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1994 ASA Women’s Major Modified Pitch Nationals

1994 held at Wausau, Wisconsin on September 1-3.

Champion – Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs, Waterford, New York
Runner Up – PA Team, Methuen, Massachusetts

  • MVP – Theresa McKinnon, Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs
  • Batting Champion – Lori Bell, Roger’s Renegades
  • HR Champion – N/A


P – Stacey Johnson, Stan Mill Mitts
P – Chris Faranda, Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs
P – Kristen Bowman, PA Team
C – Lisa McGlain, PA Team
1B – Lori Bell, Rogers Renegades
2B – Sally Gangell, Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs
3B – Shonda Becker, PA Team
SS – Theresa McKinnon, Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs
OF – Cindy Armlin, Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs
OF – Heather Afarian, Stan Mill Mitts
OF – Denise Lester, Hites/Crawford Door
OF – Stacey Caron, Bruno’s & Rico’s Pub
DH – Heather O’Keefe, PA Team
UTIL – Carla Coffield, Team Spokane
UTIL – Linda Kelly, Conklin Inn


P – Kathy Sweeny, C&W
P – Mary Thompson, Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs
P – Patty Costello, Dennis Islanders
C – Michelle Kuarsy, Stan Mill Mitts
1B – Theresa Handler, Dennis Islanders
2B – Christine Craig, C&W
3B – Nancy Kleinsmith, Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs
SS – Frankie Spruce, Stan Mill Mitts
OF – Kim Riker, Conklin Inn
OF – Danielle Fine, Hites/Crawford Door
OF – Maritza Miranda, PA Team
OF – Jacqui Luzzi, Dennis Islanders
DH – Holly Brown, Stan Mill Mitts
UTIL – Terry Galley, Kulick’s
UTIL – Michelle Lefevre, PA Team


P – Renee Spear, Conklin Inn
P – Deb Smith, Bruno’s & Rico’s Pub
P – Dene Lacney, The House That Jack Built
C – Tracey Schnieder, Dennis Islanders
1B – Suzanna Goulet, Bruno’s & Rico’s Pub
2B – Carrie Loring, PA Team
3B – Wendy Clark, The House That Jack Built
SS – Laurie Hite, Hites/Crawford Door
OF – Sheryl Dubersky, Conklin Inn
OF – Kim Bergeron, Kulick’s
OF – Jennifer White, Taz/Relief Pitcher Elytes
OF – Lis Nowhitney, Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs
DH – Kim MacLean, Kulick’s
UTIL – Elaine Bohlman, Team Spokane
UTIL – Tammy Albano, Team Spokane


1. Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs, Waterford, NY (6-0)
2. PA Team, Methuen, MA (8-2)
3. Stan Mill Mitts, Vestal, NY (4-2)
4. Dennis Islanders, Staten Island, NH (4-2)
5t. C&W, Beverly, MA (3-2)
5t. Bruno’s & Rico’s Pub, Buckport, ME (3-2)
7t. The House That Jack Built, Jamestown, NY (4-2)
7t. Hites/Crawford Door, Colville, WA (3-2)
9t. Team Spokane, Spokane, WA (3-2)
9t. Rogers Renegades, Hookset, NH (2-2)
9t. Tiggies/B.F. Reds, S. Hamilton, MA (2-2)
9t. Taz/Relief Pitcher Elytes, Binghamton, NH (2-2)
13t. Pat’s Pride, Rock Hall, MD (2-2)
13t. Brownton City Meats, Brownton, MN (2-2)
13t. Kulick’s, Keene, NH (2-2)
13t. Conklin Inn, Vestal, NY (2-2)
17t. R.J. Sports, Keene, NH (0-2)
17t. Sir William, Salisbury, MD (1-2)
17t. Carl R. Roberts Invaders, Hempstead, NY (1-2)
17t. Kimmel Athletics, Lewiston, ID (0-2)
17t. Jewels Of Kent, Millington, MD (0-2)
17t. J&J Auto Body Thunderbolts, Troy, NH (1-2)
17t. On Deck, Erie, PA (1-2)
17t. Hudson Lanes, Hudson, NY (0-2)
25t. Shanty Creek, Alden, MI (0-2)
25t. Quaker State, Franklin, PA (0-2)
25t. Witcher & Witcher, Laconia, NH (0-2)
25t. Suds & Soda Chuggers, Chestertown, MD (0-2)
25t. Someplace Else, Shakopee, MN (0-2)

1994 ASA Men’s Major Modified Pitch Nationals

1994 held at Tewksbury, Delaware on August 25-27.

Champion – C&W Tighe Club, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Runner Up – Wallen Construction, Bean Station, Tennessee

  • MVP – Peter Armanetti, C&W Tighe Club
  • Batting Champion – Chris Karlson, C&W Tighe Club
  • HR Champion – Peter Armanetti, C&W Tighe Club
  • HR Champion – John Millen, Wallen Construction
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Don Meador, C&W Tighe Club


P – Don Meador, C&W Tighe Club
P – Peter Head, D’Onofrio
P – Bill Olney, Snap-On Tools
C – Craig Curtis, Wallen Construction
1B – Jeff Deutsch, D’Onofrio
2B – Dave Comancho, C&W Tighe Club
3B – Tim Chase, D’Onofrio
SS – Bruce Addison, Snap-On Tools
OF – Peter Armanetti, C&W Tighe Club
OF – Chris Karlson, C&W Tighe Club
OF – Fray White, Wallen Construction
OF – Mike Fortin, Interstate Battery Men
DH – Ronnie Tallent, C&W Tighe Club
UTIL – Sal Martozano, D’Onofrio
UTIL – Steve Locke, Wallen Construction


P – Tim Bell, Snap-On Tools
P – Ernie Yarbrough, Wallen Construction
P – Ron Burns, Stafford Tires
C – Robert Constant, D’Onofrio
1B – Greg Seaman, Stafford Tires
2B – Dwayne Bragson, Wallen Construction
3B – John Lyons, D’Onofrio
SS – Dave Wilcox, Hafco Farms
OF – Brian Gage, Snap-On Tools
OF – Paul Belangor, Snap-On Tools
OF – Marty Ruciecki, Stafford Tires
OF – Wayne Cubbage, Wallen Construction
DH – John Millen, Wallen Construction
UTIL – Anthony Matteo, D’Onofrio
UTIL – Craig Scares, C&W Tighe Club


P – Bob Green, Wallen Construction
P – Dennis Laird, Interstate Battery Men
C – Brian Fleming, Hafco Farms
1B – Brian Chandler, Snap-On Tools
2B – Doug Shucker, Hafco Farms
3B – Tom Laresca, CBS
SS – Frank Pino, Stafford Tires
OF – Mike Brez, Stafford Tires
OF – Jeff Statson, D’Onofrio
OF – Jeff Hastings, Snap-On Tools
OF – George Cruz, Crushers/Above All Roofing
DH – John Leo, CBS
UTIL – Vince Fitzpatrick, CBS
UTIL – Pat McGuire, Stafford Tires


1. C&W Tighe Club, Wilmington, MA (7-0)
2. Wallen Construction, Bean Station, TN (9-2)
3. D’Onofrio, Brooklyn, NY (5-2)
4. Snap-On Tools, Bow, NH (9-2)
5t. Crushers/Above All Roofing, W. Islip, NY (4-2)
5t. D & S Roofing, Deer Park, NY (4-2)
7t. Hafco Farms, Canton, PA (5-2)
7t. CBS, New York City, NY (4-2)
9t. Interstate Battery Men, Worcester, MA (6-2)
9t. California Crush, Woodland Hills, CA (3-2)
9t. Stafford Tires, Port Monmouth, NJ (5-2)
9t. Hannon’s Bar, Scranton, PA (3-2)
13t. Southern Tier Maintenance, Port Crane, NY (3-2)
13t. Fleetwood Heating & Air, Chestertown, MD (4-2)
13t. Martell’, Point Pleasant, NJ (3-2)
13t. Port Huron Sharks, Marysville, MI (3-2)
17t. Beers And Judson, Towanda, PA (3-2)
17t. DAV, N. Chelmsford, MA (2-2)
17t. VFW Wheatley, Long Island, NY (3-2)
17t. Raiders, Boston, MA (3-2)
17t. New York Carolina Express, Endwell, NY (2-2)
17t. Hit & Run Sportscards, Mountville, PA (2-2)
17t. Secory Mobile Flyer’s, Port Huron, MI (3-2)
17t. VFW Tewksbury, Tewksbury, MA (2-2)
25t. Roches Garage, Calicoon, NY (3-2)
25t. Wolfe Real Estate, Wilmington, MA (2-2)
25t. Crisfield, Princess Anne, MD (2-2)
25t. Pen Rod Knights, Green Bay, WI (3-2)
25t. Atlanta A’s, Atlanta, GA (2-2)
25t. Big T&D, Chelsea, MA (3-2)
25t. Mod Squad, Neptune, NJ (2-2)
25t. Sunoco Of Concord, Concord, NH (2-2)
33t. Jack’s, Wilmington, DE (1-2)
33t. Dubliner, Lowell, MA (1-2)
33t. Hub Ticket, Boston, MA (1-2)
33t. Tedford Construction, Bellerica, MA (1-2)
33t. Harpoon Lounge, Fall River, MA (1-2)
33t. Port Huron Panthers, Marysville, MI (1-2)
33t. Washington Tap, Coventry, RI (1-2)
33t. American Sportsworld, Waterbury, CT (1-2)
33t. Parker House, Scranton, PA (1-2)
33t. Wyalusing Hotel, Monroeton, PA (1-2)
33t. Bunting Club, Tewksbury, MA (1-2)
33t. Waldo’s, Scranton, PA (2-2)
33t. Sayers Players, Lowell, MA (1-2)
33t. P.F. Markey, Saginaw, MI (1-2)
33t. Brown Brothers, Durham, NC (0-2)
33t. Seminoles, Chelsea, MA (1-2)
49t. Lindaman Stingers, Decatur, GA (1-2)
49t. NPA, E. Setanket, NY (0-2)
49t. A’s Dilorenzo Corporation, E. Boston, MA (0-2)
49t. Warriors, Chapel Hill, NC (0-2)
49t. Ryan Partnership, Saginaw, MI (1-2)
49t. Dr. Darke, Derry, NH (0-2)
49t. 18th & Louisville Texaco, Tewksbury, MA (1-2)
49t. Billy Jack’s, W. Roxbury, MA (1-2)
49t. Drinkwater Construction, Beverly, MA (0-2)
49t. Bird In Hand, Strasburg, PA (0-2)
49t. Mcginty’s, Scranton, PA (0-2)
49t. Hurricanes, Milbury, MA (0-2)
49t. Nothin’ Fancy, Gilmanton, NH (0-2)
49t. Gremlins, Clifton Park, NY (0-2)
49t. Finley Catering, Bryn Mawr, PA (0-2)
49t. Formica Construction, Hatboro, PA (0-2)
65t. Wooten Chiropractic, Collierville, TN (0-2)
65t. DCS Meridian, Pompano Beach, FL (0-2)
65t. Maalox, Oreland, PA (0-2)
65t. Tri-Star, Green Bay, WI (0-2)
65t. Mickey Sports, Lawrence, MA (0-2)
65t. United Circuits, Dracut, MA (0-2)
65t. AES Braves, E. Boston, MA (0-2)
65t. TC Gators, Redford, MI (0-2)

1994 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1994 held at Palm Springs, California on August 15-22.

Champion – Decatur Pride, Decatur, Illinois (79-7)
Runner Up – All Car Roadrunners, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Decatur lost to All-Car 5-0 in the Winners Bracket final, then beat The Farm Tavern 11-5 behind pitcher Chubb Tangaroa, who came in relief of Marty Grant to gain the win in the losers bracket final to gain the championship round. Avon Meacham collected 3 hits in the game and Rick Dohogne’s had a big 3-run homer. David Boys and Terry Wiebe also hit home runs. Dohogne also had a 2-run single to end up with 5 RBI in the game. They defeated All-Car twice to gain the title. Chubb Tangaroa won the first final 5-2, scattering five hits and striking out 12. Marty Grant (who went 2-0 in the nationals) hurled a shutout in the final championship as Decatur won 8-0. Grant pitched a three hitter and stuck out 9. Terry Wiebe smacked a 2-run homer and solo homers were hit by David Boys and Tim Wargo.

Paul Algar was the losing pitcher for All-Car.

Paul Algar and Brad Underwood, Pitched for All-Car and combined to go 5-2.

Mike White and Rob Schellor, Pitched for The Farm Tavern and combined to go 6-2.

  • MVP – Rick Dohogne, Decatur Pride
  • Batting Leader – Mitch Munthe, SeaFirst Bank (8-15) – .533
  • HR Leader – Jody Hennigar, Clearwater Bombers (10-21, .476, 13 RBI) – 5
  • Herb Dudley Pitching Award – Chub Tangaroa, Decatur Pride (5-1, 30 IP, 43 K)


P – Paul Algar, All Car Roadrunners
P – Marty Grant, Decatur Pride (2-0, 21 IP, 28 K, No Hitter)
P – Chub Tangaroa, Decatur Pride
C – Todd Twachtman, Broken Bow Travelers
1B – Mark Sorenson, All Car Roadrunners
2B – Keith Tate, Broken Bow Travelers
3B – Bruce Franklin, Heflin Builders
SS – Todd Schultz, Midland Explorers
OF – Avon Meacham, Decatur Pride
OF – Steve Schott, All Car Roadrunners
OF – Jody Hennigar, Farm Tavern
OF – Colin Abbott, All Car Roadrunners
DP – Rick Dohogne, Decatur Pride
UTIL – Shawn Rychick, All Car Roadrunners
UTIL – Brad Underwood, All Car Roadrunners


P – Michael White, Farm Tavern
P – Peter Meredith, Farm Tavern
P – Chris Bigelow, Broken Bow Travelers
P – Rob Scheller, Decatur Pride
C – Todd Gracia, Decatur Pride
1B – Trent Rubley, Decatur Pride
2B – Steve Horning, Midland Explorers
3B – Mike White, Ashland Merchants
SS – Dion Nukunuku, Ashland Merchants
OF – Vic Johns, Decatur Pride
OF – Kevin Litz, Ashland Merchants
OF – Shane Hunuhunu, Ashland Merchants
OF – Kyle Magnusson, Miller Toyota
DH – Doug Kozeny, Broken Bow Travelers
UTIL – Jarrod Martin, Midland Explorers


P – Steve Price, Heflin Builders
P – Tony Hunoff, Ashland Merchants
C – Craig Crawford, Midland Explorers
1B – Gary Swan, Farm Tavern
2B – Lance Pratt, Miller Toyota
3B – Doug Streeter, Miller Toyota
SS – David Boys, Decatur Pride
OF – Dave Scott, Midland Explorers
OF – Jeff Servinski, Midland Explorers
OF – Kyle Simmons, Broken Bow Travelers
OF – Brian Lehrman, Miller Toyota
DP – Brian Neveau, Farm Tavern
UTIL – Lonnie Swan, Farm Tavern
UTIL – Rich Rada, Farm Tavern


1. Decatur Pride, Decatur, IL (7-1)
2. All Car Roadrunners, Green Bay, WI (5-2)
3. Farm Tavern, Madison, WI (6-2)
4. Midland Explorers, Midland, MI (4-2)
5t. Miller Toyota, Salt Lake City, UT (4-2)
5t. Heflin Builders, Middletown, NY (3-2)
7t. Ashland Merchants, Ashland, OH (3-2)
7t. Broken Bow Travelers, Broken Bow, NE (4-2)
9t. Seafirst Bank, Seattle, WA (2-2)
9t. Jack & Do’s Pizza, Findlay, OH (2-2)
9t. Escro Transport Indians, Buffalo, NY (2-2)
9t. Si Senor, Tumacacari, AZ (2-2)
13t. Clearwater Bombers, Clearwater, FL (2-2)
13t. The Advocate, Mesa, AZ (2-2)
13t. Gateway 2000, Sioux City, IA (2-2)
13t. Bloomington Hearts, Bloomington, IL (2-2)
17t. Topeka Drive Train, Topeka, KS (1-2)
17t. FIS, Duluth, GA (1-2)
17t. Happy Chef, North Mankato, MN (1-2)
17t. Matarazzo Brothers, Melrose, MA (1-2)
17t. Ozark Mountaineers, Springfield, MS (1-2)
17t. Page Brake, Salt Lake City, UT (1-2)
17t. Coors Light Sunners, Reading, PA (0-2)
17t. Long Beach Panthers, Long Beach, CA (0-2)
25t. Miller Lite, Teutopolis, IL (0-2)
25t. Shelbyville Sting, Shelbyville, IN (0-2)
25t. Greenpoint Warriors, Brooklyn, NY (0-2)
25t. Bonutti Orthopaedics, Effingham, IL (0-2)
25t. Tuckers, Baltimore, MD (0-2)
25t. Bryant Heating & Cooling, St. Joseph, MO (0-2)

1994 ASA Girls 18-Under Gold Fast Pitch Nationals

1994 held at ASA Hall of Fame Stadium Complex in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on August 10-14.

Champion – Gordon’s Panthers, La Palma, California
Runner Up – Hot Stuff, Yorba Linda, California

A cool breeze blew across Hall of Fame Stadium, freezing opposing bats and propel Gordon’s Panthers to the Gold Division Championship.

D’Ann Burns pitched a two-hit shutout as the Panthers iced Hot Stuff 3-0 for the USA Softball girl’s under 18 fast pitch national championship before about 500 fans Sunday.

I don’t know why, but I just never get nervous,” Burns said. “I know what I need to do and I just go out and do it.”

The sophomore-to-be at UCLA no-hit Yorba Linda, California’s Hot Stuff through three. She gave up a single in the fourth and a double in the 3ixth. She also allowed a pair of walks and hit a batter while striking out 12 to win her fifth game of the tournament.

But she did have occasional trouble. Hot Stuff loaded the bases in the top of the fourth on a single by Stephanie Weise, a walk and a hit-bats-man. But Jennifer Cirigliano grounded out to third to end the inning.

In the sixth, Shanon Rice led off the inning with a double to center for Hot Stuff. Burns responded by striking out the next three batters.

“Sometimes I get into a rhythm and the ball goes right where I want it,” Burns said.

Hot Stuff made a little more noise in the top of the seventh, getting two base runners on an error and walk with two outs. But Burns induced a Dawn Kobata groundnut to short. Nicola Walsh, running from second, bowled over Panther shortstop Julie Adams and was called out for interference.

La Palma, California’s favorite daughters scored three in the bottom of the sixth. Tiffany Blood came home on a wild pitch and Brandee McArthur singled in Candace Konen and Laurie Fritz with one out.

The Panthers nearly put up some runs in the fourth. But a stiff wind blowing toward home plate knocked down high fly at the outfield fence by Stacy Neuveman and Julie Adams.

The championship game capped off a fine tournament for Burns. She got five of the Panthers’ six wins and allowed one unearned run and five hits with 28 strikeouts for the tournament.

Burns was at her best in a second-round game Thursday. She pitched a perfect game against Houston’s Sudden Impact, striking out eight with only one out recorded beyond the infield.

“I had a good tournament,” Burns said. “But I still have to work on some things. I never really got into a rhythm like I usually do.”

In her freshman year at UCLA, Burns rang up a 21-5 record.

The shutout by Burns overshadowed Hot Stuff pitcher Trinity Johnson’s three-hit effort in the championship. But she saw the Panthers get on base by a walk and a wild pitch on a third strike and two singles with three of those runners coming home.

Note: Hot Stuff catcher Teresa Stippey was hit by a pitch from Burns in the fourth inning. She was taken to the hospital for X-rays of a possible broken arm.


1. Gordon’s Panthers, La Palma, CA (6-0)
2. Hot Stuff, Yorba Linda, CA (6-2)
3. Sudden Impact, Houston, TX (5-2)
4. Texas Gamblers, Dallas, TX (3-2)
5t. Runnin’ Rebels, Stockton, CA (4-2)
5t. Athletics, Foothill Ranch, CA (3-2)
7t. Texas Challengers, Alvin, TX (3-2)
7t. Raiders, Moreno Valley, CA (2-2)
9t. Choppers, Valencia, CA (2-2)
9t. Force, Fresno, CA (2-2)
9t. Nor Cal Tremors, Lodi, CA (2-2)
9t. Boone & Darr, Ann Arbor, MI (2-2)
13t. Skit Royals, Houston, TX (1-2)
13t. Fury, Vancouver, WA (1-2)
13t. Oilers, Richmond, MI (1-2)
13t. Tulsa Eagles, Tulsa, OK (1-2)
17t. Texas Gadzooks, Plano, TX (1-2)
17t. St. Louis Gators, St. Louis, MO (1-2)
17t. Heartbreakers, Burnsville, MN (1-2)
17t. Patriots, Glendale, AZ (1-2)
17t. Blue Thunder, Everman, TX (0-2)
17t. California Thunder, Covina, CA (0-2)
17t. Cowgirls, Everman, TX (0-2)
17t. Shreveport Heat, Shreveport, LA (0-2)
25t. Flight-N-Fillies, San Diego, CA (0-2)
25t. Poison, Irving, TX (0-2)
25t. Silver Streak, Alvin, TX (0-2)
25t. Nighthawks, Orange, CA (0-2)
25t. Strikkers, San Jose, CA (0-2)

D'Ann Burns

D’Ann Burns delivers a pitch during Sunday’s USA Softball championship game. Burns threw a shutout to live Gordon’s Panthers to a national title.

1994 ASA Women’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1994 held at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Champion: UPI, Cookeville, Tennessee
Runner Up: Armed Forces, Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

Jenni Harp Oliver has 2 hits in the Championship game as Charlotte Cates shutout the Armed Forces 8-0 in the final

  • MVP – Charlotte Hicks, UPI
  • Batting Leader – Carolyn Fiero, UPI (14-21) – .667
  • Home Run Leader – N/A


P – Charlotte Cates, UPI
C – Jenni Harp Oliver, UPI
1B – Stephanie Seymore, UPI
2B – Brenda Smith Foster, UPI
3B – Jaymee Ross, Armed Forces
SS – Sandy Edwards, UPI
OF – Kelly McCumber, Atlanta Phoenix
OF – Lynn Parsons, Armed Forces
OF – Teresa Ruby, UPI
OF – Mary King, Armed Forces
UT – Susan Saulnier, Armed Forces
UT – Cheryl Trapnell, Armed Forces
UT – Carolyn Ford, Armed Forces
DH – Carolyn Fiero, UPI


P – Bridgette Beavers, Armed Forces
C – Missy Canady, Destin Roofing
1B – Latonya Roberts, Destin Roofing
2B – Sue Ilyes, Lakerettes
3B – Gina Green, UPI
SS – Kristy Redlinger, Albany Raiders
OF – Karen Baker, UPI
OF – Mandy Boesen, Destin Roofing
OF – Ronnie Daniel, Atlanta Phoenix
OF – Jeanne Hart, Lakerettes
UT – Susan Bargo, Atlanta Phoenix
UT – Barb Balesrino, Lakerettes
UT – Marla Townsend, Atlanta Phoenix
UT – Katy Wiggins, Destin Roofing
DH – Sandy Hicks, Atlanta Phoenix


1. UPI, Chattanooga, TN (6-1)
2. Armed Forces, Indiantown Gap, PA (4-2)
3. Destin Roofing, Destin, FL (5-2)
4. Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake, PA (4-2)
5t. Albany Raiders, Albany, NY (2-2)
5t. York Pacers, York, PA (2-2)
7t. Atlanta Phoenix, Atlanta, GA (2-2)
7t. Quiet Thunder, Wichita, KS (2-2)
9t. Challengers, Decatur, IL (1-2)
9t. McBride’s, Champaign, IL (1-2)
9t. Jax Posse, Jacksonville, FL (1-2)
9t. Ruth Paving, Frankfort, KY (1-2)
13t. Legends, Chattanooga, TN (0-2)
13t. Trojanettes, Winter Haven, FL (0-2)
13t. Springfield, Springfield, OH (0-2)
13t. Whiz Kids, Belleville, IL (0-2)

1993 ASA Men’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

1993 held at Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Champion – Watanabe/Sarlato’s/Easton, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Newell Concrete, Bloomington, Minnesota

  • MVP – Dave Pertl, Newell Concrete
  • MVP – Tom White, Tri-Gem Builders (21-27, .778. 13 HR, 43 RBI)
  • HR Leader – Greg Oslund, Newell Concrete – 15
  • Batting Leader – Paul Seymour, Backstop (15-18) – .833


P – Gary Nelson, Watanabe/Scarlato’s/Easton (18-24, .750, 3 HR, 18 RBI)
C – Dave Pertl Newell Concrete
1B – Tom White, Tri-Gem Builders
2B – Glen Lisinski, Ray’s Softball
3B – Mike Sullivan, Watanabe/Scarlato’s/Easton (17-23, .739, 11 RBI)
SS – Steve Skladany, Twohig
OF – Paul Hellquist, Miller/Steele’s
OF – Mike Kinnett, Watanabe/Scarlato’s/Easton (23-29, .793, 3 HR, 10 RBI)
OF – Doug Lieder, Kings/Easton
OF – Joe Picariello, Armed Forces
EP – Lou Gaudio, Bank of New York
UTIL – Sal Romano, QT Sports
UTIL – Carlton Wenz, QT Sports
UTIL – Greg Oslund, Newell Concrete
UTIL – Paul Seymour, Backstop (.833)


P – Mark Dreier, Newell Concrete
C – John Kramer, Power Hite
1B – Walt Reaves, Armed Forces
2B – Jude Spalding, Washington County Merchants
3B – Todd Hinsch, Newell Conrete
SS – Mike Miller, MSI/Big Smitty’s
OF – Richard Wood, Thomas Oil
OF – Larry Goodwin, Thohig
OF – John Watlington, Stone Cold
OF – Jeff Higgins, Tri-Gem Builders
EP – Keith Hill, Stone Cold
UTIL – Willie Fillard, Seltman, Cobb, Bryant
UTIL – Scott Campbell, Power Flat
UTIL – Steve Ryder, Bank of New York
UTIL – Danny Hensley, Thomas Oil


P – Dave Mattingly, Tri-Gem Builders
C – Randy Lewis, Watanabe/Scartalo’s/Easton (19-29, .655, 10 HR, 22 RBI)
1B – Fred Alvarado, Stone Cow,
2B – Randy Holsopple, WSBA Sports Talk
3B – Murphy Sua, Power Flite
SS – Mitch Kroell, Watanabe/Scartalo’s/Easton (15-24, .625, 11 RBI)
OF – Brian Callahan, Thomas Oil
OF – Bruce Heglund, Newell Concrete
OF – John DiGiamo, Q-T Sports
OF – Terry Wolf, Watanabe/Scartalo’s/Easton (17-25, .680, 5 RBI)
EP – Dave Mitchell, B-C/Papa John’s
UTIL – Van Hook, B-C/Papa John’s
UTIL – Kurt Larson, Old Style Whips
UTIL – John Earls, Watanabe/Scartalo’s/Easton (18-26, .692, 6 HR, 24 RBI)
UTIL – Craig Wendt, Newell Concrete


Rick Hoffman, Watanabe (20-29, .690, 1 HR, 16 RBI)
Dave Shively, Watanabe (17-27, .630, 4 HR, 11 RBI)


1. Watanabe/Scarlato’s/Easton, Cincinnati, OH (7-0)
2. Newell Concrete, Bloomington, MN (10-2)
3. Q-T Sports, West Babylon, NY (5-2)
4. Thomas Oil/Worth, Benton, AR (7-2)
5t. Power Flite, San Diego, CA (4-2)
5t. B-C/Papa John’s/TPS Evansville, IN (4-2)
7t. The Backstop Aurora, IN (4-2)
7t. Seltman, Cobb, Bryant/NPC, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY (4-2)
9t. Armed Forces, Washington, D.C. 6-2)
9t. MSI/Big Smitty’s, Rice Lake, WI (3-2)
9t. Old Style Whips, Waukesha, WI (3-2)
9t. Bank of New York, Tarrytown, NY (3-2)
13t. Tri-Gem Builders, Levittown, PA (5-2)
13t. Hooters-Worth, Crystal, MN (5-2)
13t. Coffee Cup, St. Paul, MN (3-2)
13t. Miller/Steele’s, Bloomington, MN (3-2)
17t. Stone Cold, El Reno, OK (4-2)
17t. Rey’s Softball, Bridgeport, CT (4-2)
17t. Twohig Athletic Club, Cleveland, OH (4-2)
17t. Tharaldson’s, Fargo, ND (3-2)
17t. Washington County Merchants, Springfield, KY (2-2)
17t. Davault Softball, Cape Girardeau, MO (2-2)
17t. Four Star Machine/Worth, Maple Heights, OH (2-2)
17t. Roberts Trans/Steele’s, Orlando, FL (2-2)
25t. Aldo’s, Stevens Point, WI (3-2)
25t. CMA/AFLAC, Jefferson City, MO (3-2)
25t. Techniques, Oceanport, NJ (2-2)
25t. Trysting Place, Menomonee Falls, WI (2-2)
25t. deBeer/Miller Lite, Crystal Lake, MN (2-2)
25t. Caddy Shack, Altoona, WI (2-2)
25t. Viessman Trucking, Dawson, MN (2-2)
25t. Kings/Easton, Chicago, IL (2-2)
33t. McDonald’s/Steele’s, Washington Courthouse, OH (2-2)
33t. Wood Toters, Pensacola, FL (2-2)
33t. Carmichael’s, Manchester, NH (2-2)
33t. Pete’s Mobil, Poughkeepsie, NY (2-2)
33t. P.J.’s/Coors Light/Worth, Cedar Rapids, IA (2-2)
33t. WSBA Sports Talk, York, PA (2-2)
33t. The Performance Shop, Bloomington, MN (1-2)
33t. Hi Ho, Great Falls, MT (1-2)
33t. Maples Motel, Wisconsin Rapids, WI (1-2)
33t. Joose, Lawrenceburg, KY (1-2)
33t. Bender Plumbing Supplies, New Haven, CT (1-2)
33t. Livingston’s, Potomac, MD (1-2)
33t. Hippodrome/Bass Tire, Nashville, TN (1-2)
33t. TPS, Little Rock, AR (1-2)
33t. Archer Softball, Des Moines, IA (1-2)
33t. Diggers, Dubuque, IA (1-2)
49t. Ella’s, Stevens Point, WI (1-2)
49t. Fenton Homes/Mike’s, Davison, MI (0-2)
49t. Express Mart, Midland, MI (0-2)
49t. Mainliner, Des Moines, IA (0-2)
49t. Martin Electric, Seymour, IN (0-2)
49t. Budweiser/Pepsi, Lawton, OK (0-2)
49t. O’Brady’s, Anchorage, AK (0-2)
49t. Solid Gold/Steel, Dayton, OH (0-2)
49t. Craft Cochran/BJ’s, Waterloo, IA (0-2)
49t. Milford/Fibber’s, Milford, CT (0-2)
49t. Bud Light, Duluth, MN (0-2)
49t. Budweiser Clydesdales, Superior, WI (0-2)
49t. Thomas Engineering/Worth, Manassas, VA (0-2)
49t. T’s 13, Omaha, NE (0-2)
49t. Sadie’s/Hiawatha Junction City, WI (0-2)
49t. Wahl Optical, Council Bluffs, IA (0-2)
65t. T-Juan’s, Brainerd, MN (0-2)
65t. Cramer’s, Middletown, OH (0-2)
65t. Brien Oil, Haverhill, MA (0-2)
65t. Budweiser/Oxygen Service, St. Paul, MN (0-2)
65t. Pepsi Pacific/TPS, Seattle, WA (0-2)
65t. South Dixie/TPS, Elizabethtown, KY (0-2)
65t. PFQ/Banker’s Cafe, Eau Claire, WI (0-2)

No show – Key Sport, Springfield, MO

1993 ASA Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1993 held at Tifton, Georgia.

Champion – Back Porch/Destin Roofing Destin, Florida
Runner Up – Vernon’s/C&D Framing, Jacksonville, Florida

  • MVP – Brian Reed, Back Porch/Destin Roofing
  • HR Leader – Dennis Pierce, Riverside – 13
  • Batting Leader – Thom Lord, Taylor Brothers – .833


P – Brian Reed, Back Porch (26-34, .769, 12 HR)
C – Roger Wilt, Worth Astros (27-33, .818, 10 HR)
1B – Tommy Scott, Riverside/Ram (19-23, .826, 7 HR)
2B – Mike Lydor, Taylor Brothers
3B – Mike Jeffers, Worth Astros (23-31, .742, 7 HR)
SS – Brian Jeffers, Worth Astros (22-34, .647, 10 HR)
OF – Dennis Riggs, Vernon’s/C&D (19-28, .679, 5 HR)
OF – Donnie Harper, Riverside/Ram (20-25, .800, 5 HR)
OF – Ray Eppley, Vernon’s/C&D (18-26, .692, 5 HR)
OF – Ronnie James, KC Services
EP – Ernie Gum, Riverside/Ram (14-21, .667, 8 HR)
UTIL – Bubba Defer, Deep South
UTIL – Randy Lucas, Worth Astros (24-33, .727, 11 HR)
UTIL – Rob Darhower, Back Porch (25-35, .714, 8 HR)
UTIL – Tommy Hearns, Back Porch (16-28, .571, 10 HR)


P – Thom Lord, Taylor Brothers (20-24, .833)
C – Dennis Pierce, Riverside/Ram (19-24, .792, 13 HR)
1B – Russ Earnest, Back Porch (24-34, .706, 10 HR)
2B – Monty McCory, Worth Astros (10 HR)
3B – Mike Shenk, Taylor Brothers
SS – Dennis Mendoza, K.C. Services
OF – Ronnie Douglas, Back Porch (22-33, .667)
OF – Mike Jackson, Riverside/Ram (17-25, .680, 6 HR)
OF – Eddie McCauley, Riverside/Ram (13-23, .565, 7 HR)
OF – Ron Probst, Taylor Brothers
EP – Joe Spadifino, Taylor Brothers
UTIL – Greg Harding, Taylor Brothers
UTIL – Paul Cullen, Vernon/s C&D (13-23, .565, 3 HR)
UTIL – Billy Adams, Riverside/Ram (10-24, .417, 5 HR)
UTIL – Brian Ellinghausen, Worth Astros (18-32, .563, 5 HR)


P – Matt Johnson, Riverside/Ram (9-20, .450, 5 HR)
C – Pat Leddy, Vernon’s/C&D (13-23, .565, 3 HR)
1B – Shane DuBose, KC Services
2B – James Douzak, KC Services
3B – Mike Gunnells, KC Services
SS – John Mello, Taylor Brothers
OF – Cole Elkin, Riverside/Ram (16-23, .696)
OF – Dave Bear, Worth/Astros (23-36, .639 6 HRs)
OF – Dave Allen, Worth/Astros (27-34, .794, 12 HR, 32 RBI)
OF – Bobby Banes, Taylor Brothers
EP – Joey Tanner, Vernon’s/C&D (9-23, .391, 1 HR)
UTIL – Mark Schneider, Medina Body Shop
UTIL – Jeff Ott, St. Louis/Worth
UTIL – Bruce Hacker, Mathy’s
UTIL – Tim Williamson, Deep South


Scott Alley, Back Porch (28-38, .737, 11 HR)
Ron Ford, Vernon’s-II/C&D (15-27, .556, 3 HR)


1. Back Porch/Destin Roofing, Destin, FL (7-1)
2. Vernon’s/C&D Framing, Jacksonville, FL (5-2)
3. Worth Astros, Indianapolis, IN (5-2)
4. Riverside/Ram/TPS, Louisville, KY (4-2)
5t. Taylor Brothers, North Kingstown, RI (5-2)
5t. KC Services, Pasadena, TX (4-2)
7t. St. Louis Worth, St. Louis, MO (4-2)
7t. Mathy’s Fairdale, NY (3-2)
9t. Deep South/Worth, Jackson, MS (3-2)
9t. St. Clair Park Athletics, Belleville, IL (2-2)
9t. Medina Body Shop, Parma, OH (2-2)
9t. New Construction/TPS, Shelbyville, IN (2-2)
13t. Belcher Concrete/Empress, Manteno, IL (2-2)
13t. Worth Softball Club, Willmington, MA (2-2)
13t. Midas Touch Jewelers, Fairfield, CT (2-2)
13t. CBC/Triangle, Austin, IN (1-2)
17t. Royal Care Royals, Cordele, GA (1-2)
17t. Cablevision/Worth, Lawton, OK (1-2)
17t. Hudson, Sampson, AL (1-2)
17t. Newman’s, Tallahassee, FL (1-2)
17t. Century/E. Alabama Auto, Birmingham, AL (1-2)
17t. Advanced Housing, Broxton GA (1-2)
17t. D.J.’s Sports/TPS, Atchison, KS (1-2)
17t. Dryden-Easton, Hampton, VA (0-2)
25t. Springfield/TPS, Springfield, MO (0-2)
25t. Rime Company, Adamsville, AL (0-2)
25t. Coors-Midland Midland, TX (0-2)
25t. Carpet Headquarters, Maryville, TN (0-2)
25t. Moulton Furniture Moulton, AL (0-2)


Young Striping, Perry, FL and Labtec Enterprises, Vancouver, WA did not show up.

1993 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1993 held at Stratford, Connecticut.

Champion – Redding Rebels, Redding, California (37-4)
Runner Up – Raybestos Brakettes, Stratford, Connecticut (72-5)

Lori Harrigan 2-0, Lisa Fernandez 2-1, Cheri Kempf 1-1 with a no hitter. In the Final two championship games, The Rebels beat the Brakettes 3-0 and 3-2. Redding’s Lori Sippel, who struck out seven and gave up four hits. With one out and the bases loaded in the sixth, Michele Smith came on in relief and struck put the final two batters to preserve the 3-0 win. Lisa Fernandez was the losing pitcher. In the second game, Jennifer Brundage’s RBI single was the big blow to back Smith as she struck out 11 and gave the Brakettes Cheri Kempf her first loss of the year. The Rebels beat the Commotion in an epic 28 inning game 3-2 on a passed ball. Debbie Doom pitched 21 innings in relief and was the losing pitcher. The Rebels went 8-1 to capture the title.

  • MVP – Michele Smith, Redding Rebels
  • HR Leader – N/A
  • Batting Leader – Kathy Kreischer, Topton VIPs – .456
  • Bertha Tickey Pitching Award – Michele Smith, Redding Rebels
  • Erv Lind Defensive Award – Julie Smith, Redding Rebels


P – Michelle Collins, VIP’s
P – Michele Smith, Redding Rebels (got the save and the win in the final two games 3-0 and 3-2, with 11 K)
P – Lori Sippel, Redding Rebels
C – Eileen Smith, VIP’s
C – Shelly Stokes, Fresno Force
1B – Sheila Cornell Douty, Raybestos Brakettes
2B – Julie Smith, Redding Rebels
3B – Sharon Sodano, Phoenix Sunbirds
SS – Dot Richardson, Raybestos Brakettes
OF – Jennifer Brundage, Redding Rebels
OF – Jill Justin-Coffel, Raybestos Brakettes
OF – Suzie Gaw, Phoenix Sunbirds
OF – Pat Dufficy, Raybestos Brakettes
DP – Denise Davis, VIP’s
UTIL – Lisa Fernandez, Raybestos Brakettes


P – Susie Parra, Phoenix Sunbirds
P – Cheri Kempf, Raybestos Brakettes
P – Lori Harrigan, Raybestos Brakettes
C – Michelle Gromacki, Redding Rebels
C – Julie Sexton, Bloomington Lady Hearts
1B – Kim Anderson, Phoenix Sunbirds
2B – Michelle Bento, Fresno Force
3B – Cindy Cooper, Phoenix Sunbirds
SS – Shari Johnson, California Commotion
OF – Priscilla Rouse, California Commotion
OF – Janna Venice, Seahawks
OF – RaeAnn Pifferini, Fresno Force
OF – Julie Follard, Michigan Cruise
DP – Ginny Alder, Seahawks


1. Redding Rebels, Redding, CA 8-1
2. Raybestos Brakettes, Stratford, CT (5-2)
3. Phoenix Sunbirds, Phoenix, AZ (4-2)
4. Fresno Force, Fresno, CA (5-2)
5t. Bloomington Lady Hearts, Bloomington, IL (4-2)
5t. Topton VIPs, Blandon, PA (3-2)
7t. California Commotion, Diamond Bar, CA (3-2)
7t. Avanits, East Peoria, IL (2-2)
9t. Decatur Sting, Decatur, IL (1-2)
9t. Michigan Cruise, Ann Arbor, MI (2-2)
9t. Stratford Seahawks, Stratford, CT (3-2)
9t. St. Louis Classics, St. Louis, MO (2-2)
13t. Allentown Pates, Allentown, PA (1-2)
13t. Celina Suns, Celina, OH (0-2)
13t. First Page Metros, Washington, DC (1-2)
13t. Montclair Majesties, Montclair, NJ (1-2)
17t. Ballwin Saints, Ballwin, MO (0-2)
17t. Danbury Debs, Danbury, CT (0-2)
17t. MCM Sports, Richfield, MN (0-2)
17t. Orange County Majesties, Orange, CA (0-2)
17t. OTB Capitals, Albany, NY (0-2)
17t. Team Triple Crown, Fort Collins, CO (0-2)
17t. Tonawanda Shamrocks, Tonawanda, NY (0-2)

L-R, top row- Coach Andy Van Etten, Doreen Denmon, Coach John Stratton, Tricia Popowski, Dot Richardson, Marty Laudato, Jackie Cipolloni, Karen Sanchelli, Lisa Fernandez, Dionna Harris, Manager Ralph Raymond. Bottom row- Cathy Wylie, Leslie Adams, Cheri Kempf, Pat Dufficy, Barbara Reinalda, Tracy Bunge, Lori Harrigan, Sheila Cornell. Missing – Jill Justin, Patti Fernandes

1993 ASA Men’s Super Slow Pitch Nationals

1993 held in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Champion – Ritch’s-Superior/TPS, Windsor Locks, Connecticut (81-6)
Runner Up – Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, Florida (79-24)

Ritch’s-Superior defeated Bell Corp 54-8 in three and a half innings to win the championship. Ritch’s scored 186 runs in their 5 games and only gave up 85 runs. They outscored their opponents by 100 runs in the 5 games.

  • MVP – Charles Wright, Ritch’s-Superior
  • HR Leader – Carl Rose, Williams/Worth – 18
  • Batting Leader – Scott Flood, DJ’s – .850


P – Paul Drilling, Ritch’s/Superior (14-20, .700, 2 HR, 10 RBI)
C – Dave Steffen, Ritch’s/Superior (19-24, .792, 8 HR, 12 RBI)
1B – Dirk Androff, Ritch’s/Superior (18-23, .783, 9 HR, 21 RBI)
2B – Darrell Beeler, Ritch’s/Superior (15-26, .577, 9 HR, 16 RBI)
3B – Charles Wright, Ritch’s/Superior (18-22, .818, 13 HR, 25 RBI)
SS – Todd Joerling, Bell Corp. (19-27, .704, 8 HR, 14 RBI)
OF – Britt Hightower, Ritch’s/Superior (20-27, .741, 12 HR, 22 RBI)
OF – Mark Martin, Bell Corp. (22-27, .815, 6 HR, 10 RBI)
OF – Carl Rose, Williams/Worth (25-34, .735, 18 HR, 38 RBI)
OF – Scott Flood, DJ’s (17-20, .850, 8 HRs, 20 RBI)
EP – Tot Powers, Ritch’s/Superior (15-20, .750, 6 HR, 12 RBI)
UT – Ron Parnell, Ritch’s/Superior (18-25, .720, 11 HR, 18 RBI)
UT – Cecil Whitehead, Ritch’s/Superior (15-21, .714, 8 HR, 11 RBI)
UT – Dan Schuck, Bell Corp. (17-29, .586, 12 HR, 23 RBI)
UT – Larry Carter, Bell Corp. (16-24, 10 HR, 15 RBI)


P – Greg Cannedy, Bell Corp. (16-27, .593, 6 HR, 15 RBI)
C – Danny Williams, Williams/Worth (25-32, .781, 11 HR, 20 RBI)
1B – Mike Macenko, Steele’s/Sunbelt (23-32, .719, 13 HR, 35 RBI)
2B – Jamie Wisham, Williams/Worth (20-31, .645, 11 HR, 21 RBI)
3B – Jon Meyers, Williams/Worth (19-27, .704, 12 HR, 22 RBI)
SS – Doug Flynn, Vernon’s (13-19, .684, 1 HR, 7 RBI)
OF – Derek Oliver, Steele’s/Sunbelt (27-32, .844, 6 HR, 17 RBI)
OF – Hank Garris, Williams/Worth (22-31, .710, 13 HR, 20 RBI)
OF – Jimmy Powers, Ritch’s/Superior (19-26, .731, 7 HR, 16 RBI)
OF – Larry Fredieu, Vernon’s (18-24, .750, 12 HR, 21 RBI)
EP – Bruce Meade, Vernon’s (16-22, .727, 10 HR, 19 RBI)
UT – Dewayne Nevitt, Vernon’s (15-23, .652, 9 HR, 14 RBI)
UT – Doug Roberson, Ritch’s/Superior (16-24, .667, 6 HR, 12 RBI)
UT – Todd Martin, Steele’s/Sunbelt (21-27, .778, 6 HR, 15 RBI)
UT – Kim Seaman, Bell Corp. (17-26, .654, 12 HR, 21 RBI)


P – Phil Jobe, Steele’s/Sunbelt (20-32, .625, 3 HR, 14 RBI)
C – Rick Wheeler, Vernon’s (15-23, .652, 8 HR, 14 RBI)
1B – Tommy Scott, Riverside/RAM
2B – Mark Cauley, Vernon’s (14-20, .700, 3 HR, 5 RBI)
3B – Butch Ovens, Steele’s/Sunbelt (16-28, .571, 2 HR, 9 RBI)
SS – Larry Sauceman, Williams/Worth (19-29, .655, 8 HR, 15 RBI)
OF – Dewayne Frizzel, Vernon’s (13-20, .650, 8 HR, 20 RBI)
OF – Gary Fisher, DJ’s (10-18, .556, 7 HR, 20 RBI)
OF – Cole Elkin, Riverside/RAM
OF – Steve Craven, Steele’s/Sunbelt (20-29, .690, 9 HR, 16 RBI)
EP – Wendell Rickard, Williams/Worth (20-32, .625, 11 HR, 24 RBI)
UT – Monty McCrory, Worth Astros
UT – Jeff Arnold, Bell Corp. (14-27, .519, 9 HR, 15 RBI)
UT – Shawn Keane, Steele’s/Sunbelt (22-29, .759, 7 HR, 19 RBI)
UT – Jason Kendrick, Vernon’s (14-21, 667, 1 HR, 7 RBI)


Scott Elliott, Vernon’s (14-23, .609, 5 HR, 17 RBI)
Curtis Williams, Vernon’s (12-20, .600, 1 HR, 5 RBI)
Scott Virkus, Steele’s/Sunbelt (13-23, .565, 4 HR, 10 RBI)
Ricky Huggins, Vernon’s (8-15, .533, 4 HR, 9 RBI)


1. Ritch’s-Superior/TPS, Windsor Locks, CT (5-0)
2. Bell Corp, Tampa, FL (4-2)
3. Williams/Worth, Houston, TX (4-2)
4. Vernon’s, Jacksonville, FL (3-2)
5t. Steele’s/Sunbelt Hitmen, Brook Park, OH (3-2)
5t. DJ’s, Atchinson, KS (3-2)
7t. Riverside/RAM, Louisville, KY (2-2)
7t. Worth Astros, Indianapolis, IN (2-2)
9t. Moulton Furniture, Moulton, AL (1-2)
9t. New Construction, Shelbyville, IN (1-2)
9t. St. Louis Worth, St. Louis, MO (1-2)
9t. Taylor Brothers, Providence, RI (1-2)
13t. Acme Sports, Kingsport, TN (0-2)
13t. Century Glass, Dallas, TX (0-2)
13t. Herb’s/Dynasty, San Diego, CA (0-2)
13t. Twohig, Cleveland, OH (0-2)