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2006 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

2006 held at South Bend, Indiana on August 3-6.

Champion – Circle Tap, Denmark, Wisconsin (32-20)
Runner Up – Florida Fastpitch, Jacksonville, Florida

Circle Tap defeated a determine Florida Fastpitch 4-1 in the final “if” Championship game to finish up with a (6-1) record and the ASA National Championship.  The Florida squad finished up (7-2) for the tournament. They forced the final game by trouncing Circle Tap 15-3 in the first final as they hit 4 homers in the game among their 16 hits. Collin McKenzie came in for the final game and shut down the Florida Fastpitch team with a 4-1 victory. McKenzie had 10 strikeouts in the game. Coaching legend Denny Bruckert went to the Nationals ad managed Circle Tap to the title, winning his 6th overall ASA championship as a manager.

Florida Fastpitch, behind pitcher Sebastian Gervasutti won 15-3 in 5 innings in first final, then Circle Tap came back and won the championship 4-1 as Collin McKenzie hurled the win, striking out 10 batters. Gervasutti was the losing pitcher in the final. The only run off McKenzie in the final game was a Home run by Mike Brown of Florida Fastpitch. Brad Johnson was 3-4 for Florida to finish up with a 17-29 performance (.586) and win the batting title.

Matt Bramwell, Circle Tap (2-1), pitched the other games for Circle Tap.

  • MVP – Chris DeLarwelle, Circle Tap (7-17, .412, 3 HR, 5 RBI)
  • Batting Leader – Brad Johnson, Florida Fastpitch (17-29) – .586
  • HR Leader – Chris DeLarwelle, Circle Tap – 3
  • Herb Dudley Pitching Award – Collin McKenzie, Circle Tap (4-0, 45 K, 28 IP)


P – Sebastian Gervasatti, Florida Fastpitch (4-1)
P – Jeremy Manley, Florida Fastpitch (3-1)
P – Collin McKenzie, Circle Tap
C – Jeff Wartman, Circle Tap
1B – Mike Brown, Florida Fastpitch
2B – Jason Wandler, Minn-Dak Millers
3B – John Tschida, Minn-Dak Millers
SS – Josh Johnson, Townline Softball
OF – Tom Couch, Circle Tap
OF – Brad Johnson, Florida Fastpitch
OF – Louie Joglar, Patsy’s
OF – Ryan Kostel, Heflin Builders
UTIL – Chris Delarwelle, Circle Tap
UTIL – Larry Mastrogianakis, Florida Fastpitch
UTIL – Orlando Rodriguez, Patsy’s


P – Korrey Gareau, The Farm Tavern
P – Rob Schweyer, Minn-Dak Millers
P – Brian Urquhart, Heflin Builders
C – Craig Crawford, Midland Explorers
1B – Roman Foore, Minn-Dak Millers
2B – Matt Palazzo, Florida Fastpitch
3B – Kyle Magnusson, Circle Tap
SS – Kraig Sommers, Thomson Area Merchants
OF – Jason Darling, Florida Fastpitch
OF – Lucas Goring, Minn-Dak Millers
OF – Reggie Kline, MVD Sports & Specialties
OF – Adam Lalonde, Patsy’s
UTIL – Gregg Cascaes, Minn-Dak Millers
UTIL – Tony Kunka, Minn-Dak Millers
UTIL – Derek Pukash, Patsy’s


1. Circle Tap, Denmark, WI (6-1)
2. Florida Fastpitch, Jacksonville, FL (7-2)
3. Heflin Builders, Stillwater, NY (3-2)
4. Minn-Dak Millers, Fargo, ND (4-2)
5t. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI (2-2)
5t. Bloomington Stix, Chenoa, IL (2-2)
7t. Midland Explorers, Midland, MI (2-2)
7t. MVD Sports & Specialties, Ashland, OH (2-2)
9t. Dolan & Murphy, Aurora, IL (1-2)
9t. Patsy’s, New York, NY (3-2)
9t. Townline Softball, Denmark, WI (2-3)
9t. Plangger’s Furniture, Benton Harbor, MI (1-2)
13t. Keating’s Fitness Center, Wilkes Barre, PA (1-2)
13t. Thomson Area Merchants, Thomson, IL (2-3)
13t. Ashland Merchants, Ashland, OH (0-3)
13t. Duncan Outlaws, Elkhart, IN (0-3)
17t. DC Current, Bremen, IN (0-3)

NOTES: The tournament was a three game guarantee format.

2006 ASA Women’s Open Slow Pitch Nationals

2006 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Champion: Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel, Tallahassee, Florida (East)
Runner Up: Armed Forces, Washington D.C. (West)

It was a show down between the 2004 Women’s Open champion and the 2005 Women’s Open champion at the 2006 Hooters Championship Series. Enough Said swept the Armed Forces during the 2004 Women’s Open championship but it was the Armed Forces who swept the Yard Dawgs in 2005 to capture their first championship series. Long Haul/Enough Said took a commanding 2-0 lead in the series on Friday winning their opener 10-2 and finishing the night with a 16-11 victory. It looked as if it might be another blow out in game three as Long Haul took a commanding 6-0 lead in the first inning but the Armed Forces battled back. Solid defense held Long Haul scoreless during the next innings and the Armed Forces managed to score three in the second, two in the fourth and a run in the fifth to tie the game 6-6 in the top of the fifth. Long Haul responded with two runs in the bottom of the fifth to take the lead once again and added an insurance run in the bottom of the sixth inning. The Armed Forces managed to plate only one run in the top of the seventh inning and for the second time they were swept by Enough Said in the Hooters Championship Series. Women’s Open MVP Cara Coughenour came through in a big way in game three going 2-for-3 with a home run and four RBI. During the championship series Coughenour was 7-for-11 (.626) with two doubles, a home run and eight RBI. Long Haul/Enough Said finished 66-2 on the season.

Long Haul/Enough Said won all three championships games 10-2, 16-11, 9-7.

  • MVP – Cara Coughenour, Long Haul (7-11, .636, HR, 2 2B, 8 RBI)
  • Batting Leader – Cara Coughenour, Long Haul – .636
  • Batting Leader – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces (7-11) – .636
  • Home Run Leader – Cara Coughenour, Long Haul – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Heather Carr, Armed Forces – 1

2006 East held at Augusta, Georgia.

Champion: Long Haul/Enough Said, Tallahassee, Florida
Runner Up: Long Island Tides, East Northport, New York

Long Haul/Enough Said defeated Michigan Rage 32-2 in the first game, then defeated the Long Island Tides in the winners bracket final 23-1. The Tides then eliminated the Rage to get another shot at Long Haul/Enough Said. Once again, they went down to defeat in the championship game 14-2 in this three team tournament.

  • East MVP– not awarded
  • East Batting Leader– Stacie Symonds, Long Haul/Enough Said
  • East Home Run Leader– Stacie Symonds, Long Haul/Enough Said
  • East Home Run Leader– Lynnie France, Long Haul/Enough Said


P – Mary Hoff, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
C – Sirene Johnson, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
1B – Sondra Landry, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
2B – Cara Coughenour, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
3B – Stacie Symonds, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
SS – Nyreka Smith, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
OF – Sherri Lynnie France, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
OF – Beverly Reaves, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
OF – Buffy Arms, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
UT – Cathy Bradley, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel
UT – Meredith Gatlin, Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel


1. Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel, Tallahassee, FL (3-0)
2. Long Island Tides, East Northport, NY (1-2)
3. Michigan Rage, Lansing, MI (0-2)

2006 West held at Lancaster, California.

Champion: Armed Forces, USA
Runner Up: Karphone, Hawthorne, CA

The Armed Forces squad eliminated defending champ, Okaki Softball 6-4, then defeated undefeated Karphone in the finals and won a close 8-6 decision. They then scored 10 runs in the top of the 7th inning of the “if” game to defeat Karphone 20-16 to win the West Open Title.

  • West MVP– not awarded
  • West Batting Leader – Heather Carr, Armed Forces
  • West Home Run Leader – Heather Carr, Armed Forces
  • West Home Run Leader – Vivian Colbert, Armed Forces


P – Shannon Eichenseer, Armed Forces
C – Vivian Colbert, Armed Forces
1B – Heather Carr, Armed Forces
2B – Tamara Silvera, Okaki Softball
3B – Elena Song, Karphone
SS – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces
OF – Kim Mutaw, No Chit
OF – Kim Roter, Karphone
OF – Shannika Taylor, Armed Forces
OF – Leigh Campbell, Karphone
UT – Trisha Hayes, Okaki Softball
UT – Katrina Garcia, Okaki Softball
UT – Tracy Jones, No Chit
UT – Christy Whitcomb, Karphone
UT – Gina Oliver, Karphone


1. All Armed Forces, Washington, D.C. (6-1)
2. Karphone, Hawthorne, CA (4-2)
3. Okaki Softball Tustin, CA (3-3)
4. No Chit, Huntington Beach, CA (2-3)
5t. Hafta Play, Laguna Hills, CA (1-3)
5t. KMA, San Antonio, TX (0-4)

2005 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Stratford, Connecticut.

Champion – California/Schutt Hurricanes, Burbank, California
Runner Up – Stratford Brakettes, Stratford, Connecticut (51-17)

The format of the tournament switched to a three game guarantee bracket.

The Schutt Hurricanes came from behind in the championship game to defeat the Brackettes 3-2. This was Suzy Brazney’s last ASA National Championship Tournament and she ended her 26 year career as a winner. She was the Schutt Hurricanes Catcher and batted .333 in the tournament. Schutt went undefeated in the tournament (5-0). Ashley Herrera and Kim Gonzalez both had run scoring singles in the 7th inning to give the Hurricanes the 3-2 lead. That’s all Mowatt needed as she finished off the Brakettes in the bottom of the 7th.

Anne Wells and Kristen Brust, Storm USA combined for 21 RBI.

Leslie Malerich went 1-0. Kaci Clark went 1-0. Cat Osterman went 0-1, 8 IP, 11 K.

  • MVP – Ashley Herrera, Hurricanes (8-19, .421) – RBI single in 7th inning tied score in final, walk off SF won WB final 1-0 in 8th
  • Bertha Tickey Pitching Award – Taryne Mowatt, Hurricanes (3-0, 21 IP, 19 K, She had 14 K and beat the Brakettes Cat Osterman 1-0 in 8 innings in winners bracket final and also won the 3-2 final game over Sarah Pauley)
  • Erv Lind Defensive Award – Jessica Brady, Storm USA
  • Batting Leader – Kristine Rochette, Connecticut Classics (6-12) – .500
  • HR Leader – Becky Turi, Hurricanes – 2
  • HR Leader – Christie Lotti, CT Breakers – 2
  • HR Leader – Anne Wells, Storm USA (9-21, .429) – 2
  • HR Leader – Kristen Brust, Storm USA (6-17, .353) – 2


P – Taryne Mowatt, California Hurricanes
P – Monica Abbott, California Hurricanes (2-0)
P – Sarah Pauley, Stratford Brakettes (2-1 with shutout, 29 IP, 25 K)
C – Suzy Brazney, California Hurricanes
1B – Kristen Brust, Storm USA
2B – Ashley Herrera, California Hurricanes
3B – Callie Piper, Stratford Brakettes
SS – Becky Turi, California Hurricanes
OF – Courtney Lewis, Storm USA
OF – Amanda Jensen, Stratford Brakettes
OF – Krista Colburn, California Hurricanes
OF – Denise Dennis, Stratford Brakettes
UTIL – Anne Wells, Storm USA
UTIL – Kristine Rochette, Connecticut Classics
UTIL – Jennifer Dykstra, Storm USA


P – Lauren Anderson, Storm USA
P – Danielle Shields, Storm USA
P – Viveca Patterson, New Jersey Divas
C – Killian Rossner, Stratford Brakettes
1B – Christie Lotti, Stratford Breakers
2B – Erica Sobel, Stratford Brakettes
3B – Amy Hillel, Storm USA
SS – Lovena Chaput, Stratford Brakettes
OF – Jamie Dacey, Storm USA
OF – Linda Secka, Stratford Brakettes
OF – Jessica Brady, Storm USA
OF – Germaine Fairchild, Stratford Brakettes
UTIL – Kelly Ogden, Storm USA
UTIL – Brianna Hout, Buffalo Bisons
UTIL – Amanda Acompora, Connecticut Classics


1. California Hurricanes, Lake Forest, CA (5-0)
2. Stratford Brakettes, Stratford, CT (4-2)
3. Storm USA, Corona, CA (4-2)
4. Buffalo Bisons, Buffalo, NY 3-3
5t. New Jersey Divas, Linden, NJ (3-2)
5t. Stratford Breakers, Stratford, CT (2-2)
7t. Connecticut Classics, New Haven, CT (2-2)
7t. Staten Island Saints, Staten Island, NY 1-3
9t. Connecticut Mirage, Canton, CT (1-2)
9t. Lehigh Valley Patriots, Lehigh Valley, PA 1-3
9t. New York Raiders, Suffern, NY 0-3
9t. St. Louis Saints, St. Louis, MO (1-2)
13. Stratford Seahawks, Stratford, CT (1-2)

L-R, top row – Killian Roessner, Julie Brooks, Leslie Malerich, Lovena Chaput, Callie Piper, Jen Owens, Sarah Pauly, Germaine Fairchild. Bottom row – Donna McLean, Amanda Jensen, Denise Denis, Kim Ovittore, Linda Secka, Jill Cimminello. Missing from photo- Kaci Clark, Robyn King, Cat Osterman, Erica Sobel, Kim Wendland.

2005 ASA Men’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Champion – Long Haul/Miken Caledonia, Minnesota (West)
Runner up – Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS Lexington, Kentucky (East)

  • MVP – Adam Peterson, Long Haul Trucking/Miken (9-13, .692, 5 HR, 12 RBI)
  • HR Leader – Adam Peterson, Long Haul Trucking/Miken – 5
  • Batting Leader – Steve Helewecz, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS (8-11, 3 HR, 6 RBI) – .727

2005 ASA A East Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals – held at Jacksonville, Florida on September 2-5.

Champion – Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS, Lexington, Kentucky
Runner Up – Bertie’s/Old School, Brownsville, Kentucky

  • MVP – Willie Allen, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS
  • HR Leader – Thomas Paturzo, ChecKing/Hit N Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth – 8
  • Batting Leader – Shaun Ballard, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS – .800


P – Justin Mucciarelli, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS
C – Shaun Ballard, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS
1B – Lou Mongelli, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS
2B – Fred Ditto, Beradi’s/Team LTP/TPS
3B – Brian Bayes, Berties/Old School
SS – Willie Allen, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS
OF – Scott Cardwell, Berties/Old School
OF – Willie Brown, God Fathers Management Worth
OF – Tom Paturzo, ChecKing/Hit N Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth
OF – Trevor Parker, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS
UT – Ryan Thibodeau, ChecKing/Hit N Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth
UT – Tim Currens, Berties/Old School
UT – Mike McCrory, Berties/Old School
UT – Reggie Brown, God Fathers Management Worth
UT – Eric Boncher, ChecKing/Hit N Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth


P – Tim Linson, Team Stucco/TPS
C – Johnny Dykes, Team Stucco/TPS
1B – Rich Gulash, Team Stucco/TPS
2B- Gary Mendello, ChecKing/Hit N Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth
3B – J. D. Genter, Team Stucco/TPS
SS – Mike Martin, Aubrey’s/TPS
OF – Tony Moore, Berties/Old School
OF – Andre Newhouse, God Fathers Management Worth
OF – Kyle Cowart, Aubrey’s/TPS
OF – Ken Key, God Fathers Management Worth
UT – Ray Joyman, Aubrey’s/TPS
UT – Ken DeVito, ChecKing/Hit N Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth
UT – John Thomas, Aubrey’s/TPS
UT – Sal Ventarola, ChecKing/Hit N Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth
UT – Rick Terrill, Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPS


1. Berardi’s/Team LTP/TPSLexington, KY (4-0)
2. Berties/Old School Brownsville, KY (3-2)
3. Checking/Hit N Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth New Haven, CT (3-2)
4. God Fathers Management Worth Atlanta, GA (2-2)
5t. Team Stucco/TPS Columbus, OH (2-2)
5t. Aubrey’s/TPS Savannah, GA (2-2)
7t. Aces/Miken Jacksonville, FL (0-2)
7t. All Navy Pensacola, FL (0-2)
9t. Team Easton Jacksonville, FL (0-2)

2005 ASA A West Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals – held at Jacksonville, Florida on September 2-5.

Champion – Long Haul/Miken, Caledonia, Minnesota
Runner Up – Midwest Easton, Waterloo, Iowa

  • MVP – Brent “BJ” Augedahl, Long Haul/Miken (14-19, .737)
  • HR Leader – Mike Irvine, Midwest Easton – 8
  • Batting Leader – Adam Peterson, Long Haul/Miken (17-22, 5 HR) – .773


P – Brad Augendahl, Long Haul/Miken (12-22, .545, 1 HR)
C – Mike Irvine, Midwest Easton
1B – Ross Sannes, Long Haul/Miken (14-23, .609, 1 HR)
2B – Jeff Vercellino, Midwest Easton
3B – Chad Johnson, Midwest Easton
SS – Adam Peterson, Long Haul/Miken (17-22, .773, 5 HR)
OF – Randy King, Long Haul/Miken (14-24, .583, 7 HR)
OF – Brent “BJ” Augedahl, Long Haul/Miken (14-19, .737)
OF – Todd Williams, All Star Plumbing/Miken
OF – Steve Ashmore, All Star Plumbing/Miken
UT – Lenny Cunitz, Long Haul/Miken (15-23, .652, 6 HR)
UT – Bo Tjebben, Midwest Easton
UT – Shane Buteaux, Quick Roofing/Alabama/Doc’s/Easton
UT – Vince Bisbee, Quick Roofing/Alabama/Doc’s/Easton
UT – Andy Brabson, Midwest Easton


P – Ralph Hodgdon, All Star Plumbing/Miken
C – Tony Hansen, Long Haul/Miken
1B – Clay Bazile, All Star Plumbing/Miken
2B – Eric Klug, Long Haul/Miken (12-19, .632, 2 HR)
3B – Eric Wiley, All Star Plumbing/Miken
SS – Brent Wilhelm, Quick Roofing/Alabama/Doc’s/Easton
OF – Lance Dalby, Long Haul/Miken (13-20, .650, 6 HR)
OF – Todd Rausch, Midwest Easton
OF – Nate Johnson, Quick Roofing/Alabama/Doc’s/Easton
OF – RK Ausborn, Tacoma Dodge
UT – Scott Mitchell, All Star Plumbing/Miken
UT – John McGavic, All Star Plumbing/Miken
UT – Bob Van Erem, Midwest Easton
UT – Bobby Worden, Midwest Easton
UT – Paul Strome, Midwest Easton


1. Long Haul/Miken Caledonia, MN (5-0)
2. Midwest Easton Waterloo, IA (4-2)
3. All Star Plumbing/Miken Lawton, OK (3-2)
4. Quick Roofing/Alabama/Doc’s/Easton, South Sioux City, NE (3-2)
5t. Tacoma Dodge Tacoma, WA (2-2)
5t. Point Blank Edinburg, TX (2-2)
7t. Infinity Custom Decks Houston, TX (1-2)
7t. Sandoval Trucking San Benito, TX (0-2)
9t. Capstone General Contractors/Absolute Serv/Diablos McAllen, TX (0-2)
9t. Texas Tornados Edinburg, TX (0-2)
9t. Community Access (CAI) Lawton, OK (0-2)

2005 ASA Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Memorial Stadium on September 15-18 in Sanford, Florida.

This would be the last year of the ASA Major Men’s Slow Pitch National Tournament as it was disbanded after the 2006 season when the 2006 event was cancelled.

AM Las Vegas/Benfield/Easton finally won its first ASA Major national title at historic Sanford Memorial Stadium with a four inning run-rule 27-5 win over the Armed Forces. They bested a field of three by winning four consecutive games en route to the title. In four games they scored 84 runs and allowed only 25 runs, hitting 33 HR among its 80 hits led by tourney HR champ Brett Helmer (7 HR among his 9-13, .692 performance). After scoring six runs in the first inning of the championship game AM/Las Vegas opened up the throttle on offense in the second inning by scoring 15 runs on nine hits. Helmer, who was added to the AM/Las Vegas roster for this event, highlighted the inning with a grand slam. Tourney MVP Danny Crine, Billy Joe ‘BJ’ Fulk, Brian Justice and Kris O’Hara each hit homers in the inning. AM/Las Vegas outfit the Armed Forces, 20-7. Three of Helmer’s homers, worth eight RBIs, came in the championship game and he finished the game 3-for-3. Justice plated five runs with a pair of homers and a single, Alex Lavorico smashed three homers in four at-bats to drive in four runs and Fulk had a 3-Run HR in the 15 run second.

Champion – AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Runner Up – All Armed Forces, Washington, DC

  • MVP – Denny Crine, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton
  • Batting Champion – Brian Justice, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton (10-12) – .833
  • HR Champion – Brett Helmer, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton (9-13, .692, 18 RBI) – 7


P – Mark Webber, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton
C – Alex Lavorico, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton (3-4, 3 HR in the Final)
1B – Kris O’Hara, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton
2B – Brett Helmer, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton (3-3, 3 HR, 8 RBI in the Final)
3B – Denny Crine, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton
SS – Brian Justice, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton (3-3, 2 HR, 5 RBI in the Final)
OF – Brian Wegman, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton
OF – Keith Martin, Aubrey’s/Resmondo/3N2/TPS 200
OF – Wayne Habermehl, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton
OF – Kyle Cowart, Aubrey’s/Resmondo/3N2/TPS 200
UTIL – Brian Arnold, Aubrey’s/Resmondo/3N2/TPS 200
UTIL – Zach Turissini, All Armed Forces
UTIL – Tony Patrick, All Armed Forces
UTIL – B.J. Fulk, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton
UTIL – Josh Wiggs, All Armed Forces


1. AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Easton, Bowling Green, KY (2-0)
2. All Armed Forces, Washington, DC (1-2)
3. Aubrey’s/Resmondo/3N2/TPS, Savannah, GA (1-2)

2005 ASA Men’s (9) Modified Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Marietta, Georgia on September 2-5.

Champion – New York Gremlins, Clifton Park, New York
Runner Up – Shockers, Delmar, Maryland

  • MVP – N/A
  • Batting Champion – Frank Degroat, Patsy’s
  • HR Champion – Chris Blue, Shockers
  • HR Champion – Gil Barkman, ADCO Electrical


P – Steve Platt, Patsy’s
P – Jarrad Martin, New York Gremlins
P – John Jones, Shockers
C – Frank DeGroat, Patsy’s
1B – K.C. Kirkpatrick, John Ange Rebels
2B – Chris Blue, Shockers
3B – George Gattis, Shockers
SS – Chad McConnell, New York Gremlins
OF – Gary Gould, Shockers
OF – joe Cushner, Nugent/5 Mile
OF – Dave Lohman, ADCO Electrical
OF – Gil Barkman, ADCO Electrical
UTIL – Jordan Taveras, New York Gremlins
UTIL – Rhys Casley, New York Gremlins
UTIL – Adam Lalonde, DCS


P – Jeff Pleszewicz, ADCO Electrical
P – Steve Price, New York Gremlins
P – Bill Hillhouse, Shockers
C – Dave Henry, Nugent/5 Mile
1B – Rand Archambault, Shockers
2B – Mike Delgado, ADCO Electrical
3B – Mike Culver, John Ange Rebels
SS – Mo Lebron, Nugent/5 Mile
OF – Marcus Trammel, Shockers
OF – Tony Musseb, DCS
OF – Louie Jogler, Patsy’s
OF – Todd Kulling, John Ange Rebels
UTIL – Rey Garcia, Patsy’s
UTIL – Reggie Barrau, New York Gremlins
UTIL – Scott Pate, Nugent/5 Mile


1. New York Gremlins, Clifton Park, NY (5-0)
2. Shockers, Delmar, MD (5-2)
3. Adco Electrical, Staten Island, NY (5-2)
4. Patsy’s, Massapequa, NY (3-2)
5t. John Ange Rebels, Port Huron, MI (2-2)
5t. Nugent/5 Mile, Spokane, WA (3-2)
7t. Lehigh Valley Express, Whitehall, PA (3-2)
7t. DCS, Deerfield Beach, FL (2-2)
9t. Freebirds, Atlanta, GA (1-2)
9t. Wallen, Morristown, TN (1-2)
9t. Mickey’s Sled, Midland, MI (1-2)
9t. Storm, Atlanta, GA (1-2)
13t. Cobras, Millington, TN (1-2)
13t. Durham Speed Boys, Durham, NC (1-2)
13t. D’Railers, Austell, GA (0-2)
13t. Long Island Storm, E. Setauket, NY (0-2)
17t. Brew Crew, Atlanta, GA (0-2)
17t. Doc’s Of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL (0-2)

2005 ASA Men’s (10) Modified Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Vernon/Meadville, Pennsylvania on September 2-5.

Champion –  Secory Flyers, Port Huron, Michigan
Runner Up – Bonnell’s, Erie, Pennsylvania

  • MVP – Duane Schunk, Secory Flyers
  • Batting Champion – Rob McQueen, Riptide


P – Duane Schunk, Secory Flyers
P – Rick Faresse, Riptide
P – Chris McAuliffe, Secory Flyers
C – Willie Fernandez, Riptide
1B – Ryan Mullins, Secory Flyers
2B – Eddie Evans, Warriors
3B – Rob McQueen, Riptide
SS – Ron Cook, Secory Flyers
OF – Jason Carlberg, Red Onion
OF – Steve Dunn, Globe
OF – Bob Juchno, Bonnell’s
OF – Ryan Nietupski, Bonnell’s
UTIL – Jim Colvin, Bonnell’s
UTIL – Jim Pescatore, Globe
UTIL – Mark Lindsay, Globe


P – Bobby Hunt, Warriors
P – Randy Wilson, Italian Club
P – Dana Weaver, Bonnell’s
C – Billy Johnson, Gillie’s Bad Boys
1B – Tom Eurich, Konar’s
2B – Glen Garofano, Globe
3B – Larry Shotter, Italian Club
SS – Doug Kimber, McCashions
OF – Kris Krmer, Konar’s
OF – Tim Shephard, Gillie’s Bad Boys
OF – Ryan Mullins, Secory Flyers
OF – Chris Buncic, Italian Club
UTIL – Chris Graves, Warriors
UTIL – Dave Fancher, Riptide
UTIL – Shane Bishop, McCashions


1. Secory Flyers, Port Huron, MI (8-1)
2. Bonnell’s, Erie, PA (4-2)
3. Globe, Montvule, NJ (3-2)
4. Riptide, Hampton, NH (4-2)
5t. Italian Club, Masontown, PA (4-2)
5t. Red Onion, Baldwinville, MA (2-2)
7t. Gillie’s Bad Boys, Midland, MI (3-2)
7t. McCashions, Troy, NY (3-2)
9t. Konar’s, Cabot, PA (2-2)
9t. Legends, East Wareham, MA (1-2)
9t. Fort Apache Dodgers, Otisville, NY (1-2)
9t. Dollar Bazaar, Sayre, PA (1-2)
13t. Warriors, Chapel Hill, NC (2-2)
13t. Michigan Indians, Plymouth, MI (1-2)
13t. Quality Hardwoods, Kirkwood, NY (1-2)
13t. Trump, Schenectady, NY (1-2)
17t. Trademark Construction, Marine City, MI (0-2)
17t. Natural Healing, Keene, NH (0-2)
17t. Frank & Forster, Saginaw, MI (0-2)
17t. Baker’s Transportation, Franklin, PA (0-2)
17t. Folmar’s Construction, Erie, PA (0-2)
17t. Chico’s Hurricanes, Port Huron, MI (0-2)

2005 ASA Women’s Modified Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Portland, Oregon on August 11-14.

Champion – Wild Bunch, Beaverton, Oregon
Runner Up – Red Heat, Hillsboro, Oregon

  • MVP – Sarah Jarrett, Wild Bunch
  • Batting Champion – N/A
  • HR Champion – N/A


P – Kate Tudela, Wild Bunch
P – Jayleen Morris, Waldport Rebels
C – Shikara Lowe, Red Heat
1B – Jennifer Bride, Wild Bunch
SS – Sarah Jarrett, Wild Bunch
OF – Kim Kraxberger, Wild Bunch
OF – Kaylin Marron, Red Heat
OF – Shikara Lowe, Red Heat
UTIL – Kayla Snow, Waldport Rebels
UTIL – Kristen Gilmore, Waldport Rebels
UTIL – Felicia Warfield, Waldport Rebels


1. Wild Bunch, Beaverton, OR (4-1)
2. Red Heat, Hillsboro, OR (4-2)
3. Waldport Rebels, Waldport, OR (0-4)

2005 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Altamonte Springs, Florida on August 4-7.

Champion – Tampa Bay Smokers, Tampa, Florida
Runner Up – Florida Fastpitch, Jacksonville, Florida

Florida Fastpitch eliminated two-time defending champion, The Farm Tavern 5-4 in 10 innings behind the pitching of Brian Urquhart and the clutch game winning hit by Wayne Bryan to advance to the finals against Tampa Bay Smokers. Korrey Gareau was the losing pitcher. After losing its first game of the tournament, Florida Fast Pitch (Jacksonville, Fla.) climbed its way back up the loser’s bracket to face their state rival in the finals. Michael White pitched his second shut-out of the tournament, and the offensive game of the Smokers over-powered the Florida Fast Pitch defense, winning the championship (6-0).

Frank Cox (2-0) and Rob O’Brien (relief) both pitched for the Smokers as well.

Florida Fastpitch – Brian Urquhart (2-1) and Blair Ezekeil (1-0)

  • MVP – Adam Lalonde, Tampa Bay Smokers (10-14, .714)
  • Batting Leader – Adam Lalonde, Tampa Bay Smokers – .714
  • HR Leader – Barry Kahler, Tampa Bay Smokers – 2
  • Herb Dudley Pitching Award – Michael White, Tampa Bay Smokers (2-0, 2 shutouts, (6-0) championship game)


P – Michael White, Tampa Bay Smokers
P – Rob O’Brien, Tampa Bay Smokers
P – Brian Urquhart, Florida Fastpitch
C – Scott Lange, Florida Fastpitch
1B – Trent Rubley, Tampa Bay Smokers
2B – Kyle Van Abel, The Farm Tavern
3B – Blake Miller, Florida Fastpitch
SS – Jason Smith, Team Iowa
OF – Adam Lalonde, Tampa Bay Smokers
OF – Andy Sabo, Quaker River Sharks
OF – Charlie Walseman, Quaker River Sharks
OF – Barry Kahler, Tampa Bay Smokers
UTIL – Boomer Brush, Tampa Bay Smokers
UTIL – Chris Bohlman, Team Iowa
UTIL – Mike Brown, Florida Fastpitch


P – Blair Ezekiel, Florida Fastpitch
P – Paul Koert, Quaker River Sharks
P – Frank Cox, Tampa Bay Smokers
C – Todd Twachtman, The Farm Tavern
1B – Mike Dryer, Team Iowa
2B – Anthony Crum, Team Iowa
3B – Frankie Perez, Tampa Bay Smokers
SS – Matt Palazzo, Team Iowa
OF – Wayne Bryan, Florida Fastpitch
OF – Dan Loney, Quaker River Sharks
OF – Ryan Wolfe, The Farm Tavern
OF – Mike Keating, Keating Fitness Center
UTIL – Todd Moyer, Quaker River Sharks
UTIL – Kyle Beane, Quaker River Sharks
UTIL – Todd Budke, The Farm Tavern


1. Tampa Bay Smokers, Tampa Bay, FL (4-0)
2. Florida Fastpitch, Jacksonville, FL (4-1)
3. The Farm Tavern, Madison, WI (3-1)
4. Team Iowa, Pleasant Hill, IA (2-2)
5t. Quaker River Sharks, Ambler, PA (2-2)
5t. Keating Fitness Center, Weatherly, PA (0-3)
7. So Cal Bombers, San Diego, CA (0-3)

NOTES: The tournament was a three game guarantee format.

2005 ASA Women’s Open Slow Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Champion: Armed Forces, San Antonio, Texas (West)
Runner Up: Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, Georgia (East)

Armed Forces won all three of the championship series games 16-2, 14-8, 9-5.

What a difference a year makes. Last year the Armed Forces women’s team went 1-3 in the Hooters Championship Series.

This year it walked away with the Women’s Open national title after sweeping the Yard Dawgs of Calhoun, Ga. Saturday at the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium. The Armed Forces won three consecutive games including the title game Saturday afternoon, 9-5, led by shortstop and series MVP Tammy Baldwin. A sergeant in the Army, Baldwin went 2-for-4 Saturday and finished the championship with an impressive .750 batting average. She had nine hits and four of them went four extra bases with three doubles and a home run. She brought home six runners and had an RBI in the third and deciding game. The Armed Forces finished with a team batting average of .509. The Armed Forces won the first title for the West in the Women’s Open, sweeping the Yard Dawgs and outscoring them 39-15. Armed Forces Tammy Baldwin was on fire the whole series as she started off in the first game with three hits (two of them doubles) and three RBIs in the 16-2 opening game win. Her bases loaded triple ignited the Armed Forces team to a 14-8 victory in the second game. Pitcher Laurie Doughty held the Yard Dawgs once again and went 3-3. She finished 3-0 Pitching and batted .625. Tammy Baldwin, Cheryl Trapnell, Shannon Eichenseer and Niki Dunn all had a pair of hits apiece. Third baseman Stephanie Johnson and Carol Pearson led the Yard Dawgs with three hits in as many at-bats including a pair of RBI singles.

  • MVP – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces (9-12, .750, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 3 2B)
  • Batting Leader – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces – .750
  • Home Run Leader – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces – 1

2005 East held at Gadsden, Alabama.

Champion: Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, Georgia
Runner Up: Long Island Tides, East Northport, New York

  • East MVP– not awarded
  • East Batting Leader – N/A
  • East Home Run Leader – N/A


P – Diane Kurant, West Michigan Stray Cats
C – Jean-Marie Hudcock, Long Island Tides
1B – Tricia Lipareli, Long Island Tides
2B – Lisa Redder, Long Island Tides
3B – Lisa Stellato, Long Island Tides
SS – Gretchen Gruber, Yard Dawgs
OF – Jody Trimmer, Long Island Tides
OF – Bonnie Rodgers, Long Island Tides
OF – Rhonda Varnesdeel, West Michigan Stray Cats
OF – Stacy Stanfield, Yard Dawgs
UTIL – Rachel Hyatt, Yard Dawgs
UTIL – Amanda Corley, Yard Dawgs
UTIL – Christy Jameson, Yard Dawgs
UTIL – Dana Wilhite, Yard Dawgs
UTIL – Jennifer “Sis” Woods, Long Island Tides


P – Dena Stacks, Yard Dawgs
C – Kari Clifford, West Michigan Stray Cats
1B – Tara Lehnertz, West Michigan Stray Cats
2B – Nicole Merchant, West Michigan Stray Cats
3B – Renee Bolitho, West Michigan Stray Cats
SS – Carol Perroz, Long Island Tides
OF – Christine Bell, Long Island Tides
OF – Tammy Luneburg, Long Island Tides
OF – Lisa Lines, Shooters
OF – Diane Hatch, Shooters
UTIL – Jodie Howe, West Michigan Stray Cats
UTIL – Angie Huff, Yard Dawgs
UTIL – Rhonda Graham, Yard Dawgs
UTIL – Carol Pearson, Yard Dawgs
UTIL – Tiffany Daniels, Shooters


1. Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA (3-0)
2. Long Island Tides, East Northport, NY (3-2)
3. West Michigan Stray Cats, Lowell, MI (2-2)
4. Shooters, Orlando, FL (0-2)
5. Traders, Collierville, TN (0-2)

2005 West held at Waxahachie, Texas.

Champion: Okaki, Santa Ana, California
Runner Up: Lady Blue Jays, San Antonio, Texas

The women of Team OKAKI (Santa Ana, Calif.) were victorious over the Labor Day weekend to claim the ASA Women’s West Open Slow Pitch National Championship. Unfortunately due to prior commitments they are unable to continue on to battle their counterparts from the East during the Hooters Championship Series in Oklahoma City. Okaki won the final 2 championship games over the Lady Blue Jays 19-14 and 7-3 and finished 6-1, outscoring their opponents 89-44. Lady Blue Jays could make the trip to the National Championship Series, so the Armed Forces (USA) who finished third will represent the West.

  • MVP – Tamara Silvera, Okaki
  • Batting Leader – Lisa King, Lady Blue Jays
  • Home Run Leader – Nicole Friola, Okaki


P – Katrina Garcia, Okaki
C – Jamie Thompson, Armed Forces
1B – Mya McCrae Truelove, Lady Blue Jays
2B – Tamara Silvera, Okaki
3B – Jackie Dixon, Armed Forces
SS – Gina Perez, Lady Blue Jays
OF – Alma Dorado, Ladies First
OF – Christie Dammer, Okaki
OF – Lisa King, Lady Blue Jays
OF – Zeena Rossi, Lady Blue Jays
UTIL – UI Bal, Ladies First
UTIL – Karrie Warren, Armed Forces
UTIL – Janet Miyahara, Okaki
UTIL – Karla Martinez, Okaki
UTIL – Kat Sherer, Ladies First


1. Okaki, Santa Ana, CA (6-1)
2. Lady Blue Jays, San Antonio, TX (3-2)
3. Armed Forces, Peterson AFB, CO (4-2)
4. Ladies First, Los Angeles, CA (3-2)
5t. YaYa, Carrollton, TX (1-2)
5t. RIL, College Station, TX (2-2)
7t. Karphone, Los Angeles, CA (1-2)
7t. Hosea’s Angels, Waco, TX (0-2)
9t. Macken Plumbing, Rochester, MN (0-2)
9t. My Attitude, Waxahachie, TX (0-2)