todd Budke, Cliff Widsom and Smet. All of the runs in the second were unearned off losing pitcher Rob Scheller (2-1).

Circle Tap closed the gap to 4-1 when it scored its first run in the third on an RBI double by Delarwelle, bringing across Jess Ellestad who had walked after one out. In the fourth inning with one out, Circle Tap pitcher Rob Scheller and his catcher, Don Garvey, were both ejected from the game by home plate umpire Bryan Smith. Garvey went first and Scheller, who threw his glove after Garvey was ejected, followed.

Trevor Wardell replaced Scheller on the mound and third baseman Todd Malnory went behind the plate. Malnory, however, didn’t last long as he was ejected in his next at-bat for arguing a called third strike.

Chad Huebner replaced Malnory behind the plate to start the fifth inning and Circle Tap coach Wayne Kruger even inserted himself into the lineup at first. Circle Tap decided to call the game after batting in the sixth inning so it wouldn’t miss their airplane flight.

Scheller was the loser, hurling 3 1/3 innings, allowing six hits and one earned run. Wardell hurled 2 2/3 innings and gave up one hit. He fanned two. Budke of Farm Tavern had three hits in four at-bats.

A record 62 HR were hit by the 22 teams entered.

Gerald Muizelaar, Kelso; Jody Henniger, Fed Lock and Trevor Wardell, Circle Tap (all were 3-1). Wardell’s pitching mate, Rob Scheller was 2-1 for Circle Tap.

  • MVP – Chris Delarwelle, Circle Tap
  • Batting Leader – Dan Smet, The Farm Tavern – .615
  • HR Leader – Chris Delarwelle, Circle Tap  – 4
  • HR Leader – Todd Garcia, Team Lyons – 4
  • Herb Dudley Pitching Award – Paul Algar, Farm Tavern


P – Paul Algar, Farm Tavern (2-0, 14 IP, 24 K, 0 ER, 2 Hits, 2 shutouts, no hitter)
P – Todd Martin, Farm Tavern (3-0, 22 IP, 37 K)
P – Trevor Wardell, Circle Tap
C – Todd Garcia, Team Lyons (13 RBI)
1B – Dan Smet, Farm Tavern (8-13)
2B – Jason Hanson, Farm Tavern
3B – Todd Budke, Farm Tavern
SS – Chad Boom, Midland Explorers
OF – Colin Abbott, Farm Tavern
OF – Chris Delarwelle, Circle Tap (13-25, .520, 4 HR, 13 RBI)
OF – Bill Kranz, Fred’s Interiors
OF – Steve Schucker, Fedlock Falcons
UTIL – Jess Ellestad, Circle Tap
UTIL – Steve Price, Team Lyons
UTIL – Steve Schott, Kelso Fast Pitch


P – Frank Cox, Kelso Fast Pitch
P – Jody Hennigar, Fedlock Falcons
P – Jeremy Manley, Pueblo Bandits
C – Ray Reinagel, Kelso Fast Pitch
1B – Gerry Kennedy, Team Lyons
2B – Steve Horning, Midland Explorers
3B – Marc Santillano, Team Lyons
SS – Mark Moziejko, Pueblo Bandits
OF – Ehren Earleywine, Midland Explorers
OF – Steve Mullaley, Ashland Coors Light
OF – Jeremy Schaeffer, Fred’s Interiors
OF – Brad Sprau, Pueblo Bandits
UTIL – Gin Barnes, Page Brake
UTIL – Joe Morales, HIS Construction
UTIL – Jason Porto, Team Lyons


1. Farm Tavern, Madison, WI (5-0)
2. Circle Tap, Denmark, WI (5-2)
3. Team Lyons, Fresno, CA (4-2)
4. Fedlock Falcons, Washington, DC (3-2)
5t. Kelso Fast Pitch, Kelso, MO (5-2)
5t. Pueblo Bandits, Pueblo, CO (3-2)
7t. Midland Explorers, Midland, MI (3-2)
7t. Fred’s Interiors, Dubuque, IA (3-2)
9t. His Construction, Houston, TX (2-2)
9t. Page Brake, Salt Lake City, UT (2-2)
9t. Andreas Construction/Bernie’S Tavern, Homer, MI (1-2)
9t. Frontier Players Casino, St. Joseph, MO (1-2)
13t. Ashland Coors Light, Ashland, OH (2-2)
13t. Dolan And Murphy, Aurora, IL (2-2)
13t. Priority Mortgage, Charleviox, MI (1-2)
13t. Bloomington Stix, Bloomington, IL (0-2)
17t. Can-Am Windmillers, Reading, PA (0-2)
17t. Frankenmuth Driving School, Frankenmuth, MI (0-2)
17t. Masterkey Northern, Ann Arbor, MI (0-2)
17t. Plangger’s Furniture, Benton Harbor, MI (0-2)
17t. Up To Date Printing, Millington, MI (0-2)
17t. Winterset A’s, Winterset, IA (0-2)

2003 ASA Girls Gold 18-Under Fast Pitch Nationals

2003 held at Wallace Marine Park in West Salem, Oregon on August 4-10.

Champion – O.C. Batbusters, Santa Ana, California
Runner Up – Shamrocks, Vienna, Virginia

It’s become a repetitive tale for the Orange County Batbusters:

Lose their first game at the ASA 18 Gold National Championships, then win the rest and the national title in the process.

For the second consecutive year, the Batbusters won the national championship, this time a 5-1 win against the Shamrocks of Virginia in front of more than 500 people Sunday at Wallace Marine Park in West Salem.

“We got yelled at for losing, but I’d rather lose at the beginning than at the end,” said winning pitcher Lisa Dodd, one of six on the team from last year.

The Batbusters lost last year in the first game of the tournament to the Oregon Panthers. This year, the Batbusters lost their first game of pool play, a 2-1 decision against the Arizona Hotshots.

Orange County then won its next eight games in a row for the national title, including a 3-0 win against the Worth Fire-crackers earlier Sunday in the sixth round of winner’s bracket play.

“It was weird that it happened just like last year,” said Batbusters second-baseman Dominique LaStrapes, who will play at Washington next year.

The Shamrocks lost 11-9 to the Firecrackers in the semifinals of the winner’s bracket and won three games Sunday to get in the national championship game.

The Shamrocks beat the Firecrackers 9-3 in the final of the loser’s bracket to reach the championship game of the double-elimination tournament.

The Shamrocks also beat the Firecrackers 3-2 in the first game of pool play Tuesday. “It was such an honor just to be in this game,” said Shamrocks right fielder Kelley Brown, who played as a freshman at Virginia Tech last year.

“Our organization has been together since 1977, same coach and everything. This is the first time in the whole history of the organization that we’ve made it to the national championship game. It was such an honor to represent the East Coast.”

Orange County lead early

The Batbusters took the lead in the game in the first inning and never trailed.

LaStrapes, the leadoff hitter, started the game with a single off Shamrocks pitcher Stephanie VanBrakle.

Tara Henry walked and Dodd grounded out to advance the runners to second and third.

With two outs in the inning, Kristie Fox connected on a hard hit to Shamrocks short-stop Courtney Bures that Bures couldn’t field. That allowed LaStrapes to score for a 1-0 Orange County lead.

LaStrapes singled to start the third inning, and after Henry singled, Dodd hit into a fielder’s choice to advance LaStrapes to third.

LaStrapes scored when Michelle Smith hit into a sacrifice to give her team a 2-0 lead. Three times in the first four innings and four times in the game, Orange County led off the inning with a hit or a batter hit by a pitch.

“It was important because they were so strong offensively that you never know, in the next inning, they could score three runs,” LaStrapes said.

The Shamrocks got one run back in the bottom of the fourth when Brown hit a leadoff single and made it to third on a single from Dani Woods and a fielder’s choice by Alex Switenko.

Brown scored when Maddy Coon hit a deep fly into center-field.

Dodd solid outing

Except for the fourth inning, Dodd pitched a solid game. She struck out five, allowed three hits and no walks in seven innings of work.

“We knew we had to hit the ball, and we knew she had a good changeup,” said Brown, who was 2 for 3. “We pretty much knew everything that we were going into, it’s just that they happened to execute better than we did.”

The Batbusters put the game out of reach in the top of the seventh.

“Obviously you want to show them why you’re national champions, why you’re defending. When you’re on top, everyone wants to get the person on top. 16 more pressure, but its also fun.”
Lisa Dodd Batbusters’ winning pitcher

Jessica Runge reached on an error with one out. Jessica Hejne hit a bloop single into centerfield, and LaStrapes walked to load the bases.

Henry hit a sacrifice to score one runner, then Dodd hit a single to score two more for the final 5-1 tally.

“Obviously you want to show them why you’re national champions, why you’re defending,” said Dodd, who will play for defending NCAA Division I champion UCLA next year. “When you’re on top, everyone wants to get the person on top. It’s more pressure, but it’s also fun.”

For the Batbusters, LaStrapes was 2 for 3 with a walk and three runs scored and Dodd was 2 for 4 with two RBIs.

Top teams earn bids

Orange County, along with runner-up Shamrocks, third-place Worth Firecrackers and fourth-place Gordon’s Panthers each receive automatic bids to next year’s ASA 18 Gold National Championships to be played in Marietta, Georgia.


1. O.C. Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA (6-0)
2. Shamrocks, Vienna, VA (7-2)
3. Firecrackers, Huntington Beach, CA (6-2)
4. Gordon’s Panthers, Fullerton, CA (6-2)
5t. Case Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA (7-2)
5t. Lady Gators, Palm Beach Gardens, FL (4-2)
7t. Fresno Force, Fresno, CA (4-2)
7t. California Lite, Rialto, CA (5-2)
9t. San Jose Strikkers, San Jose, CA (3-2)
9t. Tulsa Eagles, Tulsa, OK (3-2)
9t. Salinas Storm, Salinas, CA (4-2)
9t. Missouri City Magic, Missouri City, TX (5-2)
13t. American Pastime, Upland, CA (3-2)
13t. Impact Gold, Houston, TX (3-2)
13t. So Cal Athletics, Montclair, CA (4-2)
13t. So Cal Lightning, Chula Vista, CA (4-2)
17t. Arizona Outlaws, Peoria, AZ (3-2)
17t. Orland Park Sparks, Orland Park, IL (2-2)
17t. Tampa Mustangs, Lutz, FL (2-2)
17t. Washington Ladyhawks, Woodinville, WA (2-2)
17t. California Cruisers, La Palma, CA (3-2)
17t. So Cal Breakers, Encinitas, CA (3-2)
17t. Texas Elite, Grand Prairie, TX (3-2)
17t. Gold Coast Hurricane, Cooper City, FL (2-2)
25t. Georgia Elite, Douglasville, GA (2-2)
25t. Houston Power, Houston, TX (2-2)
25t. KC Peppers, Olathe, KS (2-2)
25t. USA Athletics, Anaheim, CA (2-2)
25t. Glacier NW, Vancouver, WA (2-2)
25t. NJ Pride, Newark, NJ (2-2)
25t. Oregon Panthers, Salem, OR (2-2)
25t. Sacramento Rush, Sacramento, CA (2-2)
33t. Anaheim O.C. Batbusters, Garden Grove, CA (1-2)
33t. Beach Girls, Brooklyn, NY (1-2)
33t. Blazing Angels, Cheltenham, PA (1-2)
33t. NW Extreme, Canby, OR (1-2)
33t. San Diego Renegades, San Diego, CA (1-2)
33t. Arizona Hotshots, Tempe, AZ (1-2)
33t. California Waves, Santa Barbara, CA (1-2)
33t. Colorado Legend, Parker, CO (1-2)
33t. KC Xtreme, Olathe, KS (1-2)
33t. Louisiana Reflections, Lafayette, LA (1-2)
33t. Maddogs, Alliance, OH (1-2)
33t. Phoenix Storm Swan, Phoenix, AZ (1-2)
33t. So Cal Diamonds, Newbury Park, CA (1-2)
33t. Sudden Impact Gold, Houston, TX (1-2)
33t. Texas Storm, Pearland, TX (1-2)
33t. Valley Breeze, San Fernando, CA (1-2)
49t. Atlanta Vipers, Atlanta, GA (0-2)
49t. Colorado Stars, Boulder, CO (0-2)
49t. Georgia Fire, Roswell, GA (0-2)
49t. Katy Express, Katy, TX (0-2)
49t. Lil Saints, Peoria, AZ (0-2)
49t. Louisiana Voodoo, New Orleans, LA (0-2)
49t. Oklahoma Twisters, Norman, OK (0-2)
49t. Panthers, Glendale, CA (0-2)
49t. Phoenix Storm Moloney, Phoenix, AZ (0-2)
49t. So Cal Pride, Newhall, CA (0-2)
49t. Southern Force, Johnston City, IL (0-2)
49t. Strike Zone, Hayward, CA (0-2)
49t. Texas Eclipse, Houston, TX (0-2)
49t. Texas Hawks, Conroe, TX (0-2)
49t. Texas High Voltage, Houston, TX (0-2)
49t. Vipers, Moreno Valley, CA (0-2)

2003 OC Batbusters

2003 OC Batbusters

2003 ASA Women’s Open Slow Pitch Nationals

2003 held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at ASA Hall of Fame Stadium.

Champion: Shooters/Worth, Orlando, Florida (East)
Runner Up: Texas Sportz/Miken, San Antonio, Texas (West)

Women’s Major Class Discontinued and “OPEN” Class was initiated.

Women’s Open Class: Starting in 2003- ASA Reorganized the Women’s Slow Pitch National Classifications – The OPEN Class was started in 2003 — Women’s Slow Pitch OPEN Classification now includes Class-Major, Class-A and Class-B. From 2003-2006, ASA Women’s Open Class Tournament had 2 separate National Championship Tournaments; East Open and West Open. The two winners then met in Oklahoma City in a Best of 5 Series for the Women’s Open National Championship. All America teams were selected at both the East and West National Tournaments, along with MVPs, Batting Champions, etc. In the Best of 5 Final Series, only an MVP was selected.

2003 (at Oklahoma City, OK – East vs West National Championship Final Series)
SCORES: Shooters/Worth 21-11, 16-18, 18-30, 20-7, 26-12 – (3 games to 2)
It took the Shooters and Texas Sportz five games to decide the champion in the Women’s Open division at the Hooters Championship Series. Down 2-1 in the series, the Shooters rallied for big wins in the game four and five to take the Championship Series title. The Shooters blew out Texas Sportz 21-11 in game one and looked as if it would breeze through the series will little effort but things didn’t work quite that way. Kami Marrott went 4-for-4 with a double to pace the Shooters offensively. Texas Sportz managed to hold on for an 18-16 win in game two to even the series at 1-1. Ami Gresham launched a grand slam in the bottom of the first inning to give her squad the lead. Shannon Pigott and Robin Kenowith each drove in two RBI in the game. In game three Texas Sportz drilled the Shooters 30-18 put itself one game away from the title. Texas Sportz scored 13 runs in the first two innings and capped off the game with a 10 run sixth to close out the game. Cindy Trevino went 5-for-5 with three RBI while Gresham contributed with a four hits, two home runs and four RBI. Finishing second just wasn’t an option for the Shooters as they stormed back with a 20-7 win in game four to force the fifth and deciding game. Lisa Lines and Tiffany Daniels each went 4-for-4 while Daniels drove in a game high four RBI. Knotted at 3-3 after two innings, the Shooters began to pull away with a five run third inning. With the game still in doubt entering the seventh, the Shooters exploded for 11 runs in the top of the seventh to prove they are the best in the Women’s Open division. Series MVP Robin Berkowitz went 3-for-3 with a two run home run and two walks. Shooters outscored Texas Sportz in the 5 games 101-78.

  • MVP – Robin Berkowitz, Shooters/Worth (3-3 in final game with HR and 2 Walks)
  • Batting Leader – N/A
  • Home Run Leaders – N/A

2003 ASA Open Women’s East held at Auburn, Alabama.

Champion: Shooters, Orlando, Florida
Runner Up: Armed Forces, Eglin AFB, Florida

Shooters defeated Armed Forced 12-1 in the Championship final.

  • East MVP – Jamie Sheriff, Shooters
  • East Batting Leader – Verda Hacker, WET/MMG Miken
  • East Home Run Leaders – Michelle Vance, Shooters – 1
  • East Home Run Leaders – Leslie Boles, WET/MMG Miken – 1


P – Theresa Hunt, Shooters
C – Patricia Wimsatt, WET/MMG Miken
1B – Jamie Sheriff, Shooters
2B – Jean Heitzman, Armed Forces
3B – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces
SS – Chris Schultz, Made to Order
OF – Diane Hatch, Shooters
OF – Carol Rakich, APPCO Sports/Duke’s Tavern
OF – Jean Tripam, Made to Order
OF – Stacy Robinson, Armed Forces
UT – Lisa Pugh, Made to Order
UT – Verda Hacker, WET/MMG Miken
UT – Gretchen McMullen, Armed Forces
UT – Jen Fox, Max Magees
UT – Ninia Ybarra, Armed Forces


P – Laurie Doughty, Armed Forces
C – Robin Berkowitz, Shooters
1B – Dawn Scott, APPCO Sports/Duke’s Tavern
2B – Kim Dean, Shooters
3B – Laura Lynn, WET/MMG Miken
SS – Tiffany Daniels, Shooters
OF – Mary Quin, Made to Order
OF – Beth Proffitt, Max Magees
OF – Stephanie Minix, Armed Forces
OF – Lisa Lines, Shooters
UT – Kami Marrott, Shooters
UT – Donna Owens, WET/MMG Miken
UT – Dolores Shank, APPCO Sports/Duke’s Tavern
UT – Chris Wellendorf, Shooters
UT – Jamie Thompson, Armed Forces


1. Shooters, Orlando, FL (5-1)
2. Armed Forces, Eglin AFB, FL (6-2)
3. WET/MMG Miken, Columbia, KY (2-2)
4. Made to Order, Skokie, IL (3-2)
5t. Nick’s Café, New Cumberland, PA (3-2)
5t. JTB/USA Blazers, Phenix City, AL (1-2)
7t. Max Magees, Boothwyn, PA (2-2)
7t. Appco Sports/Duke’s, Springfield, PA (2-2)
9t. Michigan Rage, Delta Township, MI (0-2)
9t. Fortin, Westbrooke, ME (0-2)
9t. Reamstown AA, Reamstown, PA (0-2)
9t. Ness Auto Sales, Lodi, WI (0-2)
13. Challengers, Maroa, IL (0-2)

2003 ASA Open Women’s West held at Killeen, Texas.

Champion: Texas Sportz/Miken, San Antonio, Texas
Runner Up: Ladies First, Los Angeles, California

Texas Sportz/Miken defeated Ladies First 9-5 in the Championship final.

  • West MVP – Shannon Piggott, Texas Sportz
  • West Batting Leader – Karina Osuna, Ladies First
  • West Home Run Leader -Shannon Piggott, Texas Sportz


P – Tracy Jones, Ladies First
C – Sheryl Johnson, Texas Angels
1B – Kristina Ibrom, Texas Angels
2B – Terry Graham, Seattle Hawks
3B – Sunshine Exparza, Ladies First
SS – Robin Kenowith, Texas Sportz/Miken
OF – Gina Perez, Texas Sportz/Miken
OF – Karina Osuna, Ladies First
OF – Jennifer Abramson, Ladies First
OF – Shari Rider, Seattle Hawks
UTIL – Angie Miller, DeCarlow Homes
UTIL – Dawn Forman, Texas Angels
UTIL – Hortencia Cabreera, Carpet Masters
UTIL – Becky Zalesnik, Texas Sportz/Miken
UTIL – Leonla Fliegel, DeCarlow Homes
UTIL – Shannon Piggott, Texas Sportz/Miken


1. Texas Sportz/Miken, San Antonio, TX (6-1)
2. Ladies First, Los Angeles, CA (4-2)
3. Texas Angels, Highland, TX (4-2)
4. Seattle Hawks, Renton, WA (3-2)
5t. Decarlow Homes, Ashland, OR (3-2)
5t. Carpet Masters, San Antonio, TX (2-2)
7t. Drillers, Austin, TX (2-2)
7t. Mcclarnon Properties, Nixa, MO (2-2)
9t. K-OSS, Fort Hood, TX (1-2)
9t. Strike Back, Killeen, TX (1-2)
9t. Sports Page, Billings, MT (0-2)
9t. Lady Merchants, Wheelock, TX (0-2)
13t. Down & Dirty, Killeen, TX (0-2)
13t. Velocity, Santa Fe, TX (0-2)
13t. Land of Magic/1st Citizens Bank, Butte, MT (0-2)

2002 ASA Women’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

2002 held at Auburn, Alabama.

Champion: Diamond Queens, Nashville, Tennessee
Runner Up: Shooters/Worth, Orlando, Florida

  • MVP – N/A
  • Batting Leader – N/A
  • Home Run Leader – N/A


P – Mary Hoff, Diamond Queens
C – Sondra Landry, Diamond Queens
1B – Jackie Watkins, Diamond Queens
2B – Jamie Sheriff, Shooters/Worth
3B – Sirene Johnson, Diamond Queens
SS – Stacie Symonds, Diamond Queens
OF – Diane Hatch, Shooters/Worth
OF – Tina Brannon, Shooters/Worth
OF – Lynnie France, Diamond Queens
OF – Buffy Arms, Diamond Queens
UT – Michelle Vance, Shooters/Worth
UT – Tabitha Best, Diamond Queens
UT – Tiffany Daniels, Shooters/Worth
UT – Cindy Corrado, Diamond Queens
UT – Tonja Russell, Shooters/Worth


1. Diamond Queens, Nashville, TN (3-0)
2. Shooters/Worth, Orlando, FL (2-1)
3. Varsity Graphics, Livonia, MI (1-1)
4. Armstrong Ceiling, Murfreesboro, TN (0-1)

2002 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

2002 held at Stratford, Connecticut.

Champion – Stratford Brakettes, Stratford, Connecticut (78-1)
Runner Up – California Hurricanes, Perris, California

The Women’s Major Fast Pitch National Softball Tournament concluded here last night, with the host Brakettes edging the California Hurricanes 1-0 to win their 24th national title.

The tournament was bedeviled by a scheduling conflict that left the game’s 17 best players in San Diego preparing for an international tournament in Japan that begins next week. Those 17 players belong to the U.S. National Team, and six of them are members of last year’s champion.

With runners on second and third and two outs in the sixth inning, pinch hitter Robyn King singled to center driving in Michelle Gates with the game’s only run in the championship game. The Brakettes have now won their 24th national title since 1947.

  • MVP – Cat Osterman, Stratford Brakettes
  • HR Leader – Erica Martinez, Iowa Dynasty – 2
  • HR Leader – Kim Palmer, St. Louis Saints – 2
  • Batting Leader – Liz Dennis, Iowa Dynasty – .476
  • Bertha Tickey Pitching Award – Cat Osterman, Stratford Brakettes
  • Erv Lind Defensive Award – Liz Dennis, Iowa Dynasty


P – Tia Bollinger, California Hurricanes
P – Kaci Clark, Stratford Brakettes (2-0, 2 shutouts, 24 K, 14 IP, 0 ER, 2 hits, no-hitter, won final game 1-0)
P – Cat Osterman, Stratford Brakettes (2-0, 32 K, 14 IP, 2 ER, 3 Hits, 1 Shutout)
C – Keri McCallum, Stratford Brakettes
1B – Diane Stowe, St. Louis Saints
2B – Beth Wade, St. Louis Saints
3B – Liz Dennis, Iowa Dynasty (10-21, .476, HR)
SS – Natalie Bennett, St. Louis Saints
OF – Kim Palmer, St. Louis Saints
OF – Brenda DeBlaise, Allentown Patriots
OF – Erin Mobley, California Hurricanes
OF – Bridget Fournie, St. Louis Saints
UTIL – Kellie Wilkerson, Stratford Brakettes
UTIL – Erin Rahn, California Hurricanes
UTIL – Adrianne Blackman, Iowa Dynasty


P – Casey Hunter, St. Louis Saints
P – Nicole Bohnenstiehl, St. Louis Saints
P – Katie McFadden, Elite Force
C – Jessica Basher, Iowa Dynasty
1B – Lauren Schwendimann, Iowa Dynasty
2B – Carrie Leto, California Hurricanes
3B – Danielle Quiones, California Hurricanes
SS – Amanda Jensen, Elite Force
OF – Germaine Fairchild, Stratford Brakettes
OF – Erica Martinez, Iowa Dynasty
OF – Rachel Gensch, Elite Force
OF – Kristy Heyser, Topton VIP’s
UTIL – Kristin Johnson, Iowa Dynasty
UTIL – Michelle Gates, Stratford Brakettes
UTIL – Amy Fouts, Elite Force


1. Stratford Brakettes, Stratford, CT (5-0)
2. California Hurricanes, Riverside, CA (4-2)
3. Iowa Dynasty, Iowa City, IA (4-2)
4. St. Louis Saints, St. Louis, MO (4-2)
5t. Allentown Patriots, Allentown, PA (2-2)
5t. Topton VIP’s, Topton, PA (2-2)
7t. New Jersey Divas, Linden, NJ (1-2)
7t. Elite Force, Palos Hills, IL (2-2)
9t. Stratford Breakers, Stratford, CT (0-2)
9t. Adirondack Ice, Albany, NY (0-2)
9t. Celina Suns, Celina, OH (1-2)
9t. Connecticut Classics, New Haven, CT (1-2)
13t. Hamden Eclipse, Hamden, CT (0-2)
13t. Stratford Seahawks, Stratford, CT (0-2)

L-R, top row – Coach Jay Stratton, Michelle Gates, Coach / Scorer Jeff Ellis, Kaci Clark, Alicia Smith, Frankie Spruce, Donna McLean, Robyn King, Sara Jewett, Keri McCallum, Erica Sobel, Karrie Rider, Coach Patti Fernandes, GM Bob Baird, Manager John Stratton. Bottom row – Batgirl Sam, Nikki Myers, Kellie Wilkerson, Jen Fisher, Cat Osterman, Danielle Henderson, Jen Smith, Lea Mishlan, Germaine Fairchild, Batgirl Katie.